Pope Francis at Fatima in 2017 ?

Pope Francis to Visit Fatima in May of 2017


(Rome) Portugal President Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa was received by Pope Francis on his first foreign trip, which took him to Spain and Italy.   Rebelo de Sousa won the direct elections for the Portuguese Head of State last January 24.  He was inaugurated on March 9.


Prime Minister Rebelo is a founding member of  the Social Democratic Party of Portugal (PSD), created in 1974, which is – is a Christian Democratic party – despite the name.

Invitation to Portugal’s new president

The encounter with the Catholic Church leader lasted half an hour. Following this, President Rebelo told the press that he had invited Pope Francis for the 100th anniversary of the apparitions of Fatima in Portugal. The President said:

“I have am issuing an official invitation to visit Portugal in May to mark the 100th anniversary of the apparitions of Fatima. It is an invitation to visit Portugal. It is not for me to decide what position the Holy Father favors, who receives many referrals.”

At the same time Rebelo confirmed that  Cardinal Secretary Parolin will be present on the 100th anniversary of the last apparition on the 12th/13th of October 1917. Pope Francis will not travel with him in October to Fatima


Fatima visit May 13, 2017?

On May 13th, in the month named by President Rebelo, the first apparition took place in 1917. An official confirmation by the Vatican is not yet forthcoming, but it is certain that Pope Francis will visit next year Portugal and Fatima.  In April and September 2015, Francis had expressed a wish to visit the Portuguese Marian shrine. Francis has already announced his participation on October 31st, 2016, his preference for the Catholic-Lutheran commemoration of  500 years of Protestant “Reformation” in Stockholm. It’s a decision that has caused some grumbling in certain Catholic circles. In this context, it is noted from the Catholic side that Protestants may indeed celebrate in 2017, although the 500 years of “Reformation” for Catholics is another commemoration, namely the 100 years Fatima is of real significance.


100 years Fatima – 500 Years of “Reformation”

The Pope’s visit to Portugal and Fatima in May 2017 would be intended, say observers, as “compensation” for the participation of Francis at Luther commemoration that gives the impression of a Catholic recognition of Luther.  Martin Luther is synonymous with the most serious cleavage of Latin Christendom “It is no cause to celebrate,” said the Catholic News page Secretum meum mihi. On the question, what is important for Catholics in 2017, 500 years of Reformation  or 100 years of Fatima,  the Catholic news website: “We are pleased with the Blessed Virgin Mary, the Mother of all Christians, the true ecumenist, for she is truly Catholic.”

Source : eponymousflower.blogspot.fr

My Comment : For your information,  No Warning and Garabandal Great Miracle in 2017, be sure that if it was the case, the Pope could never plan a trip to Fatima, even for the Centenary, keep this news from me, thank you.




42 thoughts on “Pope Francis at Fatima in 2017 ?

  1. “The great event in the Church is LIKE a definition of a dogma” “and has never happened in my lifetime. It is not new or stupendous, only rare”

    but 1950 (the dogma of the assumption) is within Conchita’s lifetime.

    • Perhaps the ‘great event,’ “that will effect the whole Church,” and described as being “like the defining of a Dogma” (not to be confused with the ‘pronouncement’ of a Dogma), refers specifically to the word ‘defining’ and not ‘Dogma.’

      It is conceivable therefore, that the great event relates to the Magisterium defining a new formula for identifying the date of Easter. That instead of following the Gregorian calendar, it adopts the Orthodox tradition, which follows the Julian calendar, (there is 13 days difference between the two). Therefore, in union with the Orthodox Church, She elects to adhere to the proclamation of the 1st Council of Nicea (4th century), which formalised the celebration to follow after the Jewish Passover. To ‘DEFINE” the alignment of the Catholic celebration of Easter with that of the Orthodox Church would certainly be an historical and rare event that will effect the ‘WHOLE’ Church, in other words both Catholic and Orthodox. It would also be entirely appropriate to announce such during Holy Week (or close it). And because Easter always falls between March and May it is not outside the realms of possibility that the announcement will occur on the same day as the Miracle.

      Best regards

      • Interesting opinion Pete as usual with you, let me congratulate you again, between us give me more détails about your connection with Garabandal as I can recognize a pure Garabandalist within few questions which I think it’s your case.

        Let me also confirm your opinion according to what I have been told, this important event prophecied in Garabandal is probably related to Russia, by the way and I am probably one of the first online to confirm (since years) that there is no chance also for a Great Miracle in 2017, even if I would prefer to be wrong this time, thanks again.

    • Below Steve, this is what I wrote few years ago, a Miracle and a new Dogma :


      Strictly, dogma is an affirmation solemnly promulgated by an ecumenical council or by the pope explicitly using its infallibility, de facto if this event in the Church is like a definition of a Dogma according to the seer, this event must be very important and via a new Council or Promulgated by the Pope directly using its infallibility, probably related to the Blessed Virigin Mary requests in Fatima.

    • Hi Steve, I am blocking your posts because you are using 2 different names (Dave and Steve), challenge is not a problem for me but hackers yes, you are probably also a Medjugorjist which explain your way to talk, this will be your last post here, thank you.

  2. Aviso

    “But latter I found out that the Great Miracle cannot be during the Holy week as on Holy Thursday, this is known since years for some in the village as for some in contact with me so I ruled out April 13 2017”

    “I know also that the Warning and the Great Miracle are probably the same year and during an even year, so I ruled out the Years 2017”

    Feel free to speculate but this is NOT proof.

    • Hi Dave, Details given to us via the Laffineur friends in the Village, reserved to French only, no Great Miracle during the Holy Week, as you said I am free to speculate but apparently you do not know me yet.

      What about Medjugorje and my question ?

  3. I don’t mind Aviso contributions but I am irritated by comments like “I debunked the Year 2017” with no proof given. This does not further the discussion it just confuses it.

    • Hi Dave, I debunked the year 2017 with facts, this was an article read by thousands from my last blog, no Great Miracle during the Holy Week, if my contribution is irritating, you should not read this blog, if you have some unknown détails about the Year 2017, I am always open to read them giving you my opinion, your style of writting by experience indicates to me that you might be also a Medjugorjist, I am wrong ? thanks.

  4. Pete. So If I announce the Miracle on the first of April after the Warning does that count?

    “a single event that has happened before in the church”

    Now that DOES suggest Conchita knows the year. Nothing else does. But what does “a single event that has happened before” actually mean?

  5. So essentially Aviso knows that Conchita knows the year because someone who knows Conchita told Aviso that Conchita knows the year. But the person that knows that Conchita knows the year wasn’t told the year.

    • That’s one way to put it I guess. But I was more focused on the comment that was made re: Conchita doesn’t know the year when clearly the opposite is the case. That the sharing of news and ideas on Garabandal plus current affairs in the Church is what the web site seems to be concerned with rather than speculation on dates.

    • Hi Dave, well Conchita knows the Great Miracle date, so de facto the Warning Year but Loli knew the Warning Year only, I know Conchita’s Aunt (The Lady with me on my gravatar picture) for years but she is not aware of any dates related to Garabandal, this is what she told me, so when I give a date especially in Public via this Blog, this is my opinion only based on my own experience and knowledge of Garabandal, Nothing more and Nothing less, my Blog has not the goal to give you the good date (even if it’s possible, why not) but to keep the Garabandal cause online as requested by some to me, in the village some years ago and especially after the death of Joe Lomangino, thanks.

    • Dave and Paul, Conchita does know the year of the Miracle how else can she announce it 8 days in advance. This fact is clearly stated in her diary and in a number of documented interviews. The insight that Aviso shares and his communications with those known to Conchita inspire debate and help keep these events alive. His, yours and all who contribute to this web page share that which is useful. Our Lord reminded Conchita in a locution that she must reflect and act with intelligence. So we too must do the same in discerning the signs of the times, we are therefore at liberty to draw intelligent conclusions, though in the end, speculation is not fact, the date is with Conchita her Aunt and the two unnamed people in Rome.

      Best regards

    • A supposed Garabandalist who do not know even the name of the current Priest, a close friend who married me has not any value to me, if Conchita did not knew the Year of the Warning, be sure that I will be aware myself, being myself close to her aunt who between us talk much more than the seer, thank you again..

  6. I hate to burst your bubble but Conchita doesn’t know the year. All she knows is that the miracle is in April after the warning and I know that. Not telling is the same as not knowing. I have the secret of time travel …..

    • Really Paul, well let’s see your knowledge about Garabandal, who is the current Major of the Village and the name of the Priest, how many non Spanish are buried in Garabandal ? if you have all the replies, I will have few more questions, thanks.

      • Well Aviso, we ALL have useless knowledge like that but we all have different useless knowledge like that. What is the biggest house in Garabandal,? Who cares, all that matters is the year of the Miracle and NO-ONE knows that. Not you, not Conchita, no-one. APRIL was given just to stop people turning up at Garanadal 6 months too early. The year? Why would she give us all the conflicting information that she has? She doesn’t know the year.

      • Well, I will Reply for Paul which probably we will not see back here for a moment :

        1. The Major of the Village is the Brother of Jacinta, I will not give his name, which confirms that Garabandal and the village are still in the hands of the Lady of Carmel, thanks God

        2. The name of the current Priest of Garabandal is Father Rolando, a very close friend to me, I love him more than anyone else in the village, I am also and according to the Priest, the only one who has been able to interview him face to face in the Garabandal Church, 10 Questions, unfortunately I did not received the agreement of the Priest to publish the interview online, I know the reason but I can’t talk about it, Father Rolando married me and Baptized my last child last year, he became Priest just after the Apparitions of the Lady of Carmel, he is also an eyewitness.

        3. 2 non Spanish people are burried in the village only, a great honor, Mrs Bocabeille, the mother of the God Father of my own child, a close friend to me and Albrecht Weber who was in contact with me before going to Heaven, please don’t forget to Pray for them, thank you.

  7. “Mary is the Mediatrix of All Graces” was introcued in 1950 and quoted in 1956 which is within Conchita’s lifetime so the “rare event” cannot be a ” “definition of a doctrine”…. just “something like that”.

  8. After the “Warning” no “definition of a doctrine” the following April would be “coincidental” unless it was already planned. “It has happened before but rarely and not in my lifetime” i.e. not in the last 67 years.

  9. This could be the confusion

    Saint Stanislaus Kostka died age 11 feast day Aug 15
    Saint Stanislaus of Szczepanów feast day April 11

  10. OK non of this fits with saint Tarcisius (Aug 15). So lets try this. Conchita said that the miracle was on the feast day of a eucharist martyr. i.e.Tarcisius. But that DAY is the 15th. So Conchita is saying the miracle is on the 15th. Conchita denied saying it was not March (quote “I don’t remember saying that”) so when is 15th March or 15th April on a thursday? Answer March 15th 2018. This is the day of the miracle.

  11. Yes Pete I have read this but there are no boy martyrs in April on a Thursday in 2018 only

    April 13 2017 Saintt. Maximus. or
    April 14 2022 Saintt. Tiburtius

    • Hi Gregg, the Garabandal Eucharist Martyr is Saint Tarcisius, the Eucharist martyr celebrated the same day of the Assumption by the Church but this is not the day of his death, which according to my information, might be April 11 or April 12, to me most likely April 12, if someone asked you who told it to you, just tell them Aviso then send them to me and don’t worry for the rest.

      • Conchita does not know the Name of the Martyr just his description according the Laffineur team, the Fathers Combe, Baillencourt and Bocabeille, the French Garabandal Pioneers and close to me, the Description of the Martyr given to us by our Lady of the Carmel via her seer match Saint Tarcisius, this is a fact to us for years, when the French told her it’s Saint Tarcisius, she did not denied but went to check in the Calendar his feast day, that’s all, this explain the calendar Rumor.

        If we are mistaken, which is always possible then there is not any other possible Martyr than Saint Hermenegild and April 13, this date has been confirmed to me in the Village by a close French Friend of the seers, she told me 2 years ago, Aviso the Great Miracle will be on April 13, unfortunately this date as the Martyr do not match some other sources given to me, I prefer to beleive my sources more than any supposed friends of the seers,

  12. the happy event in the church that will coincide with the miracle it’s something that has happened twice before in the 2000 years of Christianity but has never happened before in Conchita ‘s lifetime. . This is stated in the book ” She Went In Haste To The Mountain”

    • Hi Tom, this information is not from one of the main Garabandal Book “She went in Haste to the Mountain” but from the so called “Garabandal Book” which I said to put in trash several times, I will not allow any new quote from this book on my blog any more, thank you again for your understanding.

  13. Hi John,

    You probably have in mind 13 May 2017, if it was this date, be sure that I would be aware myself. No Garabandal prophecies during the holy week as in March or May, sorry but I have no desire to explain why each time any more, it looks that few listen, sometimes I wonder why I waste my time as well.

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