Fatima or Luther ?

Francis and “Saint” Martin Luther:



Font of Error Update # 3

Our series on the font of error that is Pope Francis continues with his performance before an audience of Lutheran “pilgrims” from Germany at the Vatican on October 13. That date was the 99th anniversary of the Miracle of the Sun at Fatima; but Francis, who is supposedly devoted to the Blessed Virgin and had his pontificate consecrated to Our Lady of Fatima (which accounts for my early optimism concerning his disastrous pontificate), completely ignored the occasion. Instead, he devoted the day to celebrating the memory of Martin Luther in the Paul VI Audience Hall.

A statue of the arch-heretic shared the stage with Francis during the event, at which two male Lutheran ministers, one sporting an earring, placed into his hands a mammoth ceremonial copy of the 95 Theses, commonly viewed as the landmark for the beginning of the so-called Reformation. One of the ministers quoted Luther to the effect that he wished his work to be delivered to others who had never read it. Never in his wildest dreams did Luther ever foresee that one of the recipients would be an approving Pope.

Francis spent most of the audience wearing two scarfs, one yellow the other blue, knotted together to symbolize the “unity” between Lutherans and orthodox Catholics that exists only in his imagination. Or perhaps Francis had in view the unity that does indeed exist between Lutherans and the liberalized Catholic majority, who have effectively become Protestants thanks in large measure to the ruinous novelty of “ecumenism.” Today we witness what Pius XI feared when he condemned and forbade Catholic participation in the “ecumenical movement” that had originated in the Protestant sects:

Is it not right, it is often repeated, indeed, even consonant with duty, that all who invoke the name of Christ should abstain from mutual reproaches and at long last be united in mutual charity? Who would dare to say that he loved Christ, unless he worked with all his might to carry out the desires of Him, Who asked His Father that His disciples might be “one”.…

This undertaking is so actively promoted as in many places to win for itself the adhesion of a number of citizens, and it even takes possession of the minds of very many Catholics and allures them with the hope of bringing about such a union as would be agreeable to the desires of Holy Mother Church, who has indeed nothing more at heart than to recall her erring sons and to lead them back to her bosom. But in reality beneath these enticing words and blandishments lies hid a most grave error, by which the foundations of the Catholic faith are completely destroyed.

Now a hyper-ecumenical Pope is personally engaged in destroying the foundations of the Catholic faith precisely in the name of ecumenism, carpet bombing the Church with cocky latitudinarian utterances, usually delivered with a sneer and a tone of indignant irritation at the orthodox Catholics who would differ with the crowd-pleasing bromides he appears to regard as authentic Catholic spirituality.

Indulging in his customary heretical blather in response to questions put to him by members of his Lutheran audience (the following are my translations, taken directly from the video), Francis declared that Catholics and Lutherans belong to the “one body of Christ.” Yet again Francis flatly contradicted the teaching of his predecessors regarding the members of the Mystical Body:

As Venerable Pius XII solemnly affirmed in conformity with all of Tradition:

Actually only those are to be included as members of the Church who have been baptized and profess the true faith, and who have not been so unfortunate as to separate themselves from the unity of the Body, or been excluded by legitimate authority for grave faults committed. “For in one spirit” says the Apostle, “were we all baptized into one Body, whether Jews or Gentiles, whether bond or free.” As therefore in the true Christian community there is only one Body, one Spirit, one Lord, and one Baptism, so there can be only one faith.

As Pius XI, in the course of condemning the “ecumenical movement,” likewise insisted:

[S]ince the mystical body of Christ, in the same manner as His physical body, is one, compacted and fitly joined together, it were foolish and out of place to say that the mystical body is made up of members which are disunited and scattered abroad: whosoever therefore is not united with the body is no member of it, neither is he in communion with Christ its head.

But the teaching of his predecessors is of no moment to Francis, who revels in saying things that are “foolish and out place” while the world applauds his “humble revolution.” Further on in his ramblings, Francis addressed a question concerning a region in Germany where some eighty percent of the population professes no religion:

What must we say to convince them? Listen! The last thing we should do is say: You should live as a Christian—chosen, forgiven and growing in virtue [in cammino, fig.]. It is not right [lecito] to convince someone of your faith. Proselytism is the great poison against the path of ecumenism [applause].

You should give testimony of your Christian life—the testimony that is from the heart, the heart they can see. And from this inquietude is born the question: “Why does this man or this woman live this way?” And this will prepare the ground so that the Holy Spirit, who is the one who works in the heart, will do what He must do. But He must speak, not you!

It could not be clearer: Francis insists it is wrong to say anything to convince others of one’s faith. According to him, one must simply live as a Christian while God does all the talking through some sort of interior illumination in the people who will supposedly be led to conversion by the mere sight of Christian living. Francis was not speaking of proselytism in the “negative sense” suggested by the neo-Catholic excuse factory, but rather the very act of persuading people of the truth of the Catholic religion. Nor need Jimmy Akin and the other neo-Catholic artisans of cover-up waste time with the “bad translation” dodge. The Pope’s exact words in Italian are as follows: “Non é lecito [right or lawful] convincere della tua fede. Il proselitismo [his emphasis] é il velleno [poison, venom] piu forte contro il cammino ecumenico.”

Here we encounter one of those glittering clichés of liberal Catholicism that sound good but are exposed as rubbish upon a moment’s reflection. Consider the reality of life in our modern secular and pluralist social order. In the vast impersonal arena of public life, including the workplace and places of recreation, the “silent” witness that is supposed to convert people is completely inoperative. Catholics do not walk around visibly radiating joy, with halos floating above their heads to signify that they occupy an exalted platform of peace and happiness to which everyone should aspire. There is no spiritual “inquietude” aroused by the mere presence of Catholics in society, prompting questions about why we “live this way.” Quite the contrary, the sight of a large Catholic family, for example, is more likely to elicit derision and revulsion from members of the dutifully contracepted populace.

At any rate, the people Catholics encounter outside their homes and parishes generally have no idea that Catholics “live this way” unless they tell them about their faith and what it means for their way of life. It is precisely the spoken witness of the faith that can move hearts and lead souls to conversion by the grace of God. Otherwise, Catholics are all but invisible in the immense crowd of contemporary civil society. The liberal Catholic cliché Francis constantly spouts is merely a recipe for the total silencing of the Church Militant, which in fact is the very outcome of “ecumenism” and the conciliar “opening to the world” in general.

Still worse, respecting this imaginary silent Christian witness Francis made no distinction between orthodox Catholics, who follow all the teachings of Christ, and Lutherans, who pick and choose from the Gospel as they practice contraception, divorce and even abortion, pretend to ordain women and practicing homosexuals as “priests” and “bishops,” and condone diabolical “marriages” between people of the same sex. Francis would have us believe that the Holy Spirit inspires conversion based on the “witness” of people who trample on the Gospel and whom even Luther would denounce as damnable heretics.

So much for the divine commission to “make disciples of all nations, teaching them to observe whatsoever I have commanded thee.” And so much for the example of the first Pope, who, following that very commission, declared to a crowd of potential Jewish converts:

Do penance, and be baptized every one of you in the name of Jesus Christ, for the remission of your sins: and you shall receive the gift of the Holy Ghost. For the promise is to you, and to your children, and to all that are far off, whomsoever the Lord our God shall call. And with very many other words did he testify and exhort them, saying: Save yourselves from this perverse generation (Acts 2:38-40).

Committing another of his innumerable bloopers, Francis next attributed to “medieval theology” the dictum “the Church is always reforming” or “must always be reformed,” rendered in Latin as ecclesia semper reformanda est. This Protestant catch phrase, which probably originated in the 1600s, is falsely attributed to Saint Augustine (who was not a medieval in any case) and was first made popular by the eclectic Protestant theologian Karl Barth after World War II.

That error was followed by the nonsensical claim that the “greatest reformers in the history of the Church, of our Churches… are the saints. That is, the men and women and women who follow the Word of the Lord and practice it… And in the Lutheran Church and in the Catholic Church there are, there have been, men and women of this sort… who follow the Gospel. These are the ones who reform the Church.”

In the Gospel According to Francis, the ultimate Catholic ecumenist, there are no crucial differences between Lutherans and Catholics. We are all Christians. We all follow the Gospel, including those who think the Gospel allows for divorce, contraception, sodomy and abortion in “difficult” situations. For Francis, the rank heresy and immorality promoted by Luther’s progeny, including the woman “bishop” Francis warmly greeted, are irrelevant. Catholics have their saints and Lutherans have theirs, including the degenerate maniac who founded their man-made religion, whose statue Francis dignified with his presence beside it.

Far from the mind of Francis is the reality that there is no “Lutheran Church” and never has been. Nor does he seem to notice that Lutheranism itself is fractured into numerous opposing sects whose corrupted doctrines more or less reject the infallible dogmatic teaching of the Catholic Church on numerous points as well as precepts of the natural law written even on the hearts of faithless pagans, let alone people who profess to be Christians.

Francis’s performance on October 13 effectively denied the salvific necessity of the Church, a denial thematic of his entire pontificate. His hyper-ecumenism, of which the spectacle on October 13 is but the latest demonstration, also effectively denies the function of the Petrine office as the sine qua non of Christian unity.

The papal bully pulpit, however, is a most suitable vehicle for the worldwide promulgation of Bergoglianism, a religion Lutherans find entirely agreeable, as their delighted applause in the audience hall indicated. And Francis will confirm their delight when he travels to Sweden at the end of this month to commemorate the beginning of the Protestant rebellion and participate in a joint liturgy with Lutheran lay people masquerading in clerical costumes, thereby confirming them in all their abominable errors, none of which matter in the least to Francis.

And yet, as God infallibly draws good from evil, the very dreadfulness of this pontificate is finally awakening the faithful to the perils of papal positivism, reminding them that the Faith is objectively true, not true because the Pope says so, and that it is entirely possible that a Pope’s words and deeds can contradict that objective truth. Thus, for example, the day after the October 13th audience Jeffrey Mirus wrote:

The readers and writers of CatholicCulture.org, though they may be wrong at times, are not idiots. It is disingenuous to pretend that Pope Francis, when he says something that is received as new, different and unsettling, always really means [his emphasis] exactly what the Church has taught previously. By now, each one of Thomas Babington Macaulay’s famous schoolboys knows that this is not true. When the emperor’s wardrobe is depleted, it does not help anyone to pretend that he is well-dressed—unless it is preferable for us to doubt our sanity.

No, we are not insane. What is insane is this pontificate. As Antonio Socci observed following Francis’s love fest for Luther: “Bergoglio, instead of honouring Our Lady, honoured Martin Luther by taking part in an audience (in the Vatican) where a statue of the German heretic and schismatic was exposed as if he were one of the saints. For that matter, Bergoglio is the Pope who, for the first time in two thousand years, has wanted the profanation of the Sacraments! … [W]hat else is it going to take for the ingenuous to open their eyes?”

Only God knows how much longer the Church will be afflicted by this wretched Pope. But eyes are being opened at long last. For that, at least, we can give thanks as we hope and pray for the Church’s deliverance from Francis and all his works.

Source : http://remnantnewspaper.com/web/index.php/en/fetzen-fliegen/item/2817-francis-and-saint-martin-luther-perfect-together

My Comment : So Fatima or Luther ? Fatima of course and remember, the Holy Spirit still leads the Church and the gates of hell will not prevail against it, if this event falls on October 13 (Fatima Miracle of the Sun day), this is surely not a coincidence but probably another Sign of the Times as it was the case during the last synod when 13 cardinals wrote that famous letter to the Pope, as I often say, we are probably living the Fatima 3rd Secret in live de facto the Triumph should be close as well, so stay within the Church at all costs, in any case, that’s the more important.




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  1. Bombshell at Third Debate: Trump Refuses to Concede Election in Advance

    Written by  Christopher A. Ferrara

    National security analyst sees potential for breakdown of “peaceful transition of power” and “civil unrest”
    Washington (A-CNN) – Toward the end of the third presidential debate, Donald Trump dropped a bomb that has rocked the Republican Party to its foundations and signaled deep trouble for his already failing campaign, as Hillary Clinton races ahead to victory on November 8. When asked if he would accept the results of the election no matter who won, Trump replied: “I’ll look at it at that time,” adding “I’ll keep you in suspense.”

    “This is simply unprecedented in American history,” said DNC strategist Dave Cunning. “There is a sacred tradition in America of conceding elections before they take place. The very idea that a candidate might challenge the outcome of an election strikes at the foundation of our 240-year-old democracy. No wonder Putin the dictator is trying to get Trump elected by hacking the DNC’s email system and changing all the wording of our emails to make us look bad—for which we have massive evidence, believe me. Trump’s refusal to pre-certify the results of this election is a disaster not only for the Republican Party, but for the American people.”
    In the aftermath of the debate, Trump defenders angrily pointed to Al Gore’s challenge to the pivotal Florida election results in the Presidential election of 2000, his demand for a recount, his appeal to the Florida Supreme Court, which ordered a recount, and the ultimate resolution of the recount issue against Gore by the Supreme Court in Bush v. Gore before Gore conceded the election on December 13.

    “Oh come on!” said Cunning in response to the argument.   “That election was rigged against Gore, whereas this election will be totally fair and above board in every state, believe me.”

    Cunning rejected the allegation that, according to Wikileaks, Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta noted in an email that millions of illegal aliens with driver’s licenses are able to vote by simply presenting their licenses and claiming to be citizens. “If you are Vladimir Putin, working closely with Donald Trump to subvert our democracy, you can make emails say anything you want,” said Cunning.

    Trump defenders also pointed to the Veritas Project’s video of alleged admissions by Democratic Party operative Robert Creamer about how the party’s operatives have been “rigging elections for fifty years” by means of mass fraudulent registrations of illegal aliens in swing states, who are then transported to vote in cars rather than buses to make detection of the election fraud more difficult.

    “Pure fantasy,” said Cunning. “Any video can be faked. This is just another of Trump’s crazy conspiracy theories.” While Creamer has resigned from his position with Democracy Partners following publication of the video, and has not denied its authenticity, the video’s credibility remains questionable because of its potentially harmful impact on the Clinton campaign.

    Commenting on the Trump gaffe, which is certain to damage his already vanishingly small prospects on November 8, national security analyst Bailey Bogus noted: “This goes way beyond Trump being a sore loser and a conspiracy nut, who actually thinks elections in America can be rigged. We are talking here about the potential for civil unrest and the first interruption of the peaceful transfer of power in our nation’s history.   Trump is a dangerous hothead capable of anything, including an armed coup attempt, aided by his friend Putin, with Russia’s nuclear capability as blackmail.”

    With Trump’s poll numbers rapidly collapsing in every battleground state because he groped numerous women in various ways, with hundreds more to come forward over the next three weeks, Trump supporters are increasingly less likely to turn out at the polls. “The alternative of violent resistance to a free and fair election cannot be discounted with this crowd” said Bogus.  

    “We have never seen such a threat to national security as the one posed by Trump’s refusal to concede this election now,” Bogus concluded. “He has no chance of winning and there will be no credible basis to contest the vote count in any state, county or precinct, because our system is free and fair in every case. To suggest otherwise is to compromise our nation’s security. But that, apparently, is exactly what Putin and Trump have in mind.”


    My Comment : Those are the end of the Times I keep talking about (the Novissimi), in other words the Fatima 3rd Secret in live, members of my Group be ready at any time, stay tuned.

    P.S. Even the liberals over at MSNBC know what’s really going on here:

    • Everything is building up now, the Russian fleet heading for Syria, Clinton establishment forcing Trump into a corner. Something very big is about to fire off, anytime in the next few days and weeks

      Pray the Rosary. Wear the Scapular. Only She can help you

  2. Cardinal Robert Sarah yersterday morning at Fatima:

    A discreet presence in a simple Mass in French. There was no marketing about his coming because his speech doesn’t fit with the new mercy in fashion, but we know he speaks the Truth.

      • Hi Basto my Brother, our difference bellow :

        Still not convinced so Father Gruner was a liar and me as well ? unfortunately my Brother, to me this is not acceptable.

      • I remember getting as excited as Father Gruner did with when I first heard about that information… However the rumour was never confirmed so far. The only source of that joke is that funny video of Fr. Kramer which you don’t see among the big media collection of Fatima Centre, at least yet.

        “IF HE ASKED TO CONSACRATE RUSSIA, THAT I DON’T KNOW” (Father Gunner, after the minute 4:25’ of your video)
        Did they talked about Russia? Yes of course they did, how could they not have done?

        Fatima Center’s doesn’t support putinism my brother, you are getting it wrong. Neither they support an opening to the “encounter” with the schismatic orthodox Russian church, instead, they are waiting for the “conversion of Russia” through the consecration to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

        My dear Aviso, I don’t like any of the tendencies of the western democracies but I don’t support putinism neither. But if you think that reason why I miss your old and beautiful blog is because of your admiration for Vladimir Putin you are very wrong. I live very well with the difference of opinions and I like that, as I always learn from that. Unfortunately – and I don’t like to say this – I have to agree with the opinion of our friend Juan about the editorial line of this blog (I’m not talking about what he says about Pope Francis or Medjugorje, of course), to what I would add also the way you treat those who don’t agree with your (personal) views. But I admit that might be just me, and that’s why I just stay aside and let it go, because that’s your house, not mine.

        However, I have the best wishes for your blog, for you and family, under the protection of Our Heavenly Mother. Dominus vobiscum!


      • Hi Basto my dear Brother, you are with Joe and despite our different opinions, probably one of my greatest online friends, I have only love and Respect for both of you, let me add John and Camilla from Australia as Mac which I cannot forget, we know each other via my first blog for years now, so I respect your opinion as your comment but let me add few words only :

        The current editorial line is the same as for my first blog, I did not changed anything, If I was let say quite direct with some of you and if you have been hurt, well my Brother forgive me, you must know that I am not giving all the détails with me online (and I have my own reason and surely you will respect that), you must know also that despite my wish to have no enemy, it’s not really the case, my opinion related to Garabandal as to Pope Francis, let me add also Medjugorje, is not always welcome, by some, my mail box can only confirm it, so about your comment, I am sorry to tell you that you are wrong, of course I don’t think that Putin is a Saint but I don’t think also that Putin is the anti-Christ as well, for your information the Fatima Center during the Apostolate of Father Gruner was also close to my opinion as below :

        So despite our different opinions, let me remind you again, Please don’t forget to Pray for me as I am Praying for you, thanks again.

    • Thank you for this beautiful photo Basto. We may differ in much of our faith but not in our Faith. We believe the same that The Eucharist is Jesus Christ who is God from God, Light from Light, True God from True God, God incarnate.The good Cardinal is the best example of priesthood in his rank. But he is not Peter, at least not yet. We will each be rewarded for trying our best to be true to our understanding to the end in the practice of our religion which so far is still one. I admire Aviso for promoting the preservation of unity by advising his followers to stay in the church despite his/their aversion to Pope Francis. I am grateful that he still allows me to express here my unqualified loyalty and support for our Holy Father. I will not abuse that privilege. I would love to support Aviso financially on this site but cannot as that would support his opinion and as Aviso says he his not for sale, he is not to be bought. His integrity is solid. I remember one local in Garabandal who, when he saw me eying up a property there, said – “not for you”. We will all find that our understanding will undergo drastic change although the eternal truths of Faith will stay just that: eternal. Of that I am certain. Prayer, fasting, good lives to the end. God bless and preserve you Basto. Corpus Domini Nostri Jesu Christi custodiat animam tuam in vitam aeternam. Amen.

      • The last mass I heard in French was in the Rue du Bac and before that was in the Shrine of Our Lady of Akita. Both beautiful masses. I know it was over one thousand years ago but I still feel the Norman blood in my veins. They were fighters too.

      • Despite our friendship, I’m not quite sure we believe in the same Eucharistic Jesus Christ that you do Joe, or even Pope Francis. But I hope so. I still believe in that Eucharistic Lord that can’t be received in an objective state of mortal sin such as adultery (so called ‘remarried’ after divorce or, even worse, false annulments), active homosexuality, proud in self transsexuality or those who don’t even believe in the real presence of Jesus in the Eucharist…

        About Aviso’s blog we have to options: we either share his views and stay or just respect them and go away and perhaps find a new blog or make our own. This is his blog, his views, nobody is forced to come here. For some reason you don’t see me very often around this blog as you use to see in his old one. However, the my friendship remains with him and with you and the other old folks from the original ‘Garabandal.news’.

      • October 21, 2016 (LifeSiteNews) —

        The recent announcement of a consistory of Cardinals in November seems to seal the deal: Archbishop André-Joseph Léonard, the heroically faithful former archbishop of Mechelen-Brussels, will be the first head of that See in 200 years not to be appointed cardinal.
        Instead, Francis appears to have waited to appoint Léonard’s more progressive successor, Archbishop Jozef De Kesel, who will be made cardinal next month.
        According to tradition, Léonard would have donned the red sometime after the 80th birthday of his predecessor, Godfried Danneels, in June 2013, only months after Francis’ election to the papacy.
        Given the historical status of his archdiocese and the fidelity of his service, Léonard seemed to be one of the most likely candidates to receive the honor, and yet Pope Francis consistently passed him over.
        A Dutch Catholic, Mark de Vries, is right in quoting the French interview book in which Léonard speaks about the situation, prior to the recent announcement of the consistory. Asked if we was hurt by not being made a Cardinal, Léonard answered:
        Hurt is too big a word. But it did surprise me since it is a tradition of two centuries. In the past, there have been many archbishops of Mechelen who were never Cardinals, but for two centuries it has become a sort of tradition. Should that remain so? When I thought about it, I told myself it didn’t. It is clear that the current Pope wants to appoint cardinals from countries which never had Cardinals to underline their importance, to not have a College of Cardinals, which is too Euro- or Americano-centric. I think that is a good thing.
        And further:
        It was a little surprising. It is a delicate thing to say about myself, but many have said so in my place: pastorally and intellectually, I have done work which few archbishops have managed. […] As far as I am concerned, I have completed my task in a rather original way. […] In short, [not receiving a cardinal’s hat] surprised me, disappointed me a little, but I got over it easily.
        The Belgian prelate served in office from February 27, 2010, until June 1, 2015. Pope Francis named his successor, the progressive De Kesel, who made headlines by closing a priestly fraternity instituted by Léonard shortly after taking office. Now De Kesel is rewarded with the red hat.
        Though Brussels has fallen into the hands of De Kesel, a protege of the notorious Danneels, Archbishop Léonard can look back on his own impressive heritage. As a learned philosopher and critic of Hegel, he became a member of the International Theological Commission and consequently a consultant for the Congregation for the Doctrine of Faith.
        At the same time, he has been an enduring witness of the faith and morality in the public sphere.
        One of his first tasks was facing the monumental crisis of sexual abuse cases under his predecessor, Cardinal Danneels. During the investigation by police in the case of the sexual abuse of a child, offices of the diocese were raided. The investigation centered around Roger Vangheluwe, then Bishop of Bruges, who stepped down from office after having admitted to having sexually abused a young boy during the time when Cardinal Danneels was Primate of the Belgian Church.
        Showing support for Léonard’s efforts to bring clarity to the situation, Pope Benedict addressed a letter to him in which he said:
        At this sad moment, I express my special closeness and solidarity to you, dear Brother Bishops, and all the bishops of the Church in Belgium. […] Thus I hope that justice takes its course, to guarantee fundamental rights of individuals and institutions, while respecting the victims, without preconditions, in recognition of those committed to work with [this Ordinance] and rejection of everything that obscures the noble tasks assigned to it.
        Archbishop Léonard also was a clear voice in defense of the Church’s most controversial moral teachings, including those against homosexuality and the use of birth control. For this, he was reprimanded by Deputy Prime Minister Laurette Onkelinx after his appointment as well as by gay activists throughout his time in office.

        Léonard explained that the Church does not teach that AIDS is a “punishment from God,” but rather that this “epidemic is sort of intrinsic justice, not at all a punishment.” He continued, explaining that homosexuals who are infected with AIDS have to admit that it might be a consequence of their sexual behavior. At the same time, he insisted that “HIV carriers merit respect” and “must not suffer discrimination,” as an HIV/AIDS activist website reported.
        At the same time, Léonard was not susceptible to public silencing regarding his stance on homosexuality. He repeatedly called it an “imperfectly developed state of human sexuality which contradicts its [sexuality’s] inner logic.” For these clear words, he was charged with homophobia under Belgium’s “Anti-Discrimination Act” of 2003.
        Shocking were the video images of topless FEMEN activists who drenched Léonard with water while he participated in a philosophical discussion with Guy Haarscher on the subject of blasphemy and freedom of speech at the University of Brussels. His witness was inspiring: the Archbishop remained silent in prayer during the whole attack.
        Although the red hat of the Cardinals will not crown his head, for his unceasing public testimony and achievements in office — Archbishop Léonard has certainly shown his willingness to spill his heart’s blood for the mission of the Church. He will not remain unrewarded.


    • Basto, I see you have not improved. I do not believe that you do not know my Faith. You know that my faith in the Eucharist is 100% Roman Catholic. Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity of the Glorified Body of Christ Jesus. Why would you suggest otherwise? Of course you know that I believe this can never ever be received unworthily either in a state of mortal sin or without full faith in the Real Presence. Please do not assert that I believe otherwise. That is very wrong of you. As for Aviso’s blog he is in charge and my presence here is between him and me.

  3. It’s amazing how a layman like Christopher Ferrara is worth more than hundreds of priests and dozens of bishops during this present storm of apostasy. However, the article above needs to be read in line with his previous articles about ecumenism, specially this one from two weeks ago:



    During his trip to Georgia, Pope Francis was asked by a seminarian “how Georgian Catholics can promote better relations with the Orthodox.” His answer illustrates why the novelty of “ecumenism” has almost totally debilitated the Church Militant:

    «Let’s leave it to the theologians to study the things that are abstract. What must I do with a friend who is Orthodox?… Be open, be a friend…. You must never proselytize the Orthodox. They are our brothers and sisters, disciples of Jesus Christ, but complex historic situations have made us like this…Friendship. Walk together, pray for each other, and do works of charity together when you can. This is ecumenism.»

    So, ecumenism means “being a friend” and doing good works together with non-Catholics, including the schismatic Orthodox. Everything else is just “abstract” doctrine that theologians can quibble over while “ecumenism” continues its relentless march to nowhere.

    But the primacy of the Pope as head of the universal Church, which the Orthodox reject, is not an abstraction. It is the will of the very God who founded the Church on the Rock of Peter.

    The Catholic dogma on the absolute indissolubility of marriage, to which the Orthodox have devised convenient Pharisaical exceptions, allowing second and even third “marriages,” is not an abstraction. It is the will of Christ concerning an ontological reality arising from a sacramental union.

    The Catholic doctrine on Purgatory, which the Orthodox reject, is not an abstraction. It is a revealed truth about a stage of existence after death, which the Catholic Church has taught infallibly down through the centuries.

    The Catholic dogma on Original Sin as involving the inherited fault of Adam, which the Orthodox reject, holding that only the penalty of death is inherited, is not an abstraction. It is a truth about man’s fallen condition and his need for Redemption.

    The Catholic dogma of the Immaculate Conception, which the Orthodox reject because they also reject the Catholic teaching on Original Sin, is not an abstraction. It is a revealed truth about the unique status of the Blessed Virgin Mary among all of humanity.

    Finally, the evil of schism and the necessity, for salvation, of “the return to the one true Church of Christ of those who are separated from it” is no abstraction. It is a truth of the Faith on which the eternal destiny of souls depends.

    Our Lord Himself declared: “You shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.” It is the truth that saves us. Not ecumenism, friendship or even good works. For it is by hearing the truth and assenting to it that one receives the grace of justification. Thus did Pope Saint Pius X require Catholic seminarians, clergy and theologians to make the Oath Against Modernism, which declares:

    «I hold most certainly and profess sincerely that faith is not a blind religious feeling bursting forth from the recesses of the subconscious, unformed morally under the pressure of the heart and the impulse of the will, but the true assent of the intellect to the truth received extrinsically “ex auditu” [from hearing], whereby we believe that what has been said, attested, and revealed by the personal God, our Creator and Lord, to be true on account of the authority of God the highest truth.»

    But the Oath Against Modernism was abandoned after Vatican II, along with the Church’s opposition to Modernism itself.

    Today, in the name of ecumenism — a newfangled term devoid of concrete meaning — the truths of our religion have been replaced by feelings while doctrine is set aside, even by the Pope, as a mere abstraction for theologians to debate at their leisure.

    As Francis declared in Georgia: “There is a very grave sin against ecumenism: proselytism. We should never proselytize the Orthodox!” A sin against “ecumenism”? How can an utter novelty unknown in the life of the Church before 1962, emerging from a Protestant movement condemned by Pius XI in 1928, now be treated as if it were an article of divine and Catholic faith? Such is the crisis the Church now endures, the likes of which she has never witnessed before.”

    by Christopher A. Ferrara
    October 5, 2016


    This new and exotic culture of “el encuentro” in fashion in our days has exactly the opposite meaning of the “conversion” asked at Fatima. Everybody loves it and we are going to pay for that, I’m sure. Our salvation is not in the schismatic and heretic branches of Christianism, nor in the protestants neither in the orthodox because “extra Ecclesiam nulla salus” – that’s the fundamental dogma.

    Salvation is not in the churches founded by men, nor protestant neither orthodox. Despite the problems and weaknesses of our Church, salvation is inside the only Church founded by Jesus Christ, the only one founded by God himself. That’s the Holy Roman Catholic and Apostolic Church which is composed by 24 particular churches sharing the same faith, the same belief and the same dogmas. This is not a matter of opinion, it’s our doctrine.

  4. My Brothers from the USA, again Make no Mistake.

    Donald Trump op-ed: My vision for a culture of life :

    By Donald J. Trump • 1/23/16 10:13 AM

    Let me be clear — I am pro-life. I support that position with exceptions allowed for rape, incest or the life of the mother being at risk. I did not always hold this position, but I had a significant personal experience that brought the precious gift of life into perspective for me. My story is well documented, so I will not retell it here. However, what I will do with the remaining space is express my feelings about life, and the culture of life, as we just marked the 43rd anniversary of Roe v. Wade.
    I build things. There is a process involved in building things. We tap into a lot of disciplines with engineering being one of the most important. The rules for putting structures together are as strict as are the rules of physics. These rules have stood the test of time and have become the path to putting together structures that endure and are beautiful. America, when it is at its best, follows a set of rules that have worked since our Founding. One of those rules is that we, as Americans, revere life and have done so since our Founders made it the first, and most important, of our “unalienable” rights.
    Over time, our culture of life in this country has started sliding toward a culture of death. Perhaps the most significant piece of evidence to support this assertion is that since Roe v. Wade was decided by the Supreme Count 43 years ago, over 50 million Americans never had the chance to enjoy the opportunities offered by this country. They never had the chance to become doctors, musicians, farmers, teachers, husbands, fathers, sons or daughters. They never had the chance to enrich the culture of this nation or to bring their skills, lives, loves or passions into the fabric of this country. They are missing, and they are missed.

    The Supreme Court in 1973 based its decision on imagining rights and liberties in the Constitution that are nowhere to be found. Even if we take the court at its word, that abortion is a matter of privacy, we should then extend the argument to the logical conclusion that private funds, then, should subsidize this choice rather than the half billion dollars given to abortion providers every year by Congress. Public funding of abortion providers is an insult to people of conscience at the least and an affront to good governance at best.
    If using taxpayer money to facilitate our slide to a culture of death were not enough, the 1973 decision became a landmark decision demonstrating the utter contempt the court had for federalism and the 10th Amendment. Roe v. Wade gave the court an excuse to dismantle the decisions of state legislatures and the votes of the people. This is a pattern that the court has repeated over and over again since that decision. Roe v. Wade became yet another incidence of disconnect between the people and their government.
    We are in the middle of a presidential political cycle and votes will be cast in just days. The citizens of this nation will have the chance to vote for candidates who are aligned with their individual worldviews. It is my hope that they will choose the builder, the man who has the ability to imagine the greatness of this nation. The next president must follow those principles that work best and that reinforce the reverence Americans hold for life. A culture of life is too important to let slip away for convenience or political correctness. It is by preserving our culture of life that we will Make America Great Again.


  5. The Whole Truth About Fatima Volume III: The Third Secret by Frere Michel de la Sainte Trinitie

    Pages 776-777

    The Triumph Of The Anti-Christ Powers

    Finally, at the end of an unstinting battle, there will come a day when “the mystery of iniquity” will seem completely victorious. The apostasy being quasi-universal, the man of sin will manifest himself openly and bring impiety to its fullness. This will be his “revelation”, his great “manifestation”, a diabolical aping of Christ’s manifestation. Saint Paul tells us that he will go so far that he will “sit in the temple of God and give himself out as if he were God”. ( II Thess. 2, 3-4) These are very mysterious words. An old commentator asks:

    “But what will be this temple of God in which he will sit? Perhaps it will be one of the most august churches of Rome, such as Saint Peter’s basilica, or perhaps the temple of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem…” Mannoury, Commentaire des epitres de Saint Paul p. 583

    These words are all the more horrible since the text does not suggest a profanation coming from a persecuting power, such as Antiochus Epiphanes. It is in the naos, that is, the part of the temple where only the priests could enter, that the impious one will sit – in other words, in the very heart of the Church. Moreover, the word kathisai does not include any nuance of usurpation by violence. It seems that he must sit through a fully legitimate right, as it was said to the Twelve: katesesthe, “you will sit” Mt. 19, 28; Lk. 22, 30.

  6. Joe, I am with you. Absolutely!!!! Although I use to read this blog from time to time I try to avoid commenting because I think that most of the time the “editorial line” doesn’t make any good to anyone. Too little mercy, too much arrogance, and too many exclusions in here in my opinion. I really miss a blog about Garabandal like Deacon John’s.

    • Thanks for your comment Juan, let’s not forget to remind to our readers that you are a great supporter of Medjugorje and my good friend Joe probably one of the greatest supporter of Pope Francis around the net then we can better understand my little mercy and my too much arrogance, thanks again.

    • Definitely. I believe in Medjugorje, and Joe is right to support the Pope in spite of his human mistakes. The same I do and pray for him. Aviso, I recommend you not to waste your money and your time with this blog fighting everyone who do not agree with your comments. In my opinion I see too much I, me, mine, with me in your writings. This could be the summary of your job here. Perhaps you could pray more instead and do something better for your brothers.

      • I am open to criticism as long as there is respect, for your information I pray for all of you each day, especially the Rosary, as I already said I have no enemies.

      • Hi Juan.
        Quote” I believe… Joe is right to support the Pope in spite of his human mistakes.”
        FALSE! Setting aside your acceptance of Medjugorje, we are not here talking about the Bishop of Rome’s human frailty but rather matters of Faith and Morals. The crux of the matter is simply this: Who alone is the legitimate successor to Peter the Apostle and speaks with the authority of Christ on issues of such importance to the Catholic Faithful? Support has to be measured against ones fidelity to Christ and His Commandments.
        By any amount of reckoning, where confusion reigns – Christ does not.

      • Hi Juan amd John AU
        Thanks for your affirmations, intended and unintended. Even if there is confusion in some quarters of the Church there is none, thank God, in my heart or mind. There Christ dwells and reigns despite my human frailty. As to Faith and Morals, mine are Christ centred and of the eternal truths of the Roman Catholic Church. I have never qualified my support of the Pope by reference to his frailties of which I have no knowledge. When I say “God have mercy on me a sinner” I say what I mean and I mean what I say. Every morning I invite The Sacred and Immaculate Hearts to live in my heart that day and ask that I should live in theirs. Then when I stuff up and lose my way I know I am never far from home.

        • Joe
          Thank you very much for your very inspiring comments. Your words are fresh air for many who read this blog. If you ever want to contact with me for any reason I would be very pleased at……..?

      • Hi Juan, please do not leave your email online, if you want to give it to one of our readers, just let me know and I will forward it but I suggest to anyone of you, please do not leave your contact détails online, thanks.

        • Sorry to be so naive. Thank you for your advise. I didn’t think that the world today is not a harmless place. Thank you again.

  7. Hit List Against “Anti-Bergoglians”? — Misericordina for Pope Critics

    (Rome) In yesterday’s Sunday edition of the Turin daily La Stampa that also operates the news site Vatican Insider, two Vaticanists, Giacomo Galeazzi and Andrea Tornielli, published a list of alleged “Francis opponents” in the Catholic Church with great ceremony.  Just as meticulous as arbitrary, the formation resembles a proscription list for future purges. In coming to an end of the Holy Year of mercy a healthy portion of Misericordina will again be leveled against alleged enemies of Pope Francis.
    The Progressives and the Conservatives 
    The learned political scientist Giacomo Galeazzi (born 1972) worked for six years for the newsroom TG1 of the public service broadcaster RAI 1 (departments abroad and religion). Since 2001 he is an editor of the daily newspaper La Stampa, for which he was described as Vaticanist in 2008. Galeazzi never made a secret of his progressive sympathies.
    The learned classical scholar, Andrea Tornielli (born in 1964), began his journalistic career with the publications for  Communion and Liberation (CL) community. From 1992-1996 he was one of the editors of the monthly magazine 30Giorni (English Edition: 30days). This was followed for 15 years as Vatican expert at the rightwing daily newspaper Il Giornale . Since 2011 he is, next to Galeazzi, Vaticanist at the liberal daily La Stampa and coordinator of Vatican Insider .

    The “Anti-Bergoglio-Catholics” :

    Read More : http://eponymousflower.blogspot.fr/2016/10/hit-list-against-anti-bergoglians.html

    My Comment : I said several times online, 2 current Strengths as below :

    Clinton-Francis Axis
    Putin-Benedict Axis

    Make no mistake and stay with Fatima.

  8. And I saw another beast coming up out of the earth, and he had two horns, like a lamb, and he spoke as a dragon. And he executed all the power of the former beast in his sight; and he caused the earth, and them that dwell therein, to adore the first beast, whose wound to death was healed. And he did great signs, so that he made also fire to come down from heaven unto the earth in the sight of men. And he seduced them that dwell on the earth, for the signs, which were given him to do in the sight of the beast, saying to them that dwell on the earth, that they should make the image of the beast, which had the wound by the sword, and lived. And it was given to him to give life to the image of the beast, and that the image of the beast should speak; and should cause, that whosoever will not adore the image of the beast, should be slain.

    Apocalypse 13; 11-15

  9. The Fatima Center’s Rapid Response Team
    Is Going to Sweden!
    October 27th to November 2, 2016

    Yet another scandal, and another Rapid Response from The Fatima Center, to make reparation to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, and to give our witness to the true Catholic Faith.
    Later this month, Pope Francis will travel to Sweden to celebrate the 500th anniversary of the Protestant Revolt, even participating in a sacrilegious “joint liturgy” in the Lutheran cathedral in Lund, officiated by Lutheran laymen who claim to be ministers and bishops in succession from the Holy Apostles.
    The insult to the true Church and to Her martyrs of that era of Revolt could not be greater. Neither could the scandal to the faithful of our own day be greater, than to see the irrationality of ecumenism reach such heights.

    A team of brave staff members and associates from The Fatima Center will be on hand doing their best to atone for these insults and to stand up for the dogmas of Faith which, as Our Lady of Fatima warned, are all but lost to the modern world.
    Please keep our staff members in your prayers during this potentially dangerous journey — to a country already filled with turmoil and even terrorism, where manifestations of the true Faith are likely to find little welcome.
    Stay tuned for our on-site reports from our Fatima Center Rapid Response Team.


  10. Ecumenisn is a means to an end. It is a process. It offers a way back to Truth. It is open to abuse and to being abused. But in the purity if its heart it draws all men back to Christ Crucifed – true Head of the Roman Catholic Church. Pope Francis is cooperating with this work.
    Please excuse my typos in previous comment. I am pressed for time and typing into my phone.

  11. Dear Brother Aviso
    For the sake of my immortal soul I am duty bound to defend The Holy Father in the face of this commentary. No right thinking Catholic whether elevated Cardinal or lowliest lay person could ever TRULY claim that Pope Francis supports the heresies of Luther nor that he would equate his status with that of Our Lady. To suggest otherwise whether by cunning inuendo or clever argument is contrary to both orthodox tradition and common faith of the Catholic people. In his approach to the Lutherans Pope Francis is fulfilling his Christ geven mandate to go out to the whole world and proclaim the truth of the Gospel. He is truly obey Christ’s command to be a Fisher of men. And his net will be full to breaking point after the final cast. This gesture to the Lutherans is designed to assure them of a welcome return to full communion if they once again profess and practice the true
    Faith. In this Pope Francis is saving souls. How they respond is up to them. There is potential here for 500 years of error to be corrected. St Teresa saw the souls of Lutherans in hell but at the time of her writing these were the souls who had decided to support the original schism and rebellion that resulted from Luther’s teaching. The had known better and rejected the truth. Contemporary Lutherans have never known better and will not be held accountabie for what has been imposed on them. Pope Francis now presents them with the truth once again and an opportuinty to finally break free from the shackles of the past. We are told with certainty in Garabandal that The Warning is to prepare us for The Miracle which with equal certainty we are told is for The Conversion of The World. The path back to full Communion will be completed for many, not just Lutherans, and for all there will be but one aim – worthy reception of The Eucharist in full communion with the Body of Christ in The Church of Rome. It has been specified in Garabandal witness that this is the one and only form of ecumenism that will be witnessed and deemed worthy of heaven – that all other Christian denominations return to the One, True Catholic and Apostolic Church.

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