A Pre-Warning sign or the Warning ? Part 2

07 February 2017

Recall of the Garabandal Warning :

First, a World-Wide Warning that will happen in the sky…like the collision of two stars that do not fall down… it will frighten all humanity regardless of where one happens to be at the time… it will be a thousand times worse than earthquakes… like a fire that will not burn our flesh … it will last a very short time, although to us it will seem to be a very long time … no one can prevent it from happening … It will be recognized as coming from God… it will resemble a punishment … it is meant to be a purification … like the revelation of our sins and what we will feel in our hearts will be worse than sorrow. It will not kill us, if we die it will be caused by the emotion within us. The date was not revealed only that it will happen before the announcement of the miracle.





The bright planets Venus and Jupiter will be exceptionally close in our skies in November

Two of the brightest celestial objects in our skies will have a superclose encounter at dawn on November 13 (2017). Neighboring planets Venus and Jupiter will have a spectacularly close conjunction very low in the eastern sky. The two worlds will appear to be separated by only 18 arc-minutes, or about equal to the apparent width of a half-lit moon. Since this conjunction event will take place so low to the horizon, the planets will be battling the glare of the morning twilight, and binoculars will make viewing more enjoyable




My Comment : Important event to follow closely for any Garabandalist as for the Date, November 13, 2017, very symbolic, as a Reminder, November 13, 1965 was the last Apparition of the Lady of the Carmel in Garabandal, this event could match also the description of the Warning (like the collision of two stars that do not fall down….etc….), so a Pre-Warning sign or the Warning itself ? even if for me and as indicated online, the Year 2018 could be the Warning Year and corresponds more, in any case I will be pleased to have been wrong for few months only, an important detail also, this celestial event will take place 100 years and 1 Month (this reminds me also Akita where the Statue of our Lady wept 101 times) after the Fatima Miracle of the Sun (13 October 1917 – 13 November 2017), so in my opinion to follow closely, stay tuned.


A Pre-Warning sign or the Warning ? Part 2

16 February 2017

Malachi Martin and the Garabandal Warning :


Interview with Bernard Janzen about Fr Malachi Martin’s message for our times

I had the honour of interviewing Bernard Janzen, a Canadian Catholic Journalist who during the 1990’s conducted a series of interviews with Fr. Malachi Martin regarding the state of the Catholic Church and the world at the time. The talks are incredibly interesting and show the great faith that both men have in Our Lord Jesus and His Church.

While many churchmen during that time had been leading a “reform” of the Church; Martin and Janzen were expounding the school of thought that Vatican II had gone too far with its subsequent initiatives and the so-called “spirit” of the Council that many clergy and churchmen used to radically change the Faith and its practice.

The interview is timely because recently the documentary, Hostage to the Devil which chronicles Fr. Martin’s life and his work in the field of exorcism was released on Netflix. For those of you who wish to examine and further explore Mr. Janzen’s work with Fr Martin his website is www.truimphcommunications.net. The interviews are also available on Youtube.

What did you think of the recently made documentary Hostage to the Devil which examined Fr. Martin’s life and his work in the mysterious world of exorcisms?

This documentary was not produced from a Catholic perspective. It received funding from the Irish government, examining the life of an Irishman who attained success in the larger world. Hostage to the Devil was intended for a general audience, thus engaging the scepticism which the general public has about the existence of the devil and exorcisms. Due to time constraints, the documentary did attempt to cover all aspects of Fr. Martin’s life; it focused on his work as an exorcist.

Hostage to the Devil did a good job of recreating the drama surrounding the mysterious circumstances of Fr. Martin’s death, portraying the heightened emotions of this tumultuous time. The documentary introduces its audience to Fr. Martin’s unique perspective on exorcism, possession, and the activity of the devil in the modern world.

The documentary gave a platform to Robert Kaiser to malign the reputation of Fr. Martin. Many of the statements made by Kaiser were not true. In her book, The Desolate City, Anne Roche Muggeridge describes Kaiser as a journalist who is incapable of distinguishing fact from fantasy. As a modernist, it could not be expected that Kaiser would have a favourable opinion of a staunch traditionalist like Fr. Martin, but his accusations often descended to the level of calumny. Kaiser said that Fr. Martin eventually began to believe his own lies. What lies? In my years of interviewing Fr. Martin, he made a deeply felt defense of Catholic truth. I would invite anyone to listen to these interviews and decide for themselves if Fr. Martin was genuine or not.

On balance, the production of Hostage to the Devil is a positive development because it increases the awareness of its viewers of Malachi Martin and his message for our times.

How did you come to do multiple interviews with Fr. Martin in the 1990’s and why are these recordings important today?

I was impressed with the writings of Fr. Martin, especially his book The Jesuits. During the late 1980’s, Fr. Martin was reaching out to some of the authors of the traditional movement. Two of these authors helped me to make contact with Fr. Martin, who agreed to do a set of interviews. The first set of interviews, Catholicism Overturned, was successful and so we decided to do a set of interviews annually, a process which continued until Fr. Martin’s tragic death.

These interviews are important today because they were so prophetic. He foresaw developments such as homosexual marriage and papal resignation long before they became a reality. Today, with the Catholic religion in the iron grip of an unprecedented crisis, Fr. Martin’s warnings on the state of the Church are more apparent than they were in the last decade of his life, in the evening of Pope John Paul II’s reign.

Fr. Martin not only explained what was happening. He explained why these events were happening. He provided a unique perspective on geopolitical and ecclesiastical events by explaining the critical role of the supernatural realm.

What do you suppose Fr. Martin would say about the current situation in the Church?

He would almost certainly say that events are unfortunately unfolding as he expected. The modern-day apostasy, or loss of belief, is deepening. In the last decade of his life, Fr. Martin stated that we are in the early stages of what could be called the great apostasy. Today, we are in the midst of it.

The Church has recently crossed three thresholds in what Pope Paul VI described as the auto-demolition of the Church. First, the papal resignation that Fr. Martin prophetically foresaw has happened, diminishing the status of the Papacy. Monarchs don’t resign; ordinary officials do. Secondly, there are now open divisions in the College of Cardinals. Prior to this pontificate, differences in opinion obviously existed, but public disagreements did not exist. Today, cardinals are publicly taking opposing positions on matters of faith and morals. Some cardinals state that to give the sacraments to divorced and remarried couples is contrary to traditional practise; other cardinals openly support this innovation. Thirdly, different jurisdictions in the Church have conflicting rules on a matter of moral discipline. In Poland, the traditional practice of not giving Holy Communion to divorced and remarried couples is retained. In the Archdiocese of Buenos Aires, divorced and remarried couples may receive Holy Communion. This situation of discrepancy on a matter of moral discipline is unprecedented. Is the Catholic Church still universal?

The core of Fr. Martin’s message remains unchanged. Fr. Martin is like the Old Testament prophets who rebuked their people for falling away from their faith. Fr. Martin has rebuked today’s political leaders and churchmen who have departed from the faith of our fathers and decided to go their own way. In the book The Eternal War, Fr. Martin states, “This new world order is not the rule of God. It cannot succeed! It cannot have God’s blessing.”

Fr. Martin was a devotee of Fatima and also spoke of other twentieth century apparitions like Akita and Garabandal. He spoke often to you about “Our Lady coming in the sky to rescue us.” Can you elaborate about his thoughts in this area and what it means to our present day.

What I believe Fr. Martin is referring to is the warning spoken of by Our Lady in her appearances at Garabandal. Fr. Martin believed that Garabandal was an authentic apparition of Our Lady. According to the warning, there will be some unforeseen astronomical activity. This is why Fr. Martin has sometimes said to watch the skies. Everyone at a certain point in time will know the state of their soul. They will know how they stand before God. It will be a most frightening experience for many souls.

What do you want people to know about Fr. Martin and his life and times?

Fr. Martin said that when he grew up in Catholic Ireland, one could hardly ever fail, morally or spiritually. If your parents didn’t catch you, then your school teacher, your neighbors, your pastor, or the local policeman would catch you. In our day, this idyllic world has been transformed into a hostile environment, where a degenerate culture acts to break down the faith and morals of today’s families. Fr. Martin’s wide range of experiences and incredible mind enabled him to become God’s instrument in explaining what has happened to our Church and civilization. No other individual has developed as complete and prophetic an explanation of our times. This explanation includes the pivotal and largely undetected influence of the supernatural dimension, which of course goes unreported by mainstream media coverage of news events.

Where can one access your work with Fr. Martin to learn further of his life and work?

During the last decade of Fr. Martin’s eventful life, I conducted eight sets of recorded interviews with this incredible mind. Our apostolate, Triumph Communications, has transcribed these recorded interviews and published them as a box set of eight books, entitled The Wisdom of the Ages. More information about these books is available on our website at www.triumphcommunications.net. On our website, there are also several articles about Fr. Martin and his message for our times.


My Comment : Thanks to my good Friend Fabiano.





22 thoughts on “A Pre-Warning sign or the Warning ? Part 2

  1. When electing a new Pope.It is e legal for Cardinals to openly support a Pope. This did happen. If so, this makes Francis an Anti Pope.:

  2. Just a few comments on the situation. 1st off, I believe everything about Garabandal is true, I do think that the time is not quite right for it to happen, and I keep reading the biggest mystery about all the things that Conchita said, and two things stand out…..she said that things would be really bad when the time came for the events to happen, and that communism would be in control, and there are several ways to interpret that, so does she mean in a spiritual sense only, such as the the true Mass and Sacraments being suppressed and nearly taken away completely, and the church falling into ruin like it is now, or does she mean the take over of governments and martial law put in everywhere? to where temporal society will be in a state of enslavement?

    The other issue is what she said about her own ability to MAKE the announcement!!!! She said it will be somewhat of a miracle for her to even do that! To me that could be two possibilities…..1. She is very old or sick and will have great difficulty in making the announcement, OR, the evil powers that be, will be trying to prevent her from doing it!!! Don’t think that the elite powers don’t know when these things are going to happen, THEY DO KNOW!!! The girls were in front of the pope at the time, and many other prelates who were given this information, and these top elite, corrupt “leaders” of the church are in cahoots with the powers that be, and they know VERY well what’s coming and when!….but, of course Almighty God will take care of that when the time is right!

    So, we could still be 15 or 20 years away from the events happening, however it doesn’t seem possible that we could withstand even another 5 years of this nightmare! But the main thing to remember is that our interpretation of what Conchita said about “things will be very bad” may not be the same thing that God has planned…..He is patient, and slow to anger, so to speculate when the events will happen will be futile in my opinion…..but, like I said, I surely believe that they will happen!

    • Dear Sammy,

      I do not want to state anything in an assertive way as I do not have the authority to do that: just a few considerations that are personal but grounded on facts.

      1. As regards communism, I believe that Our Lady, which fortunately is not a politician, did not intend it in a literal way, but in the spiritual one of atheistic materialism, and its practical consequences on the morality and ethics of our civilization. in this sense, we might very well being there: somebody considers even Francis as a communist, and, in a sense, this is true:

      Communism is also at the very hearth of the NWO nihilistic, atheistic, materialistic and elitist ‘doctrine’ and is, historically, a byproduct of zionism, the real ‘power that be’ behind the scenes today. Communism is in plain view in countries like Cina and North Korea and in several South-American regimes, in disguise -still- in Russia and especially in the Russian Orthodox Church which continues to be a cover branch of the former KGB. Obama was formed as a radical communist and so was the so-called Obama-Clinton regime. Communist, to some extent, is the governance apparatus of the European Union and I could continue again and again, but I do not like talking about politics. It is important to highlight, to me, that satan, as every snake, change easily skins without changing its malevolent, elusive and deceptive essence…

      2. As regards the Holy Mass, please consider and alternative to abrogation: that it is not suppressed but simply altered to the extent that it is totally denatured and made ‘void and null’ (in the sense of eliminating the Eucharistic presence, like in the protestant ‘memorial’). This seems to be very difficult in principle, but practically it is not at all. It is enough to slightly modify the Consecration formula, (e.g. in a more protestant-friendly way, and this is an operation that is well underway) or even make the bulk of the Clergy unaware of what they are doing or not in communion any more with the true Roman Catholic pope Benedict XVI (the ‘intention’ of the priest of doing the same thing that the Catholic and Apostolic Church recommends and believe is essential to produce the Transubstantiation which means: no intention/communion=no Real Divine Presence in the particles). If I were a proven theologian, which I am not, I could argument, for example, on the consequences with this regard of a compulsory act of blind obedience to Bergoglio and his false teachings, an operation that it is also underway and, if my sources are right, even IMMINENT. Again, think about the snake parallel: a mess similar to the present One, but unholy, a mere gathering of self-proclaimed believers deceived by the church-mafia that has introned the false prophet Bergoglio. It’s scary and awful but, nonetheless, possible and could be even near te corner.

      3. Global war and martial law. Have a look at the current geopolitical situation: a major and open nuclear World War might break out at any moment without notice (a covert one is yet ongoing) and it will be closely followed almost everywhere by severe riots and by the establishment of martial laws. I do not believe this requires argumentations or comments: it’s right in front of our eyes.

      So said, I do not believe the satan and his NWO servants know exactly the timing of events or can produce the outcomes they want exactly when they want: everything is subject to God’s will. Satan certainly knows that, day by day, he is running out of time, but to me he does not know EXACTLY how much time he has to act freely as he is doing now. That’s what makes him even more ferocious! As we do not know EXACTLY the dates, he doesn’t as well, even if he might be better than ourselves in speculating about them. Moreover, with our prayers and sacrifices we put obstacles on his path and we slow-down the progression of his plans. As his remaining time has been fixed with Swiss precision since the beginning of times, we actually can effectively limit the spiritual harms he can produce, and WE SHOULD DO OUR BEST TO DO IT.

      Let me finally spend a last word on the utility/rightness of speculation about dates. As I said before on tis blog, I believe we should do it, at least TO SOME EXTENT. And this is more relative to the chastisements that will follow the Miracle than to the Warning and Miracle themselves. In fact, as our duty is now to pray and voluntarily suffer to limit the magnitude of the chastisements, immediately after the Miracle our ‘duty’ will be to try to survive the chastisements themselves in order to rebuild and repopulate the planet in the aftermath. As the chastisements are constituted by a tremendous sequence of earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and meteor strikes produced by the stellar cores that are entering our solar system since some time ago and will approach Earth in the near future (during a period of at least six Months) this might involve the need to relocate for a while, as I stated before, in the safe havens that Our Lady has prepared (Garabandal and Medjugorje are two of them, but there are many others). This can’t be done, especially if one has family, with a very short notice (like the eight days of Conchita’s announce) and yes, I fully agree with her: it would be almost impossible to warn all the humanity…
      Also because the ‘power that be’ will cut down the internet before the stellar cores will be visible to the naked eye and will refuge themselves in underground compounds that are likely to became their unescapable tombs.
      SOME OF US MIGHT BE ASKED TO RESETTLE, AT LEAST FOR A WHILE (should I say a period now, I would stick to second half 2020/ first half 2021).

      Thus be prepared and have a constant look at the signs of the (end-)times.

      Let’s pray for each other, in order to be able to sustain the tough proof that stands behind us.

      God bless you all!


  3. A note to Aviso. There is no way Jupiter and Venus will be close. They are millions of miles apart, from the perspective of the earth they will seem close The reality is more dangerous than we can imagine, however, and Conchita’s words about stars colliding is now more real than ever because the governments of the earth are hiding a reality that is really frightening, what astronomers call brown dwarf stars, that are like burning coals, and emmit heat and not visible light anymore, are now inside the solar system. They have been photograph by nasa’s telescopes and they are causing the earth to be without the protection of the van allen shield. Go to the “planet nibiru you tube” channel. He is trying ti inform the public about what is going on and is being covered not tocause panic. I am amazed at Conchitas knwledge about this. Only Our Lady could have know about this 64 years ago. We really need to go toconfession and implore her protection. God help us

    • Hi Ana Maria,

      I believe you are really on the right perspective!

      More than a brown dwarf star, I tend to believe that we are dealing with ‘stellar cores’ that are entering our solar system since more than one century ago. They stop-by at our sun and recharge themselves via plasma connections (a little-bit like we do at the gas station pump) and continue their trip, traced in God’s mind since the beginning of the universe. This suction of energy from the sun is probably responsible for the miracle of Fatima (sun-blinking) and more recent ones.

      Our God and Creator is really Great: the miracle is in the perfect timing!!!

      For more scientific details, I would suggest the following youtube channel (if you are interested):

      The more we pray and the more we sacrifice ourself, according to Our Mother and Queen wishes, the less the damage will be (even if the damage will be anyhow immense, when measured in our human scale).

      God bless us all and spare us from His righteous Justice, as far as this is still possible!!!


    • I have said it before and will say it again, Niribu or Planet X is fake news. There is no evidence on the NASA web site supporting such a notion of this planet/brown dwarf. Additionally there are thousands of credible amateur astronomers across the world, if any of this were even remotely true it would be all over the net! The Garabandal Miracle Enrico is going to be a miracle, as was Fatima. By definition miracles are not events caused by natural phenomena no matter how marvellous or predestined by our Father in Heaven. The Chastisement of Revelation will also be a supernatural occurance, which makes it even more terrifying than any natural disaster. Chastisements with a small ‘c’ on the other hand are more often than not, man made or natural catastrophes or a combination of both perhaps also with a miraculous aspect and permitted to occur by God as warnings of the consequence of sin e.g. Fatima and the prophesy of WWII and its pre-warning.

      Dear friends of our Blessed Mother of Mount Carmel, please be careful not to reduce the importance and magnitude of Divine intervention in our Situation with ideas that could easily discredit the reality and importance of the Garabandal and Fatima messages.

      Assuring you of my prayers
      God bless

  4. The warning will happen within 8 days of the miracle. If the warning happens before, then people are going to already know, and it won’t be a miracle anymore!

  5. We all know that Conchita will inform the date of the Miracle 8 days prior. Being a catholic who is a firm believer of the Fatima apparitions as well as those of Garabandal, I am preparing myself to be ready to go from Rio de Janeiro (where I live) to San Sebastian de Garabandal in time to be present in the day of the Miracle.
    We have been awaiting for the “AVISO” which should take place within 1 year prior to the Miracle.
    We are already in February and (at least for me) the AVISO has not occurred.
    Many speculate that the Miracle would take place on April 17th, 2017 (Easter Thursday); meanwhile, the “AVISO” should occur (and has not).

    My concern is simple: how will Conchita publicize the date, 8 days in advance?
    Where will we be able to get this information, once disclosed by Conchita?
    Will this site be informed by Conchita on this date?

    Thanks for any guidance you may give me on this issue.

    Joao Vianna

  6. Hi Aviso
    My name is Michelle and i live in canada. I agree with much of what you say and have been educated on much more,and I thank you very much for that. Next week here in canada Justine Trudeau is planning to pass a motion written by a muslium MP (M-103) “Islamphobia” so you know what that will mean, a law against disciminating against Islamic or muslium religion etc. Needless to say that I am frightened, things will unfold quickly I think, please pray for us as I pray for you. thank you.

  7. Dear Aviso!
    We are all Poor Sinners, i have to work on my on to be a better christian.
    Fact is that Garabandal is authentic or like in the words of Padre Pio in his native italian language “ Certo e Vero“!

    For the Glory of God

  8. Dear Aviso,
    First of all I´m convinced that you are a great devotee of the Blessed Virgin of Garabandal. That´s wonderful!!!
    Your comments and your analysis of the great events are quite good.
    I knew Albrecht Weber very well and he often talk to me about Garabandal and its prophesis. Albrecht Weber was also a very good friend of Conchita and as a consequence very close to the great events of the future, the warning (aviso), the great miracle and the conditional chastisement from God if people do not amend their ways.
    I also know from confidental sources (Albrecht Weber) that the Blessed Virgin doesn´t like that people speculate about the date of the miracle.
    In my opinion sometimes you do this on your blog and I´m convinced that´s not the will of God! We don´t know exactly the times when the events of Garabandal will happen. I can highlight the fact, that we live in the end times and the events of Garabandal are very close, but nobody with the exception of Conchita know the date of the miracle.
    I agree with you that there will be “No miracle on 13th of aprile on 2017”, but i´m also convinced that the years 2017 and 2018 will be very hard for the world, remember the anniversary of Fatima (1917-2017).

    God bless your family and you

    Ave Maria

    • Hi Jochen, thanks for your comment, the Lady will forgive me , she converted and married me there in the village of Garabandal years ago, I gave to her also my last Child which we have Baptized in her Church there 2 years ago now as well, if not I will Pray her to forgive me, the Blessed Mother was very good and kind with me for years now, she knows also that I am a Poor Sinner, Please Pray for me as well, between us I miss Albrecht, he sent me his famous book (for free) just few weeks before he went to God, I know also that he was reading my first blog and I was informed about his opinion regarding this new Pontificate, I am Praying on his grave anytime I am back in the village, I learned that his house has been given to a German Association, good news especially for the works which the beautifull house needs a bit.

      For the Date, please don’t worry, I have of course a good reason to use this Tonic sometimes online (I call it Tonic myself as when I studied Fatima, I have been told by some scholars, working on the Fatima 3rd Secret is a good Tonic for your faith), a very good reason, please be sure of that, thanks again.

      God Bless.

    • I Forgot to add Jochen, I am aware myself that aside Conchita, few are also aware of the Great Miracle date as of the Garabandal Warning year in the village, I tried myself to get more détails but without success, I personnaly know myself the persons in question, thanks again.

  9. I would think, if it’s anything a “Pre Warning sign,” as Warning per Mari Loli is to happen in an “Even Year.” Peace!

    • Please remind me who told it to you ? I am close to Loli’s Family myself for years, thank you.

      PS : By the way, I enjoy reading the so called Garabandalist experts, reading 1 or 2 books about Garabandal then coming here posting some news related to a copy of one page they have read, my friends please before posting anything about Garabandal, try at least to learn more about Aviso however my story is online, for your information I was the one who found out that the Warning could be in an Even Year, thanks again.

      • Aviso. It’s not a competition. I am a Garabandalist for over 40 years. But I don’t care who got the information first and both you and I can be wrong. You know the family for a long time. That’s wonderful. I’m happy for you. God Bless you. I met 3 of the 4 girls,(Conchita, Mari Loli and Jacinta) a few times, been to Garabandal 3X with Joey & his group. And read about an interview that Mari Loli had with a priest many years ago and was quoted in interview as have said “an even Year.” No it doesn’t make me an expert,nor do I claim to be one. Nor I’m I looking for any notierity re breaking news etc. I couldn’t care less. I simply commented re your post on the Nov 13 2017 date post and the Warning-etc. I could be wrong. Sure. I too hope Warning is sooner than later. Garabandal has deeply effected my life and I await the fulfillment of the events for my own good and good of the world. That’s it. Peace & God Bless you!

      • So you have all my Respect John, I am known also to be quite direct sometimes, probably due to my past in Army, take it easy, all the Garabandalists are my friends and those who are faithful to the Lady of the Carmel for years even more.

        God Bless.

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