What Father Gruner actually thought and Wanted !

Dear Readers,

Fatima Pope

In light of the controversies currently surrounding the work of Fr. Nicholas Gruner, I believe it is my obligation to speak of what I know concerning the mind of Fr. Gruner. All of what I write here was either told to me by Fr. Gruner himself on numerous occasions or told me by my dear friend John Vennari in private conversations, either over the phone or face to face. For all of those involved in the controversy, we must remember what Aristotle said when confronted with a fundamental disagreement with his teacher, mentor, and colleague Plato, “Truth is more important than friendship”; and what are we all about but truth.

First, when Fr. Gruner spoke about the Third Secret, information that he had gleaned from his many relevant sources — whether the information given to Fr. Gruner was accurate or not I have no way of knowing, but I do know that he himself held the following to be true — he indicated that the Third Secret included the following:

1) Our Lady’s warning that there would be an “evil Council.”
2) Our Lady’s warning that the Mass was “not to be changed.”
3) Our Lady’s warning that “one third of the stars shall be swept from the heavens, by tail of the Devil”: Fr. Gruner interpreted this as indicating that 1/3 of the priests and bishops would serve Satan directly.
4) The Apostasy in the Church “would come from the very top,” in other words, from at least one or more men who were designated as being “the pope.” Cardinal Ciappi — who Fr. Gruner continually cited — was famous for indicating that this was the Third Secret, which he had read himself.

In other words, Fr. Gruner saw the Third Secret as being a complete vindication of the traditionalist movement. Obviously, in Fr. Gruner’s understanding, the Third Secret was a condemnation of Vatican II, the New Mass, many of the clergy of the post-conciliar Church, and an indication that a man or men designated as pope would be the ones actually pushing the apostasy in the Church. What was Our Lady warning us against? The New Doctrine, the New Mass, the New Priesthood, and the New Popes. How else can we possibly interpret what he said about the Third Secret? The whole purpose of the Third Secret was to warn people against the Novus Ordo religion. This is clearly what Fr. Gruner intended to convey to me.

With regard to the papacy, however, we must consider this. Fr. Gruner came to believe that Francis I was not a true pope, but that Josef Ratzinger/Benedict XVI had retained the office. So it would have to be Benedict that would consecrate Russia to the Immaculate Heart and not Francis. John Vennari told me this on two occasions in private after the death of Fr. Gruner. At the time I had not known that this was the case and was surprised. John also said that Father was making statements in this regard during his speeches at his conferences at least by late 2014. John was not pleased by this turn of events at all, not at all.

During one of the occasions in which John Vennari told me about this new view of Fr. Gruner on the claims of Francis, he also told me about Fr. Gruner’s plans for the future of his organization. John had just found out about these plans and was not at all happy about these plans. According to John, who told me this almost exactly 2 years ago, Fr. Gruner had kept these plans from him, since he knew that John would not approve. Apparently Fr. Gruner had wanted Andrew Cesanek to be his successor, but only after Andy had gone over to Ireland to be trained as a priest by Fr. Paul Kramer and then ordained by Bishop Richard Williamson. John thought that this would be a disaster for the Fatima Center. There is no doubt however that John understood this to be Fr. Gruner’s plan. The entire story totally surprised me since I had no idea that this was the case.

I hope that the truth of this situation can clarify things. I think that many might not like what I say here, but since Fr. Gruner and John have left us and this is the 100th anniversary of the Miracle of Fatima — I thought that the truth must be told.


My Comment :  I am with Father Gruner, yesterday, today as tomorrow.
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11 thoughts on “What Father Gruner actually thought and Wanted !

  1. In light of the present day events and the words and actions of Francis, I would say that Father Gruner is vindicated in his beliefs.

  2. Thank you for this revelation on Fr. Gruner’s thoughts and plans, may he rest in peace. I’m from Italy, where the Vatican influence in the national political arena is very strongly felt. Francis is pushing his views on matters like immigration policies in ways that are unprecedented. Many Italians are unhappy about that and doubting that the Catholic Church has anything to do with God anymore. This is very serious and mirrors perfectly the message of “bishops leading many souls to hell” . There are signs of dissent from Francis now even from higher level bishops. The number of scandals that keep popping up regarding the Vatican court do not help. Many catholics, both priests and laymen, are torn between “obedience” and a healthy disgust for the stench of unrepentant apostasy. A greater awareness of the Fatima and Garabandal messages among the faithful would be crucial in giving them hope and help save their soul.
    So, dear Aviso, thank you for your dedication to this blog and prayers for the unity of your family.

  3. Evening Aviso. I am deeply moved and humbled at the thought that you would consider me a potential candidate to continue what you have started, suffered and worked so very hard to maintain over the years. I am of course the least worthy and there must be many of your Garabandal associates who are far more capable than me, so if you reconsider, I would not be in the least offended. I have none of your contacts or insights, which is the authority that draws so many readers to your blog as your readers will attest. I am not even sure how I would begin such an apostolate should the need arise, which is surely highly unlikely.

    I have served Our Lady of Mount Carmel as best I can over the last 38 years, sharing the story of Garabandal and its impact on my life whenever anyone was interested enough to listen. In the end I can, as always, leave all to Holy Providence, and if you after much prayer, still believe it right that I should assist you in this way then I will be very honoured to do so and will do as you ask.

    God bless you Aviso and thank you for your kindness


    • My Good Friend Peter, I prayed a lot and as you said few other friends could also continue our Apostolate and lead Garabandal News but to me you are probably the best one and my choice is done, your Humility, your Knowledge, your Devotion to the Lady of the Mount Carmel for years…ect….are to me the best replies to my Prayers especially your Humility which was probably one of my biggest lack, as I said to you in Private, my Brother I am tired, very tired, my last battle about my Marriage tooks from me the strenght I had left, I will write a new article to introduce you soon, I will always be next to you in Private for any questions or help, I am sure that you will do a great work and will honor the Lady of the Mount Carmel, our Mother, as she should be honored, please be strong and always faithful to the Teachings of the Church, which I have no doubt about, thank you, you are Great.


  4. Aviso, I am not certain that I understand your post and I would appreciate if you could clarify something. Are you stating that Our Lady of Fatima warned of an evil council and that Father Gruner believed that this council was Vatican II but this is not your opinion because Our Lady of Garabandal stated that Vatican II was good, correct? Here is a link about Our Lady of Garabandal’s statements about Vatican II, http://ourlady.ca/info/nineMyths.htm The definition of a synod is a council of the church, so if Our Lady of Fatima did in fact warn of an evil council she may have been referring to a synod or some future ecumenical council and not Vatican II. Thank you and I apologize in advance if I have misinterpreted something stated in your post.

    • Yes I confirm, our Lady of Fatima warned of an evil Council, it’s a certainty, unfortunately being myself a pure fruit of Vatican II, it tooks me months and months to accept it, my own work about the Fatima 3rd Secret also confirms it (by precaution I used the word Bad Council but I know myself that she probably used evil Council as the Fatima Priest said it), our Lady did not wanted Vatican II in no way, this explains why she wanted her 3rd Secret to be released at the latest in 1960, the link you sent, the so called “Conchita was hear to say…ect…” is a Rumor only and probably from Vatican 2 Supporters, I am sorry but I cannot deny facts with me, by the way this has been confirmed to me years ago in Garabandal as well via some well informed sources, our Lady of the Carmel cannot deny what she said in Fatima and vice versa, read more about the Fatima 3rd Secret and its link with Garabandal below :


      Since then, I am trying to attend the Traditional Mass only, this is the first time I am saying it online, having always in mind, my wish to preserve the greatest number of you and step by step because certain souls are more sensitive (or not ready yet) than others, thank you.

    • Dear Anonymous.

      Your Web reference, which among other things relates a ‘myth concerning VII’ is contradictory to the views expressed by Joseph A. Pelletier, one of the foremost early experts on Garabandal. May I encourage reading of the link below, which is a summary view that clearly suggests Garabandal in its fundamental purpose could not in any of its actions imply any endorsement of VII. In consequence any proported positive discourses on the subject between the Virgin and children are in my view to be treated with suspicion.

      Click to access from_writings.pdf

      God bless

      • Great you are Pete, my good Friend, next to you I am Nothing, listen to me, as the Fatima Priest chose Andrew Cesanek to be his successor, if one day Something happens to me (we never know), you are in my opinion the best one to succeed me, I already wanted to tell it to you in Private for months as I am quite tired my Brother and for years, so today I am telling it to you in Public, in any case please honor our Mother, the Lady of The Mount Carmel, as she should be honored, thank you.

  5. My Comment : Dear Readers, It would be good for all of you to prepare (regarding your salvation mainly) slowly but surely, it is not an alarming message so don’t get me wrong, but some geopolitical details as well as a probable correction of Pope Francis could be close to us according to some informations sent to me. The Period from September to November seems important to me, one should see more clearly in November probably but the general situation is very tense, Inside as outside the Church, let me remind you also that a Schism was Prophesied by our Lady of the Mount Carmel, in any case I call all of you to stay within the Catholic Church, I confirm also the 100 Years deadline regarding Fatima as October 13, 2017, I am currently receiving from some very good sources, some bad news, Nothing new here but some détails looks more important than usual, I am speaking here with the utmost precaution, in any case stay tuned, thank you.

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