The Call !


My Friends, for your information I am back online, yesterday October 07th and from morning to evening here in Portugal (lisbon) at 1 hour from Fatima, I had a kind of call probably from Heaven (at least for me) and especially from our Lady, I cannot explain exactly (and as I said in private to Peter, the ways of God are inscrutable) so within few words : Get Back to the Front, this was the message I understood, so when the Lady talk to me, I obey simple as that and de facto I will not add anything else, so let me thank again our Good Friend Peter for his help as for his Great work, Peter will continue to write any new article at his convenience, thank you for your understanding, stay tuned.






4 thoughts on “The Call !

    • Hi Jochen my good Friend, I was missing you let me use your comment to add few words :

      I should be in Fatima on October 13 for the centenary of the Miracle of the Sun, there I will take some pictures and will try to interview few piligrims then will write a new article, hopefully I should be back in Garabandal soon as well, I am feeling within me a kind of call from the Mother, Something very strong which I cannot explain exactly yet, we keep in touch, stay tuned.

      PS : Pray for me, thank you.

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