Last Monday, November 15, 2021, the book entitled “The end times are here: the seer Jacinta of Garabandal breaks her silence” was published in Spain. Its author is a Catholic journalist named José María Zavala, who has managed to interview Jacinta for 8 hours (4 days in July 2021 and 1 day in September 2021).

I think this book is a must-read not only for the followers of the apparitions of Our Lady in Garabandal but for all those who seek the truth of what is happening in the world and what lies ahead.

The interview book by José María Zavala is a gift from heaven to counteract the recent interview to Mari Cruz, the most controversial seer of Garabandal who does the most damage to these apparitions, and where she says the following: “In the end you don’t know if you are imagining it or if it really happened, perhaps we have mentalized it”.

Just one week after Mari Cruz’s interview appeared in the Spanish newspaper “El Mundo”, José María Zavala asks Jacinta at her home in California: What do you think of these statements from the girl with whom you shared such extraordinary experiences?

Jacinta’s response was resounding:

– “I didn’t know, but it doesn’t surprise me either. I can only assure you, as far as I am concerned, that I have not imagined anything at all. What I affirm is what really happened, everything is absolutely true. Now why did it happen? This I do not know. But it happened and it’s what really matters. I have everything etched forever in my mind and in my heart”.

Zavala continues to ask: Why do you think Mari Cruz says that now?

And Jacinta responds: 

– “She has always maintained that doubt and I don’t really know why … Her mother got very nervous with the apparitions. In my case, I did not have that problem: although my mother did not quite believe in them until the end, my father’s confident stance supported me in difficult times. I can only add that I had parents who practiced religion and maybe Mari Cruz lacked that spiritual guide.”

In this interview with Jacinta, the seer of Garabandal, we are surprised by the depth and clarity of her thought, since we have always seen her as a very simple and humble woman who for 60 years has spoken publicly on very few occasions. 

In this book Jacinta appears as a giant of faith and with a continuous relationship with Jesus and Our Lady, showing an enormous love for Jesus in the Eucharist (“without daily mass I could not live”), to the sacraments and to those who dispense them (the priests).

In this interview an analysis is made of the growth of evil in the world, with the apparent triumph of Satan in all fields. But despite this apparent triumph, Jacinta’s reflections are a hymn to hope, to the assurance that Christ is the one who will triumph, remembering that in Spain the Heart of Jesus will finally reign with predilection (with reference to the words of Jesus to the Blessed Father Bernardo de Hoyos).

Jacinta calls to ask for more faith to those who already have it and above all to ask for the gift of faith for those who do not have it. “The absence of God -says Jacinta- causes the most absolute unhappiness.” And she adds: “There is no suffering comparable to that of souls who live in darkness, without joy or hope”.

Likewise, Jacinta invites us to live day by day in simplicity and to surrender ourselves to God’s will at all times; without any fear for the future because with God everything that happens will be for our good. Using her words: “if we are with God we have nothing to fear.”

She comments on the great pain she had when on January 13, 1963, she stopped seeing Our Lady. She remembers that after having seen her that day they denied her due to the pressures of the new priest of Garabandal who continually threatened them with not giving them Holy Communion anymore if they did not deny. After doing so she repented and from that moment on she did not see Our Lady again. She recalls that Our Lady had already warned them that one day they would deny her. It was according to Jacinta the saddest day of her life.

Jacinta says that her life (now she is 72 years old) has been marked by the apparitions and the imprint left by the visions of Our Mother in her mind and in her heart. But she was especially marked by the vision she had of the Sacred Heart just two days before seeing Our Lady for the first time and whose gaze pierced her soul, sealing her forever. 

She tells that throughout her life she has had that presence of Jesus that looks at her at all times. She says that throughout the day she maintains a dialogue with Jesus and that she always feels herself observed by Him (“that look of His remains etched in the depths of my being after so many years”).

Jacinta opens herself and talks about some gifts she has had in her life. For example, that of prophetic dreams and locutions with Our Lady and it seems that also with Our Lord, who let her know things that she cannot speak about.

She reaffirms with total security that there will be a Warning and a Miracle (of which she says that only Conchita knows what it will consist of). She also confirms that if the world does not change there will be a Chastisement that will affect the righteous and the sinners.

On the night of the screams, she implies that they saw not only the chastisement but many of the evils that would come to the world by turning away from God. She refers that when they shouted “not to the children, not to the children” they also saw the children torn from their mothers’ wombs, and that at that moment they did not know that abortions were to come. 

She hopes that the world will change and that there will ultimately be no punishment. To Zavala’s question about if the chastisement can still be avoided, Jacinta replies:

– “We must have hope. The Warning will come first and in the same year, I believe, the Miracle. And if despite the Miracle there is no repentance, then no one will get rid of the Chastisement … The Chastisement, I insist, is contingent on conversion and we must have hope and pray a lot for the world to change, even if it doesn’t seem like this is going to occur for the moment. “…” “It will be a rebirth for the soul. Many people are terrified of thinking about the Chastisement, but I tell them: The best thing is to live from day to day with hope and peace, staying close to God. The rest will follow. The problem is the people who continue to live with their backs to Christ and thus it is impossible to be happy and have hope … You do not have to be afraid, but change your life right now, instead of waiting for the Miracle to occur while you dedicate yourself to offend God as you please. I will not be tired of repeating that the conversion has to be today, and not tomorrow. We should ask God for a lot of help, because He is the only one who can sustain us and protect us in the face of the adversity that lies ahead.

In short, this interview with Jacinta carried out by José María Zavala comes at a time when we very much needed a clear and resounding testimony that what happened in Garabandal 60 years ago was a real manifestation of the Our Lady trying to avoid the drift of this generation into the abyss. Without a doubt, the words of Jacinta, so well expressed by Zavala in his magnificent book, will do a lot of good to many people.


  1. Great Job Juan as usual with you, currently busy but I will reply to your email very soon.

    PS : I was blessed to have Jacinta with us for the Baptism of my last child and my wedding in Garabandal years ago, I will never forget our talk and her eyes and smile illimunitated by Heaven.

    God Bless, Aviso

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