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  1. Aviso, has the Fatima center ever address this allegation of accepting that large amount of money and denounce Fr. Gruner’s opinion regarding Bergoglio as pope?

    • No never in public Sam, Father’s Gruner opinion about Francis was known but was not shared by many within the Fatima Center included the Great John Venari.

    • Very interesting video. I wonder if Fr. Malachi Martin ever got to rad / hear the contents of the TWO different letters on the 3rd secret which we learned in a previous video were kept in two different locations, or if it was only the descriptive one of what would happen and not Our Lady’s explanation of it. What do you all think?

      • As the evidence available to us suggests that the 3rd Secret is in two parts:
        (a) The Actual Message – these are the WORDS OF OUR LADY.
        (b) A Vision which Our Lady showed to the children in relation to the message. The description of it, are Sister Lucia’s Words attempting to describe the vision.
        At the time of the reading in 1959, in the presence of Cardinal Bea (Father Malachi Martin’s boss) the two parts would probably have been together on the desk, for all of them to see.
        If the Vatican released incomplete information, they knew that Father Malachi Martin would publicly contradict them. So they waited until Father Malachi died and then carried out their deception by releasing item (b) i.e. Sister Lucia’s words of description. They deliberately pretended that item (a) The Message in Our Lady’s words, did not exist.
        From having listened to all the available interview recordings of Father Malachi – with Bernard Jantzen, Art Bell and others, I would say that Father Malachi had certainly read item (a) i.e. the actual message in the Words Of Our Lady. There is a possibility that he may in addition have seen item (b) i.e. the descriptive words of Sister Lucia.

      • Aviso, the Bible says that false prophet and antichrist work together after peace deal made by many, so after aww. Both are prodigy makers, so… Are you sure old Francis is that person?
        AWW is only the beginig of pains, then Semana 70 de Daniel.
        We’ve seen nothing yet, if anyone believes that we are at worst, or close to it, get your self prepared for a big crash

      • Yes, I agree that Fr. Martin must have been privy to the actual words of Our Lady in the 25 line letter. And he may also have been aware of what Lucia wrote down about her vision.
        But the actual explanation in Our Lady’s words is the most important part:- which is precisely why we have not been told them.

  2. Just Pat, something amazing about the Prophecy of the Popes, given to me through Albrecht and the Laffineur friends, kind of a trap we set up with some, I should write the article soon but I need a little more time and double check again if it’s good or not for the sake of Garabandal, I think it’s good but some are telling me no, Thank you

      • Président of Ukraine Zelensky visiting Pope Francis in Rome Today May 13 the same day of the first apparition of our Lady in Fatima, what could be the message from Heaven ?

          • I would like to publicly declare that I do believe that JB was an antipope from 2013-2023 of the worst sort which has already been discussed at length. However, when the Cardinals failed to assemble in Conclave following the death of His Holiness, Pope Benedict XVI, there was a faithful Franciscan by the name of Br. Alexis Bugnolo who wrote to the Dean of the College of Cardinals and pleaded for an election. The Cardinals did nothing, therefore, following the ancient custom, Br. Bugnolo called for an assembly which convened on Jan. 30, 2023 in which a group of faithful Catholics of Rome elected Pope Francis, to everyone’s surprise. It wasn’t what anyone wanted, but it is what happened. Therefore, Pope Francis is now subjected to the prayer of Christ for His Vicar based on His promises to St. Peter upon whom He built the Church. The changes in him are obvious, for anyone with eyes to see, though he is still cut from the same cloth. Yesterday, I received an email from the Sanctuary of St. Philomena. http://www.shophilomena.com/ saying that Pope Francis blessed her miraculous statue on May 10. The news has not yet made it to the website, but I saw the photos that this event did, indeed, take place. This, for me, is a clear sign from the Holy Ghost that he is the true Vicar of Christ as of January 30 of this year. The chronology can be found here: https://www.fromrome.info/2023/02/05/the-triumph-of-the-lamb-of-god/

            • I’m not so sure, Claudia. I read Br. Bugnolo but don’t really know if the few who attended could be classified as the faithful Catholics of Rome. I note Br. Bugnolo regards that he has changed, but looking atthat terrible Disney interview and he still seems to have the Holy Traditional Mass in his sights! He made some very derogotary rematks about traditional Catholics very recently too. I’m not completely sure whether it’s the Cionci Benedict didn’t resign on purpose theory or the Barnhardt one of Benedict did what he said he believed in years before and attempted to bifurcate the papacy. Possibly the latter, as it leaves Benedict theologically in error rather than deceptive and leading others’souls into danger by allowing them to believe that to follow Bergoglio was to follow « The Church. »

              • I know, I’m not sure which theory is the correct one either. I am more inclined to the former rather than the latter. Pope Benedict knew that the Elect would have to use proper discernment to safely navigate the antipapacy. It took most of us until 2016, though, before we realized. Also, Pope Benedict had to have known about the fake Sister Lucy, as he was photographed with her. Sorry, Aviso… I know you are not a fan, but it is my firm belief that there was an imposter put in her place to prepare for the roll out of the Novus Ordo. It is plain as day and the forensic science bears it out.
                As far as the TLM, we expected a document by now with further restrictions and it hasn’t been issued. This is more evidence that Pope Francis is no longer an antipope.

                • It’s a confusing situation, Claudia, for sure. I intend to pray as requested, stick to the eternal Truths and await the warning.

                • Hi Claudia, in no way anyone of us should trust this evil man Francis and I know it from beginning, I knew it from good sources, in Garabandal from Albrecht Weber and in Fatima from Lucia Family, both told me years ago never trust this man, in Garabandal because our Lady did talked about him and in Fatima because he is the one about whom our Lady did talked to the 3 Shepherds within her 3rd Secret, also there is NO a false Lucia for sure as well, thank you.

                    • I agree with you, Aviso, we should not trust anyone who has caused grave harm and evil. But, we do pray for them. We will have to agree to disagree about +Sister Lucia. By the way, I, too, consider myself a spiritual daughter of +Fr. Nicholas Gruner. I went to a Fatima Center Conference in 2017 and I was shocked that they were not discussing the most important topic of all.
                      Prayers for your trip to New York, Aviso.

                    • Claudia, unfortunately I read that after Fr. Gruner’s death the Fatima Centre were offered a donation of a million dollars or so – but there were strings attached: that they must reverse Fr. Gruner’s public renunciation of the legitimacy of the Bergoglian papacy. They took the money. I read that quite a few years ago now. So no surprise they ignored the elephant in the room in 2017.

                    • Hello Aviso , Claudia and others ,
                      I’m not sure how you have possibly come to the decision that The Fatima Center is speaking positively of our current pontificate . I believe the newsletters I have read with Father Paul Kramer and other writers within are quite astonishing in the negative and harsh but truthful claims against Pope Francis Bergolio . I am not sure about them taking or receiving any large donations from any sources requiring a neutral stance or as you are alluding to in regards to being less than discriminating or even that of less derogatory than some other publications. As I stated above they seem to be quite defamatory against the current pontificate. It may be true as you stated as far as some monies being received for some reason or to quell a certain perspective , however I just don’t see the evidence of such.
                      I don’t mean this to be argumentative or negative , as I am in general gratitude to all within this blog for several years now .
                      Perhaps I am misinformed or not understanding some aspect of what was stated.
                      Thanks again to all and please continue in prayer always. I’m sure you all do .

                    • Joseph, I too receive publications from one of the two branches of the Fatima Centre, and obviously they do promulgate the desires of Our Lady for us to recite the Rosary daily and complete the firstfive Saturdays etc. However, Fr. Gruner, their original founder, was actually the veryfirst person, I believe, to publically call out the invalid resignation of Pope Benedict and therefore the non-election of Bergoglio. Fr. Gruner was fearless and incisive in his thinking. Before Ann Barnhardt or Br. Bugnolo or Andrea Cionci or anybody else Fr. Gruner picked up on the errors in the resignation. He wasn’t merely lamenting the false teachings of Bergoglio, as they hadn’t happened yet. The present Fatims Centre may lament the erroneous way the Church is going but their founder was much more specific. I’m sorry That I cannot remember the name of the very rich and influential family who donated the money with strings, but believe me I did read it quite a few years ago now: and the evidence is there – Fr. Gruner being completely forthright in his rejection of Bergoglio’s pontificate in 2013 and then after his death just general ‘avoid the novelties’ attitude. The main message of the Fatima Centre is still fulfillment of Our Lady’s requests and that is good. I imagine that, as in all organizationz, there are some individuals who remain truer to Fr. Gruner’s way of thinking and some who are more inclined to just ‘go along to get along’..Best wishes, Joseph. I have a hazy feeling that it may have been the same rich family who organize some gathering of catholic speakers and influential powerful catholics at some island or estate every year. Bill Barr may have been there last year or so. But my memory is a little hazy on this part.

  3. By the way my friends, I reconfirm that my interview with Conchita is still on the way and probably this year 2023, of course some are doing their best for canceling this interview but nothing will stop it, please be sure of it, thank you.

  4. I keep firm hope that the Warning will be this year.
    There is this prophecy from St. Bosco (Turin, Italy) which says that all will be over (end of times, not end of world) when in May we will have 2 full moons (very rare). Next time this happens will be 2026. Now consider the time of the antichrist, do the math.
    My personal conclusion: Warning this year (no other timeline possible).

    • With reasoning like yours is how you get deminish true profecy. The good part is this year will pass and we´ll steel keep on believing.

    • Jesus rose on the third day. Fri, Sat. Sun.
      Thursday announcement would be eight days before April 13.
      The Warning could be on Good Friday.

      • The warning is not this year now; the tribulation before the warning has to happen first; 2024 is the next possible year for the warning now.

        • Right Erik, nothing this year and probably nothing during Francis Pontificate by the way according to what I was told recently, thank you.

          Ps : My meeting with Conchita still on the way, probably soon now.

  5. I really thought the announcement would be today and i’ve already booked my tickets to be there in the 13th. I told all my family.

      • Why would you say « no warning this year », the Warning will come on a date which nobody was able to anticipate, because this is how it’s meant to be!

        • Nobody said the warning date cannot be anticipated, it is highly unlikely to be this year now; due to April being the likely month for the miracle.

          • Let’s put it this way: if I were God the Father, I would certainly choose a date which nobody expected, just for the sake of « equal chance for everybody ». Now this is only a very limited human reasoning — try to imagine a perfect Divine Mind! He certainly will surprise EVERYBODY — if only for the sake of proving to be God Himself!
            We really should start to just humble ourselves before Him, because He will be surprising us for whole of Eternity, let alone this poor, poor earthly life which we are « forced » to be subjected to….
            God Almighty show us Mercy — and we know that we don’t deserve it…

    • Anonymous, I, too, have made reservations to stay in the village and took Euros out of the bank. We have not purchased plane tickets yet. If the announcement comes later today, we will do so. The tickets will be very expensive at this late a time. I wonder if it will be announced at sunset eastern time which is when the Passover seder meal begins.
      If it is not this year, well, then, I do not regret becoming a fool for Christ.

  6. Hello all,
    Been reading this site for a few days, been following Garabandal for a long time. One thing that i dont’s see mentioned here is the fact that Mari Loli said the Warning ocurring in an even numbered year with the miracle  » 3 weeks to 3 months there after »
    I’ve found this in english and spanish language sources. I can find a link and post if need be. Thanks

    • Hi Getxo, I am very close to Loli’s family for years, this false rumor was not confirmed to me on the contrary, so AGAIN Loli did never talked to anyone about the warning year de facto not to a Priest or not to any book writers or to anyone else, Never, Loli was obedient to our Lady of Mount Carmel for sure, I just know that she probably gave the warning year to Conchita and to one of her sister, thats all, thank you.

  7. Unraveling the Third Secret Mystery

    My Comment : A Must watch, confirming an evil council within the Fatima 3rd secret and let me add this quote from father Gruner, the Fatima Priest ;
    Fr. Gruner was told by a source close to Sister Lucia that Our Lady assured her the Third Secret would one day be revealed during the course of a major war. To read more about this, please see the article “Why the Third Secret of Fatima Must Be Released Before Russia Can Be Consecrated” in The Fatima Crusader, Issue 130 (Spring 2023).

    De Facto and almost for sure, the current war in Ukraine is probably the Major war in question and related to the Fatima 3rd secret and the non Consecration of Russia. .

    • Thanks, Aviso. God Bless Fr. Gruner, he never give up. This is very enlightening as regards the two letters being kept in different places and read at different times. It just makes you so astonished that Popes would disobey Our Lady! And yet having read it, John Paul II still moved against Arch. Lefebvre who was trying to retain traditional worship. 3 stubborn Popes, – and then Jorge. I need to be stricter with the First Saturdays – a lax society rubs off.

  8. I was informed today of the lost of a great Garabandalist named Carol55 online, I knew Carol a bit even we were not sharing the same opinion sometimes, I had a great respect for this Great Lady, may our Lady of Mount Carmel welcome her in Heaven, God Bless you Carol for all your work about Garabandal, thank you again Sister in Christ, will miss you.

    Rip Amen.

  9. By the way my friends, going to interview Conchita myself this year, using my own contact close to her for it, will keep you in touch, thank you.

    • I sincerely hope that you succeed in this, Aviso. Clarity would be helpful. We are all at sixes and sevens. May God smooth your path.

      • Please do not worry Concerned, according to what I know the Garabandal seer is already aware of my wish and ready for it but I will interview her as a Brother to a sister only, in no way I will be against her for sure, thank you.

        • Of course not, Aviso; Conchita was chosen by Our Lady. It will be very interesting to have her take on things in this very tumultuous time, even if you just get a « feeling » rather than her saying anything directly about the current state and direction of the official Church.

          • No Concerned Conchita was Not chosen by our Lady, she was chosen with 3 other seers only, thats the reality and be sure that she knows it, even if she might be a bit worry about my interview, according to what I know she will accept it, not because of me of course but because of our Lady of Mount Carmel only so we will probably get it online soon.

      • Hi Erik, I never listen someone uknown in the village, there we are a family and people talk to me for years because they know about my story, my convertion, wedding, baptism of my children in the village…etc…they trust and respect me and the same from me, I talked to Jacinta, Mary Cruz, Loli’s family, Conchita’s first confident…etc…by the way years ago they told me in the village the Garabandal Priest will never give any interview because of the Church position about the Apparitions and so on, I met him in private after the mass and I told him Father we have the same Mother let’s talk together, of course he said to me, here a list of 20 questions, give me 1 week and I will reply to you he said to me, after 1 week I got his rare replies (by memory I think I am the only one who was able to interview him to date) and the list of questions is still with me but I am not allowed to publish it online for the moment maybe in my book 1 day when I get retired who knows, for Conchita my problem is not the seer, it is how to travel in Usa without Covid vaccination which is my case. Thats my problem and not any gossips, thank you.

        • Monsieur Aviso s’il vous plait porquoi don’t you book a flight to Montreal, as Canada has removed it’s requirements for a proof of COVID vaccination, a few months ago. It would be only a six hour drive for Conchita or if that’s too long of a drive for her, she could also book a short 90 minute flight from New York City to Montreal.

          • Thanks Ross for this information but what about a covid vacce control at the Usa-Canadian border arriving by car, by the way I know Montréal as New York quite well.

            • Monsieur Aviso proof of a COVID vaccination is required upon attempting to enter the USA by land, sea or air. That is not the case for Canada , and so I recommend that you and Conchita meet in Montreal. Ironically a year ago there was an exception for folks like yourself fleeing Ukraine to enter the USA without proof of COVID vaccination; that exception ended in April 2022.

              • Right Ross, I got a confirmation from the french ambassy as well but I will find a way with the help of our Lady of the Mount Carmel all is possible, I am sure and will keep all of you in touch, thank you.

            • Aviso, don’t want to put your blood pressure up but you might be interested in a post on Glenn’s mog blog. Someone is reading what your plans are here on this site and then disparaging you on that site. Not nice. (Don’t publish this, but for your own information).

              • Thank you Concerned and do not worry for the publication having still good friends there and they are keeping me in touch as well. It looks that they are attacking Albrecht weber, Maria Saraco and even using Loli from Heaven now, for myself I am used to especially there so no problem and we already know most of them for years, thanks again.

        • Hi Aviso.
          I believe you could just show a negative test result . I dont believe you need a vac at all. I have friends that are in and out of the States without vax , but they just show a negative test result. I understand this is all farcical and we are surrounded by Communists and such obdurate officials everywhere .
          How is France holding up with this Macron and his agenda ? I assume you are back in France.
          Thank you for all you do and I am really looking forward to your continued updates and interview with Conchita.
          God Bless you all. St Joseph Pray for us !

          • Hi Joseph, France is in mess, Macron wants even to include abortion in our constitution, my poor country, eldest daughter of the Church will probably be the first to pay for her sins, anyway I am not living in France for years anymore, thanks.

      • Luca when considering any possible date of the Garabandal Miracle, oneself must always use the 1960 Roman Calendar of saints which was in effect at the time of the seer aparations. Please recall a statement by Conchita wherein she stated that after the Virgin gave Conchita the date of the Miracle, Conchita ran home to look at the calendar to see the name of the saint whose feast day coincided with the Miracle. In doing so, Conchita would not see the name of Saint Stanislaus on April 11, as it would be rather be Saint Leo who was NOT a martyr of the Eucharist. Saint Hermeneguild is a better fit at April 13 for the martyr

    • You know, without meaning to offend at all or cause scandal, in all honesty I do have to say that I am beginning to have doubts over several of the things Conchita claimed to have heard in individual locutions. 1) is the claim about Our Lady confirming the existence of aliens and whether or not they needed redemption 2) the locution about Joey’s new eyes 3) the story about the young martyr of the Eucharist, told when she was at table being teased for eating too many cakes. I realise this sounds terrible, but they are the things we stumble over and they are uncorroborated by the other seers.
      Afterall, Conchita was just a young child.
      My apologies, but I suppose that I am just thinking out loud and trying to make sense of things. The apparitions and messages I believe in whole-heartedly.
      Don’t kick me off!!!!!!!!!!!

      • We are many and in the village included, who are thinking the same as you Concerned, it is impossible from our Lady of the Mount Carmel to be wrong with any prophecies, Impossible so de facto the Lomangino story, aliens, Eucharist Martyr,
        No 3rd world war, Miracle on tv…etc….and…etc…are NOT from our Lady for sure as simple as that, when you know that she even changed the second message of 1965 from many Cardinals, Bishops and Priests are on the road to perdition….to Many Priests ONLY, how you can do that ? But even her aunt (The Lady with me on my avatar) propably her first confident during the Apparitions, she told me that they are not talking together for years but I said why ? Better not to talk about it online for the moment but if I learn that she went to God before the announcement of the Great Miracle (hopefuly not of course) then I will, she is also the only seer who did not traveled back in Garabandal, the only one, when I asked why because of the Great Miracle date ? Some said to me Loli knew the Warning year but she was back in the village almost each year without any problem….etc…so again Garabandal is our Lady of the Mount Carmel only and not the seers, thank you.

        • Dear Aviso
          Thank you so much for clarifying these inconsistent issues in this pithy answer and setting the right priorities.
          God sped

        • I could said something about these. Her aunt Aniceta said that between the warning and the Miracle will be 8 days. Said also that Conchita doesn’t know the date of the miracle, knows something that will pass before the Warning. I always thought that she knows the real date of the Miracle.
          About Lomangino and his eyes I Think that is a sign about what will pass in the Miracle the Resurreccion? Could be

            • Hi Pat

              Perhaps, ‘apostoldelosultimostiempos’ may have meant to write of Conchita not knowing the date of the Warning.

              Re the conversations here about, “Joey will see the Miracle with new eyes.” I hold that Our Lady at the time of the statement was alluding to Joey’s passing from this life to the next before the Miracle occurs.

              God bless

          • I think that Aviso know what I am talking about, right? The aunt of Conchita said that she thinks that Conchita don’t know the exact date, know SOMETHING before the miracle and said also between the warning and the Miracle will be 8 días only

              • Hi Aviso, a very close friend of mine talked several times to her in the village and her aunt thinks that because she heared something about this. It is true this but I don’t know of her aunt was confused about the events.. I always read that Conchita know the real date
                Also Conchita won’t talk about Garabandal, she never talk about Garabandal

                • Aniceta, Conchita’s aunt and her first confident during the Apparitions is quite old Lady today Aposto even if I have a great respect for her, I told her to take care of what she is talking to peligrims years ago and I said the same to any family member of the seers, I hope to up date and debunked these rumors after my meeting face to face with the seer, of course she talk about garabandal but not to anyone as simple as that, topic about it close, thank you.

                  • Hi Aviso; do you think Conchita does not have correct the date of the miracle, did her Aunt Ancieta say that Conchita does not know the miracle date exactly? can you confirm this?

                    • What do you mean she is not related to Garabandal Aviso; that is a big statement to make; can I email you and ask you to tell me why if you dont want to say it here? thanks ;Pat

                    • Why Aviso has Conchita turned down your wish to interview her? please explain; you cannot say something like that without explaning,

                    • No at all Pat, I am still organizing my interview with Conchita this year, in my last message I was just confirming that rumor exist which probably explain why she is not back in the village for years, I asked myself to some other family members of the seers for confirmation or not because Conchita’s aunt is old now and maybe she is confused after all these years but I am aware of this rumor for years almost 10 years by memory, de facto I said to myself 1 day I will interview the seer myself and this explain my wish today, by the way I do not beleive this rumor, thank you.

                    • Let me add this probably explain why the aunt and the seer do not talk together for years as well, in the village most of us do not beleive this rumor, I asked myself years ago to a close friend of Conchita to question the seer about it, she reconfirm to him that she knows the exact date of the Great Miracle for sure, I know also that she was very close to Loli and Jacinta and that she is getting even today news from the village via some good and trustable friends still living in Garabandal, thats it.

  10. aviso, if Francis goes to Moscow, do you know if it will be a secretive or public event? I can just see the pre major hoopla occurring v. post visit. Supposedly this April correct?

    • Unfortunately, Tim, I think Bshp. paprocki has now walked back on what he said. Apart from Arch. Vigano very few seem to be able to stand firm and hold their ground. But at least we know that some Cardinals and Bishops DO know the Truth, even if they are not courageous enough to speak up.

    • Thank you both so, so much, Michael and Aviso. So helpful to have all this information which we have come across in various places, and forgot bits of, compiled together in one cohesive video. Really looking forward to your next one! Appreciate the work that you put into this.

      • Well said Concerned.
        I concur Michael and Aviso.
        Thank you for your efforts.
        What might be worth keeping in mind is that Satan and his minions know they play for a losing side.
        As a result many with hope and faith in Our Lord through Our Lady of Mt Carmel will be subjected to diabolical influences that will be designed to muddy the waters.
        Popes and seers are human and therefore can be influenced to make mistakes so as to confuse messages from heaven.
        For me all the seers are amazing and Conchita to me is special.
        But they will all be under attack from Satan & Co so lets just keep up the prayers and fasting in support of them.
        And keep in mind the great request:- « PENANCE, PENANCE, PENANCE! »
        God bless all.

    • On 9 May 1983, during her interview with Christine Bocabeille, Mari Loli was asked about when the Warning would come.

      Mari Loli replied:

      “[…] De toutes façons, l’Avertissement arrivera quand tu verras qu’on ne pourra plus dire la Messe librement;
      et c’est alors que le monde en aura le plus besoin que Dieu interviendra!”

      “[…] In any case, the Warning will come when you will see that Holy Mass cannot be said freely anymore; and then it will be that the world will most need the intervention of God!”

      Source: Albrecht Weber, Garabandal: Der Zeigefinger Gottes, 2000, p. 130-131; See also Pierre-Jean Bocabeille (the son of Christine) https://www.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=502642707883761&id=100044141093626

      Note: The words of Our Lady regarding Holy Mass spoken to the girls of Garabandal came PRIOR to the changes after Vatican II. The Holy Mass at the time Our Lady spoke those words is the same Traditional Catholic Mass that “the bishop dressed in white ‘we had the impression that it was the Holy Father’” wants to restrict, prohibit and abolish. Hmmm!

    • I asked here on your page Aviso because maybe the boy still lives in the village of garanbadal and you over the years brought information from some sources there; As for the conchita, it’s been decades since she left the village, as you know.

  11. St Patrick obtained the relic, the Staff of Jesus, with the assisstance of St Germaine of Auvergne from Pope Clement for a major missionary exercise outside the old empire…the evangelization of the Irish. Amost significant relic…on a par with the Holy Grail in Valencia. The relic had went into private hands and without causing a war ST Malachy of the Prophecy of Popes ensured that it was kept in Armagh Cathedral. The Normans came and they took central mystical control in Dublin’s Christ Church courtesy of Strongbow. In 1538 with th English Churrch nationalised. All relics were ditched. The Staff was destroyed. Demystification was a preparation for the scientific age. Now it is the very aid memoir, the cross on the classroom wall…twee? It too is for the bin. Outdated? Meanwhile Harry Potter etc…the background knowledge here exists not least in universities: Anthropological Studies/paranormal degrees etc.. In fact Science has become a religion with its own dogma…yes, the basic tenents of science eg we are all standardised observors(equal?) of a standardised Universe. Do you agree? Delay the seminar. I digress. What was wrong with St Michael’s prayer at the end of the Mass. The answers to that question says so much about the current age. No wonder the Mother of God has intervened just like at Canaan. PS The testers of faith need a scriptural base(pro-testants).But there are implications arising from basic facts. A is bigger than B, B is bigger than C so A is bigger than C. Christ lived and moved in the age of shepherd sticks, sheep and sheep parables. Conjecture: He had a stick but it is not written in Scripture. Well he did. The English Crown had it burnt on Skinner Street. Two relics mentioned in Scripture: John 20:06-07 provide the evidence that the Resurrection happened…forensically..dont let these get burnt because there are so many Thomasines and so many people are de-mystified. Then there is the issue of the two witnesses..I will park that one. Childhood memories of granny come to my fore…say your prayers.

  12. There no doubt is a metaphysical spiritual chess game going on. … the battle for souls. The invoking of aliens as regards super power surveillance is interesting.(current international news). Anything that can be construed as absurd, weird or bizarre could fall into an alien narrative. This may suit certain media platforms who have difficulty sometimes in relating issues to do with truth and reality in the secular dimension. The haunting concern for many whether philosophers or ethical journalists with the maxim: verify unto death or the ordinary man(but a Berean) is a zeitgeist that is alive today best expressed as: What is truth?(Ref:Pilate(0033AD)) Your need for referencing is palatable. Some media platforms have truth checking and blocking systems that have been silencing Covid specialists that have had alternative referenced narratives.. ..they should be challenged point by point…discuss?Science develops on the back of competing narratives and one would think democracy does too. This platform goes far deeper…to do with the needs of millions of souls. May the of the Holy Spirit and Michael the Archangel guide and protect all who comment here. Every word counts and the justifiable interpretation and here prayer will be needed too. I do not pray enough but the Pilate bit sits well considering the challenges that are affecting traditional human academic,cultural and biological paradigms.

  13. Hooray… Garabandal is back in the spotlight again, but this writer has a serious concern about recent statements made by some promoters of Garabandal.
    Today, over a quarter of million people have already watched the John-Henry Westen interview 2 weeks ago with another promoter of Garabandal on YouTube & Rumble. My concern deals with what was stated rather “dogmatically” and perhaps “imprudently” during that same interview.

    You will recall that the late German author Albrecht Weber made this statement attributed to Conchita:

    “The pope will go to Russia, to Moscow. As soon as he returns to the Vatican, hostilities will break out in different parts of Europe.”

    Yes, it is true that Mr. Weber confirmed Conchita’s statement several times; at least once to the recently deceased American editor of the Garabandal Journal, Barry Hanratty † 1938 – 2022, and also to Argentine author, Santiago Lanus.
    However, the attributed quote DOES NOT APPEAR in Weber’s book, “Garabandal Der Zeigefinger Gottes,” 1993, 2000.
    Much like Aviso, I have personally gone through the entire book at least 7 times and the word “Moscow” appears nowhere.
    (The was independently confirmed by a Brazilian Garabandalist and friend of Santiago Lanus)

    Now to my unanswerable question:
    Why would Albrecht Weber withhold such a unique and significant piece of information from his own publication? Why?!

    We can only offer speculation and conjecture as to the real reason. Did he share a rough draft with Conchita and Conchita told him not to put that quote in the book, as it could lead to confusion or doubt or would it give too much away?
    Only God knows. Mr. Weber took the real answer to that question along with him to the grave.

    Source of the attributed quote of Conchita:
    – Barry Hanratty reported that when he questioned Albrecht Weber for the source of the attributed quote he responded, “Conchita said this in a long conversation at her house on 14 November 1965.”
    [The very day following the last Apparition in Garabandal – 13 November 1965]

    More to this serious concern…
    If Francis “the bishop dressed in white ‘we had the impression that it was the Holy Father'”, goes to Russian Moscow and upon his return nothing happens at all. It will give hundreds of thousands, maybe even millions of people around the world a cause for reasonable doubt regarding Our Lady’s Apparitions in Garabandal.
    Will that be the prophesied “something will happen that will cause many people to stop believing in the apparitions of Garabandal.”? Perhaps.

    But this too…
    If Francis does go to Moscow and nothing happens after he returns, then it could potentially confirm Albrecht Weber’s thoughts about the present occupant of the Chair of Peter and the suspicions of many other good Catholics regarding “the bishop dressed in white” which they now hold in the silence of their thoughts.

    Please see Aviso’s good report on Albrecht Weber here: https://garabandalnews.org/2017/06/03/in-memory-of-albrecht-weber/

    Recorded testimony given by Conchita from the 27 August 1981 interview with Bishop Garmendia –
    Bishop Garmendia: Does the general public have doubts about the apparitions?
    Conchita: The Virgin told us that before the Miracle many people will stop believing.

    On 6 December 1962, Conchita had a 90 minute ecstasy around 5:30 in the afternoon after which, she provided two more pieces of information regarding the Miracle: Before the Miracle, something will happen that will cause many people to stop believing in the apparitions of Garabandal. The doubts and desertions will not be due to an excessive delay of the Miracle.

    Our Lord to Conchita: “I want to tell you, Conchita, that before the Miracle you will suffer much; there will be very few who believe you. [A clear allusion to the doubts that she would suffer very soon, and the anxiety which would result in her own family’s suffering.] Your own family will believe that you have deceived them. I want all of this for your sanctification, and so the world will accomplish the Message. I want to warn you that the rest of your life will be a continual suffering. Do not be disturbed. In suffering am I with Mary whom you love so much.” – Conchita’s Locution with Our Lord in Pamplona – 13 February 1966

    In a locution on 13 February 1966, about which we have already spoken and given the complete text, Our Lord warns Conchita in the following manner:
    “I repeat that you have much to suffer from now until the Miracle; few will believe you. Your own family will believe that you have deceived them. But it is I who wants this, as I have told you, for your sanctification and so the world will fulfill the Message. I want to warn you that the rest of your life will be a continual suffering.”

    – Conchita’s Diary, pdf. 53, 55
    – Fr. Joseph A. Pelletier, Our Lady Comes To Garabandal, pdf p. 204, 205
    – Barry Hanratty, Garabandal Booklet, 2018 edition, pdf p. 40
    – Garabandal Journal, March-April 2004, Interview with Conchita González of Garabandal by Bishop Francisco Garmendia Ayestarán † (Auxiliary Bishop of New York, USA) on 27 August 1981
    – Garabandal. Interview with Conchita. Bishop Garmendia (1981-08-27) http://www.1260.org/Mary/Apparitions_Garabandal/Garabandal_Interview_Conchita_Garmendia_1981-08-27_en.htm
    – Interview in Spanish “Ent. Mons. Garmendia a Conchita Agosto 81” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bCJZytGCRZg
    – Bishop Francisco Garmendia Ayestarán https://www.catholic-hierarchy.org/bishop/bgaay.html
    – Barry Hanratty’s Obituary https://mooreshomeforfunerals.com/tribute/details/2046/Barry-Hanratty/obituary.html

    • In the official missal of his visit to Fatima, in the Prayer specially written for the 100 Year Anniversary, Francis identifies himself as the “bishop dressed in white” in Portuguese “como bispo vestido de branco.”
      Source: See pdf. p 5 https://www.vatican.va/news_services/liturgy/libretti/2017/20170512-13_messale-fatima.pdf

      The official Vatican release of the Secret of Fatima in Portuguese 26 June 2000,
      E vimos n’uma luz emensa que é Deus: “algo semelhante a como se vêem as pessoas n’um espelho quando lhe passam por diante” um Bispo vestido de Branco “tivemos o pressentimento de que era o Santo Padre”.

      Portuguese: https://www.vatican.va/roman_curia/congregations/cfaith/documents/rc_con_cfaith_doc_20000626_message-fatima_po.html
      English: https://www.vatican.va/roman_curia/congregations/cfaith/documents/rc_con_cfaith_doc_20000626_message-fatima_en.html

    • Great comment Michael as usual with you, they should interviewed you in my opinion. For the rest I had a deal with Albrecht weber especially when he sent to me his book about the Prophecy and the Pope going to Moscow, Albrecht was not the only one being aware of it, Father Laffineur as well, so I double check that information with Albrecht as with Father Laffineur’s close friends for confirmation and got it, about the question why this important information was not in his book I of course asked him by memory it was in 2011 or 2012, he said to me he was asked for it but I should not talk about it online, today I think it might be the appropriate time finally, I still have to think about it, talking or not thats the question and what will be the result for the Garabandal cause, good or not, lets see then.

    • You will notice in that same video with the interview you mention, at 30:30 – 30:42 Conchita reacts to the question about the date of the miracle “April or May” in quite a telling way, namely with “between the month[s]” (of April and June !). While the suggestion of the interviewer leaves not a single day “in between” the months he named, I understood her sneaky formulation, accompanied by a smile, as leaving ONLY MAY. Notice that April or June is NOT “between” April and June.

  14. I don’t understand the following. What does “Copy Right 2023, by the way 2 lawyers are taking of it, stay tune, thank you” mean?

    • Hi Ed, I have myself 2 lawyers in Barcelona for years, My family so de facto me, we have a tribunal case for 15 years with a spanish media group for copyright fraud against a famous photograph of my family, the amount of the fraud is huge and the final tribunal sentence will be given this year 2023, de facto I am very sensible about copyright and asked my lawyers to check my blog as well for the same reason. Anyone can use or copy my articles and my work for the Garabandal cause but they have the légal obligation to give the source each time which is not always the case unfortunately so I must be vigilant, thank you.

      • Aviso,
        Ed Kelly here. I appreciate you answering me. One way conversations aren’t for me. I appreciated your section on “The Great Miracle Rumors :” and the answers. Exammple: The miracle On Tv Aviso Verification : FALSE. Also all the links to videos are very helpful. I love the short (twenty minutes or so) one in Spanish with music and a narrator with captions that shows many documentary photos and videos of the apparitions. I made my list of people to forward this to.
        But the next section “Some private News for the first time on this blog. Garabandal 2011” was more challenging. It seems like you were conversing with some unnamed person or group.
        For example, the first item reads: Aviso : “We are probably close now.” “Garabandal seers family : Why and of what ?” “Seers” is plural but “family” is singular. One or more families? Do you mean. “A Garabandal seer’s family?”
        We can probably make an educated guess on that one. The following is more problematic. I would love to know the specific source for:

        “Garabandal seers Family : You are wrong and stop reading these books from foreigners, they were in the village for few weeks only and then back in their countries writing (sic) bad informations (sic) and making money with the village Name, read spanish books only.”
        Ed. Is someone telling you that you should only read Spanish books, etc? Wow!. I never heard that attitude from the villagers. Is the person(s) still alive who said that?
        I have read a dozen or so books on Garabandal, some of them in both the Spanish and English versions. I have also read other books (and magazine) that have sections on Garabandal but also include other topics. I, like others, have my favorites..
        A couple of books are exceptional for one or two aspects of Garabandal. No one, in my opinion comes close to Jose Maria de Dios (Canon Julio Porro) for his coverage of the Garabandal official investigation and bishops’ notes based on the official commission’s work. I have read his four books. C. Roman -Bocabeille’s “El Misterio…..” is a wonderful didactic treatise on the apparitions.
        I consider Fr. Jose Saavedra’s “Garabandal” difficult to read with the many punctuation errors. He is a late-comer and I don’t think he was even alive during the apparitions. Most, if not all of his sources are third hand. He told me why he did this. He is a friend, the one who invited me to participate as the only English speaker with about sixteen Spaniards and an Argentinian to play a part in the documentary “Catarata Imparable” – “Unstoppable Waterfall.” You can see me shortly after the one hour mark. And his society “Hogar de la Madre” is doing wonders in spreading the Garabandal story.
        Before the publication of “A Walk to Garabandal, a Journey of Happiness and Hope” I had spent about half my four years in the area, in Garabandal and the rest of the time in Santander (talking with some of the Santander bishops, vicar generals, other Church officials, reporters and others) and in the villages near Garabandal always with the intent on learning more about the apparitions. I don’t know anyone that spent more time doing this than I did. Padre Pesquera (Se Fue Con Prisas . . .” never went to the village. He told me that when he asked permission, the bishop said no. But his book is a marvel and considered by many the best work on the topic.
        I have found grammatical and punctuation errors in my book and Jeff Moynahan (Jacinta) pointed out that I had the wrong name under one photo of a village woman. I don’t consider mine the best book on the subject but people like it because it is different from all the other books on the subject. If there are significant errors in it I would certainly like to know.
        Keep up the good work, Aviso
        Ed Kelly Marysville, California, EEUU

        • Hi Ed, Some talked to me about you, thank you again for your participation with the Garabandal movie, great job, by the way I am not aware of your book, please remind me the title as well. For the rest I reconfirm what I said online, to me only spanish books about the Apparitions are correct and serious, my favorit is still « she went….etc…. », the El Misterio… from Bocabeille and co, by the way God Father of my last child (the girl with me on the picture) good as well as Jose Maria for sure, de facto you have my Respect, so waiting for your book, thank you.

          Ps : by the way, Rome did asked Father Laffineur in the 70s for investigation of the Apparitions only and no one else as you probably know.

        • Hi Ed, I met you briefly in Garabandal, you spoke to my brother Kevin, we are from Dublin Ireland. I was wondering when do you think the miracle will happen. I really want to be in Garabandal at the time of the miracle, i’m hoping to bring my mum and family
          my email is annohenry@yahoo.ie

    • Right Pat, something incredible about the Prophecy of Popes, given to me via Albrecht and the Laffineur friends, a kind of trap which we create with some, I should write the article soon but I need a bit more time and double check again if it is good or not for the Garabandal cause, I think it is good but some are telling me not, thank you.

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