The Garabandal Messages

18 October 1961

We must make many sacrifices, perform much penance, and visit the Blessed Sacrament frequently. But first, we must lead good lives. If we do not, a chastisement will befall us. The cup is already filling up, if we do not change, a very great chastisement will come upon us.

18 June 1965

As my message of October l8th has not been complied with and has not been made known to the world, I am advising you that this is the last one. Before, the cup was filling up. Now it is flowing over. Many cardinals, many bishops, and many priests are on the road to perdition and are taking many souls with them. Less and less importance is being given to the Eucharist. You should turn the wrath of God away from yourselves by your efforts. If you ask His forgiveness with sincere hearts, He will pardon you. I, your mother, through the intercession of Saint Michael the archangel, ask you to amend your lives. You are now receiving the last warnings. I love you very much and do not want your condemnation. Pray to us with sincerity and we will grant your requests. You should make more sacrifices. Think about the passion of Jesus.

40 thoughts on “The Garabandal Messages

  1. “Accepting now the (covid) ‘vaccine’ will put us in a very dangerous path to perdition.” Illogical leaps in logic such as this do more harm than good in reaching the world with truly legitimate prophetic announcements. While each person may choose for themselves if a vaccination is in their best interest, the fear mongering so prevalent in some quarters makes following and spreading true legitimate warning difficult, For whatever good or harm a vaccine may or may not do, they certainly do not put a Soul in a dangerous path to perdition, only willful Mortal Sin does such. Satan cannot control the Free Will of man, please do not afford Him more power than He has.

  2. Pete i believe that we will have literal communism when the government’s austerity measures come in response to the crisis caused by the pandemic.
    I believe that the prophecy of Saint John Bosco that mentions the Pope’s exile due to a revolution in Italy was foreseeing a communist revolution, which is related to the return of communism prophesied in Garanbadal.

    • If I may depart somewhat from our religious and spiritual theme.
      Whilst this post and video are principally secular and political in nature, imagine what such, if the scenario presented is correct, will mean not just for the RCC or other Christians but also people of any faith and religion. Imagine if PF1 is a supporter of that which is suggested in the video.

      It is with this in mind that I respectfully request you watch the ‘The New Normal Documentary’ by end to end which, is currently available at the below YouTube link.

      I consider it extremely important that you do before it is removed. If you too are alarmed then please re-publish on your social media outlets and send to your email contacts. Please request your contacts to do the same and so on. This is not a conspiracy theory, it is a factually based documentary. It is the interpretation of those facts that presents an alarming picture of what MAY lay behind ‘the now’ and for the near and far off future.

      One heartening moment reported in the documentary is the eventual raising of a movement within the Spanish police that turns away from attacking demonstrators and to walking beside them in unity.

      United we can end this demonic revitalised/re birth of Communism under the guise of a necessary ‘Global Reset, this sham of a ‘Build Back Better’ and end any concept of a ‘New Normal and our presumed willingness we will ever consent to such.

      Thanks in advance
      Aviso, Juan or Michael, feel free to remove this from the Blog if you believe it inappropriate.

      God Bless

      • My dear Peter, not only the video speaks the truth, but it is even worse. The medical tyranny is only the first step: It will rapidly switch to the religious tyrranny in the antichrist, when he will be in place (sooner than you can imagine!)…regardless of where you are…prepare for the physical persecution…
        BE STRONG: all will be finished by May 2026 (as per Saint John Bosco)…God bless!

        • Dear Anonymous, you may be right, or otherwise. As you know I am not one who is seeing the time we live in as the advent to the Anti-Christ. These certainly are awful times still to reach their culmination. One in which the overthrow of evil in our world (for a time) will result from the Warning and Triumph etc. Scripture teaches us that the appearance of the Lawless One the Anti-Christ will be the prelude to the End of the World, Christ’s return, His final victory, the Last Judgement and the creation of a new Heaven and a new Earth. Are we to say that’s where we will be in the next few years?

          In respect to the movie, whilst its’ connected individual news items are in themselves fact, some of which are very concerning (in isolation) I do add some caution in my text regarding the video as a whole. That it represents ‘an interpretation,’ by its makers, one of many out there concerning events leading to what we see today and MAY prove to a lesser or greater extent that which is behind the current situation. There MAY be an ambition of Nations, Globalists and Billionaires akin to the conclusion of the video, but then, when has so many disparate organisations, governments, and individuals ever been so coordinated and united behind one goal and succeed? The UK Gov’ and 52% of its’ population for example, cant even get on with its’ neighbor, the EU, and has left to tread its own path. The EU seems itself to be on the cusp of fragmenting further.

          We do need to remain prudently skeptical on everything these days, without being so blinded by our skepticism we believe nothing. A fine line to tread, hence we need bucket loads of faith and trust in God and Our Lady.

          We have all seen I am sure, how those pushing a certain narrative left or right, can collate and edit numerous unrelated stories and news articles in to a string of seemingly connected avenues. Avenues leading to one crossroads and alarmist outcome in order to publish an endorsement of a certain view point.

          I’ll leave it there, the point is, be on guard, be prudent, observe and judge with common sense the variety of narratives out there. Stay close to the practice of the Faith, pray daily, hold tight to the Mantle of Our Lady. In the end we are not judged on who was right and who was wrong about the signs of the times in which we each live. We are judged on our singular practice of the Commandments, how we have loved, remained steadfast in faith and good works.

          God bless

          • My dear Pete,
            I perfectly know your point of view. Nonetheless, I feel it is my duty to warn, everybody (thus including you, whom I particulary appreciate, for many reasons) in order to get prepared…
            You speak as if there were a lot of time, unfortunately (or thanks God, from another perspective) this is not he case.
            I do not see too much far in the future…Instead, I clearly see what is almost imminent…the only think I can reccommend you, and everybody who reads, is: be ready, phisically and spiritually, even to the marthyrdoom, if God calls you (and each and everyone of us…) to it.
            Another thing I also recommend you, and everyone else, is: refuse the ‘vaccine’ whatever happens: It will soon be compulsory, but nobody will force you to take it (even if there will be serious consequences for whoever dares to refuse it).
            Up to now it has been: Wear a mask…or else…very soon will be: Take the ‘vaccine’…or ELse…Shortly after, it will become: Take the Mark of the beast…OR EEELSE!!! Whoever take the Mark of the beast, will be damned forever: It is clearly stated in the Bible. Accepting now the ‘vaccine’ will put us in a very dangerous path to perdition…
            I do not say, and repeat, this easily: i also have a family (I am the father of two teenagers), a job I used to love (much less nowadays, for a number of reasons) and I would like that the the projects I had for myself and my family could still come true…but there is nothing we can do for that…because, in the end, what’s happning is, in a way, God’s will.
            Above all, our refuge is in the Holy Heart of Jusus, in the Immaculate Heart of Mary and, let me add, in the most chaste Heart of Saint Joseph…Let’s consacrate our souls, and the one of our beloved, to the Three Hearts, EVERY DAY, and everything will be easier…to the extent possible…
            I will really appreciate if you could publish this message…my last one, for the benefit of all the brothers in Christ who could read it.
            God bless. Let’s pray.

            • Dear Anonymous, as you say, lets above all else have confidence in the Hearts of Jesus and Mary. Whatever the future holds we are not to be anxious. I think you and I are not so different, it is I am sure only in our interpretation of the times. I hope one day I will be able to say to you, in all good humor and with brotherly love.

              “See, I told you so.”

              God bless you and your family

              • My dear Peter,
                You are right, we are very similar.
                Likewise: That day will come, either on this hearth or in Heavens.
                My mission is accomplished: I had to tell that the difficult times are coming (they have only started…). They will last, approximately, 5 more years. We are not ready, but luckily, for God’s Grace, we have in the Three Hearts our Noah’s ark.
                I agree: Let’s not ne anxious…but let’s get prepared!
                This is my farewell…God bless! Let’s pray!

      • Dear Pete.

        The ‘New Normal Documentary’ projects a scenario which may or may not happen and thus is speculative to the point of raising unnecessary alarm. Our primary focus in the present circumstances should be to conversion of heart and as necessary the restoration of ones faith particularly through Sacramental Confession and the Rosary. I urge your readers not to succumb to the Zeitgeist ‘Spirit of the Age’ but instead remain faithful to their baptismal promises. Did the Lord not tell us to “Come to Me all you who labor and are burdened and I will refresh you”?
        Unnecessary fear is the tool of Satan leading to despair and abandonment of ones faith.
        Remain steadfast in the faith and as Saint Pio reminds us ‘…don’t worry’. Nations stooped in sin and moral decadence inevitably have a price to pay for their rebellion against their Creator. The United States is no exception: should we expect otherwise?

        In Christ….

  3. Does the conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn Dec 21 2020 seem like Conchita’s description of the time just before The Warning?
    “It will seem like 2 stars collide”. As an act of Our Lord’s Mercy I welcome The Warning (but it will be very bumpy).
    I say to all, be prepared, go to Confession/Mass/Eucharist in a state of Grace weekly, use The Sacrements and pray.

    • Dear garabandal1

      The conjunction, known lately as the ‘Christmas Star’ will be a lovely image in the night sky, hopefully giving off some extra brightness to be easily noticed. As in earlier comments on this subject I don’t think we are quite there yet but certainly we are getting ever closer to The Warning. In terms of a description of times just before The Warning, its a bit confusing excepting “things will be at their worst.”

      In one interview Jacinta describes the time before the warning as follows:
      “The Virgin said that the Warning would come when conditions were at their worst. It wouldn’t be just the persecution either because many people will no longer be practicing their religion.” (Interview with Jacinta conducted by Barry Hanratty April 16,1983).

      Fr. Benac when interviewing Mari Loli asks: Will this sort of “persecution” be as a consequence of Communism?
      Mari Loli replied : Well, this is not clear in my mind but judging from what I was seeing I felt that communism is going to be part of the Chastisement (i.e my note rather than as a prelude to The Warning). However, if people pray much, this can be stopped from spreading all over the world. I see it this way as if Communism would be in the “Chastisement”, the human scourge as part of it.” (Fr. Francis Benac, S.J., on September 29, 1978.)

      Loli: “It would look like the communists have taken over the whole world, (my note – not that they had taken over the world, only that it looked like they had, an important distinction) and it would be very hard to practice the religion, for priests to say Mass or for the people to open the doors of the Churches” Interview with Mari Loli Garabandal Magazine 1982)

      In my reading and by way of example in the above statements, to a child’s eye, if given a brief vision of the world as experienced today, with its COVID-19 lock down, at times empty streets, Masses suspended, Priests saying Mass in car parks, Churches locked, people prevented from visiting loved ones, scenes of desecration in many places, churches and cathedrals burning, BLM, ANTIFA, Anti Vaccine, Anti Lock-down protests, police intervening in people going about their normal business, neighbors reporting on each other for not being compliant etc., and that’s just the ‘tip of the iceberg,’ you would be forgiven for thinking something similar to communism was here now and was everywhere! If not actually Marxist Communism here and now, does this time not seem or feel like a world wide “persecution” of sorts?

      When reference to “It will seem like 2 stars collide” the key word is ‘seem’ or as others have referred ‘be like.’ In other words it will not be 2 stars colliding or even involve 2 stars, or comets or asteroids. These are natural events and can only be seen by one half of the world at best.

      The visible element of the Warning, is described below:

      Conchita: “The warning is something supernatural and will not be explained by science. It will be seen and felt.” (recorded response to several questions put to Conchita on the warning by Mr and Mrs Robert Froelich of New York dated 1968).

      Conchita: “It will be visible all over the world. I don’t know if people will die. They could only die from the emotional shock of seeing it.” (Copy from Las Apariciones p. 251. English translation from Our Lady Comes to Garabandal and Conchita’s Diary, Josephe A. Pelletier, A.A.)

      Conchita: “This warning like the chastisement, is a very fearful thing for the good as well as for the wicked…” (extract from a letter by Conchita dated 2nd June 1965)

      Fr Ramon Perez presents a collective set of statements given by Conchita between Sept 13th to Oct 22nd 1965 describing the warning in very frightening terms. (book Garabandal The Village Speaks page 50)

      Mari Loli on the other hand describes her experience of the Warning in an 1982 issue of the Garabandal Magazine as:
      “The way I saw it at the time, it was more like a big silence, like a sense of emptiness, everything was very silent that’s the way I saw it.”

      Some food for thought…..

      God bless

  4. Does anyone have any information about the appearance of the Archangel Micheal to Richard Windmann last year? My friends in Argentina tell me of this, but I cannot find any informations.

    • Who is this person you are referencing? What was the message supposed to be about? Have you checked certain websites that refer to current apparitions? Try those. If you find anything, please report. Take care and stay focused on our Lord’s wishes. Onward and Upward +++

    • Gabriela, this is just now starting to make the rounds here in the United States. He lives in Texas, and the news has made it to Florida, where I live. The information I have is second-hand, and I do not have a lot of detail. The story I heard is that Micheal appeared to him in his back yard while he was doing pool maintenance at night. Michael told him that he was chosen to assist in a “Crucible” to root out the evil in the church to protect the children. He was also told he would suffer as a result, but that there was a promise of healing in the end. I did a google search, and it turns out he was a victim of church sex abuse in the 1970s. There are a lot of news stories where he seems to be the focal in the Louisiana and Texas area. More searching and I discovered his email address is and I wrote him email last January. He responded a couple of days later and told me it was true, but that there was much more detail. He said Michael appeared to him in June of 2018, but did not specify a date. He told me the “Crucible” was not over and that he would tell everything at a later date. He seemed surprised to get my email, and said that he only told a few trusted parishioners at his church. I did not hear back from him, but now that you’ve reminded me (thank you) and some time has passed, I will write him back. I hope that helps.

    • Richard answered my email today. He said he is in his healing period. I said in the next week or two he will put pen to paper and send out the story in it’s entirety. He said he would email me a copy. When I get it, I’ll post it here.

  5. I read on another site that the author thought the date of the miracle might be 4/11/10 and that Conchita was going to announce it—- if this is the date —- on April 4th—-any word//

    • Hi Anne. What we do know is that before these events occur, Communism would seem to have taken over the world (what is meant by the world from the seer is uncertain, she herself said it looked to them as if it was everywhere and by that Europe), it will also be difficult to find a Mass, some Priests may be hiding and things will generally be at their worst.

      An assessment of things as they stand today in the world does not accord with the above criteria just yet. We are heading that way though, Liberalism is the new face of communism, for it hates the holy with mirrored zeal, is destroying the Father’s construct of family, marriage, Lilly’s in the womb, the Priesthood. It infects our educational institutions, media and of late elected governments. From this infestation it will and is constructing laws to ban Christian symbology and speech from all public places. In the UK it was recently defined as a violent religion by a minister of immigration. In the Republic of Ireland there are government derived moves to remove all crucifixes from hospitals and would you believe Christmas from schools! Look at the gushing of sentiment and empathy that took place over the murder of Muslims in NZ, horrendous yes, but not a word in national news in support of the hundreds of Christians butchered by Muslims this year alone or the numerous churches vandalised in France and Egypt.

      We have a ‘Pope’ fawning over the globalists of our time, a man whose words are too often full of contradictions with the millennial teachings, sowing confussion and malcontent among clergy and lay people alike. A Pope under the influence of Satan is prophesied, well here is a man who is a child of a communist/Marxist culture, a man known to be an associate of the Secret Sect, a man who surrounded himself with the Gay Mafia and ecclesiastics who’s station is beholding to him of whome he has a holding power because of their abuses. Men he has taken as his advisors on topics such as the family, marriage, youth etc. So is this a ‘Pope’ under the influence of Satan?

      My friends the agenda of hate toward Christ’s laws and His faithful is rising and it’s because the Light of the Church is dimming and will continue to do so even to an extent it seems to have almost disappeared. When there is no such Light illuminating the world then only Darkness reigns in men’ s hearts.

      You and me by our prayers, our penances and perseverance are candles in the dark providing the hidden light of Grace to our families and neighborhood. Do not imagine your light will ever be overwhelmed, it will not! You were born for these times, you are chosen, your task, your candle’s light might seem small by comparison to the ills, but it is essential. Christ makes up the shortfall as do the many hiden victim souls scattered across the world. Be of good cheer, remain in hope and hold fast to the Mantle of Mary

      The Miracle this year, no. In the next decade very likely or very soon thereafter.

      God bless

  6. Ok, just to be clear. The warning comes first, the Miracle comes next, and then if necessary…the chastisement. Next, St.Tarcisius feast day is August 15th, the same day as the Assumption of Blessed Lady. Not in April. Question being what did you add, or come to the conclusion that the Miracle is April 12th? Thank you for your time. I pray all had a Blessed Easter and will continue to enjoy a wonderful Easter Season. Blessed Mother, Queen of Rosary, pray for us!

    • RETHINK: It seems no matter the date, because so much is ‘speeding’ up and our Church is in such peril, we might be quiet close, a few years. In fact, I would say, in these final days of satan, and his minions, as they are ramping up an onslaught towards Christianity like we have never seen before and cannot imagine. Realizing Garabandal’s messages, and other critical ones around the world, throughout the 20th century and this first quarter of this one we might have a few years still, unless something so very awful happens and we are thrown into a ‘must decide’ peril. And let’s not forget, the Blessed Mother has promised a time of peace. And we don’t know for how long that will be. And the seers may want to enjoy this peaceful time and not be dragged into each of our lives because we think it is that important. When the time comes, God will let us know. And … Maybe too many are hanging on to this ‘illumination of conscience’ heavenly act and the more important idea should be to ready our souls for what is to come, with or without being alive to witness this event. What we know for sure, and how we discern this knowledge, prepares our souls and those we love. Just be patient and pray earnestly with sincere contrition. Love and forgive your neighbors and may God bless you all!

      • Well said, we must constantly remind ourselves that Our Lady came first and foremost to ask, that all, without exception make strident efforts in the amendmen of life. Warnings and chastisements are consequences of not doing so, a consequence of sin, about which the Church needs no reminder from heavenly visitations; it’s evident in Scripture and reiterated in the Catechism.

        What the world needs to know is they do occur and the messages are given because the Ecclesiastics have become mute, have become silent, even on calling out Satan, his influence on souls and worldly affairs, about mortal sin and eternal damnation, Purgatory, the value and reason for embracing our sufferings, bodily and spiritual. Why…, for fear of the secular and aethiestic world, for fear of ridicule, loss of standing, loss of empowerment, of being unpopular, fear of becoming the persecuted ones. Do not let youselves be fooled by the evangelists of ‘climate change.’ All increases in storms, lightening and weather extremes, earthquakes, famines and diseases are permitted by God, perhaps even willed by Him as reminders, as chastisements; a saying we can rely on, when sin increases so calamity increase.

        How often do we pray? Did you know not one prayer is ever lost, it’s efficacy may vary, but is never lost. Each singular Hail Mary you pray for a soul in purgatory, especially for those for whom no one prays, is for them likened to receiving a cup of ice cold water and the relief it gives to thirst in the suffering heat of the desert; should we not be praying continually then even if for this one intention alone? Think of the Graces lost when we pray so little each day, a women contemplating abortion could be dissuaded, a priest sufferings eased, sick neighbors given respite, unbelievers inspired to search for truth, lapsed Catholics returned, souls trapped in false religions set free. Just one prayer for these and any other holy intention will bring Grace upon that soul and you the intercessor will never see the effect until in Heaven so have faith. When we pray for others we too receive Grace upon Grace, we too receive that which is necessary for the amendment of our lives. Add to this offerings of abstinence, fasting, penances and duties, then our praying becomes more pleasing to God, for then we live not for ourselves but for God and our neighbour.

        Finally I want to encourage among Garabandalists a renewed devotion and visible respect for the Divine presence in the Holy Eucharist. If not doing so already, receive Our Lord on the tongue, and go further, receive Him on your knees. Be courageous witnesses to that which we receive and believe. I would not ask this of you if I were not already doing so my self. Yes you might be the only one in your parish, in the Mass that does this, but do it all the same, I was. Be sure of this, the Devil will say, “who are you to teach others?” But you are not doing that, you are adoring your Saviour. The Devil will say , “stop making a scene, people are distracted, someone will fall over you, don’t stand out from the crowd, why do you want to be different, just receive in the hand standing up!” Don’t listen. Think on this, why do we genuflect when entering and leaving the Church? Why do we kneel at the Consecration? why do we kneel at the Exposition of the Holy Eucharist? Why do we go down on two knees when passing before the Exposition? Why, when the tabernacle is opened do we automatically kneel? And yet how is it, that when we come face to face with Christ, One on one, at the reception of Holy Communion, we obstinately do not even genuflect, we dare to take hold of Him in our unconsecrated and sinful hands without a second thought? Speak to your Priest, tell him you intend to do this so he is prepared, don’t be afraid. I can tell you it is very worthwhile, and you will suffer doubt every time you go to Holy Communion, Satan does not want this! The Mother of God does! Be brave be constant.

        When Our Lady of Garabandal and Fatima asks for our amendment of life this is what She is asking of us, pray often if not constantly, give due respect and importance to God in the Holy Eucharist, sin no more and if we do sin avail ourselves of the Sacrament of Confession at the very first opportunity. Does not a child that has full confidence in the love of its parent immediately go running to them at every fall, full of tears, expecting to be embraced and soothed? And so it should be when we fall in to sin, run to Confession full of tears, and know you will be embraced time and time again.

        God bless you all

  7. Aviso, whatever your sources in Garabandal have told you about the Warning not being in a even year, they are wrong. It will be in an even year.
    Dr. J

    • Yes, and until recently everyone assumed it meant that She would be alive when that happened. Others recently suggest it could mean that if She had already passed, that She would “release” it through Her legal representative. She is not that old, however, so hopefully it will not be an issue if, as indications suggest, it should be in the next 20 years.

  8. Hi, Aviso , I’ve been reading people’s comments re people in the prophecies that have now died , with out seeing the great miracle . Such as Joey and padre pio . Now people are making valid points in their comments stating that conchita did say these people would see the miracles occur but you keep saying that she was mistaken in what she heard from Our Lady . Would it not be so mush easier for Conchita to write or answer a few lines to we the public , who have and will continue to wait on these miracles to occur . I left a message before asking what would happen if Conchita passes and please God may this not be the case , but surely you get my own and other peoples point of view or at least our concerns . I don’t know if Conchita has moved on from this and maybe wants to left alone , if so I’m sure we would all like to at least here so . Thank you

  9. It would be interesting to know if the “date” of the miracle has been “delayed” from the original date given to Conchita in the 1960’s, or if Conchita has known since then that the miracle would be more than 50 years in the future of the date She was given all those many years ago.

  10. Would it ever be possible to speak to conchita ? I think about what I learned about all that is to come every day , and I pray to our lady each day . But I do worry that if Conchita ever passed , then what are we to think or do. I truly believe Conchita and the girls were given these messages to help us help ourselves from the holy mother. I guess I would love to hear her put us all at ease , or is that asking through my own weakness . God bless you Conchita . Tks Bernard

  11. Kathy, I have even had a miracle happen to me through part of the missal kissed by Our Lady of Mount Carmel at Garabandal. The Rosary Beads with the kissed missal attached to them was given to me after we left Barcelona Spain heading for Garabandal. We spent three days there and later I helped one of the sick ladies during the International Mass at Lourdes, kneeling and standing on solid concrete, proving to me of my healing was through the kissed missal by Our Lady of Mount Carmel. My

  12. Thank you for carrying the Garabandal messages! This is my first time on your site. But found out about Garabandal in 1985 and have had miracles happen through the intercession of Our Lady of Mount Carmel. Hence you see my email address ends in Mt Carmel.

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