A Picture is Worth a 1000 Words


Marie-Christine has just sent me a picture taken this morning (Dec 16) at St Peter’s square, just before the general audience (10:02). The picture speaks for itself, behind the square” in the front rows, assistance is lean (it should be noted that for any GA, people arrive well in advance, and half an hour before the beginning everyone is already present, waiting for the Pope).
My friend added this comment:
Odon Vallet said few days ago, in the press, that the popularity of this Pope is so huge that it attracts 300,000 people at each audience.
There is two extra zéros !
However, The weather is nice, we are right in the Jubilee and the anniversary of the Pope is near.
Who are they kidding ??? “

Source : from the excellent French Website Benoit et moi (Benedict and me in English) :


Translated by Aviso.


My Comment : A Picture (or a video) is Worth a 1000 words.





2 thoughts on “A Picture is Worth a 1000 Words

  1. “Satan 2”, namely Sarmat RS-28:

    will be fully operative by the end of this year (the puppet called ‘Putin’ announced this right before the invasion of Ukraine):

    It is interesting to note that the first prototype was named after the “Sarmatians”, an ancient population occupying, between others, also Central and South Eastern Ukraine:
    In the meantime, Lithuania, A NATO COUNTRY, is boldly provoking Russia:

    Looks even more likely that WWIII will escalate between the end of this year and the beginning of the next next one.

    God bless. Let’s pray.

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