1917-2017 Fatima Remembered UPDATE 2

22 December 2015,

This is my Fatima 3rd Secret Conclusion, the Year included, all the details soon.



26 December 2015,

finalizing my work on the 3rd secret, I can confirm without any doubt, the following details:

The secret of our Lady is terrible, I would even say atrocious and it concerns not only Catholics but the whole world and I weigh my words :

  1. 1960 was the year when the secret should be revealed not before not after, it was an order from our Lady herself, all my researchs confirms this fact
  2. My researchs confirms also that the dark part of the secret will happen during the Pontificate of 2 Popes, A Bishop in white and the Holy Father
  3. Therefore the Year 2017-2018 is the most likely Year in question
  4. The Fatima 3rd secret is in 2 Parts with 2 different texts in 2 different envelopes, the two texts had to be revealed to the World in 1960 and not in 2000
  5. Spiritual (Apostasy) and material (Garabandal Chastisement) Punishment are also announced according to my research
  6. The Year of Mercy from Pope Francis is probably related to the Fatima 3rd Secret
  7. If Pope Benedict is still dressed in White is probably because of the Fatima 3rd Secret
  8. The Consecration will be done probably during or after the dark part of the Secret
  9. In 2017, it could be already too late
  10. Pope Francis as Pope Benedict as any Pope since 1960 will not reveal the Secret as the Secret according to my research talks clearly about the last Pope before the Triumph and everyone thought it could be him.

And so on, I will develop each point and even more with facts and détails, in short my works about this Secret horrified me, the non-disclosure of the Secret is a crime against humanity and the refusal to consecrate Russia a mortal sin against the Holy Spirit, my works confirms all this clearly and without doubt possible, stay tuned.

In the meantime, enjoy the Year of Mercy.



27 December 2015,

About the Fatima 3rd Secret, Cardinal Ratzinger in 2003 :

It has also sense for futur times, we cannot exclude, EVEN I WOULD SAY WE HAVE TO WAIT FOR (as for Pope John Paul II attempt in 1981)……….similar attack to a Pope.


4 thoughts on “1917-2017 Fatima Remembered UPDATE 2

  1. Pope Benedict XVI – the real pope – *is* the bishop in white in the published 3rd secret of Fatima. Francis is the second beast in Revelation 13. Expect the Warning in 2016, the Miracle on April 13, 2017, and the Chastisement (unavoidable now) in October 2017, the month of the 100th Anniversary of Fatima, and the 500th anniversary of Protestantism (Revelation 9:1-11).

    • Well, try to give a look at the messages given from Our Lady of Anguera to Pedro Regis, and you’ll find interesting things. Eventually I’ll give you a link in the following days, with the whole messages.

      @Awake and Ready

      Stop reading the trash messages from MDM or similar (The Warning Second Coming – Mary Carberry), your soul is in a great danger. I understand that many are considering Pope Francis to be an impostor. But you know what will happen to you if you will falsely accuse Pope Francis of being a false prophet? What if you’ll be wrong? So, wait and don’t accuse him!

  2. It really took you 8 years to come up with these “revelations”? Many have already known of this since ages! So, there is really nothing new compared to what we already know. Moreover, calling your “discoveries” as “Your Third Secret of Fatima”, would make you looks like a very proud man… this is not your secret, this is the secret given from the Blessed Virgin Mary to Sr. Lucia!
    I would even anticipate that one part of the third secret of Fatima was hidden, until it came out with this interview:


    So, that part about the shift of the Earth axis, is obviously describing some of the Chastisement of Garabandal and some of the last secrets of Medjugorje (including the last one for sure)… and that’s the material chastisement. Even some of the messages given to Pedro Regis are confirming that:

    15 July, 2006. Message 2707

    Dear Sons and Daughters, open your hearts to the Love of God, and be good to each other. I ask you to remain firm in prayer, for this is the only way you can contribute to the victory of The Lord. Flee from sin and embrace the Grace of God. Know that humanity will live moments of great tribulations. There will be a great change in the angle of the orbit of the earth which will affect the lives of humans and animals. It will cause great pain. I am your Mother and I want to help you. Return quickly. Tomorrow could be late. This is the message I transmit to you today in the name of The Most Holy Trinity. Thank you for permitting Me to reunite you here once more. I bless you in the name of The Father, and of The Son, and of The Holy Spirit. Amen. Be at peace.

    Message 3310 from Our Lady, Queen of Peace, Anguera, BA, Brazil, 24/04/2010

    Dear Sons and Daughters, don’t get away from prayer. Humanity is at the eve of most sorrowful events. I am your sorrowful Mother and I suffer because of what is coming to you. The earth will shake and immense rivers of fire will rise from the depths. Sleeping giants will awake and there will be great suffering for many nations. The axis of the earth will change and My poor children will live moments of great tribulations. Pay attention. This is a time of pain for humanity. Return to Jesus. Only in Him will you find strength to support the weight of the trials that must come. Courage. I will speak to My Jesus for you. Don’t back out. This is the message I transmit to you today in the name of The Most Holy Trinity. Thank you for permitting Me to reunite you here once more. I bless you in the name of The Father, of The Son,and of The Holy Spirit. Amen. Be at peace.

    The other part of the secret will consist of persecution of the faithfuls, with the death of the Bishop dressed in White, a Pope (Emeritus or not, doesn’t matter), whom will die as a martyr. Again, this is confirmed by Pedro Regis:

    13 May, 2008. Message from Our Lady of Peace, 2996

    Dear Sons and Daughters, joyfully accept My appeals. I come from heaven to help you. Don´t stray from the path I have pointed out to you. I am in a hurry. Don´t back away. I need you. Open your hearts and I will lead you to My Son Jesus. Live in the grace of The Lord. Don´t let sin take you away from God. Humanity is sick and needs to be cured. Repent and be reconciled with God. Now is the time I foretold to you in the past. A moment of grand agony will come to the Church. Blood from the consecrated faithful will flow down from the high mountain. The Church of My Jesus will live the sorrow of calvary. A man clothed in white will be persecuted and killed. The faithful will have to weep and lament on the feast of a great martyr. Pray. You will find strength for your journey only in prayer. Forward. This is the message that I transmit to you in the name of The Most Holy Trinity. Thank you for permitting Me to reunite you here one more time. I bless you in the name of The Father, and of The Son, and of The Holy Spirit. Amen. Be in peace.

    Notice the similarities with the known part of the secret of Fatima, and the fact that the message has been given to Pedro on the anniversary of the apparitions in Fatima. So, nothing really new here.

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