My Fatima 3rd Secret Part 1, the Year 1960

My Fatima 3rd Secret Part 1

Bertone 1960

The Year 1960


Evidence N° 1 :

The Fatima 3rd Secret was to be released in 1960, the proof below in the attached Video :

During his appearance on the Italian TV talk show Porta a Porta (Door to Door) on May 31, 2007, regarding the Fatima 3rd Secret, Cardinal Bertone, secretary of State, shows 2 different envelopes (a larger and a smaller), on each envelope a phrase written in Portuguese by Sister Lucia was shown, and it reads (translation from Portuguese to English):

“By the express order of Our Lady, this envelope can be opened in 1960 by the Patriarch of Lisbon or by the Bishop of Leiria”.

Sister Lucia’s words are clear “By the express order of our Lady, this envelope can be opened in 1960”, so we have AN ORDER of our Lady and the Year in question 1960, it can not be clearer.

Before the 2007 show, many Fatima experts were already aware that the 3rd Secret was to be released in 1960 and many high authorities in the Church confirmed repeatedly that the message was to be revealed in 1960 as well, de facto many Catholics around the World were waiting for this Year (1960) with some impatient, those are basic facts and can be verified by anyone but with the 2007 Italian Show Porta a Porta, we have finally and for the first time the VISUAL PROOF and provided by the Secretary of State in Person, the Vatican number 2 of that time, Cardinal Bertone himself, even if the cardinal has always denied the importance of the year 1960, yet it’s an order of our Lady herself, the Cardinal had surely his own reasons, anyway the proof now exists and he gave it to us himself, so to be more precise, the 3rd secret was to be opened and read to the world either at Sister’s Lucia death or in 1960, whichever would come first, now we are clear.

Cardinal Bertone 1960.jpg

As we know, The Pope in 1960 was Saint John XXIII, we all know that Pope John refused to reveal the 3rd Secret to the World but why and why our Lady chose the Year 1960 ? this will be the second part of my investigation and as promised, with facts and objectivity, stay tuned.


 By the express order of Our Lady, this envelope can be opened in 1960 by the Patriarch of Lisbon or by the Bishop of Leiria




13 thoughts on “My Fatima 3rd Secret Part 1, the Year 1960

    • The video works well here in Europe, I don’t understand why it does not works in the USA and Australia, I am going to check and will let you know, thanks.

  1. It seems that someone is writing a coded book, like the DiVinci Code….it is just a story line for a book. This is not that complicated.
    First, Satan entered the church in about 1913-1917…. For a term of 100 years. Subsequently, some popes were murdered and some replaced by impostors. Satanic rituals took place under the Vatican during those years, when the Luciferians took over. Church laws were changed, that should not have been changed.(Vatican II)
    Second, Benedict XVI retired when Satan’s hundred year rule was over. When Pope Francis was elected he found that the gay lobbyists group was living in the Vatican. Pope Francis kicked the gay lobbyist group out, saying that they had no place in the Vatican. The gay lobbyist group vowed to make trouble for Pope Francis.
    refer to : —Pope Benedict XVI’s resignation – the first by a Pope for more than 600 years – has forced the Vatican to consider some unusual questions. Here are 10 answers.
    1. Name and title He will be known as Pope emeritus, or Roman pontiff emeritus, the Vatican has announced. He will also continue to be known by his papal title of Benedict XVI, rather than reverting to Joseph Ratzinger, . . .

    Third, Joseph Ratzinger was the Cardinal who took the third secret of Fatima from the hands of Bishop da Silva of Fatima, the man who encouraged Sister Lucia to write down the third secret on paper, as she was dying. We have to look at Joseph Ratzinger since the message of Fatima written by the real sister Lucia (she was replaced by an impostor also) became two envelopes with extensive (4 pages ) writings ….. This was not what Bishop da Silva described. He described the real letter, as a very short note on a 4X4 inch sheet of paper, as he could see it through the envelope.
    I believe that Satan’s rule of the Vatican, ended with Pope Benedict XVI, which forced him to retire. …
    Last, Pope Francis has had a hard time of it, and has been misquoted by means of misinterpretation, either purposely or by error. Since he has fired or demoted those who misinterpreted his words, I can only assume that they did it purposely.
    Some people here in the USA are calling Pope Francis a communist and a socialist because he repeats the words of Jesus…. “Feed the poor” They take this as a sign that Pope Francis is the Antichrist, instead of looking at who is the real Antichrist. Look for the one who says and does the opposite of Jesus Christ. Would Jesus have had the gay lobbyists living with him? Would Jesus have promoted gay marriage or the gay lifestyle? Would he promote other religions, including environmentalism over the one true religion? Ask these questions if you are confused.

  2. I believe Sister Lucia died after writing down the third secret. She may have been poisoned, and replaced by an impostor as was Pope Paul VI .. . See Photos and facts on the Two Sister Lucys of Fatima AND AND MORE Sister Lucy Died in 1959 | The Most Blessed Virgin Mary and so we see that there was much more going on here than what meets the eye. Sister Lucia’s Bishop gave the envelope containing the third secret to Cardinal Ratzinger, and it was changed and reconstructed there after.

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