Fire around Garabandal

Fire Cantabria

Cantabria on high alert as wildfires destroy 2,000 hectares of land

Cantabria was put on maximum alert on Monday after raging wildfires continued to destroy pristine forestlands and vegetation in many parts of Spain’s northern regions.

About 100 military firefighters from the Emergency Military Union (UME) were mobilized to Cantabria to help stamp out some 80 forest fires in Cabúerniga-Los Tojos and in the Besaya Valley.

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My Comment : Thanks to Basto for the news, a fire around Garabandal in December, this is a first to my knowledge, probably another sign of the times.

Le me also ask you to Pray for my dear and very good Friend, Manolo, Amalia’s husband, currently in hospital for health reasons, I will not know Garabandal as much without Manolo (Manolo’s picture below in gray suit), please Pray for him, thank you.


Let me use this article to wish you also an happy New Year 2016, back online since August 2015 (July 23, 2015 exactly), you were almost 100 000 visiting this blog, the Garabandal events are surely upon us as this Year 2016 should confirm, not yet with the warning but probably with other sign of the times, stay tuned.

God Bless, Aviso


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