A Picture is Worth a 1000 Words


Readers know I usually do not descend to personal comments, but with this photo I could not resist. How could any sane Catholic regard this photo without repugnance?

The clergyman on the left looks like an androgynous Donald Trump in an ill-fitting wig;

The Lutheran lady-bishop looks as if she’s receiving a gift of earrings;

While Cardinal Koch looks like an anemic haddock with lung trouble.

The post-conciliar freak show continues.

What virile young man would be attracted to this effeminate, phony religion?

Saint Maximilian Kolbe:
Ecumenism is the Enemy of the Immaculata

The mission St. Maximilian entrusted to his Knights of the Immaculata was that of converting the whole world to the Catholic Church. He said,”Only until all schismatics and Protestants profess the Catholic Creed with conviction, when all Jews voluntarily ask for Holy Baptism – only then will the Immaculata have reached its goals.”[1]

“… In other words” Saint Maximilian insisted, “there is no greater enemy of the Immaculata and her Knighthood than today’s ecumenism, which every Knight must not only fight against, but also neutralize through diametrically opposed action and ultimately destroy. We must realize the goal of the Militia Immaculata as quickly as possible: that is, to conquer the whole world, and every individual soul which exists today or will exist until the end of the world, for the Immaculata, and through her for the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus.”[2]

Source : cfnews.org


My Comment : no need to comment, the photo is sufficient.



One thought on “A Picture is Worth a 1000 Words

  1. Aviso, I strongly advise you to get a copy of the Blessed Mother’s words to Father Stefano Gobbi called To the Priests, My Beloved Sons. Read the messages from 1987-1990. They are prophetic about the times we live in. Our Lady opened up the Book of Revelation and explained the symbolism because She knew false ecumenism would cause heartache for the faithful and for Catholic priests. She gave the messages about 30 years ago so that we would understand the times we are living in. You will find comfort in the messages. Our Lady is the great General of an army of little souls that go about our days in prayer and resignation. She knows the battle very well. We need to pray so much.

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