6 thoughts on “Saint Tarcisius and our Lady of Revelation

  1. Aviso, I invite you to become a member of my Garabandal page, Pebbles to the Pines, where I include my large piece The Pebbles to the Pines, which is an itemized summary/meditation of key Garabandal points. I have written extensively on Garabandal including Garabandal International and, in fact, one of my old articles is in this month’s issue. I am known to Dr. Rozeluk and his wife, and have written for them as well, plus a friend of Glenn Hudson, helper of Joey for many years. Below is my link and once there you can link to my Pebbles Piece, which I also have in Spanish. I would like to spread both the English and Spanish versions throughout the world for free. Maybe you can help me with this. Here is the link and God Bless. Please let me know what you think of my work.


    • Hi Gabriel, thank you for your invitation, I know your name, I don’t remember from where but probably few talk to me about you some years ago, you have my respect as Dr Roseluk but I will not be able to join your Garabandal page, first of all I am quite busy with my own blog then I am not a friend of Glenn Hudson in no way, I am leaving your face book page online if some of my readers are interested so they will know how to join you, whenever you have time, don’t hesitate to send me some of your writtings about Garabandal, I would be pleased to read it myself and to give you my own opinion as well, thanks again.

  2. Laudetur Jesus Christus! Aviso, do you still think the Warning takes place in 2018? There´s a serious military build-up of Russia versus U.S. versus Turkey in the northern Syria? See http://www.debka.com.
    Do you think this kind of confrontation will be “sorted out”too? Looks pretty desastrous…..
    God bless you and protect you.

    • Yes Frankie, 2018 is the best and possible year to my knowledge for the Garabandal Warning year but this is my opinion only, according to my own works, this is the most realistic year.

      Regarding the world situation, Russia is of course the Key so we must follow any news from this country, as we know the Pope will travel to Russia, probably to stop any possible 3rd World war, we may have also another important Synod, the 18th, probably controversial as well and about Prieshood according to some informations given to me.

      In my opinion and I am open to tell it online with confidence, the probable Great Miracle date may be April 12, 2018, this date match perfectly with my own works, it’s of course a “speculative” information, given as a possibility only but in my humble opinion, the best and realistic date to date around the net.

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