Conchita of Garabandal latest News

Some news from Conchita, for those who are interested.

Garabandal Bastiano

Aviso with the Garabandal Family : Bastiano (Mrs Bocabeille’s son), Jacinta (one the Garabandal seers), Lara, Aviso, Amalia (Loli’s sister) and Maximina (Conchita’s aunt)

Always smiling and available on the phone, after few words exchanged about our joint health (and she is fine), she was going to her daily Mass, there is only one there as she told me.

We laughed together when I told her about these messages from certain new messengers of today, those speaking of the Warning in a different way compared to the original one from our Lady in Garabandal and given in January 1, 1965 to Conchita and the other girls…..

Different time, different signs, different interpretations … etc ..

The Garabandal Warning details were quite clear from our Lady as the Chastisement, unfortunately some keep adding more and more unconfirmed details….

Is this from the devil ? to reduce the original version ? confusing and deceiving people of good faith?

Then, suddenly she became serious, Conchita asking me :

“Why do people believe all these” messengers ” and not to what has been said in Garabandal that time …?”

My only response was that probably curiosity goes to the one who spoke the last, until the next one and so on….

This proves that any new information about the warning wherever it comes from, which do not match the facts is de facto not related to what the Virgin gave in Garabandal ….

Therefore Caution is required, as Conchita’s question to me is to meditate.

Please Remember Conchita, Jacinta and Mari Cruz in your Prayers.



My Comment : Thanks to Bastiano for these latest news from Conchita, this cannot be clearer and as indicated on this blog several times, there is a big difference between the Garabandal warning (called Aviso) as indicated by the Lady of Carmel and all these new and so called “messengers” talking about a kind of “illumination of conscience” who is not related to Garabandal at all, this is in short what Conchita was telling to my good Friend Bastiano, as you can read and between us, any last news from the village as from the seers and even from the main one are here at and available for any English speaking faithful, even if I do not need any pictures with any Garabandal seers to prove anything and anymore, but for the fun attached, some pictures of myself with Bastiano and so on, thank you.

Garabandal Aviso (1)

Aviso’s family laughing with one of the Garabandal seer (Jacinta) and Maximina, Conchita’s aunt in the Garabandal Church just after the Baptism, the little one was hungry and was eating her Baptism Candle……..back, Bastiano’s wife, the Godparents of the little one.




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  1. The other side, whatever that is, would be most interested in sites like this. The news/media conglomerates will have their own way of explaining eventualites at Garabandal like with other major news/media block and also explaining phenomena away with the relevant media experts and then the usual massive distraction events. And yet look what happened to the Fatima children with their schedules on the 13th not being really interupted, conversely how many of us know, remember or reflect upon the tremendous events, Fatimaesque, that happened at Tre Fontane in modern times. Yes, stay awake. The Holy Spirit is the medium and the message. May we, in our prayer schedules as and when prompted, pray for enemies of Christ.

  2. This is worth noting and keeping in focus lest we forget and regret. Thank you for sharing this and reminding us of our purpose in life and keeping in mind our Heavenly home!

    • Thank u Ted. Those two words has hit a cord with me – forget and regret. My daughter has two hit songs with those two names in the naming of her two hit songs. 35 million streams for the second song Please keep her and her boyfriend in your prayers for her and his conversion. She has never really got over the loss (truck accident) of her dear dad.

  3. Padre Pio said in a letter, Dear Blessed Children of Garabandal, they will believe in your apparitions of seeing the White Lady but FOR MANY it will be too late. Pray and get others to pray because the world is at the threshold of its petition. Padre Pio had later said CANNOT YOU SEE THE FIRE. . Concerning the very Holy Priest, Fr Luis who died of joy. When they buried Father Luis, some signs of decay had started, and Conchita was told by Our Lady, the day AFTER the Miracle, Father Luis’s body will be found incorrupt. This will be a great miracle from being corrupt to incorrupt. Our Lady told Conchita that the house of Charity that Joey will establish will bring great Glory to God. He called the House of Charity St Anne’s, and many drug addicts, etc, have been healed, Joey having a medal kissed by Our Lady, that he touched many poor souls with. He was a tireless worker. Let us show Love always to one another, in our talk, demeanour, as the Great day draws nearer and nearer. Part of the Third Second of Fatima, we now have privilege to is a vision shown to the children of an Angel about to carry out God’s Wrath, i.e., the flaming tip of a sword about to touch the World held by an Angel, but at the time, through Mary’s intercession, the sword was withdrawn, though the Angel called in a Loud Voice Penance, Penance, Penance. The children were shown towns, cities, villages swept away as in a whirlwind, with countless people. Is this the Sixth Seal mentioned in the Bible. And is the Fire Padre Pio talked about, caused by moved of the Crust of the Earth, and thus reactivating volcanoes. We should all be Ready and that includes ME.

    • Dear Sheila Mary,
      My name is Jose Aviles Sanchez an I am a spiritual son of father Luis Octavio Soto a puertorrican priest who was also a spiritual son of Padre Pío. Please could you let me know is this is the same father Luis that I believe Conchita knows. There’s so many things I would like to share about father Luis. Please my email is May God Bless you!

  4. Peace in The Lord be with us all. This article concerned me for several reasons and I am only commenting to help clear up some confusion because I noticed a ton of the faithful are reading this article. The reader is led to believe that the ” Illumination of Conscience” was rejected by Conchita as having any similar nature to the Warning whatsover. But not only is it not explained to us, the readers, what exactly this expression means but Conchita’s own knowledge of it. So very much is assumed and out of context and therefore can easily be misconstrued, as it is not an authoritatively written article but rather the authors recollection? of Bastiano’s sharing of some (not all) details of a quaint phone conversation he had with his friend Conchita. But the final words from the author of the article and I assume the website/blog underneath this article warn us sternly to reject any association of the “Illumination of Consciences” with the Warning based on Conchita’s own words. And many of the commenters are grateful or supportive… But Conchita never told us this, neither in this article or elsewhere. I want people to be able to recognize that because the article does not allow for it and I hope that my comment is not removed so that the freedom of the reader to formulate judgments based on facts and truth is respected as Conchita herself would desire and would not want her words to be misconstrued out of context or misinterpreted.

    The understanding I have, from the Garabandal film and interviews on film with the seers, one of which work was produced by the Workers of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel, an authoritative work on the apparitions, was that the Warning, the Miracle and the Chastisement are 3 separate events. The Warning prepares us for the Miracle (which will happen within one years of the Warning) whereas the Chastisement will happen only if people Do Not Repent after these first two events. The Warning is NOT the Chastisement and Conchita would never say that it is. The Warning is an act of Mercy to correct consciences, in the words of Conchita “you will know the bad that you are doing and the good you didn’t do” as she told the reporter in the interview that one can easily find on YouTube, in Gods last act of Mercy to PREVENT a worldwide Chastisement…or it would never be called an “Aviso”. A Warning is to warn about a danger. So if Bastiano actually said the Warning was the Chastisement as the article states and Concita told him this? then she is contradicting her own recorded testimony as well as the other seers testimonies. In Conchita’s own words from the Interview mentioned above, the Warning is, in fact, a correction of consciences, that God will impose (time standing still, so outside of time) on souls. This is also the correct understanding of the “Illumination of Consciences”. I realize that there are false prophets around elaborating this event, but not all. God has further explained, revealed and reiterated this Garabandal prophecy in many ways and to many of His children because He is Mercy, we are His friends He tells us, and He shares what He is about to do with His friends… And Father and Mother Mary with Their Children. It may have been Fatima that first alluded to this event with the Miracle of the Sun. This is no cause for shock or scandal. And there is nothing contradictory with the Warning to the Illumination of Consciences in it’s correct interpretation, nor is the Warning the actual prophesied final Chastisement. The Warning gives an opportunity to repent, there will be still a chance, a short time to respond, before the Chastisement, whereas the Chastisment is for those who do not repent even after God gave them infusion of knowledge of the Truth and His great mercy and love for them.

    • I just want to add to the moderator of these texts, in case there is a problem, that I would change the word “author” does not allow to “article ” does not allow if I could edit my post but it will not let me edit my post… My comment refers to the article moreso than the author. Thanks and blessings.

      • SJ. Thank you for your comment, the edit you requested has been made. You are of course quite right about the Warning and the Chastisement, that they are two separate events. I suspect the phrase you are referring to in the above article is perhaps more an issue of translation in to English rather than erroneous information. I believe there have been occasions when Conchita has referred to the Warning as being ‘like a chastisement’ (with a small ‘c’). This said I haven’t researched this, its more a reliance on memory.

        An Illumination of Conscience is more accurately an informing of right and wrong in the context of defined absolutes. An illumination can occur via many vehicles, reading, advice, prayer etc.. The Warning as described by Conchita is not this, it is more specifically a showing of the wrong we have done by act and by omission and the consequences thereof, a telling off, an issuing of discipline, like a parental chastisement. The aftermath of the Warning may result in an illumination of conscience secured in the context of Divinely revealed truths. The difference between the two is subtle I grant you, but none-the-less important.

        God bless

    • For me, there simply was not enough explanation of the context of the phone call to know what was objectionable about the more recent visionaries discussing the “illumination”, as opposed to the Garabandal message.

      I always viewed the warning as like the “illuminations” referred to by different Saints, Like Faustina related in her diary: “…Before I come as the just judge, I am coming first as the King of Mercy. Before the day of justice arrives, there will be given to people a sign in the heavens of this sort: All light in the heavens will be extinguished, and there will be a great darkness over the whole earth. Then the sign of the cross will be seen in the sky, and from the openings where the hands and the feet of the Saviour were nailed will come forth great lights which will light up the earth for a period of time. This will take place shortly before the last day.”

      Whether this is correct of not I cannot know. For me, the paragraph about the phone call simply did not have enough context for me to come to an adequate conclusion. God bless you!

    • To Sj,

      The devil is always in the détails de facto I confirm Bastiano’s testimony, the Garabandal Warning has Nothing to do with any “illumination of conscience” promoted here and there via some modern seers and their cohort with their Cross in the Sky and so on (a Great Miracle not only at the Pines but also elsewhere…ect…) so as requested your comment is online but probably the last one, thank you.

  5. Very highly probable, it will be on Oct 12/13, 2017. There’s a comet (2012 TC4) approaching and its the 100 year anniversary of the Fatima last apparition.

  6. In regard to the discussions around Joey, the three Popes and the momentary denial of the children concerning the events, we need to take in to account the guidance and prudence of the Saints. For example, in the Forward of ‘The Life of Mary as Seen by the Mystics, ‘ I quote Rev. Edward A. Ryan, S.J. Professor of Church History As saying ‘Even in the case of holy people and when the supernatural character of the phenomena seems sufficiently guaranteed, caution is necessary. The person receiving the favour may not distinguish with enough exactness the period of illumination from that (period) which immediately follows (i.e. the vision has ended but) the soul remains in dispositions of greatest fervour.’ St. Ignatius Loyola teaches that in this second period ” it often happens that by its own thoughts, from its own habits and in consequence of its conceptions and judgments…, the soul makes various resolves or plans which are not inspired immediately by God our Lord.” Rev Ryan continues. ‘Although the Saint is speaking only of resolves and plans, strong reasons lead us to extend this prudent observation to the content of visions.’

    So it can be deduced that whilst Garabandal is a phenomena of supernatural character which seems sufficiently guaranteed and in conformity with Church teaching, it can be taken as not uncommon or without surprise that over such a long period and some 2000 mystical encounters, misunderstandings in interpretation by the seers may have occurred. Perhaps during the ‘second period’ when the seers were still in a state of ‘greatest fervour’ it was a matter of their human, not divine judgment that Joey would receive his sight back. According to St. Ignatius, such does not invalidate the truthfulness of the phenomena or the messages Heaven wishes to convey as in the number of Popes for example.

    In addition Rev. Auguste Poulain S.J. In The Catholic Encyclopaedia, says possible causes for errors in private revelations can occur when the human mind mingles its own action with the divine action by injecting some of its own favourite or preconceived ideas; a true revelation may subsequently be altered when its recipient records it after an interval of time.

    Therefore we can conclude, that all this speculation about Joey and the Popes is a minor and mute point, not a proof of a deception orchestrated by the children or a cause for doubt. These speculative topics are surely no more than a distraction that point away from the important messages that have been conveyed to us from Heaven.

    God bless Pete

    • These messages in regard to Joey and three more Popes??? I know someone who was told he had a locution from Our Lord by a Jesuit priest who had performed an exorcism and he found this priest through the locution. This Jesuit who had performed exorcisms told him in the case of a locution there could be a margin of error in the message sometimes. He said, “What you have in the case of a locution is the Eternal Infinite Mind of God attempting to convey a
      n Infinite concept or message to a finite mind. God not only must work through the finite aspect of that mind, He must deal with the finite mind’s memory, dreams, hopes, fears and wishes in conveying that message and in the case of a locution there can be a margin for error in these messages. Apparitions seem to be a more direct form of communication from God or His Mother. Conchita’s messages about Joey and three more Popes were given to her through a locution which might explain the confusion in what Conchita perceived and what was actually said. This is how he explained to me what was explained to him.

  7. I have checked about Conchita visiting Garabandal during May 2017. I was not correct, So I am leaving in regarding Garabandal, even though my four photographs of Second World Garabandal Conference were included. Good bye all

  8. Dear Greg and other doubters ,
    I suppose you have an answer to the entire story and happenings in Garabandal. Are you saying that it is all a hoax ? That everything that happened was faked ? That all the girls are liars ? That Padre Pio himself was deceived when he stated that the Virgin Mary is appearing in Garabandal That the priest who died after stating what a beautiful mother we have as he had seen the miracle was delusional as well ?? What about Fatima ? Perhaps you feel these Children were all delusional as well? Can you not see that all that was stated or nearly all up to this point has come to pass ? How can we have two popes in the Vatican ? How can we have all of this diabolical disorientation in the world going on ? How can we have Francis changing or attempting to change 2000 years of Catholic teaching and dogma ? Are you assuming all is right with the world ? You try to extrapolate that it is all a hoax because you don’t understand the timing of Joey getting his sight back . Perhaps you are being blind, and perhaps you want to be deaf and perhaps you feel all is right in the current state of our church , our Catholic Church ! Have you ever read the catechism of our Catholic Church which states that there will be an apostasy within our Church ? I think you should pray and remember that most if not all the ancient prophets were ridiculed , imprisioned , beaten and mocked .

    • Anonymous, we don’t need answers. The onus is on those making spectacular claims to provide proof. I don’t need answers to flat-earthism, alien body snatching, Bigfoot or homeopathy.

      Once someone claiming supernatural revelation has been shown to be wrong, multiple times, then the assumption of any clear thinking person is that she did not have supernatural revelation.

  9. Put in another way.

    If Joey Lomangino was resurrected back to life, but still blind, and yet the Miracle and Warning did not happen during your natural lifetime, would you conclude as you lay on your deathbed that “Garabandal was real” but we just “misinterpreted the words of Our Lady”?

    Do words have to have any bearing on real events or are they all just disposable?

    • Finally what do you want to prove ? that Garabandal is probably false and from the devil as some Prophecies failed miserably and the Blessed Mother cannot be wrong, this is it ? so tell it once and for all, de facto you also probably think that I am promoting an Apparition unapproved by the Church and from the devil so I am crazy to still leave some of your comments online, no my Friend, I am not crazy because I know you via some friends, you are attacking Garabandal for years now especially since the Death of Joey Lomangino according to my friends however you were a Great Faithful of the Lady of the Carmel, I can see also in your video some hesitation, you are not so sure yourself but your comments are a good reminder to the last faithful of Garabandal, to always do his homework especially about what was told by the Lady and what was told by the seers via some bad books, this is a work of years, I am giving back without being perfect for sure, what the Lady gave to me for my first visit years ago in Garabandal, my Conversion to Catholicism and None of your comments or doubts will change that.

  10. Domenico – “”But nowhere in Our Blessed Virgin Mother’s message does it state that Joey Lomangino is going to still be alive on Miracle Day. We made the assumption!””

    Nor does it say that “Conchita Gonzalez-Keena” will be alive either. Only that she will announce it 8 days before.

    That might mean she died 123 years before and was brought back to life 9 days before the miracle in 2145.

    Or, that she “announces” it through a lawyer acting on her behalf in 2146 whose great-great grandfather was responsible for her last will and testament. In a sense it is still “her” announcing it. Perhaps her lawyers posts a YouTube video of her which has been on a flash drive for the last 123 years. That really WOULD be “her” “announcing” it wouldn’t it.

    Thus there is never an end. We can never say with absolute certainly that Garabandal was a fraud even if Conchita dies. These are the implications of your stupid logic.

    Any semi-intelligent person who is not clutching at straws to maintain their belief, can see that a prophecy of a blind man “getting his eyesight back and remaining cured” which are Conchita’s very own words in the video I have posted above, naturally would be interpreted by any reasonable clear thinking human being as that event happening during their lifetime.

    If God is going to resurrect Joey Lomangino, Padre Pio and also posthumously excommunicate 2 of the last 5 Popes so that Prophecy fits as well, then why not just prophecy that. Why the words that are impossible to interpret?

    To be impressed that Joey has his eyesight back would be perverse, when he has just been resurrected back to life as it would imply that it was much more of a “miracle” than resurrecting him back to life blind.

    • Dear Greg,

      You are an idiot, pure and simple!

      Your arguments are equivalent to the excrement that is flushed in the toilet. You mudslinger! And they do not make sense.

      Go back to school and learn to read with comprehension and understanding.

      Why not wait and see what unfolds, like the rest of us?

      To conclude, it is a testament of Aviso’s integrity that he has published your comments.

      You, on the other hand are a Yahoo in the tradition of Jonathan Swift’s Gulliver’s Travels. Look his work up. You will understand what I mean.

      F & T in Christ

      • Dear Greg,

        Please accept my apologies. I should not have called you stupid. I will pray for you.

        F & T in Christ

      • The Bible doesn’t tell us to “wait and see”.

        But the prophet who presumes to speak a word in My name, which I have not commanded him to speak, or who speaks in the name of other gods, that prophet shall die.’ 21 And if you say in your heart, ‘How shall we know the word which the Lord has not spoken?’— 22 when a prophet speaks in the name of the Lord, if the thing does not happen or come to pass, that is the thing which the Lord has not spoken; the prophet has spoken it presumptuously; you shall not be afraid of him.

      • Dear Greg,

        You have lost the plot and you misquoted the Bible.

        How do you think prophesy is fulfilled? Well, obviously by waiting to see what unfolds!!!

        I retract my last statement about you. You are not stupid, you are not an idiot… you are a stupid idiot!

        I don’t often resort to insults, but you are an exception.

        F & T in Christ

    • Hi Greg, I noticed that you do not reply to my comments but only to the comments of my readers, why do not you address me directly,are you afraid of me ? I already replied myself to your objection regarding Joey Lomangino’s eyes Prophecy, there is not any other possible reply, so here my questions to you :

      1. What do you think of Pope Francis Pontificate ?
      2. I said that you were a Great Faithful of the Lady of the Carmel before attacking her online, I am right or wrong ?
      3. Do you think that Russia was Consecrated by Pope John Paul II in 1984 ?
      4. Is it you in the video I sent online and included in this thread ? (this kid with his glasses)
      5. Some told me that you have also some doubts about Fatima, Am I well informed or not ?

      Please reply to my 5 Questions then you will be able to comment again, if not, I of course do not want to see you in the village of Garabandal even if you change your mind later as in my opinion, in no way anyone attacking the Lady of the Mount Carmel for years should be welcomed in her village, thank you.

      • Your reply reads exactly like the thoughts of someone who is clutching at straws. You could come up with a superior argument if Conchita herself were dead and the Miracle not announced. “She left instructions with her lawyer” to tell us. “She never actually said the pronouncement of the Miracle would come from her living lips”. And she didn’t.

        She did however say Joey would be cured and “remain cured”. You can’t “remain cured”, if you died in between. Anymore than Lazarus “remained alive”.

        1. I think Francis is another modernist Pope. The fifth since J23 died.
        2. Wrong. I was open minded.
        3. Since he didn’t use the word Russia I don’t see how. Surely, you have to name something to consecrate it. Don’t you?
        4. No
        5. See 4.

      • Thank you for your answers Greg, I have only one word so they are online.

        I have some more questions :

        1. Who said to you that “she left instructions with her lawyer” ?
        2. “She never actually said the Pronouncement of the Miracle would come from her living lips” ? also who said this to you ?
        3. What are your sources about Garabandal and which Books ?
        4. Have you ever been in the village ?
        5. What are your knowledge about Fatima and your sources ?
        6. You think Francis is another Modernist Pope, the fifth since John XXIII, what about Pope Pius XII ?
        7. Do you think Pope John XXIII and Pope John Paul II are Saints of the Catholic Church ?
        8. What do you think about Saint Faustina ?
        9. Do you know me and how have you found my Blog ?
        10. Are you Sedevacantist ?
        11. What about Father Gruner regarding Joey Lomangino Prophecy (attached video) ?

        I bet you will not respond.

        To others, please remain Polite, as I don’t think a second that our good friend Greg is stupid or idiot on the contrary and by experience, he is probably the opposite, his 5 answers to my 5 questions are very good, I only don’t share his opinion about Question 1, let see if he will reply to my 11 other questions, thank you.

      • Dear Greg,

        The problem with your arguments and the examples you give is that they are a creation of your own mind. To put it succinctly, a delusional mind. They do not have application in reality. You make assumptions based on a premise that is unrealistic and very much fanciful.

        I gather that you are struggling to express and link your ideas together. When you do, they are incoherent and are not logical. This gives me the impression that you have a fragmented mind. How is one supposed to have a meaningful discussion with a guy like you?

        I hope you find peace.

        F & T in Christ

      • Dear Aviso,

        I stand corrected. I will be polite from now on.

        As I mentioned in my previous comment, the arguments and examples that Greg has given do not have application in reality. He makes assumptions based on a premise that is unrealistic and very much fanciful. I misunderstood his intentions until now.

        F & T in Christ

      • Thanks Domenico, leave this Greg to me and if you are interested follow our discussion especially his answers to my questions, for your information, I received weekly in my mail box many other Gregs, questions are legitimate, I of course asked Conchita myself via a good friend about the Joey Lomangino Prophecy and I have her answer, I will give it online at the end.

  11. Maybe Joey gets new eyes on the day of the miracle because He is one of a group that we be raised from the dead that day. We know many were raised from their graves with Jesus on Easter Perhaps the Miracle begins a new day of evangelization. with many miracles. I don’t say that to try to rescue a supposed “failed prophecy” with something outlandish, but we just don’t know what all the miracle entails.

    • Hi Mae, the Joey Lomangino Prophecy about new eyes for the D Day was not a Prophecy from our Lady of the Carmel but from Conchita as our Lady cannot be wrong, simple as that so in my opinion any explanation should be asked to Conchita directly as she probably misunderstood the Lady as I said several times online.

      • How do you “misunderstand” “getting your eyesight back on the day of the Miracle and remaining cured”?

        If she misunderstood THAT, then what did she get right?

      • Dear Aviso,

        Regarding Joey Lomangino, I want to present a different way at understanding this.

        All the visionaries at La Salette, Lourdes, Fatima, Garabandal,..etc. were good-natured, meek and simple people. They were not educated much and they were unsophisticated. Our Blessed Virgin Mother chose these people for a reason. I think it is because the messages that the seers received from Our Blessed Virgin Mother would later be transmitted unchanged in their original form. I think this is because sophisticated and educated people tend change things, add their own ideas, and give extra meaning to the messages, thus change their original meaning. This is not deliberate but is part of the human condition.

        Choosing the good-natured, meek and simple seers had the advantage of ensuring that the messages remain unchanged and untouched,that is, the pristine form endures. But there are disadvantages, such as the seers in many cases not understanding the messages they received. Our Blessed Virgin Mother must have considered this trade off to be acceptable, if only for the sake of making sure that the messages the seers received would not be altered.

        Therefore, one can say that the seers do not interpret the messages they received, they are only the messengers. It is us who interpret the messages and it is possible that more than one interpretation is possible.

        I had a look at the letter that Conchita wrote and sent to Joey Lomangino. I have reproduced it below with webpage link:

        March 19, 1964 – St. Joseph’s Day
        “My Dear Joseph,
        Just two lines to tell you the message which the Blessed Virgin gave me for you today at the pines…she told me that the voice you heard was hers and that you shall see on the very day of the Miracle. She also told me that the House of Charity you will establish in New York will bring great glory to God.”

        The letter clearly indicates that it is not Conchita who came up with the Joey Lomangino prophecy, it comes directly from Our Blessed Virgin Mother. And the message remains unchanged. I would love to discuss this with Conchita directly, but unfortunately I do no know how to contact her.

        Of course, we can interpret the message in different ways. In my opinion the death of Joey Lomangino is not the end of the story, it is in fact only the beginning.The future still needs to unfold. I tend to agree with Mae, which is the same as agreeing with myself, since I first proposed the resurrection of the dead (maybe not all the dead) on Miracle Day.

        I hope my point of view assists the readers of your blog.

        F & T in Christ

      • Yes it makes perfect sense that Conchita made an assumption Joey would be at the pines on the day of the Mirical and therefore of course receive his sight back. Our Lady has promised the sick will be healed. It shows that Conchita could not have known when Joey would leave this earth and also that D day must close given Conchita expected him to attend, how old would Joey be now if still alive?

        God bless

      • Dear Greg,

        Pete got it. Let me try to explain it to you a different way.

        Conchita was given the message that Joey Lomangino ‘shall see on the very day of the Miracle”.But nowhere in Our Blessed Virgin Mother’s message does it state that Joey Lomangino is going to still be alive on Miracle Day. We made the assumption!

        Conchita fulfilled her role as messenger perfectly. That is, the messages that she received from Our Blessed Virgin Mother has remained unchanged, untouched, and its pristine form still endures today.

        It is like in the Gospels when Martha & Mary sent for Jesus to come quickly to heal Lazarus who was very sick. However, to every one it seemed that Jesus was cruel because he did not go quickly and in fact continued preaching for four days. Then Jesus decided to go and attend to Lazarus, but everyone told Jesus that it was too late because Lazarus had died and his flesh was rotting already. Then when Jesus arrived, he said that he was going to prepare Lazarus for life again. But every one present including Martha and Mary assumed that Jesus was going to prepare Lazarus for eternal life in Heaven.But imagine the shock they got when Jesus actually resurrected Lazarus, that is brought his flesh back to life from his death. It was a Miracle.

        Do you get it now!

        As I stated in previous posts, Joey Lomangino will see on the very day of the Miracle because he is going to be brought back to life from his death on Miracle Day and he will have fully functioning eyes to see the Miracle.

        In the end it comes down to faith, and how strong your fidelity is to Jesus Christ.

        You will all have to wait until Miracle day to see for yourselves what unfolds.

        F & T in Christ

      • Thanks for your comment Domenico, let me add just few words :

        I said online several times that Conchita is NOT Garabandal, Why ? because I know the village from inside, for example the Lady with me on my Avatar is herself, Conchita’s Aunt, probably the Person from Garabandal who knows Conchita more than anyone else, she was the main confidant of the Seer during the Apparitions, she was also with me for my wedding as for the Baptism of my last Child, which she organized with Amalia, Loli’s sister, I mean I can say in all humility that we are close each other and for years now, so she spoke to me about her niece Conchita several times not because she wanted but because I asked her, so I have the privilege of having some private détails about the Garabandal seer as from other different persons from the village as well so mainly from her own family, I mean from the same blad who knew the seer even before the apparitions but let me add that if Conchita is not Garabandal, it’s the same for Jacinta, Loli and Mari Cruz, Garabandal is our Lady of the Mount Carmel and nothing else, that’s my first point, I know some in the village who do not appreciate at all this kind of cult of Personality about the Garabandal seer as if Conchita was the whole Garabandal Apparitions on her own, which is not the case at all and must be said online once and for all, Garabandal is 4 SEERS, Conchita, Loli, Jacinta and Mari Cruz.

        Now back to your comment, I said also online and several times, that the Joey Lomangino Prophecy was known to be a possible and future failed Prophecy for years in the village, I knew it myself years before the Death of Joey Lomangino (between us probably one of our Greatest Garabandalist) but they suggest me in the village not to talk about it to no one and especially online, I am used to listen my contacts in Garabandal, it’s a question of Respect and Confidence but in the case of Joey’s eyes Prophecy I should not listen and I should talk about it publicly, it would have saved me from these Greg and co, my mailbox is full of them as well, these probably former Garabandalist lost forever because precisely of the Joey’s misinterpreted Prophecy read in some books (in fact we lost thousands of them just because of that Prophecy, Thousands if not more as they told me) so this is the only available reason, wrong interpretation from the Seer and it’s not the first time (so no Resurection of Joey for the D Day and so on) and we have many different other examples as for Padre Pio who should see the Great Miracle, 3 Popes then No more….etc… she even change the second message of our Lady, from Many Cardinals, Many Bishops, Many Priests are on the road to Perdition…etc….to Many Priests are on the road to Perdition only….. before retracting, so why ? The seers are only instruments of God, with their weakness and qualities but in the case of Garabandal it’s even more blatant, as the 4 Seers were talking with our Lady sometimes for hours, day and night, de facto they cannot remember each word of our Lady, it’s why sometimes Loli, Jacinta and even Conchita were telling publicly, I do not remember exactly because it’s so many years now….etc…., without adding some pressure from the Church and even from the Seers Family (especially from the Father or Mother of the seers) regarding some sensitive details given by our Lady about for example the future of the Church or the Papacy…etc… other words, the more important with Garabandal are only the 2 Messages given to the World and the 3 main Prophesied Events, the Warning, the Great Miracle and The Chastisement, that’s all, the rest is not important at all and the Faithful must understand it once and for all, this will avoid this kind of video below, knowing that the enemies of the Lady of the Carmel already existed during the Apparitions as they will surely exist even after the Warning, thank you.

      • Dear Aviso,

        Thank you for your “inside information” and your point of view. Something must have occurred in the village of Garabandal unknown to the world that the people there conclude that the Joey Lomangino Prophecy is false. I respect that you were asked not to speak about it.

        You raise a good point about the Cult of the Personality syndrome with respect to Conchita, although I don’t think of Conchita this way. As an aside, the Cult of the Personality is very much alive in places like North Korea, even in America with Trump worship, but above all, it is still alive in Russia with Vladimir Putin holding the number one spot. This is my observation, and mine alone, it is not intended to criticize anyone who has views different to mine.

        As far as I am aware, Conchita is the only one of the four seers who kept a diary that is contemporaneous with the apparitions of Our Blessed Virgin Mother. To me the letter that Conchita sent to Joey Lomangino in 1964 is Primary Evidence, it is a historical document. From an Historian’s perspective, this is a valuable historical document. But I do not see it as a document that places the burden of proof on Our Blessed Virgin Mother in terms of its accuracy.

        You are correct when you say that humans make mistakes. So I want all to know that if Joey Lomangino is not returned to life in the flesh, that is, resurrected on the Day of the Miracle with new eyes to witness the Miracle, then it is my mistake, and my mistake alone.

        Furthermore, it will not affect my faith, and it will not change the way I feel about Our Blessed Virgin Mother with the love I have for her.

        God has a way of closing doors, but also opening windows, balancing things out.

        I do believe there will be pleasant surprises for many people on Miracle Day, but also horrors for many other people, such as the apostates, the pretend Christians, and the atheists in the world.

        I have nothing more to add on this topic. God bless you.

        F & T in Christ

      • Dear Domenico,

        The letter about Joey Lomangino sent to him by Conchita has not any historical value, this is a private letter only, that document is not in the Archive sent to rome about the Apparitions as not related, Conchita’s Diary as well, not any historical value as not requested from the Lady but advised to the Seer by a Priest, so an interesting document for sure but Nothing else, I am sorry but those are facts.

    • Mae, If he is raised from the dead then who cares if he gets his sight back or not?

      It’s not like skeptics are going to say, “God lied, because he resurrected Joey still blind”.

      That’s not going to happen. Nor was it predicted to happen.

      • I didn’t mean to imply nor ever said Joey would be raised from the dead blind. Obviously, there would be no reason for Him to be. I also made it clear that I wasn’t attempting to rescue a “failed” prophecy, as much remind us all that prophecies many times are fulfilled in ways other than originally thought. The problem usually isn’t the prophecy, it’s people “forcing” a certain interpretation on them.

      • Aviso Hi This was a personal visit by Conchita. So very little is known about her visit to Garabandal. An Australian Garabandal Member met her at Garabandal during May 2017 and he was present at the Mass at St Patrick’s Church in Kerang last Sunday. Maria drove from the end of the Mass for I arrived by Bus towards end of Mass. Maria told me they were waiting for me to give me Holy Communion and sang Happy Birthday to me. Maria also told me that Des Doyle met Conchita in Garabandal during May 2017. I spent three days at Garabandal in June 2015 and had a small healing. Later I assisted a very sick lady on a trolley during the nternational Mass at Lourdes. Aviso this is to confirm Conchita’s visit to her own home at Garabandal May 2017. My email address shows the Holy Pines or the details of the Garabandal area.

      • Dear Charles,

        According to a good Friend who is currently in Garabandal, Conchita was not in the village last May as you are telling, so you have been badly informed, thank you.

  12. “Conchita misinterpreted our Lady’s Prophecy”.

    No kidding. I’d like to know what Our Lady actually said such that you could misinterpret it into “Joey will get his eyesight back miraculously on the Day of The Miracle”.

    • A Former disappointed Garabandalist Probably ? for your information, Conchita made some other misinterpretations, the most famous one is about Saint Pio who suppose to see the Great Miracle as well, he saw it and we have all the évidences but not on the D Day (the Day of the Great Miracle) but just before his death, probably like Joe Lomangino…etc….

      • Did she misinterpret the Warning, Miracle, permanent sign? Does 8 days before mean 8 days? Who knows? Perhaps she misinterpreted it after all.

        She said, on video, decades ago, that the events would happen “when her children were still children”. But they are no longer children. So she misinterpreted that too. But since she knows the date of the miracle how is such a misinterpretation possible? How could Conchita imagine that her children could still be children in 2018 of beyond when she is over 60.

        Either she doesn’t know the date or she cannot do basic arithmetic.

        How many misinterpretations need to happen before we can’t assume anything she prophesied was correct?

      • OK, when Conchita said that the events would happen “when her children were still children”? please provide the video till then you will not be able to comment, provide the Video and I will publish your comment, thanks.

      • Well said, Aviso. Conchita never said that the events would happen being her children still children. What she said was that she thought that the chastisement would happen in the life of her children. I have heard this statement several times and it seems to me that it is an assumption or intuition by her part and not a real knowledge of when the chastisement will occur. She always said that she knows the date of the miracle and as far as I know (through her closest relatives) she has not changed her mind. She also said that by the time of the miracle very few people would believe. Many more will come up with thoughts like the ones expressed by these readers and unbelief in Garabandal will grow…. Everything is happening as she announced.

    • Dear Greg & Anonymous,

      Statements can have more than one meaning. This is where the confusion lies.The meaning is usually determined by the context. In Conchita’s case, our Blessed Virgin Mary transmitted to Conchita various comments (statements), However, the statements do not come with any context. It is us Humans, with our preconceptions that we fill in the blanks according to our understanding.

      Let me give you an example. If I was to make the following comment, “I love sport”, how would you understand this concept?

      I can, in fact, give you three interpretations;

      1) I love playing sport.
      2) I love watching sport.
      3) I love playing and watching sport.

      So which interpretation is it? Well it depends on the context. For example, if I was playing football and said “I love sport”, then it is obvious that I am referring to playing sport. If I was watching sport on the television and I said “I love sport”, and I have a beer gut too, then I am referring to watching sport, not playing it. Then, if I am at a sporting event and I have just finished playing football, but remain behind as a spectator to watch another soccer match, if I said “I love sport”, from the context I can tell that I am talking about watching and playing sport. You see?

      Now, regarding Conchita’s statement that Padre will see the Miracle. Human preconceptions make the assumption that Padre Pio will remain alive long enough to see the Miracle, at the same time as the rest of us. So when Padre Pio dies, already in the internet and News many commentators will state that Garabandal is a failed prophecy. As it turns out, before his death Padre Pio told his colleagues that he saw the vision of the Miracle, and that it was wonderful. How is this possible? Well our Blessed Virgin Mother Mary made it possible of course by her direct intervention. You see?

      Now regarding Conchita’s statement that Joey Lomangino will receive new eyes at the time of the Miracle so that he can see the miracle. Well, Joey Lomangino has died and again the Media states that Garabandal is a failed prophecy. Ye of little faith! I have written about this in a previous post. And I do not believe that Conchita’s statement is incorrect. It is the context that we are not aware of.

      For example, consider the Gospel according to John about the death of Lazarus:

      Joh 11:23 Jesus said to her, “Your brother shall rise again.”
      Joh 11:24 Martha said to him, “I know that he shall rise again, at the resurrection on the last day.”

      As you can see, Martha makes the assumption that Lazarus will rise again at the resurrection on the last day, along with the rest of us (if we are chosen). If is impossible for here to see any other alternative. However, Jesus performs the Miracle of bringing Lazarus back to life, even when Lazarus was dead for four days and his flesh had already started rotting. Thus, it is all in the context. Martha’s context and Jesus’s context were different with the statement Jesus made (Jesus said to her, “Your brother shall rise again.” )

      Therefore, I see no discrepancies with Garabandal. But I do see many other people who do not see (even though they have eyes). You see?

      F & T in Christ

      • ~Utter nonsense.

        An interview in her own words. Watch and learn.

        35 seconds into the video below Conchita says. He will “regain his sight and REMAIN CURED”.

        So let’s put this “spiritual eyes in Heaven” nonsense to bed. Here you have the main seer herself telling the interviewer things that necessitate a living breathing Joey Lomangino. You cannot remain cured if you are dead.

      • Hi Greg, those are the words from Conchita in your Video from second 35 :

        “For example, God says Joey Lomangino will regain his sights and the first thing he will see will be the Miracle and he will remain cured”

        My Comment : Here she uses the name of God then she says : “The first thing he will see will be the Miracle and he will remain cured”, so when Joey Lomangino will be cured ? for years many as you probably, thought he will be cured the Day of the Miracle, probably even Conchita also thought so but not in the village, at least not me and some other in Garabandal, I have been myself and I talked about it online, informed from 2010 that this Prophecy of Joey Lomangino’s eyes, by the way none of the other seers had ever talked about it as Garabandal had 4 Seers and not only one as some would like or might think wrongly, so this Prophecy about Joey was a wrong interpretation from the Seer, she made exactly the same mistake with Padre Pio and to be fair, you should have reminded it as well, so our Lady of the Carmel and now we know (so not God,says but our Lady says, another misunderstood probably due to memory) was talking about Spiritual Vision and there is not any other possible explanation, my mistake but I was not allowed, I should talked about it online more clearly when I was informed myself, today I still regret it but I said several times that Garabandal is not the Garabandal seers or Joey Lomangino, Father Andrew…etc….these Great People are only choosen from Heaven for the Glory of God de facto with their quality and weakness

        About the same topic, Below from Joey Lomangino’s web site :

        Dear Joey: Today at the pines in a locution the Blessed Virgin told me to tell you, you will receive new eyes on the day of the Great Miracle. . .*

        Conchita has further explained that her understanding of the Virgin’s term “new eyes” is eyes as we know them, not necessarily spiritual vision and that Joey’s new eyes “are to be used for the Glory of God”. (Garabandal special issue 1996, Page 1)

        My Comment : Here she uses the name of our Lady but we also learn and this is an important detail, “Conchita has further explained that her understanding of the Virgin’s term” : That means how she understood the words of our Lady so “new eyes is eyes as we know them”, in other words this is what she understood only and probably not confirmed by our Lady, indeed she still adds NOT NECESSARILY SPIRITUAL VISION (If she was sure she would not have needed to add this detail de facto she was not), so Not necessarily can also mean maybe it is the case and today we know that our Lady was talking about Spiritual Vision only, probably for the Glory of God and the Garabandal Cause for which Joey Lomangino was the World Champion for years, below another World Champion who knew Joey as well, let’s listen him talking about this case and may his faith to our Lady of the Carmel be an example for all of us :

      • Dear Greg,

        I presume the “utter nonsense” comment was directed at me. How sad!. You either have poor comprehension skills or you are deliberately insulting the Blessed Virgin Mother Mary and Jesus Christ himself. With Jesus Christ everything is possible. He demonstrated that in the Gospels. Thus, I am not talking about spiritual vision at all. There is a reason I made reference to the Lazarus story from the Gospels (John). It is to demonstrate that on the day of the Miracle Joey Lomangino will be brought back to life in the flesh, with new eyes, and thus his vision will be restored. Thus, the promise of our Blessed Virgin Mother Mary will be kept and the prophecy of Conchita with regards to Joey Lomangino will be fulfilled. The context for this act has not presented itself yet.

        Other believers consider that Joey Lomangino’s restored vision is spiritual vision, and that is okay too (although less miraculous).

        F & T in Christ

  13. God have mercy on your children please! I love you Conchita wherever you may be, Thank you so much for your love and obedience for God in dellivering the message to us. I want so much to hear from or about you today, but I understand that is not where my focus should be at this time, thanks to your very clear and heart felt testimony of the the miracle and of what God expects of us.. Thank you so much! I pray for strength and faith, Conchita you are an amazing example of these two qualities and the joy and pure beauty that they bring……. I love God, I know Jesus Christ is our redeemer and I hope and pray that I may return home to him again someday… And surely there will be an angel beside him with a name we recognize and love, Conchita!

  14. The girls said Padre Pi would see the “miracle” , and the man (think his name was Joey? )would be cured of his blindness. They both have died without
    rophecies” coming true. This concerns me, if this was from heaven, the promised events would have taken place. Correct me if I am wrong.

    • Hi Ellen,

      Saint Pio saw the Great Miracle before his death, about Joey Lomangino, Conchita misinterpreted our Lady’s Prophecy, also none of the 3 other Garabandal seers had never talked about it, this possibility was known to me years before Joey’s went to God as indicated online in one of my article as confirmed to me in the village of Garabandal via many different sources for years.

      • Hi Aviso: I think that it would be good to spread a notice from your blog
        for those people who are planning to go to Garabandal the next April 13.
        It has been spread again the false rumour that in that date the miracle will
        occur. Conchita has strongly suggested a couple of days ago that the miracle
        will not occur this year. Therefore, it would be good for those who have reserved
        accomodation in the Garabandal surroundings (everything is full now up to
        the town of Comillas) that they don’t need to spend their money uselessly
        and keep it for a future time.

    • Padre Pio did see a vision of the miracle before he died. Look up Padre Pio and Garabandal and you will be uplifted. I assume the same for Joey.

  15. (per ex : 1 single missing mass = Mortal sin….etc..)

    Hope the above one states about missing Mass on Holy Day of Obligation.

    • New to this, so please excuse my awe at actually hearing about Conchita doing normal stuff , I really thought that she was just so detached from this in later years as all the interviews were so long ago on line . Since I watched all she said with such conviction not even knowing of garabandal myself until a few months ago, well she has brought me back to my faith sir with a renewed vigure to want to lead a better life , and to show my son how to lead a better life praying to our holy father and beautiful holy mother queen of peace. Thank you Aviso sir for being able to read that you both talk ,

      Sincerest regards Bernard

    • I found very hard to believe it is a mortal sin to miss a Sunday Mass for many years until I got an answer from Padre Pio by reading his true story. I have missed the Holy Mass countless times. I am very grateful for Our Lady who saved me.

  16. You didn’t respond to my earlier post questioning certain aspects of garabandal and you also took down
    my query about JP2’s advice to a lady worried about the state of the church and the reply following…
    You seem so convinced by your own belief which I could admire if you would respond to my challenges and
    try to raise me to the same level of conviction. As I said in my earlier post I would love to believe….

    • Edward Peter H. Your comments are not deleted by Aviso, you are looking in the wrong place. Try ‘Garabandal Latest News’ 06/26/16, not ‘Conchita of Garabandal Latest News.’


  17. Dear Sir , I hope you do not find me rude in any way because I do truly believe and know that our lady did truly give these messages to madam Conchita and the girls , I feel like asking you the same old question you probably get thousands of times over and over , what if , but I think it’s a test of faith in all of us to believe no matter what . And I join you in asking for our holy father to please have mercy on us all .

    Sincerest regards Bernard

    • No Bernard, there is no if, doubts are impossible not because I want but because of facts, Garabandal represents to me, probably the most important Marian Apparition in the history of the Catholic Church, in my opinion much more than Fatima, Garabandal will be known around the world after the Prophetic events until the end of this World, the sign from God left there after the Great Miracle will remain there forever, keep these words from me, no possible doubt unfortunately for many.

      • Thank you sir , both for your kind words and your prompt reply , may our holy mother and father bless you and your family .

        Sincerest regards


  18. Today I discovered this wonderful site thanks to a post from Deacon John. Thank you for the time and effort you put into this, I can’t wait to plough through it all. I very much enjoyed the video compilation on Fr Kramer., most of which I had seen before but wonderful to have so many excerpts put together. I visited Garabandal in 2012 With my husband and mother in law…a truly wonderful experience. God bless you from England

  19. My conclusion after wading through the latest contributions: Humility is the hallmark of Wisdom. Intellectualism is not.

    • Hi John, from a great supporter of the so called “Book of Garabandal”, I call it myself “the Book of mistakes”, I did not expect more, to me the greatest humility is also the Truth, as I told to many of you, there are 2 Schools in Garabandal, the School of Books and the School of Carmel, thanks to the School of Books with their famous mistakes, they sent most of the Garabandal Faithful to Medjugorje as they told me in the village, you know there in Yougoslavia, where they are still waiting for the famous 10 secrets from the Gospa, in fact 60 secrets as each so called “visionary” has 10 secrets from “Heaven” according to them and so on,

      I think to have a good “team” around me but if one of them tells me one day, Aviso you are too Proud and with a lack of humility then I will leave the Garabandal Cause to the Garabandal books only, hopefuly it will not remain in Garabandal then villagers only, so thanks again for your comment.

      • Thanks Aviso. Nice to hear from you again. The Holy Virgins messages given at Garabandal are sufficiently clear as to require no further clarification. No amount of lofty analysis; however well intended can add to what has already been conveyed to us by the visionaries. Joey Lomangino once reminded us of the need to avoid confusing the issue. I commend his advice to all who are seeking answers elsewhere.

      • Well John, nice to hear from you again as well, if we listen your advice, there would not be any faithful of Garabandal since the “death” of Joey Lomangino in 2014 anymore, this is what I was telling you, the School of Books, after having emptied the Garabandal Pines because of their incompetence,, most having never been in the village in their life, reading 1 or 2 Garabandal books and playing with the Lady’s of Carmel prophecies update after update, sending de facto the pool of our faithful to I don’t know which any new “visionary” and they still want to give some advice, so please keep your advice for the Garabandal books supporters only and wait for the Garabandal Miracle on your TV, thanks.

    • No Marie, I have not any other blog in French or in Spanish, this is the only one, in fact the second one, I had to close the first one for different reasons, there is not any other Aviso, some tried to hack my name and to talk Under my name online but this is not from me, this blog in English already takes me many time (as English is not my own language), my wife keep complaining because of this precious time used to feed this blog, to answer to different questions and my mail box is full most of the time, I keep telling her that I owe my Baptism to the Lady of Carmel but she keep complaining, so as Joe I will off now but stay tuned my next article should be (depend of my time) about Garabandal and the Sign left by my son.

  20. Well Joe, first I don’t think you are not a man of great intellect, on the contrary then this is what I said to you, this is a pure speculation from Glenn as from you, not to my knowledge from our Lady of Mount Carmel, just be aware of the Syndrome of the “Divine will”, the so called “new revelation” spreading like the plague.

  21. Hi Joe, I am trying to keep the best possible relation with our good friend Glenn, his work on my thread “Garabandal News” there is important and respectable, I need him and we need him as our Lady of the Carmel, unfortunately I had to correct him in the past as well, these few words about sins cannot be from the Lady of Carmel and to me even from the main seer, probably another incomprehension as this is incompatible with the Catechism of the Catholic Church, de facto this is not from the Mother of God, Impossible simple as that :

    Catechism :

    Only God forgives sin

    1441 Only God forgives sins.39 Since he is the Son of God, Jesus says of himself, “The Son of man has authority on earth to forgive sins” and exercises this divine power: “Your sins are forgiven.”40 Further, by virtue of his divine authority he gives this power to men to exercise in his name.41

    1442 Christ has willed that in her prayer and life and action his whole Church should be the sign and instrument of the forgiveness and reconciliation that he acquired for us at the price of his blood. But he entrusted the exercise of the power of absolution to the apostolic ministry which he charged with the “ministry of reconciliation.”42 The apostle is sent out “on behalf of Christ” with “God making his appeal” through him and pleading: “Be reconciled to God.”43

    In short if confirmed, this is probably Glenn Hudson opinion only, Nothing less and Nothing more, if we believe that, if we believe that the Warning will show or educate us even about our confessed and absolved sins forgiven during a valid confession then since the 60’s (Garabandal time) the divine authority given from the Lord to men (via his Catholic Church, ) to exercise in his name the Sacrament of Reconciliation might not be valid, de facto you end in heresy…… and this should be corrected by the author as soon as possible, during the Warning God will not educate us about which sins is more or less condemnable to him, we already have the Catechism and the Church for that.

    So what we know about the Warning and for sure, it’s a Purification, this unique event concern each one of us, Catholics or not, a difficult and terrible moment, an agony moment, between any souls and his Creator, confessed and absolved sins (made during a valid confession) will not be shown, this is mainly for Catholics, for the others, that is to say the majority of this World, de facto none of them knew or went to any Confession during their life, for different reasons (other religion, atheism….etc…..), their sins shown to them by God will be insupportable, some will probably die as indicated by the seers, some will convert directly, some will continue in their sins and so on….Catholics will not be spared, especially those having had Communion in sinful state or having sinful life (per ex : 1 single missing mass = Mortal sin….etc..)….etc… the time of the warning, God will show us also effect of our sins on the other, evil and good of our actions….etc…a face to face between the Soul and the God of Justice during approx.. 5 to 10 minutes, probably impossible for anyone to support more with also our judjement during and at the time of the warning as to : hell (probably the majority), purgatory (the rest) or Heaven (very few), no one should wait for this terrible event but on the contrary better be ready.

    Conchita about the Warning :

    « May the Virgin forgive me if I do not explain it the way it is »

  22. Hi Joe, always pleased to have some news from you, below my replies to your questions :

    Thank you too Aviso for your words from Conchita as given to your friend. Correct me if I am wrong but was it not Bastiano who graced us with the last words of Conchita on Pope Francis when she reminded us that our salvation is in his hands?

    Aviso : Yes Bastiano questioned Conchita about the Pope, Salvation is in the hands of Peter, this was the meaning of the main Garabandal seer, I added myself the name of the Pope as Pope Francis, as to my knowledge he is the Pope

    Keeping those precious words in mind may I ask you what your reaction would be if Pope Francis confirmed that The Blessed Mother truly appeared in Medjugorje? Would you accept his ruling?

    Aviso : Medjugorje is false Joe, this is not our Lady there, I told it to you several times, Medjugorje is in the hands of Cardinal Muller, Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith and according to my information, already condemned but the Pope must sign the conclusion, this should be the last step but if Pope Francis confirmed that the Blessed Mother truly appeared in Medjugorje, I will of course accept his ruling but between us no chance unfortunately for my good Medjugorjist friends, many are also in contact with me and they have all my Respect as well as they know.

    The last part of your comment made smile and reminded me of my old dad. He attended several garden parties with the Queen and was find of joking “There is one thing the dear Queen and I have in common, an aversion to name droppers.” He actually lived his association with the queen.

    Aviso : Sorry but you know my English, so I did not understood the meaning of these words about your Father, we will Pray for him as for mine, Fathers are important as Mothers, mine had the blessing to share the same blad that Mother Teresa (by the way a Great Garabandalist), during my Childwood, they talked to me about our Futur Saint several times, unfortunately I cannot give more details, I was ready recently but I am worry about my Popularity and usually I run away from any compliments, “some secrets” are also a part of my life and this will not change for the moment as it’s not the time yet

    Again correct me if I am wrong but was not The Warning also described by the original seers as a correction of conscience?

    Aviso : Yes correction of Conscience but not illumination, as we now the devil is always in the détails

    According to Conchita’s closest friend she recently confirmed it as an education about our sin.

    Aviso : Who is Conchita’s closest friend ? the rest is not Catholic, God do not educate us about our Sins (this is an heresy) but via his Church correct them via the Teachings of the Church, Catechism and of course with Confession, any sins (especially Mortal ones) confessed and absolves are forgiven and the Warning will not change this fact, it’s why I keep insisting by reminding to all of you to make a confession as often as possible, in my case each month some each week but at least once a month, this is very important especially during the current time

    As for Charlie, I still regard him as a good friend and a good man. I do not, however, give him the same regard as I do Conchita and the understanding she has given us of events to come when it comes to Garabandal. I find myself being pulled in many directions these days but my anchor is always the original witness of the seers and the understanding they impart. Charlie actually hopes it will all come true according to popular interpretation of the witness. He says it will make life a lot easier for him.

    Aviso : I already gave my opinion about M. Johnston and will not add anything else, you are free to have any friends, I will not hesitate to correct again and if necessary anyone else falsifying the Garabandal Prophecies from any supposed Angel or not, you are known also to run in many directions and I told you many times to stay with Garabandal, the, Charlie Johnston, our Lady of all Nations….etc…hopefully you will not end with Medjugorje as well, I am your Friend and will always be open to give you my opinion if requested then you are of course free to share it or not.

    Again, correct me if I am wrong but have there not been times when you have been questioning of the understanding of Conchita? I do not say you have ever doubted her witness but the understanding she had of certain revelations given to her. I may be wrong in this so please speak plainly and put me right.

    Aviso : Right, I questioned Conchita’s understanding sometimes, she made few mistakes of interpretation but this is completely normal and the case of many different true Seers, we saw it with Padre Pio and recently with Joey Lomangino, she also kept reminding us that sometimes she does not remember the exact sentence of the Lady of Carmel due to the Years, this has been confirmed to me by many others in the village as well, it was the same case for the other Garabandal seers, nothing wrong here, it’s why Garabandal should not be interpreted by someone without the necessary knowledge and any main informations must be checked even double checked there at the source, in the village with eyewitnesses, families of the seers and so on, books are not enough, many unfortunately mixed the opinion of the Author and the Reality, this is one of the main reason of the lost of thousands and thousands Garabandal Faithful, the best example is the so called “Book of Garabandal” to avoid at all cost as I indicated it myself several times.

    What I do know without doubt is that none of us has the whole story. We have enough but more will be revealed. For me it will always be The Messages, the prophesies as given and the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart.

    Aviso : Right Joe, I share completely your opinion, let me add that the Triumph is closed, stay with us and we will meet each other at the Pines, to me quite soon now.

    Thanks again for your questions, so let me use your comment and my replies for all our readers, probably many will be interested, by the way I will be always open even if some opinions are not mine, to any questions about Garabandal, as long as Respect is available between all of us, I am your Friend, stay tuned.

  23. Yes. That is correct about Our Lady having the mystical Holy wounds. She wanted to swap Jesus to die on the cross, but Eternal Father wanted Jesus as God to die for us. I read the brilliant book namely THE MYSTICAL CITY OF GOD BY SR M AGREDA.

  24. Thank you for continuing to keep the Garabandal story alive and for your updates and reflections. My life was turned around some 34 years ago when I watched the BBC Everyman program in which Conchita explained all that had taken place. When I say turned around, I mean saved from the path to perdition. Having taken to heart the truth of the messages and followed the Blessed Virgin’s advice to pray the Rosary daily and visit the Blessed Sacrament regularly, I eventually began to experience the Love of God as a tangible experience, one I wanted to share because for me God came so alive I could not contain the wonder I was discovering. Unfortunately my sharing such a realisation with others was rarely received well and caused me some degree of pain and humiliation, but all was in the hands of the Blessed Virgin and served to deepen my faith. I am sad to say that still today I continue to encounter intolerance and indifference when ever the topic is raised so for the most part I remain quiet and do my best to stay faithful to the call of daily conversion. Having read a lot of content on your web page, I would like, to share two particular spiritual experiences that I believe have meaning in the context of current history. Both were dreams a couple of years apart that took place in the early days of my conversion. They are today as vivid as they were then. In one I was saying the Holy Rosary and the Blessed Virgin appeared standing slightly above the ground. I was not permitted to see Her face, but I saw her radiance Her white dress and blue shawl. The blessed Virgin held out Her hands toward me and on the palms I saw the wounds of crucifixion. I immediately doubted the experience, as I did and in reaction as if to reassure me the Blessed Virgin turned her hands over to prove the holes went right through. No words were spoken, but I was left in no doubt of the authenticity of the experience. Some years later whilst studying with the Fransiscans Friars Minor I learned of the cause of Co-Redemptorix. The dream now made perfect sense, I witnessed a Theology represented in the wounds that passed through Our Holy Mother’s hands. I look, forward with eager anticipation the day the Magisterium announces the Dogma of Co-Redemptorix. My second is more disturbing. I saw in the midday summer sky the sun and near to it but slightly lower a second sun appeared of the same size and intensity. The atmosphere soon became filled with a haze, like steam from a boiling kettle in every direction. I heard a voice explain this episode as the ‘Great Evaporation.’ The water in the seas and the rivers was disappearing and people were suffering from terrible sores and dehydration. This seemed to go on for some time until there was virtually no water on earth. Then I saw what looked like a third sun appear in the summer sky, it was very large dwarfing the other two but looked less solid and brilliant. When it appeared the second sun fell to the earth and seemed to hit the horizon. When it did any water remaining on earth turned to the color of blood. I heard a voice explain this is the blood of the martyrs. I knew then that this represented an end to come. I have shared these two vivid experiences with very few people and personally I take them as part of my journey of faith rather than anything that is meant for a wider audience, but for some reason I feel compelled to share them with you today. I hope you continue in your apostolate of Garabandal. I have no doubts as to the truth of the events and the mystery of the revelations and prophesies. I only hope that humanities suffering will be lessened through the will of Divine Mercy rather than as we deserve according to Divine Justice. God bless you and all contributors to your good work


    • Thanks for your comment Peter, your Dreams are interested, the last one reminds me the Garabandal Chastisement, may God have Mercy for all of us.

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