What about Charlie Johnston ?

Alleged Visionary Charlie Johnston Continues Ministry, Despite Denver Archdiocese Ban

Charlie Johnston

Catholic leaders stress the need for prudence and caution regarding Johnston’s unsubstantiated claims and prophecies

“God loves the ordinary. So do I, and so should you. That’s just a simple fact.”

That’s how Charlie Johnston began a presentation in Birmingham, Ala., last summer. Then he went on to recount conversations he has allegedly had since he was a young boy with his guardian angel about a grave crisis that will happen in his lifetime — a crisis he says has already begun.

“We are given these things as sort of mileposts, so that when they come to pass, we see the hand of God in them — and that, really, is what I do. I’m not trying to convince anybody of anything except to acknowledge God, take the next right step and be a sign of hope to those around them,” said Johnston of his unusual message.

“I am here to inform people because they’ll remember it. It is kind of memorable, when somebody tells you, ‘An angel told me this.’ … When those things happen, they’ll see the hand of God behind it; and instead of panicking, instead of becoming part of the chaos, they’ll be part of helping other people.”

According to his blog, The Next Right Step, Johnston is a political consultant and a former radio host and newspaper editor. Through his blog and speaking engagements, he has garnered a considerable audience around the United States — so much so that Denver Archbishop Samuel Aquila, the bishop who oversees the archdiocese where Johnston lives, received enough inquiries that he decided to launch a preliminary investigation into the content of Johnston’s writings and presentations.

The Archdiocese of Denver released a statement on March 7 concerning the alleged visionary. It contained a warning from Archbishop Aquila for Catholics “to exercise prudence and caution in regards to Mr. Charlie Johnston’s alleged divine visions and messages.” The statement also announced that Johnston would not be approved as a speaker in the Archdiocese of Denver.

“Mr. Johnston claims to have received both visions and messages from the Blessed Mother, the archangel Gabriel and other saints since he was young,” the report explained. “According to Mr. Johnston, the purpose of these visits was to train him to serve as a messenger for God and strengthen the faithful, particularly during a time of economic and moral upheaval, which he refers to as ‘The Storm.’

“Johnston insists in writing and during his talks that the ‘prophetic’ parts of his message are not essential and should not be the focus of those who follow him. However, it appears that those same predictions are what attract new followers to his message and give them a sense of urgency and zeal.”

Archbishop Aquila noted in the report that there is a danger for people in terms of putting “greater faith in a prediction than in Christ’s words and promises.”


Reaction to Archdiocese’s Report

On the day the report was released, Johnston interpreted it on his blog as “permission” to continue, claiming the archbishop simply was exercising prudence.

To those who took the statement as an instruction to “turn off the lights,” Johnston responded, “I am enjoying letting the sourpusses expose themselves for lacking the most basic knowledge of ‘Churchspeak.’” He pointed to Bishop René Gracida of Corpus Christi, Texas, as publicly congratulating him for a positive outcome. When contacted by the Register, the 92-year-old bishop, who retired in 1997, said that his support is for Johnston’s “zealous witness to the Catholic faith” but “not with regard to his private revelations.”

David Uebbing, chancellor for the Archdiocese of Denver, told the Register, “The official statement of the archbishop stands on its own, apart from Mr. Johnston’s interpretation, and should be considered in its entirety.” He explained, “The archdiocese does not allow the propagation of messages or visions without certitude that they are from God, which requires a much longer process involving analysis by experts from outside the archdiocese.”

Johnston continues to write extensively on his blog. His repeated theme — “acknowledge God, take the next right step, and be a sign of hope” — is mixed with prophecy and personal reflections. Johnston’s predictions include warnings of civil war worldwide, cancellation of the U.S. presidential election in November 2016 and a claim that President Barack Obama will not finish his second term. He also predicted last year, in a two-part series, that the U.S. government was planning to round up conservative Christians and other citizens into detention camps. According to Johnston, God has appointed him to guide Americans through this turmoil to a rescue that will come in late 2017, when the Immaculate Heart of Mary visibly saves the world.


Having an Effect

Although Johnston continues to generate speaking events, the ban in his own archdiocese is having an effect. In March, Relevant Radio canceled an interview with Johnston. A spokesperson for the station explained, “Relevant Radio supports and abides by the prudent decision of the Archdiocese of Denver.”

Last fall, EWTN radio host Patrick Madrid interviewed Johnston in response to his popularity, but stated in an interview with the Register that he would not do so again. “As Archbishop Aquila has so wisely advised, the danger is that people can get off course.”

The report has also influenced bishops across the country. Bishop David Kagan of the Diocese of Bismarck, N.D., commented that bishops pay attention to one another. “I would not allow this person to speak on any religious subject in the Diocese of Bismarck, since it is clear that his activities in Denver and elsewhere have caused confusion among the Catholic faithful,” he told the Register.

In the Diocese of Springfield, Ill., Bishop Thomas Paprocki told the Register, “Since Mr. Johnston will not be approved as a speaker in the Archdiocese of Denver, neither will he be approved as a speaker in the Diocese of Springfield in Illinois. The faithful should seek their security in Jesus Christ, the sacraments and the Scriptures.”


Caution to the Faithful

Michael O’Neill, author and creator of MiracleHunter.com, who often talks about visionaries on his radio program, pointed out that the Archdiocese of Denver statement is not a condemnation and does not prohibit the faithful from following Johnston.

“It does not assess whether or not it is a supernatural event, but instead urges caution, in order that the faithful might keep their focus on an authentic practice of the faith, keeping the words and works of Jesus Christ, as given to us by sacred Scripture and Tradition, as the center of our faith,” he told the Register.

Nonetheless, O’Neill acknowledged that, given the plethora of beautiful devotions already present in the Catholic faith, it seems sensible to treat such claims with an appropriate level of cautious skepticism. He added, “Such prophecy does, however, provide a good backdrop for being ready and keeping our souls in the state of grace, for ‘you know neither the day nor the hour’ (Matthew 25:13).”

Kevin O’Brien, blogger and founder of Theater of the World Inc., has warned Catholics against following Johnston, calling his predictions “patent nonsense” that give him “a cult status among gullible Catholics.”

Last summer, after “hearing about Johnston from all corners of Catholicism,” O’Brien investigated and wrote about his findings. He pointed out several failed prophecies and gave evidence, using Johnston’s Facebook posts, that his claim to have walked 3,200 miles across the country was false. O’Brien said in his blog that his concern is that Johnston’s followers are falling prey to a morbid curiosity and a desire for more than what we have, “which is the presence of Jesus Christ himself and his Spirit and access to his Father as adopted children.”

Father Pacwa

EWTN host Father Mitch Pacwa was present at a 2015 talk by Johnston that was widely circulated on the Internet. Some viewers have taken Father Pacwa’s presence at the talk as an implicit endorsement of Johnston. But Father Pacwa explained to the Register that he had attended the talk only out of curiosity and has never endorsed Johnston.

Father Pacwa said that he too has great concern for the state of the world, but stressed, “Our goal must be to be faithful to our blessed Lord and to call our people to be faithful to Our Lord, his Gospel and his Church, no matter what a visionary might say or not.”

Source : http://www.ncregister.com/daily-news/alleged-visionary-charlie-johnston-continues-ministry-despite-denver-archdi/

My Comment : How many of you have contacted me about this Alleged Visionary Charlie Johnson ? so let me use this article to finaly give you also my opinion in Public as below :

Whenever I read from any alleged Visionary that Medjugorje is a continuation of Fatima as indicated by M. Johnson or Medjugorje is a true Apparition of our Lady and so on, personnaly I run away and I suggest you to do the same as well.

But today April 29, 1 year ago, we lost, to me probably a futur Saint, Father Gruner precisely known around the world as the Fatima Priest, I still remember, I was sleeping (Paris Time) when in the middle of the night, I was informed, so in his memory, I will let him to finish my comment himself :




34 thoughts on “What about Charlie Johnston ?

  1. Charlie has banned me from his blog site for daring to question him on his prophesy that there will be no inauguration on the 20th.
    He has a cult like following on his blog site that will attack your character as well if you do anything other than kiss his rear. I have been called an idiot twice by his cult like followers as Charlie has backed them up. He has been Setting up a safety net for when he is wrong about the inauguration and still says you should believe in the rescue in 2017 even if obama finishes his term without a hitch. All I can figure is that he never got the attention as a child he yearned for and has now resorted to making up elaborate stories in the name of God to get people to pay him the attention that he has been so desperate for his whole life. His cult followers are also a sad lot of people that so desperately want to believe in something that they have made Charlie thier God. In thier minds this guy literally can do no wrong.

    • Hi Joe, how are you ? for this Charlie you know my opinion but between us, try to not be banned everywhere, if it’s the case there is maybe a problem with you, just the advice from a friend.

      • Hi Aviso its not a problem with Joe because Charlie was very nasty with me when I queried Medjugorje and the seers lavish lifestyles and was told I will be judged for smearing them. When other membrers on his forum took his side I said did you not read what I said? Charlie told me I was insulting the girl and I would have to go!! I left of my own accord.

  2. Aviso, I seriously wish you had not brought this person into your blog. He infects every blog and then he pops up in the conversation on his authenticity. It is so annoying. I guess he thinks the Holy Spirit isn’t capable of stirring our hearts to repentance. He thinks if the Archbishop says, not in my diocese….he has to fight back like a little brat. Please don’t give him the time of day. His presence has ruined many a blog and surely it doesn’t need to ruin yours. Consider this….you have a child and your child wants to watch a movie that you don’t like. You say to your child, “Honey, I don’t think that movie is good for you. You can’t watch it.” Then your child goes to a friend’s house and watches the movie there. Are you happy with that child? No! you feel like they disobeyed your authority. Your child found a technicality to ‘get around’ what you said about the movie. Same goes for the people of Denver. Mr. Johnston is not an approved speaker for the Archdiocese of Denver but Mr. Johnston can show up at another venue and talk there. Would the Archbishop be proud of his flock for ‘skirting the rules’ to hear Mr. Johnston speak? Please, Aviso, give no more attention to this glory hog. Peace be with you, From the States

  3. MDM is banned by Our Catholic Church. She has committed a gravest sin against God and misused the name of Divine Mercy. She is greatly responisble for many souls. She did it out of her greed. I shudder to think about her. Let us to pray for many false seers because their actions are very serious against God.

  4. Dear Joe. I m not sure if I have misunderstood you. I agree with all you raised about Medjugorie and Charlie. You mentioned that Charlie follows the pope, or something similar to add weight to your argument. The video above explains that you cannot promote other religions as equal to the One True Catholic Truth. I was suggesting that if this is a consideration in calling Medjugorie or Charlie for that matter ‘heretical’ then the pope’s own words should also be considered.(Francis I mean of course, not Benedict). I know that we don’t agree about pope Francis but probably do in most other aspects of our Faith. I’m sure with any other pope we would not have been at odds at all. Disagreeing with statements the pope has said does not make a person disloyal. Not agreeing with Jesus Christ and His Magisterium, when we have been adequately formed, however, that would make a person disloyal! I’m not suggesting you or anyone here on this site does that- just to be clear. I also wish you graces and blessings and delivery from all evil. You, my fellow Catholics love God and I hope would defend the truths of the Faith unto death.

      • Aviso. You may be right. Interestingly. Our Lady of knock had appeared in the west of Ireland in 1879. About 15 people saw Our Lady with two Saints, Joseph and John on the 21st August 1879. The seer, Bridget Trench went in immediately to kiss the feet of Our Lady. Bridget felt nothing in the embrace, but the wall….Bridget wondered why she could not feel those three figures with her hands …..but she saw them, yet she could not feel them…very interesting comment from Bridget Trench.

    • About Charlie, Let me Pray about that Joe then will ask objective source to confirm your request or not, if he was not banned in Denver, the Truth will be online, you have my word.

    • This Divin will “movement” is also in Garabandal Joe so this is also my Problem now, so I was informed and will give my opinion in public, cautious has been requested from me and many details sent as well, with the few documents and unauthorized writtings of luisa (used by her supporters) that I already read myself, my position will be clear as usual and without compromise.

  5. Hi Joe, I did not took into account M. Johnson obedience to Peter, on the contrary, what about the refuges in place in the USA indicated to him by Heaven, who can believe that ? did you booked your place as well ? if it’s the case, I can’t do nothing for you anymore.

    • Yes Marie, Father Gruner, was a “teacher” for me, a hero, a devoute Catholic and I knew and follow him myself for years, I owe him a lot, Father put his first Brown Scapular in 1965, the year of his first trip to Garabandal, he went to God with his Scapular, it’s in the village, there on my own land where I was myself converted years ago that for the first time, Father Gruner was aware about the importance of Fatima then became the Fatima Priest, a world Champion, this is a gift from the Lady of Carmel to the World, without Father and his apostolate, I don’t know who would talk about Fatima yet today, to me a Futur Saint.

  6. As you have told Aviso to leave Medjugorie out of the comparison, I suggest you leave Francis out too! He is NOT ‘the church’ in case you mistook him for that and allegiance must be first and foremost to Christ, His teachings, His Church (the Catholic one He founded and the entire Magisterium). By the own standards presented here pope Francis himself would be a heretic- since he says it doesn’t matter which religion you belong to (google recent speech at Earth Day among other things). Now read the Catechism teachings in the article quoted above and Joe, don’t have double standards!

  7. I agree that there is no Salvation outside of the Catholic Church and that this must be a test of True prophecy. However what that statement literally means (and the Gospel words upon which it is based) is not well understood. Fr Gruner (God bless his soul) does not explain this teaching and so it must be explained in case it is used as a generalisation against all souls. This is an important concept to understand as it is not as simple as it seems. I think the article below is pretty good quoting the CC catechism’s full teaching and Christ’s words.

    Secondly I know nothing about Charlie but the article seemed to unfairly favour one side over another and I wouldn’t believe Kevin O’Brien at first instinct-even before I read the comment above. Kevin has no authority at all or weight in this. The truth is Charlie has not been banned or approved officially-same as Garabandal and at this stage, also Medjugorie. Only the highest office of the church through the actual pope can pronounce any decision on any alleged apparition. Many are simply relegated to the category of private revelation; they must not contradict faith or morals. In the meantime we are to read/ listen, pray, discern and keep our eyes firmly fixed on Christ. If it contradicts church teaching, cast it aside! But be careful you do not judge in haste!

    • Garabandal do not contradict the Teachings of the Church but confirms them, if it was the case, if a single heresy (and I said a single one) was told by our Lady of the Carmel in Garabandal, I’ll denounced it mysefl without a single hesitation, let me be clear again if anyone has a heresy in mind from the Lady of Carmel, please do not hesitate to contact me but be sure that I already checked myself, so waiting for any news about this matter, thank you.

      • I agree Aviso! Not a single heresy. I find it strange it was not approved but again, that means nothing either way. Plenty of opposition is just the devil. My point is that the video makes valid points. The quotes and alleged visions of any seer need to be weighed against the Catholic Church teachings- first and foremost like Fr Gruner said. What surprises me is when people condemn a prophet without first actually reading their alleged prophecies and looking themselves (firsthand) for contradictions, while asking GOD for guidance, discernment and Wisdom. Some people are bold in relying on their own opinion and do not even ask God. The bible tells us this is contemptuous. Secondly they are rude- by reading only secondhand information and opinion pieces about a seer. Media stories are often tainted by Satan and faulty human opinion. Who doesn’t know that? These count for nothing in God’s eyes! Read the words given, the actual prophecies with a heart sincerely seeking discernment. This is not a comment directed at you, just a warning to all readers as I have read some negative comments in the past which shows a shallow knowledge and opinion. Do not denounce when you do not know. Remember a prophet is seldom accepted in their hometown. And as St Paul says “despise not prophecy. Quench not the spirit. But test all things and hold fast to what is good.”

  8. Anyone guilty of the loss of a single soul will have to answer before God, of course myself included. We still have time to save our Soul, let’s not lose this precious time.

    Anyone representing, participating or promoting a false Apparition of our Lady and so on, commits what we call a “sin against the Holy Spirit”, I suggest to anyone in this case, please confess your sins and save your Soul as soon as possible.

    • I believe medjugorje may be true. This place is a healing place for heartbroken people or spiritually wounded souls. Many unbelievers got amazing graces. Our Lady once said she started at Fatima and will finish at Medjugorje. She in Medjugorje said she wishes us to wear her miraculous medal so that we may receive her great graces. I went there in 1986 because I felt her call. I did not return since. I hope I will go if I feel her call again.

  9. I was NOT banned in Denver. I was directed not to use Church property as a venue, but was specifically told that I am free to give presentations in Denver. I am absolutely obedient to my Archbishop.

    As for challenging the pilgrimage, downright silly, as there were literally thousands of contemporary witnesses to it. Even Kevin O’Brien, who first made the absurd charge, has dialed back saying that he thinks I “only” walked about 1,700 miles. He constantly changed errors in his original post without making note of his many edits. He also maintained I was raising millions off of the “donation” button at my website – until he found I do NOT have and never have had a donation button at my site. But again, he did not bother to tell people he had previously said that.

    • Thanks for your comment Charlie. I personally believe you received some revelations from Heaven, so thanks for having shared those with us, even if many wouldn’t not seem to deserve it. But, as you always specify, the most important thing is to always make the right choice (well let me put that in a different way for once ;)).

    • Charlie,

      You have appeared at a Catholic Church in Santa Monica and a Daughters of St. Paul bookshop in Culver City in July, well after your archbishop in Denver issued a strong caution against you and forbid you to speak at any Denver Catholic venue. You are ignoring the spirit if not the letter of his restrictions by taking your road show to California and making your pitch to vulnerable Catholics there. Now you are telling your band of followers that God has asked you to outline a new form of government for the United States. Really? With you to have a major role leading the faithful. Grandiose much?

      This is how you threaten your critics: “So talk as ugly as you want. But if, after talking ugly without following the most basic standards of ethics, you cross the line, I will act. That makes it easy for me. I only have to correct the occasional substantive error – and if it goes beyond that, I will leave it to the lawyers. I’m an agreeable fellow, but I am not a chump.” Lawsuits, huh? Tell me, how many mystics threaten lawsuits?! Why do you scan the internet and respond almost in real time to criticism?

      Seems to me God favors the humble. When he raises up leaders to fight, he selects poor peasant girls like St. Joan of Arc, or shepherd boys, the least in their families, like David. Not ex-talk radio hosts!

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