7 thoughts on “What about Garabandal ?

  1. I have a lovely story to share with all the Garabandal-loving friends. The name of the great man is Bishop Damian Nicolau. He was the first bishop of a Franciscan Prelature at Huamachuco (Perú), and he was born in Mallorca (Spain). I met him in Mallorca when he was retired, and he was a very holy man indeed, dying at 90 years of age. He was convinced about the truthfulness of the apparitions of Garabandal. He told me that he was once invited for a meeting with the Spanish Bishops Conference. During a coffee break he was chatting with some bishops, and one of them was Bishop Vilaplana (the Santander bishop at the time). Bishop Vilaplana told them about his recent meeting with Pope John Paul II.

    (Bishop Vilaplana): “Holy Father, we have beautiful spiritual things in Santander: The Lignum Crucis at Saint Toribio of Liebana, the Limpias Christ, The Well Appeared Virgin…. And the Holy Father looking at me very carefully said

    (John Paul II): “And Garabandal!!!!!!!!”

    Bishop Nicolau said to me that even though Bishop Vilaplana commented this a bit jokingly they all understood that the Holy Father said that very seriously, reflecting the importance for him of the Garabandal events.
    I report this because the anecdote was referred to me first hand from Bishop Nicolau. He was a very humble and holy man, showing his love for our mother of Mount Carmel of Garabandal. His brother, also a Franciscan Priest, asked him to read to him again the Father Pesquera’s book about Garabandal, what he did during his brother’s last week of life showing both their love for this apparition of Our Lady.

  2. Yes, it may happen.I´ve experienced such things many times.You´ve had your house consecrated, haven´t you?There may be several reasons for it.However, I won´t elaborate on it here in public.

  3. Last night i had a big fright when my two feet statue of Our Lady fell from my drawer as if someone hit her. I was not sure about this strange happening. I am not so sure if it would be possible for evil attacking any holy statutes? I got very big fright last night.

    • Hi Frank, how long ? 1 more year to me not more, God’s mercy is also limited, the damages are already too important, I cannot imagine the Holy Church in 1 year so imagine 2 more years.

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