Fatima incredible new leaks from Father Kramer ?


We all know the “controversial” Father Kramer, controversial for some but not for me, a close friend of the Late Father Gruner can only be a Friend to me, Father Kramer was back on the news recently regarding the Fatima 3rd Secret and some important leaks from Father Döllinger got from his close Friend the then Cardinal Ratzinger years ago, our Lady was indicated in her Secret a Bad Council and a Bad Mass according to the Pope Emeritus, leaks denied by the Vatican Press office quickly and few days later only however news already known to us for years, this fast way to deny the leak from the Vatican is so awkward that it can only confirm these important détails, by experience be sure of that but it looks that there is even more from Father Kramer as indicated in this “Strange” video sent to me few weeks ago, I don’t endorse all the video but I listened it carefully recently trying to finalize my own Fatima 3rd Secret checking if I was not missing anything or any new details unknown to me yet, well what a surprise !  I noted 2 importants and incredible details from Father Kramer as below :

1st Detail :

Video from minute 12.30 to minute 13.30

According to Malachi Martin : False and Heretic Pope indicated in the 3rd Secret

Father Kramer talks about Malachi Martin who as we know all had read himself the Secret in the 60’S, Father Kramer was reminding to Malachi Martin that he was working on the 3rd Secret himself as well and asked Malachi if there is in the Secret Something about the Pope and especially about a false and heretic Pope, the answer of Malachi Martin according to Father Kramer is incredible and unknown yet to me :

Malachi Martin : “If there was only that”


2nd Detail :

Video from minute 32.22 to minute 36.30

According to Father Kramer : Some Popes are compared to Animals in the 3rd Secret

Again according to Father Kramer, our Lady speaks in the secret of various Popes and badly about some Popes, so much so, she compares some of them to certain animals, like 1 Pope is compared to a Serpent, another Pope is compared to a Chameleon, one will be under the power of devil and so on….you must listen to believe.


My Comment : I have no word, I know Father Kramer myself for years especially via the Fatima Center but if these new leaks are also true, after a bad Council and Mass, now a heretic and false Pope, some of them compared even to Animals by the Mother of God, is this Possible ? the confirmation of Malachi Martin about a heretic Pope under the control of the devil was already known to me but some Popes compared to a Serpent and another one to a Chameleon looks too much or unbelievable so I will double check with some of my friends and will confirm or not, as I said I have no word but these leaks have the merit to exist and the Source (Father Kramer again) as we saw it recently with Father Döllinger and Cardinal Ratzinger is to me serious enough if not very serious.


PS : Warning : Special Video, sensitive Soul refrain or just Watch the indicated minutes from Father Kramer only.




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  1. Hi Pete,

    I understand your reaction, but the truth has to come out after a while, it’s Our Lord’s will (Luke 8, 17-18: “For there is nothing hidden that will not be disclosed, and nothing concealed that will not be known or brought out into the open. 18 Therefore consider carefully how you listen. Whoever has will be given more; whoever does not have, even what they think they have will be taken from them”).

    Whoever knows the history of the Church is aware that the practice of poisoning (expecially the popes) was very widespread, even when it was much more compliant to Our Lord’s teachings (think about the Borgia’s, only to mention the more well-known occurences). So, no paricular novelty on this.

    Since John XXIII on, moreover, masons and secrete service operatives (very often are the same persons) have became more and more represented in the high jerarchy of the Vatican and thus the battle has became more acute and the operative methods to eliminate adversaries more hasty. Mons. Villot (https://it.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jean-Marie_Villot), for example, the man who poisoned John Paul I, was a well known mason and CIA operative.

    So said, I know positively that Pius XII has been poisoned mainly because he wanted to reveal on time the secret of Fatima. John Paul I was poisoned mainly because he intended to reorganize in a more transperent way the IOR (the bank of the Vatican) who had became a money-laundering facility for italian Mafia and for varios other secret organisations and open up to the Soviet Union and the Orthodox church. My knowledge derive from insider information of which I am unfortunately not authorized to reveal the source at this stage.

    Nonetheless, I understand that you would like to have more positive evidence but this, unfortunately, is impossible for the moment. Anyway there is somethng you certainly can do to gain a more accurate picture of the real facts. Here are my suggestions:
    – examine (critically, if you like, but without prejudices) the claims on this subject of the most accredited Vatican insiders (e.g. Malachi Martin or Mons. Luigi Villa, the latter unfortunately mainly available in Italian). Double-check their biographies and the reason behind their whisterblowing and reach your own conclusions (ex. https://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/profecias/esp_profecia10.htm).
    – examine critically the available informations, expecially as regards the facts that appears out of the context or unfit with the official narrative (for example the strange reactions of the cadaver and the unconventional mummifiation methods used for Pius XII, the actions taken to prevent a possible authopsy on the cadaver in the future, etc…
    – check for the inconsistency of the differences in the official resumes and reports, and try to undertsand the real reasons of the discepancies (very often the official narrative is suddenly changed, commonly in the immediate aftermath, in order to preventing or offsetting the effects of the emergence of new evidence which points out to a different conclusions) .
    – try to put in relation news apparently unrelated with the death of the concerned popes and manage to established a meaningful connection (for example, do you know that slightly before John Paul I was poisoned after only 33 days of pontificate an Orthodox patriarc, met almost secretly by Luciani to discuss future dstensions between the respective churches was poisoned with a substance similar to the one afterward used on him virtually right in fron of his eyes? Which is the probability that two men with the same project (supported by the KGB but adversed by the CIA) die with the same poisoning symptoms in the span time of few days? Was this a warning to Luciani? Answer yourself (https://www.johnsanidopoulos.com/2013/04/the-secret-of-metropolitan-who-died-at.html).
    – became familiar with the highly simbolic meaning of certain details associated with the masonic/ritual murders. For example, do you believe it is a case that Luciani was found dead with the “Imitation of Christ” in his hands? (He, in fact, got to bed with a dossier on IOR the evening before). Is there an hidden meaning? (like for example: “Do you want to imitate Christ in His transparency and attacks against the -modern- pharisees, so die yourself killed after 33 days of pontificte as He was killed after 33 years of Holy Ministry…)
    – Check for inconsitencies in he biographic description provided after the murder and the real facts (for example Luciani was not a heart-ill or a week character person, as it has been depicted to possibly justify an unespected heart attack, but a very healty and srong-character man, as suggested by certain acts and decisions of him (ex. http://www.lanuovabq.it/it/papa-luciani-quaranta-anni-di-misteri)

    I undesrtand this would be an intense work, but if done with passion and good faith, he will bring copius fruits in term of knowledge and, moreover, the results will be your own, no needs for conving efforts bu whoever and the ownership of the conclusion. Definitively much better.

    Finally, thanks for your contact details, which I might use in the future, but not now. The reason is that I do not share the approach of differnt ‘levels’ of knowledge. i believe that each reader of this blog has the same right to know and comment (the reason, also, why I do not appreciate the censory…as you know).

    In my life I always strive to tell to anybody the truth, to the extent that this is possible…It is my way to apply the Luke 8, 17-18 suggestione mentioned above. Thanks for your undertsanding and God bless every reader of this blog!

    • Thank you for this sharing of detail. A lot to consider (without prejudice as you say).

      In regard to censoring it is more about moderating ongoing comments once a main point has been raised and which are judged not in keeping with the Garabandal facts and themes of this web site. The internet has much that people can explore for themselves that takes them beyond the confines of Aviso’s blog.

      I hope you don’t mind my asking, but is there any possibility you can chose an avatar name? ‘Anonymous’ is used as an automated name by the blog software for those without an avatar and subsequently it can apply to any number of correspondents if they don’t do likewise. It therefore can be confusing when trying to follow a thread of ongoing discussion.

      My advice to everyone regarding the situation of the ‘Two Popes’ don’t become perturbed by all this debate or become disheartened, put it to one side. Most of us (and I include myself) are not privileged with time, resource or ‘contacts in the know’ to subsequently research and discern the absolute ‘truth of things.’ What we do know is we are in the midst of significant events, therefore let us firstly concentrate on following closely the council of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Mother of God. We will not err if we do so, formally and prayerfully bind therefore your hearts and those you love to the Immaculate Heart, you will remain in peace if you do. If from the Throne of Peter the voice (even if it is PF1’s) is in conformity with Divine Revelation, the bastions of our faith as taught by the founding fathers and in true conformity with the millennial teaching of the Magisterial Office, then be obedient to that voice. If that voice teaches something contrary and particularly leads to the accommodation of sinful behavior then do not give your consent in either thought or action, rather pray for that soul.

      I am reminded of an occasion when Our Lord described to St Therese of Avila, His abhorrence at being held in the sinful hands of a particular Priest (I cant quite remember the exact phrasing). Also I am drawn to consider that Our Lord does not withdraw his Divine and Human presence from the Eucharist when given to souls in a state of mortal sin or when a Priest knowingly consents to give Him Body and Soul to couples living in adultery or to none believers. I would be interested to hear from any Priests, scholars, theologians or cannon lawyers, what this teaches us about Our Lord’s approach and example regarding our remaining in obedience?

      God bless

    • HI Nich. Thanks for the 4 videos. Of course I cant vouch for much of what is purported in the videos of the Popes, ref: alleged plots of murder, threat of a nuclear bomb being launched at the Vatican or the stated bargain made with Cardinal Ratzinger as a condition of him being elected Pope, but much of what is stated, particularly about the invited influence of the Communists, Freemasons and Modernists on VII is not disputed. If you have not already read it, I can recommend a book edited and compiled by Father Paul Kramer – The Devil’s Final Battle.’ In it are details of other outside influences also invited as contributors to VII such as delegates from Protestantism and Theologians teaching heretical ideologies. The penultimate slide setting out the order of the events in the last days I think is not quite right, but close. I should also add, please be mindful there is some poetic licence in the video regarding the Warning, so for unadulterated clarity please refer to my previous posts on the subject.

      God bless

        • The alleged assassination of previous Popes being absolutely true etc? Surely it’s not enough to simply say. ‘Sorry but I have to confirm this.’ By what authority and with what uncontested evidence can you offer to support your position. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying such couldn’t happen, but these allegations are of such a grave matter that those who make them and those who approve of them, assume a very great responsibility.

          As things stand, in terms of lack of evidence, it all just reads like another Dan Brown novel full of the usual anti-catholic conspiratorial rhetoric.

          If you have information you want to share privately, my email address is: garabandal.fatima@gmail.com

          Any reader is welcome to also contact me privately should they wish to do so.

          God bless

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  3. “in 1961 there was a second appearance, this time in Spain, in Garabandal. And the opening words of that revelation were: ‘Because my sons have not listened to my orders, my mandate, here is what is going to happen…’ and the message was very dire, a repetition of the Third Secret in brief form.”

    It is very possible that the words of Our Lady of Garabandal were only directed at the Clergy who were taking part in the Vatican Council. She was warning them against Apostasy. It is THOSE involved in the Council who maybe have are being revealed to us as having “not listened”…therefore is revealed Heaven’s dire warning if they STILL continue to disobey.

    It appears Our Lord sent The Holy Virgin to stop those at thee Council (incl. John XXIII from proceeding any further. By Our Mother’s second appearance in 1961, it seems that those involved in the council gatherings were not taking any notice of Heaven’s command that they stop what they are trying to initiate.

  4. This is very interesting Aviso.

    My knowledge of Garabandal comes from books I read many years ago and what makes it special is that it happened during Vatican II and right after Pope John XXIII refused to publish the 3rd Secret of Fatima. So Our Lady came to tell us her Secret and Garabandal is the key.

    The End Times come after Pope Benedict but that could be after his death – execution as in the Vision? I remember reading in the 80s that when John Paul 1st died Conchita was upset and said Our Lady told her that one of the Popes would have a short reign, that after John XXIII there would be 3 more and one would have a short reign. And that after the last one we have to follow Jesus directly because there will not be a Pope, that this is what Our Lady told her?

    I know there are a lot of quotes, that “Conchita said this or Conchita said that” but that she is a very private person and rarely gives interviews. And that she only comments if she is asked a direct question? One of the attractive things about Garabandal is that the visionaries have never gone about looking for publicity, and that they are quiet and modest people.

    There is something special and mysterious about Garabandal, because it’s only been promoted by a few private individuals and yet it is major, I believe.

    • Hi Dennis, what I can add to your comment, the last Council Vatican II is of course indicated in the Fatima 3rd Secret, what we are not sure yet is about the Lady’s exact words as a Bad or evil Council, to me and according to my own works, she probably said evil Council, I know it’s difficult to beleive it, being myself a pure fruit of Vatican II, I had the same doubt but some facts with me are clear and today at least to me, there is not any possible doubt anymore.

      About the “death” of Pope John Paul 1st, Conchita was not upset but cried which is not the same, she cried because she was probably aware of some details regarding that Pontificate via the Lady of the Carmel, in fact John Paul 1st met Sister Lucy in fatima few months before his unexpected election, they had a meeting face to face of Approx. 2 hours, she told him that he will be the next Pope but she added also that his pontificate will be related to the 33 years and days of our Lord, after this meeting Pope John Paul 1st has never been the same, I can confirm without any possible doubt that Pope John Paul 1st was also on the way to reveal to the World the Fatima 3rd Secret, unfortunately for all of us, his Pontificate was too short.

      For the rest, you are also right, the exact and official quote from the Lady of the Carmel is 3 Popes then the end of the times and no more, in fact 3 Popes and 33 Days only then no more, the no more is about the Novissimi of the Fatima 3rd Secret, in other words the end of the Times of the Apocalypse, so Pope Benedict is Probably the last Pope at least according to the Lady of the Carmel then I don’t know myself if there will be any new Pope after the current one or not but we must also remember, the Promise of our Lady in Fatima, In the end, my Immaculate Heart will triumph. The Holy Father will consecrate Russia to me, so in any case a Pope will do it, to me Probably Pope Benedict which could explain why he is still keeping his white Papal clothes but this is my opinion only.

    • Hi Dennis.

      Correct! Garabandal is indeed the key to the Fatima Mystery.

      Fr. Malachi Martin in his 1998 interview with Art Bell said the Messages from the Holy Virgin contained the Third Secret of Fatima albeit in brief form.

      Quoting directly his commentary; “in 1961 there was a second appearance, this time in Spain, in Garabandal. And the opening words of that revelation were: ‘Because my sons have not listened to my orders, my mandate, here is what is going to happen…’ and the message was very dire, a repetition of the Third Secret in brief form.”
      What this means is that short of a full disclosure by the Vatican, the essential part of the Third Secret of Fatima is in the Messages of Garabandal and hence the importance of their promotion. Note also Father Martin’s description of the message as “very dire”.

      The Holy Virgins instruction to the visionaries to ‘Make Her Messages known to the whole world’ therefore makes perfect sense and is consistent with that of a loving mother concerned for the welfare of her children. Concluding Her second message with these profound words;
      “I love you very much and do not want your condemnation. Pray to us with sincerity and we will grant your requests. You should make more sacrifices. Think about the passion of Jesus.”

      Those words say it all to me thus my search for explanations elsewhere are over. I amongst others look forward with a sense of trepidation to the fulfillment of the major prophecies but not overly obsessed with their detail.

      I perceive current events as consistent with those outcomes foretold in the Second Message.

      United in the Hearts of Jesus and Mary.


      • Hi John

        I agree that the explanations do not lie elsewhere in fact that way lies confusion and distraction

        The Message of Fatima and Garabandal is so profound that we need to go deeply into it, with the help of Frs Gruner, Kramer and Martin rather than looking outside at other messages

        Yes we are surely living through those dire events right now

        In union of prayer


  5. Reading through these posts. Any update on these alleged words in the Third Secret Aviso?

    They do sound shocking but I think we would be very shocked by the words in the Third Secret. At the start of this video Fr Gruner talks about the Anti-Christ becoming Pope and teaching heresy; under the control of Satan. This is in the Secret I’m sure and that’s why the Popes refused to release it. So a Serpent and a Chameleon; Our Lady commanded them to Consecrate Russia and publish Her Secret and worse than refusing they pretended to do this. And because of them many souls do not have the graces to get to Heaven; She warned them to not change the Mass and they changed the Mass! They send souls to Hell by taking the graces out of the Mass and the Sacraments.

    Fr Hesse ( and Malachi Martin?) reported that in the secret of La Salette the Blessed Virgin said that in the 20th Century there would be ” two worm-ridden Popes”. I think at Fatima she says harsh things about the Popes who implement the evil Council.

    • Unfortunately Dennis, I can only confirm these alleged words and according to Malachi Martin, there is in the Fatima 3rd secret even worst than that, Something that will fill up the confessionals even on Saturday evening, The interview below is quoted from the Fourth Secret by Antonio Socci.

      Much worse that cataclysms. 
      “In 1998 Martin gave a sensational interview on the Art Bell Show in which he provided a behind-the-scenes account of the Vatican and of the “war to the death” between progressivists and traditionalists. At a certain point the interviewer asked him about the Third Secret of Fatima, and the ecclesiastic, who claims that he read it precisely because of his closeness with Cardinal Bea, explained that its publication would be devastating: “It could be a shock…It could strike people in different ways. Some, if they came to know that this was really the Third Secret of Fatima, would be extremely angry.” These words leave one to think of the preannouncement of a catastrophe, but when the interviewer recalled the horrible planetary cataclysms contained in the document from Neues Europa and asked if the Secret is that traumatic, the response by Martin is: “Worse.” To the disconcerted journalist the ecclesiastic repeated: “Much worse. Look i am proceeding very cautiously. The central element of the Third Secret is terrifying and is not contained in that (in the passage you have read me.)”

      More terrifying than Catastrophes.

         “The interviewer then asked: “Are you telling me that what is contained in the Third Secret is more terrible that what i have just read?” “Oh yes. It is. Because what you have just read is, essentially the extermination by natural powers… It is as if nature is revolting against the human race It is substantially what happens by means of these terrible catastrophes and chastisements. And this is not the essence of the Third Secret, not that which is more terrifying.”

      It would fill confessionals on Saturday night.

         Confronted by the astonished exclamation of the interviewer Martin explained: “Yes. It goes beyond the imagination.” Reveal it? “It should be revealed,” “they were going to uncover it,”but “there is the problem of shock, of scandal, of terrifying people and mankind in general…I would like to be able to do it because a thing of this kind, so far as can humanly be foreseen, would give a shock, would terrify people, would fill confessionals on a Saturday night, would fill the cathedrals, the basilicas, and the churches with believers on their knees, beating the breasts.”
          It is obvious that such a description of the Third Secret does not concern the vision revealed in 2000, but another text. Also because Father Martin adds: “The Secret was intended (by Heaven) for the people, not for the Pope or bishops, It was intended to be revealed in 1960, by the explicit order of Heaven…The Pope decided that it would be better if the world did not know it, contrary to the order of the Queen of Heaven, the order She gave to the Pope by means of the children: to publish it. Therefore, the will of God has not been done.” Father Martin was at pains to stress that it is not the Church which hides the prophecy , but “only the mean of the Church, who are not faithful to their vocation.” (The distinction between the Church and the men who are a part of it is theologically correct.) He then added: “Pope John XXIII did not think that the Secret should be published in 1960. It would have ruined the negotiations that were taking place at that moment with Nikita Khrushchev, head of the Soviet state at that time. And besides he had a rather different vision of life, a vision that would be revealed clearly two years later, with the opening of the Council, during his discourse of October 11, 1962 in St.Peter’s before the assembled bishops… He mocked, disdainfully, those whom he called ‘prophets of doom.’ And there was no doubt among any of us that he was speaking of the three prophets of Fatima, toward whom he was hostile.” 

         This notwithstanding, “the Secret,” Father Martin continued, “will one day be revealed and fulfilled. Only this time it will be painful… We cannot avoid it, it is too late. We can mitigate its effects somewhat if we know what it concerns… Pray, receive Holy Communion, recite the Rosary. But they will not be easy days, unfortunately.” Finally, a terrifying “news flash.” A listener intervenes on the precise content of the Secret: making reference to confidences received from a jesuit, he speaks of a Pope who “would be under the control of Satan. Pope John was reeling, thinking that it could have been him.” Father Martin responds: “Yes, it seems that this person would have had a means of reading or would have been given the contents of the secret.” Then he got to the heart of the matter: “it is sufficiently vague to cause hesitation, but it seems to be that.

      My Comment : What I know myself because of my own works about the Secret for years, horrifies me and I say it without any exaggeration, the Secret of our Lady is horrible, to me we have been betrayed by our hierarchy at least for 50 years.

      • Thanks Aviso

        I haven’t read The Fourth Secret by Socci but The Secret by Chris Ferrara. I have doubts about the Sodano/Bertone text released in 2000 and think the Bishop in White could just as easily be Albino Luiciai – White Light who refused the Papal Tiara

        No doubt the real Secret condemns the Vatican II church and Novus Ordo mass and popes. At Garabandal the Scapular on Our Lady’s wrist was the size and shape of the maniple worn by priests at the Mass and the apparitions happened before the changes to the Liturgy when they took away the prayer to St Michael at the end of every Low Mass. And of course the girls received Communion kneeling and on the tongue. All of these things were messages for us.

        I’ve read that in 1962 Conchita told a friend that everything will happen in 50 years time. Do you know if that’s true? It would be remarkable because Pope Benedict XVI resigned early 2013 and after him began the End Times. Also in 1917 the Pope was Benedict XV so we have a beginning and end since Fatima.

        Conchita met Sr Lucia is that true?

      • Hi Dennis,

        About the 3rd Secret, the Bishop in white in the vision of the secret was not Pope John Paul 1st but according to my own works, it’s non less than Pope Francis himself, the Holy Father in the Vision is Pope Benedict, 2 different persons are indicated in this vision, a Bishop in White and the Holy Father, this was not the case during the short Pontificate of Pope John Paul 1st but it’s the case today and this will never happen in the futur anymore, so only the current Pontificate match completely that vision of the 3rd Secret.

        Regarding your questions, I am aware that Conchita met Sister Lucy in Fatima and they knew each other, the Fatima Seer sent her bishop, that time Bishop Venancio to meet the Garabandal seer in New York, I can confirm according to other sources that Sister Lucy herself knew about Garabandal. The Rumor about everything will happen in 50 years time is a rumor only, I have not been able to get any confirmation in the village as elsewhere, the End of the Times started exactly on March 13, 2013 (or will start the day of the death of Pope Benedict, I still hesitate and I currently works on that specific point with some friends), the rest, the so called new era or whatever is a nonsense, the Lady of the Carmel said el fin de los tiempos (the end of the times) and not una nueva era (a new era), many are trying to change the own words of the Blessed Mother, mostly to match their own opinion and conviction, to me this is not acceptable.

  6. Joe Crozier case is close to me, so I am updating my comment, I don’t want to hear about him anymore, my heart has never been the heart of a “tyran”, this is not my education, I was converted in Garabandal directly, it is impossible to me to have any own agenda against our Holy Church but will always “fight” for the Truth, what I lived in Garabandal is still unbelievable to me, if it’s the wish of God, you all will be with me at the Pines for the D Day, my Mother is your Mother, my Lord is your Lord and my God is your God, I am Catholic and refuse to have any enemies, thank you.

    • Hi Anonymous, don’t hesitate to give us more détails if possible, this should be interested, I know myself some cases of Healing in the village, so don’t hesitate, thank you.

  7. I know it may swing far from this topic. Yesterday I think I may have got two signal graces yesterday. I got a free booklet which is very informative. It is about ” The Miraculous Medal”. I was not aware of so many things in relation with Saint Catherine Laboure and the Last king of France. I read it with a great interest. I did ponder about a rumour or a mention that someone from The Royal family of France will save Our Catholic Church and “He” will work or co operate with the Pope (unknown). After a few hours later ,after reading this brilliant book. I went downstairs to light the tea candle before the Image of The Sacred Heart of Jesus. The television was switched on and I was surprised to see this programme about the kings of France and the last ones . It left me wondering if they could be the signal graces or not? I feel yesterday was strange for me. Maybe someone from France may save Our Catholic Church?

    • Hi Marie, France my beautiful country will fall the first as already on her knees, followed by Rome then and only then, the light of the Oldest Daughter of the Church will come back, this is my beleif.

      • Aviso. That is true about France, the beautiful country is greatly blessed by Our Lord. He had blessed France with some gifts such as the Sacred Heart and the Miraculous medal, also , the incorrupt body of St Catherine Leboure, as well Lourdes too with St Bernadette. Jesus had wished to have his Sacred Heart imprinted on the flag of France, but the kings of France failed to take Jesus’s wish. France has many relics of the Saints such as St Lazarus, St Martha and St Mary Madagline .

  8. The Holy Ghost Working Through Father Gruner

    by Father Paul Kramer

    Of the three persons in the Trinity, the Holy Ghost is perhaps the most difficult for human beings to visualize. For we are greatly dependent on our senses for knowledge, and purely spiritual realities are not easily grasped. Yet, the Holy Ghost can be known when it shines through a human personality.
    For more than 40 years, I was privileged to watch the Holy Ghost working through my oldest and dearest friend and fellow priest, Father Nicholas Gruner. We met during our studies for the priesthood in Rome in 1972. These were turbulent years, when what Pope Paul VI described as the “auto-demolition” of the Church was happening with devastating effect.

    Often we were perplexed and dismayed. It was during our most trying hours that we found among us a leader, a young man of dauntless faith and deep love – Nicholas Gruner. Time and again, he would rally us from our discouragement, clear us of our confusion, and put heart back into us. Many of us may have faltered without his guidance and the example of his ardent dedication. We knew that this man was marked by his gifts and his determination for some great task. I personally watched Father Gruner’s career unfold, from his ordination on the Feast of the Immaculate Heart in 1976, through all the years of his heroic work in building the international Fatima Apostolate. We worked together often, and Father encouraged me to research and write my books, which he then published and promoted. He was truly an inspiration and a practical help; an integral part of my life and work.

    Now Father is gone, at least physically. But all that he built remains. And it can flourish, with your continued support.
    For all of us who loved Father, there can be no doubt that he would want us to carry forward the work to which he gave his life up until his last breath.
    We owe a debt of gratitude to this great priest, one that we can best satisfy by pledging ourselves to the cause of Our Lady of Fatima, which this apostolate serves. The Holy Ghost, which lived in Father Gruner, lives in the apostolate he built and in all its works of love. May He live in us, too. Stay The Course! So I want to urge each and every one of you: Stay the course! Be faithful to Our Lady’s Apostolate, which needs you now more than ever. Father left behind a competent group of dedicated people, trained in the mission of making the Fatima Message known, loved and obeyed. Although Father’s departure has left a hole in our hearts, there is no one in this apostolate who does not want to continue doing the work he trained us to do. I have been doing what I can to answer the need for priestly guidance and spiritual counsel that those who work in Our Lady’s Apostolate need to have.

    The Apostolate will, however, need a chaplain and counselor on a full-time basis. To that end, I ask for your prayers that Our Lady will send to us the person or persons we need to fill this role. The Fatima Timeline Father believed that once people know the facts about Fatima, they will turn to the Immaculate Heart and urge the Pope and bishops to obey Our Lady, which is our only hope. The Fatima Timeline was one of the last booklets he worked on, choosing the final pictures, approving the final text and sending it on to the printers on the very day of his death. He saw it as a powerful instrument of instruction. I must soon return to Ireland, where I am living in retirement, doing what my health and talents allow.

    But I want to urge you, with all my heart: Stay faithful to Father Gruner and this apostolate! Do all you can to make certain this great work continues until the glorious day of Our Lady’s Triumph dawns on this dark world. A hero has been stricken, taken from the field of battle at least in this world. But we who remain must rally behind the fl ag he planted with the crest of Our Lady emblazoned upon it, as it was upon his heart. Now is the time to rally behind Father, who may be a greater help to us now than ever before.

    Father Kramer about Father Gruner.

    Click to access cr112.pdf

  9. Sorry. I dont believe it. I still believe the Fatima and Akita and Garabandal messages may be similar. It is about many souls going to hell if we do not pray for them, many priests fighting at each other, many priests going to hell and drag souls with them. Our lady gave us important advices such as go to confession, go to Holy Mass, visit the Blessed Sacrament and say her Holy Rosary daily.

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