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St Michael at the Pines 2

26 June 2016

From Garabandal via Bastiano Blog who is currently in the Village


2 Gifts From Conchita to Garabandal, sent to the village 1 Month ago :

The first, A relic including a hair of Mother Teresa who will be canonized on September 4 of this year

The second is a piece of the veil that covered the face of St. Padre Pio, which had been given to Conchita according to the will of Saint Pio himself

The Garabandal Priest, Father Rolando keep them preciously but if requested they can be venerated in the Sacristy.

Also via his Blog and From Garabandal, Bastiano is annoyed with some false rumors about Garabandal, again he recalls the Truth denouncing as we are calling them, the false Friends of Garabandal as below :

Bastiano talks (my translation from French to English):

Garabandal was announcing to the Girls, the danger of protestantization of Catholics, as to the Spanish, French or European and so on, we saw it with the last synod announced also to Conchita, the clergy losing the meaning of Priesthood, the demise of the Holy Mass, at the Top, Rome declines as well… etc…..without doubt for those having still eyes, we are climbing the lader quickly leading us straight to the Prophecies

Some still believe that the Blessed Virgin at Garabandal announced that the Vatican Council II would be a great success BUT it is quite the contrary! The sentence which has been misinterpreded, including by some priests, comes from a dialogue between the Virgin and Conchita (as to Jacinta in 1962). We hear from the girl if the Council could be a success, this sentence was a question to our Lady and got this reply from the Girl …  as Following :

… “Ah fine, so we will know you even more !!”

This reply from our Lady was related to the futur decision of Pope Paul VI, who against all odds, declared Mary, Mother of the Church.

Our Lady and contrary to what some are announcing, was admonished precisely the possible damage of the Second Vatican Council, so for those who want absolutely to see our Lady as “Conciliar”, from 1961 to 1965, we had  warnings about priesthood and the Eucharist; how we should always receive the Holy Host …. our Lady wanted Holy Priesthood, not corrupt, this explains the continual attention towards priests from Mary and the girls to whom our Lady asked, before the presence of an angel and a priest, they must first greet the Priest

I know myself the seers and recommend to some, do not change their thoughts and falsely declaring some thoughts about them

The responsibility of these people using Garabandal and the seers as facts from Garabandal is great……

As many know, I am holding the French Garabandal archives

Some have been able, with the permission of my Mother, to have a look but are not allowed to invent tall tales.

Nobody had, nor from my mother, nor from my family the right to have these archives, nor to be the guardians, nor to take them to some unknown remote place to study them

Many are also saying that they are close to the seers … Let them think, but do not let yourself be seduced by such talks …

This Warning being made, so do not be manipulated by some information of a particular person even supposedly eminent or supposedly close to the seers

Everything is known on the net, and I came across some misleading writings, just made to shine …

I am not used to intervene, but today it was necessary.



Source :

My Comment : Well, it cannot be clearer and as I know Bastiano myself, I have rarely seen him annoyed at this point. What gives him a great (in my opinion today the greatest) authority in the village and about Garabandal is his easy access to the seers and also being the son of Mrs Bocabeille who was the secretary of the Right hand of Father Laffineur, the Garabandal Pionner, he is also the only heir (in this world) of the Garabandal archives, the same archives sent to Rome after the first and important investigation of the Apparitions conducted that time by Father Laffineur and ordered by the Bishop, so for any questions or any rumors, a simple look in the archives and he can get the confirmation or not. These archives are invalable, some especially from the USA have tried many times to buy these documents offering up to 100 000 euros but Bastiano had always refused any amount respecting so the wish of his Mother, Father Laffineur with the agreement of the Bishop and before to send the result of their investigation (during the Apparitions) to Rome had the good idea to make a copy of each document (consisting of questions and replies from the seers, testimonies from eyewitnesses and seers family, medical conclusions, in other words anything related to the Apparitions, a pure Tresor), these archives are this Copy (hundreds of document) whose Bastiano’s Mother became heir as wished by Father Laffineur then given to his son at her “death” and so on.

From my part (in the English speaking sphere), I read also many lies as many rumors, I corrected a lot, the last one was about the so called “illumination of consciense” which is not related to the Garabandal Warning as I said online several times, so any time you are reading that, please move on, this is not from the Lady of the Carmel at all and probably from some evil lies, let me remind you again that I am not aware of any Garabandal Warning for this Year 2016 or of any Garabandal Great Miracle in 2017, I should be in the village soon as well and after a new and short stay in Fatima (for my own research), thank you.


Garabandal Latest News 2

15 November 2016

To my Garabandalist Friends around this world and according to my latest News from Garabandal:

Since October 18 of this Year, Father Rolando, the Garabandal Priest has requested the Saint Michael prayer at the end of each Sunday Mass, this is a first for years and probably another sign of the proximity of the Garabandal Events, as I said online, if I am alive, I will take you at the Pines for the D Day and this concerns everyone reading this blog, so you stay alive as well and stay tuned.

Garabandal Latest News 3

08 December 2016


In this Feast of the Immaculate Conception and in connection with Garabandal, according to some source, we could be finally very close to the Garabandal Prophecies, my own time table could match perfectly this latest news, I do not say I was right for sure but I cannot say I could be wrong anymore, which was not the case before this news, the Year 2018 as indicated online via Garabandal News for the first time, could be an important year even if time will tell only, so enjoy this latest news and of course get ready, as usual with the Garabandal Timing and as we know, no one has been right yet and no one can say I will, so as a reminder : Only 2 Garabandal seers are or were aware of any dates regarding the Prophecies, Conchita for the Great Miracle date and Mari Loli for the Warning Year, I reconfirm again that none of the Garabandal seers as their Families have given any exact dates to me, so  this message binds me and my opinion only, thank you.



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  1. The Angels magazine by the Congregation of St Michael the Archangel states ‘the false apparitions at Garabandal – telling of a horrendous face of St Michael etc etc…….this magazine goes out world wide and I took umbrage at this statement. I believe in Garabandal and have followed it since the 1970’s. Hope you can write to this magazine and challenge the statement.

  2. When the children were shown the chastisement it became very dark and the children were trying to push something away from themselves. Conchita said it would be worse than having flames in front of, back of and all around you. I had heard that they saw people throwing themselves into the sea, and instead of the flames been put out, they became more intense. The children started to scream, frightening the villagers who were at a distance away from them. The people present were so frightened that they started to pray and the children’s screams subsided. All the village people went to confessions the next day, as they were very much affected by this scene. I feel what the children were shown were the 3 days of darkness., where the devils released from Hell were attacking those in Mortal Sin. Marie Julie Jahenny was shown this a few centuries ago. Thank goodness, in God’s great mercy he is going to give us the Warning first, to warn the wicked that the end of time has arrived, and to bring the good closer to his Heart. Let us pray for all our family members leading up to the Warning, that they will reconcile with God beforehand. The Rosary, being the Weapon, as Saint Pio said, will do it.

  3. In the third secret of Fatima, it says about a Pope walking up the mountain, passing slain prelates, laity, faithful, and when he gets to the top of the mountain, he is mortally wounded. Could this mean a World Wide Persecution and Who is this Pope. I would like to point out the Warning will happen when persecution is at it’s worst according to one of the seers. One of the seers said they saw a multitude of people suffering, screaming, and it wasn’t the Chastisement, it was communism. Could this be what is happening in Syria now, or will it be on a bigger scale, (they, the seers, felt it was happening everywhere) and the seer who knew the day and year of the Warning, said the Warning will happen when the persecution is at its worst, when priests will have to go into hiding. The Mass will be said in secret places. The churches will be closed. A Saint said the church will be in eclipse, and seemed to have disappeared. Another Saint said, when the Red Flag (Communism) is above St Peter’s, and a group of men with Black Beards, enters the Pope’s chambers, (he had returned from a hidden place) takes him and kicks him cruelly, and he falls, immediately he sees Our Lady coming, who comforts him. Then immediately those bad men fall, at the same time the red flag falls as do all evil men. Could that be the Warning. God have Mercy on us.

    • Hi Sheila, The seers heard the screams of alarm in the month of June. The Communist Tribulation starts in June. Before this Communist Tribulation the queen Elizabeth II will descend from the throne.

    • Hi Aviso, I respect your Garabandal studies, but for the rest you don’t have a clue. You’re not going to have discernment of end times prophecies by magic, you really need to study catholic escatology, bible prophecies and private revelations. But don’t get me wrong Mr Aviso, you have very interesting information on your website, you’re good at what you’re doing, but be being good is not enough.

      Marie Julie (April 27, 1877)
      “The cries of alarm and despair rise up to Heaven. The month of the Sacred Heart (June) and My Blood (July), it will be the
      signal of punishment, civil war.” “When the government will see these changes it will be like a bird, it will fly to another country and France will be free in its revolution. It is at that moment when it will flee Paris. ”

      • Hi Raymond, Marie Julie was French like me and I know her Prophecy quite well, these Prophecies are related to the Chastisment from God inidcated in Garabandal and confirmed in Akita but after the Warning only, as for the Prophecy of Saint Francis of assisi, you are not quoting the full Prophecy of the Stimatized Jahenny, I still expect more from you, you have been great when you found out and sent to me the video about the Garabandal Synod, please forget Salza and co and stay with us, with the Gruner, Kramer…etc….

    • Hi Pete, one of my serious source from Garabandal had for the first time indicated that the Garabandal Prophecies are probably near to us but without any dates, I conclude that my own time table could be finally the good one, the next Synod could be the final reply for confirmation or not but to me probably.

  4. Hi Aviso A pontificate of two Popes
    Fr Hesse said the secret of La Salette mentions two worm ridden Popes and Fr Kramer the Secret of Fatima calls one pope a serpent and another pope a chameleon
    And the Pope under the control of Satan is named Francis in the Third Secret?

    • Yes Dennis but the name of Francis is not indicated in the Secret otherwise he would not chose himself this name, because I am aware that he has read the Secret as well and this explains his wish to Consecrate his Pontificate to our Lady of Fatima just few days after his election the only one to do so since 1917, in no way any Popes since 1960 wanted to be the Pope of the Secret, the one Under the control of Satan, this explains mainly their silence about the Secret but there is more and Something terrible, Something that will make any confessional full from morning to evening and I am aware of this important detail, our Lady was very clear in her Secret and be sure that she was not happy at all and even very sad, we were Betrayed and Francis is not the only one responsible but the fruit of different irresponsabilities only.

      • Sorry but in my opinion this proves almost nothing, only confusion. If Pope Francis has really read the secret of Fatima, and if he knows that the secret talks about a Pope under the complete control of Satan, why in the world should he consecrate his pontificate to Fatima? Wouldn’t that be an own goal? This makes no sense to me, please explain.

  5. Hi Aviso, I finally realize that April 12, 2018 is a very significant date.
    My question is ¿Do you believe that the Warning will take place before WW3 or during WW3? I believe that will be during WW3, in the worst moment of humanity. But tell me your opinion.

    • Well Raymond, with the election of Trump, the geopolitical context changed a bit but all is still possible especially if Something happens to Trump, the Warning will take place in the worst moment within the Church, the worst moment of humanity will be before the Chastisment, 12 April 2018 is to me probably and finally the good Garabandal Great Miracle date but this is my opinion only, the other possible date for some other Garabandalist with knowledge as Maria Saraco is April 11 2019 for the feast day of St Stanislas but I don’t share this possibility as to me the Eucharist Martyr is Saint Tarcisius and no one else, so April 12 is the best possible date to my knowledge, if not then I have no idea of another date, 2020 looks too far especially with Francis at the Top so 2018 looks probable.

      • It seems more accurate your view, because St Stanislaus is not really a martyr of the Eucharist, He was assesinated giving Mass on the altar, but he didn’t died defending the Eucharist. The next April 12 after 2018 will be in 2029.

  6. “On April 24,1959, the Pilgrim Statue of Our Lady of Fatima visited Italy, starting from Naples. The same day, Padre Pio became very ill. He had broncopneumonia and could not celebrate Mass. On August 1st, Padre Pio recovered in-patient at Casa Sollievo but the illness continued. On August 5, the Statue of Fatima came to the Convent. On August 6 the Statue was just leaving in a helicopter. From the hospital, Padre Pio pleaded, “Madonna, my Mother, I have been sick since you came to Italy; and now you are leaving, and leaving me sick.”

    Padre Pio reported: “I felt a chill in the bones.” Then: “I’m feeling well.” “I am healed! Our Lady has healed me!”

    Later he said: “The Madonna came here, to heal Padre Pio.” On August 10, Padre Pio resumed celebrating Mass, and the 21th he resumed the confessions. “

  7. Hi my brother Aviso

    I share the following not to puff myself up in pride but for the edification of your readers. I boast only in Christ Jesus. Of myself I have nothing of which to boast.

    How I love that tree of St Michael in the photo above. How I long to be there on that day when all doubt and dispute will have been washed away and big hearts will swell with joy and bask in the sunlight of the Love of Carmel.

    It was to this tree that I was drawn during my first visit to Garabandal by the strong scent of incense. I searched for its source looking all around and sniffing the extinguished candles at its base. But no, it came from the very bark of the tree. I thought St Michael was trying to tell me something and was not sure if I was imagining the scent. Apart from myself there was one other person at the pines. She was tidying up at Our Lady’s tree.

    I called her over and asked if she could smell the incense. She was Spanish and could not speak English but the Spanish for incense sounds the same and she understood my question that was accompanied by much sniffing. She could smell nothing and went back to her cleaning up.

    I moved away from St Michael’s tree and knelt and prayed in front of Our Lady’s tree but curiosity got the better of me. I returned to St Michaels tree and began sniffing again. This time I had to put my nose right by the bark to smell the incense. Excitedly I called the lady over again and asked her to sniff. She was very nice and did not treat me as if I was mad. She sniffed and stood back. She could smell nothing.

    She then indicated that the scent was only for me. I pointed at the figure and asked if it was from St Michael. What she said next floored me. She said, “No, Jesus.” I was overwhelmed. How could such a gift from one so Great be for the likes of me such a sinner. I staggered back down the hill in shock until I reached the place where St Michael first appeared.

    I asked him to obtain for me confirmation yet again that the gift of incense was not a figment of my imagination and immediately the scent of incense filled my nose. I nearly fell over.

    Still somewhat dazed I then met an Australian banker who introduced me to a former reporter from New Zealand called Michael who gave me a relic card that had touched the scapular kissed by St Michael on August 6 1962. It is the only object that St Michael kissed. August 6 is my birthday, and is also the day the same day that Padre Pio was healed by Our Lady of Fatima and the day that Blessed Pope Paul VI, a great supporter of Garabandal, died.

    Needless to say I carry my relic everywhere I go. I do my purgatory here as promised by Our Blessed Mother.

    God bless you and keep you and your family safe until D day my brother.

    • Hi Joe, some told me that you are using my news from Conchita of Garabandal about the Pope, confirming that the Salvation is in the hands of Pope Francis, next time quote me (from Aviso) then let me remind you her exact words :

      Salvation is in the hands of the Pope, she did not mention POPE FRANCIS but the POPE ONLY, which is not the same, I don’t want that the Garabandal main seer is being used by anyone to match his own opinions, for example like yours, again below the exact quote :

      SALVATION IS IN THE HANDS OF THE POPE, end of the story, thanks.

      • Why would you say this Aviso? Are you trying to create trouble for me? My opinion is nothing. Only that on which my opinion rests is of any matter. The question put to Conchita through your special contact from Garabandal was about Pope Francis and only about Pope Francis. The answer was “you may have an opinion about the pope and even criticise him but Salvation is in his Hands.” Someone by the name of Hung asked you this question and he has repeated the answer elsewhere. Although this was first reported by you the news was thus not exclusive to your blog. I would never misquote Conchita who in humility does not like being called “the main seer.”

      • Hi Joe, the news was exclusive to my blog, I don’t know this Hung you are talking so again do not use this news without my agreement anymore as you don’t know what you are talking especially within the Garabandal context, if you like to follow an heretic then follow him alone, I will not leave anyone on my blog supporting this Pontificate anymore, with what I am aware this will be a mortal sin for me, your case to me is a lost case and a waste of time, if after 3 Years of hérésies, you are still not able to discern then too bad for you, in any case I will keep you in my Prayers, thanks.

    • Thanks for the link Scarlett, this is the beginning of the Schism indicated in Garabandal but 4 Brave Cardinals are not enough, for your information we currently have about 211 Cardinals, this shows in what state is the Church and the general Apostasy , anyway between them the more important to me is Cardinal Caffara as the good Cardinal was in contact with Sister Lucy, she told him that the last confrontation between Satan and the Lord will be about Family and Marriage, my Fatima 3rd Secret will be online soon but I can already confirm that Pope Francis is in the Secret, thanks to the Holy Spirit, he made 2 important mistakes, from the Name he has chosen to his wish to consecrate his Pontificate to Fatima,This is how we were able to identify the name of the pope of the secret, more soon, stay tuned.

      • These 4 good Cardinals are doing the job they are all called to do – advise the Pope. We can be sure there are at least a few more backing them – Cardinal Sarah comes to mind! And Pope Benedict……?
        I’m certainly staying tuned for more on the Third Secret

      • Hi Dennis, the 3rd Secret talk about a Pope Under the control of Satan and during a pontificate of 2 Popes as indicated in the Fatima Vision of the Secret, in other words the secret explains this vision, about 10 to 12 lines of the Secret (the secret is about 25 Lines) are about the Papacy, the rest about Apostasy, soon more.

      • I’m confused! We know Francis is in the Secret from the name he has chosen? How else would we know if he’s the Pope in the Secret?
        I’ve heard before that there is something terrible in the Secret but the hierarchy are the ones who have betrayed so why would the laity fill the confessionals if we knew the Secret? Surely we would be angry for being betrayed by the hierarchy?

  8. Thanks Aviso this is great news

    Re the Great Miracle we know that this comes after the Warning and before the Warning there will be a great tribulation
    So this gives a timescale
    What can you tell us about this great tribulation?

    • Hi Dennis, about the Tribulation, the girls were talking about Communism and that most of the countries around the world will be communist, this is currently the case, that communism indicated in Garabandal will reach even Rome as the Pope, when we will have a communist Pope then the Warning will be to a hand, probably a war as some civil wars as well, the first country that will fall will be France followed by Rome, 2017 should be the key year in question, if not then my own time table is wrong but I don’t think so, this is the Tribulation before the Warning, the Great Tribulation you are talking is the one after the Warning and before the Chastisment, in other words dark years are before us, so in any case stay strong.

    • Hi Dennis, we don’t know that Francis is in the secret because of his Name but because he match the description of the Pope in question and indicated in the Secret, Under the control of Satan, elected 13 Days after Pope Benedict official Resignation, on March 13 of a Year 13, consecrating his Pontificate to our Lady of Fatima, the only one,…etc… this is all related to Fatima, add on that the Garabandal Prophecy of the Popes then it is quite easy to get a clear and probable identity of that Pope, his pontificate of destruction since 3 Years can easily confirm it as well, avoiding de facto any possible doubt, his Name is related to Saint Francis of Assisi Prophecy inspired to him probably by the Holy Spirit and we should not be surprised that 1 of the 4 Brave Cardinals, Cardinal Caffara to be precise, is also linked to Fatima and precisely a member of this Group…..and so on.

      The laity will fill the confessionals because after reading the Secret, they will know that they have been spiritually blind and that they have been following blind leaders, and are far along the path to hell, probably most of Catholics today are in this situation, this explains also why God will send to us a Warning, without this Warning, The majority of this World could end in hell, remember, Many Cardinals, Many Bishops and Many Priests are on the road to Perdition and are talking many souls with them…….our Lady said Many, Many means Most, be sure that if anyone knows that he is on the road to Hell, he would go to confession quickly, there is also some words from our Lady about the Last Council and the New Mass, more in my Fatima 3rd Secret soon.

      • Thanks for the clarification Aviso that the name links to the St Francis prophecy
        I don’t doubt that he is under the control of Satan and the way he is running from his own Cardinals confirms it

  9. In the town where I live local diocesan priests are going to “instruct” the faithful in the “contribution” of Amoris Laetizia during the Sunday sermons!
    they´re introducing heresies even in france and Spain.
    Should we refuse to attend their Sunday Masses if we can´t have possibility to travel elsewhere during the winter, Aviso?
    “The one praying with heretics is a heretic himself”-Pope Benedict XV.
    “The one defending the heretics is a heretic himself”-Pope innocenz III.
    “The ones who don´t condemn the heretics they fall into the anathema.”-Pope Vigilius
    Bishop Williamson has told me:The commandment sounds “Keep the Sabath Holy and not keep the Sabath protestantized, so avoid attending Novus Ordo at any case!

    • Hi Frank, if you can’t have any other Mass, you have the obligation to attend the Mass each Sunday, if the Priest is heretic, the consecration of the Host is still valid so do not follow any Hérésies, Pray for your Priest and take the Holy communion then back home.

  10. St John Paul as Pontiff was allegedly approached by a lady who was concerned about the state of the Church
    and it’s accelerating ‘decline’. The Holy Father is said to have replied with the advice – ‘ Don’t worry, remain
    true to the prayers and faith you learned at your Mother’s knee’ As I live through the End Times for the Church
    and increasingly lose faith in the Institutional Church and it’s higher echelons, I take great comfort from these words.
    Is this a true story ?

    • Interesting comment Edward. True or not, the sentiment is supported by a number of Fatima authorities. Malachi Martin, previously the official Vatican exorcist at the time of JPII, stated in a number of interviews with Art Bell that in his opinion the Institutional Church is lost. A view that results from stated personal insider knowledge; that the Church’s hierarchical architecture and sympathetic approach toward the Modern World had been influenced at VII by Freemason acolytes and Communist representation. Their overt long term ambition to destroy the Church by impotence and obedience is being realised in our time under this Pope and his followers.

      I read just recently that Archbishop Long of Australia (appointed by Pope Francis), is using an interpretation of inclusiveness and integration to mean the Church must no longer define gay sexuality as ‘intrinsically disordered.’ A view that implies an intention to promote a general acceptance of gay marriage as an irregular sacramental so that sexually active same sex partners can be admitted to the Holy Eucharist. It is the same philosophy that is being pushed by advocates of AL’s Chapter 8 foot note i.e. to create a tolerance toward subjective circumstance that will open the way to allow civilly divorced and remarried couples to receive Holy Communion. In other words to remove adultery and homosexual acts from the list of Mortal Sins. Why? Because such is not tolerated by today’s catholic youth, liberal ideologists, VII evangelists or the secular world and if the Church is to remain relevant (according to papal heretics), it must appeal to the populist view and not its ancient traditions.

      Best advice from your comment, ‘don’t worry, remain true to the prayers and faith you learned at your mother’s knee.’

      God bless

  11. Regarding Mother Teresa, she does not fit the description of a saint. She recommended Natural Family Planning, which would never have been approved in the Church previous to Modernism taking over in Vatican II. Only Rhythm was allowed, which was very different and only for a short space of time, and you had to ask permission of your priest. NFP is virtually 100% accurate, and is nothing more than “Catholic” birth control. Also, among her other faults, she said that she wanted Hindus to be good Hindus, Buddhists to be good Buddhists, and so on. That is a terrible sin against the Faith. She considered other faiths as a means to Heaven. That is heresy condemned by the Council of Trent. She is an example of a Novus Ordo saint that only a Modernist pope, like the ones since Pope Pius XII, would “canonize”. These canonizations are not De Fide. The same with Pope John Paul II.

  12. I am confused, many years ago, I saw a British television interview for the BBC with Conchita herself where she said that Our Lady told her that “everyone would know the good and bad they were doing” during the Warning. Now, if that is not an “illumination” of conscience, I don’t know what is. Are we to believe that Conchita has lied?

    • It’s not an illumination but a correction of conscience, the Garandal seer had never used illumination but correction only, the devil is always in the détails, God will not illuminate your conscience but will correct it during the warning only, Devil illuminates not God.

  13. Our blessed mother 100% talked to the seers our. Blessed mother doesn’t lie neither did Father Louis Andreu or padro pio or pope Paul 2 nor the innocent girls who had thousands of witnesses Furthermore our miracle of life thru Jesus should be enough to believe* and his suffering*

  14. “Many are also saying that they are close to the seers … Let them think, but do not let yourself be seduced by such talks …

    This Warning being made, so do not be manipulated by some information of a particular person even supposedly eminent or supposedly close to the seers”.

    Those statements by Bastiano give me heart. If there has been one thing that has given me to doubt Garabandal it is that “particular person” who is cruel in speach, boisterous, & vain and claims to be Mary’s “Pit Bull”, the pit bull part is right, that’s for sure, belonging to the Blessed Mother is up for debate in my opinion.

      • I am talking about that “particular person” on MOG, and I’m quite sure you know exactly who I mean Aviso. Seems funny to me also that if he is so close to seer that he hasn’t mentioned the hair of Mother Theresa being given to Garabandal, or the piece of Saint Pio veil.

      • Sorry Deb, I don’t get your point at all, I don’t follow MOG, I get some news sometimes from my readers who are still members there, where is the problem ? and why you should doubt about Garabandal ? my English is not yours so please be clear, is it about my old friend Padraig ?

      • So who is this Mary “Pit bull” you are talking Deb and why the link with Garabandal because I cannot understand what is the meaning of this expression in English, between us this expression looks also disrespectful as we can be only Children of our Lady and nothing else, let alone a dog.

      • OK Deb, someone else told it to me, it’s Glenn Hudson the “Mary’s Pit Bull”, well my good Friend Glenn is the “Pit Bull” of himself only, in no way he can talk for the main seer or for the village of Garabandal, let me be clear again, in no way, simple as that, thank you.

  15. It’s significant that Our Lady’s appearance at Garabandal coincided almost precisely with John XIII calling the 2nd Vatican Council and with this same pope refusing to heed Our Lady’s request to publish the Third Fatima Secret in 1960. Our Lady’s attitude to the Council is made crystal clear by her warning that “many bishops, priests and cardinals are on the road to perdition.” It is surely a work of the Evil One to pretend, as some have done, that Our Lady looked favourably on Vatican 2. The catastrophic apostasy, unprecedented in church history, which has occurred since 1965, is almost entirely the result of Vatican 2, as is the dramatic fall in the birthrate of Europe, which has also now paved the way for the Islamic colonization of the continent. The consequences of Vatican 2 have already been apocalyptic, and we have not yet reached the end of them.

  16. Was Conchita being told to obey Pope at any cost?How can you obey the False Prophet who forces Catholics to accept homosex.-agenda!Francis praises Luther openly that was excommunicated and all his thesis and followers included by a pope in the past .We can´t go on like this……..!!!!And if you´re telling the Gospel those occupants won´t let you do it!See here..
    So what will you be doing?Just praying isn´t enough!

    • Calm down Frank, do you expect from me to built a Army ? we have the Rosary, still the Mass and our Sacraments, their time is limited, the period 2017 to 2019 will be our Period, let them enjoy a little bit more, God is in control.

  17. According to some of you who are still members of the MOG, the “famous” Joe Crozier became Viv a Freeman there, so I published it and now please do not contact me anymore about him as I told him as well, thank you.

  18. ‘We are climbing the ladder….to the prophesies.’

    The bride of Christ, The Church, walking in the footsteps of Her Lord as He goes before her, is now in the hour of Her own Gethsemane. The Shepherds, each and everyone, must now decide; “take this Cup from me Lord,” or “Your Will, not mine be done.” Either they, by being silent, choose to submit themselves to the diabolical infection attacking the Body of Christ, the family and the sanctity of marriage (the final and decissive battle of Satan against the Church and the Virgin), or in trembling, share in the Cup of Her Passion. A Passion that will come to fulfilment as a direct consequence of Her being a sign of contradiction that reveals and denounces all evil ideoligies of our time. It is now and precisely The Hour, because the Apostasy, which is to begin from within and from the very top, has now fully revealed to us.


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