From Albrecht Weber to Aviso Update 2

22 April 2017

My contacts with Probably one of our Greatest Garabandalist, If I know who are the worst Garabandalist among us, I know also who are the greatest of us, to me Albrecht Weber was one of this Greatest, Albrecht well known between Garabandalist, was also the second non-Spanish to be buried at Garabandal after Mrs Bocabeille (French), the Mother of the Godfather of my last child, which is a Great Honor, just few months before his death, his message via one of my readers to me soon online, stay tuned.


Albrecht 4



26 April 2017

From Albrecht Weber to Aviso Update

The Article about Albrecht Weber is online but due to some private détails and to Protect the Memory of this Great Garabandalist, the article can be read by members of my Garabandal Group only, for those interested please contact me at : to get the Password, thank you.

Matthew 10:16

“I am sending you out like sheep among wolves. Therefore be as shrewd as snakes and as innocent as doves”

27 April 2017

From Albrecht Weber to Aviso Update 2

My Comment : Many Requests to get the password for this article, my mail box is full,  I am sorry but I cannot answer to each one of you, so again this article as sensitive and private is Reserved to my Garabandal Group of Faithful ONLY, why ? because I know myself each member of my Group and I can trust them, for those interested it’s always possible to join the Group at anytime, the conditions are online and below :

To my Garabandal Group, as I said to all of you in private, the Password cannot be shared with anyone else, thank you again for your understanding.




28 thoughts on “From Albrecht Weber to Aviso Update 2

  1. If Conchita is to die before chastisement due to natural death then I know when the Warning is and the four year time frame of the Chastisement. This is a key piece of information for me. Much appreciated!!

    • Dear Dan,

      I don’t follow your reasoning. In fact, you don’t make sense. All we know is that the Warning will happen first. It will be followed by the Miracle within a year. Conchita , and only Conchita is privy to the date of the Miracle. The Chastisement is conditional on how humanity reacts to the Warning & Miracle, although Conchita believes that the Chastisement will happen. No time frame, I repeat, no time frame is offered for the Chastisement. It is not possible to make such predictions. Only God knows the day and the hour that these things will happen. Perhaps you have direct communication with God?

      F & T in Christ

  2. O.K, Aviso, I will. I hope I` ve made myself clear.I naturally meant that Father Laffineur refused to celebrate the New Mass ( Novus Ordo ).Thanks Koeken Peter for reminding it to us.

  3. A very holy and wise priest in England ,scince deceased once said that If someone told him the Virgin Mary was appearing out side his house he would close the curtains and carry on praying,
    meaning , we have the full deposit of faith and need nothing more .there are many false prophets at these times and we as humble faithfull Catholics should not presume we have the disernment to know what is true and what is false .Only Christs church has the authority to decide which is true and which is false.
    Medjugorge is a case In point , there are millions of good devout people who are deeply attached to these apparitions,
    Yet if they are found to be false these people are so in thrall that they might prefer to become disobedient to the magisterium,
    Causing great apostasy ,we live in dangerous is important to be faithfull and humble.
    Looking for the sensational is dangerous when we should praying for souls , being faithfull ,sanctifying our lives through our families, friends and daily work.
    The Eucharist is the greatest miracle ,bigger than any other we are waiting for ….so be at peace and remain faithfull.

  4. Laudetur Jesus Christus.Aviso, does Conchita usually attend the New Mass? How am I to understand that the doctor of Canon law Gregory Hesse and others ( father Gruner, Martin Malachi ) plainly stated that this man-made rite is against the God`s will, againt the Tridentine Council and against the Tradition? If there were just “cosmetic discrepancies” between these two rites why did Father Laffineur and Father Pio refuse to celebrate it so categorically? Why then are the enemies within the Church so intent on rooting it out in the “postconciliar Church” and at the same time they promote and spread the New Mass everywhere, that is, why would the modernists like it so much if it was` t bad? = There will come a bad Council which will approve a bad Mass.
    I do not intend to sound like a nit-picker nor cause confusion I`m only wondering if the Truth has got two faces?

    • Hi Frank my Friend and member of my Group, Father Pio as you call him is today a Saint of the Catholic Church and he has never celebrated the Novus Ordo Mass, about Father Laffineur, who said to you that this Great Priest so connected to Garabandal refused to celebrate the Tridentine Mass ? you know also how to contact me directly for these kind of questions, next time please do not forget it, thank you.

    • Hey Frank, Father Laffineur never said the new Mass. He said: “Je prèfère de mourir que de dire la nouvelle Messe – I prefer to die rather than to say the new Mass” . You can find this in L’appel des Pins Nr 21 p.6, octobre 1974, but the (French) Garabandal Magazine doesn’t exist anymore. Truly yours my friend.
      Hey Aviso I hope you are OK? Cheers my friend and truly yours, Peter Koeken.

  5. The Article about Albrecht Weber is online but due to some private détails and to Protect the Memory of this Great Garabandalist, the article can be read with a Password and by members of my Garabandal Group only, for those interested please contact me at : to get it, thank you for your understanding.

  6. I have been experiencing this condition for many years and it has to do with your own spirituality which is being perfected by Jesus. My experience is When I get the urge to get in touch socially with people I am averted in my interior. I have come to learn that Jesus wants us for his own and direct our lives totally by Him. We must give up our will and let His will be done instead. I suggest you look into the “Living in the Divine Will” books by Luisa Piccaretta. If you have any trouble finding these books let my know as I have all of them and given special talks to groups. Hope this assists you.

    God Bless you
    Mary Crawley

  7. 2014 at Garabandal early morning before leaving at the pines I went to say goodbye to Our Lady kneeling in front of Her I was praying when a gold coloured laser type ray came down in front of me from the sky onto the tree below her image. The ray kept going around in a circle round and round. I was so startled and looked around to see if anyone else was there. I came away feeling so blessed. my two friends and I came for a week and spent all of the time praying at the pines but they were not with me that morning.this is the first time I have made this blessing known Garabandal is a very blessed place. Jesus and Mary help us.
    Mary crawley

    • Beautiful testimony Mary, Thank you.

      Let me add just few words as well, for my first trip in Garabandal (since then I went to the village more than 30 Times by memory) Years ago and after a direct trip from Paris (France) to Garabandal (Spain) by car so about 1200 Km, quite tired after this long trip, I arrived at Puentenansa at about 8.30 Pm, a small village at about 10 km from Garabandal where I booked my Hotel, my first wish was to eat Something but the hotel in question did not serve any meals and the manager advised me a small restaurant in Cosio at few minutes from my hotel but he told me to drive there quickly as the Restaurant did not serve very late during the week, I arrived at 9.30 Pm, the restaurant was full, as my spanish was limited, I talked in italian but no chance, the restaurant was fully booked and no place for me anymore, so on the way back to my hotel just front of the restaurant, I was Praying our Lady in my car and complaining to her, Mother I drive more than 1000 Km to visit you, I am very tired and very hungry but no one wants to give me any food in this country then suddenly within few seconds, I saw the indication (road sign) Garabandal at 5 Km, that time I did not knew the village especially the famous road from cosio to Garabandal, a typical and Dangerous Mountain road without any light, on that road just arriving at the village, I was very close to have probably a terrible car accident, it’s a Irish man living there with his wife for years who saved me by stopping my car that was heading towards a Deadly ditch according to him, he was shouting to me what you are doing here at this time (10 Pm) and in this direction where are you going ? I explained to him the story as my trip from Paris without forgetting to mention my hunger as well, he told me Nothing is open at this time in the village but let me try the Posada of Amalia, loli’s sister but he was not optimist, well Mary I was welcomed as at home and I ate for 2, since then Amalia and her husband became very close friends and are my wedding witnesses (as many know, I married in Garabandal and for the record my wedding party was booked in the same restaurant that refused me years before for my first trip in Garabandal ) as the Irish Man and his wife…etc….but how a Mother could not feed one of her Children when we are Praying her especially when this Mother is also known to be the Mother of God ? who might have doubted it ?, thank you again.

    • Hi Mat, Conchita must announce the date of the Great Miracle 8 Days before according to her so de facto she should be alive for the Great Miracle Day and probably in Garabandal that day, let me remind to all of you that the Lady of the Carmel said that this Great Miracle will be more wonderful and incredible than the Fatima Miracle of the Sun and will take place at Garabandal ONLY, this is a very important detail to keep in your mind, so everyone will have to make the effort to go to Garabandal, do not listen to those who tell you that the Miracle will take place elsewhere or you will be able to Watch it on your TV…etc…these people are not Garabandalist and are using Garabandal with some other modern Marial Apparitions, so let me be clear Again and don’t miss that day.

      We know also that few will be in Garabandal for the D Day, probably due to a world in chaos (wars…etc…), I will not be surprised also with some statement against Garabandal from Rome especially with the current team at the Vatican, in other words Nothing should stop you from going in Garabandal for that Great Day, do not forget also to follow the Geopolitical events especially those related to Russia, the next planned Synod in Rome in 2018 will also have to be taken into account as the next Russian élections that same year, in any case stay tuned.

      • Aviso, Conchita said the Miracle can be seen also from the surounding mountains, are there villages around Garabandal that give access to the mountains, so people can camp, or find places to stay given the limited room in Garabandal?

      • Hi Pete, Yes from the Garabandal surounding mountains as well of course, few villages around Garabandal that give access to the Mountains are available (many land surrounding Garabandal are also private but for the D Day do not hesitate to install your camping tents if necessary ) , the Village of Cosio will be perfect, the best is of course Garabandal, I called the village this morning to prepare for my arrival this summer, during my stay I will ask for the possible access to the surrounding mountains, I know already 2 of them but there should be few more, I will give all the détails when the time comes, camping will be the best, I already booked my place for me and family but if I can I will do my best to have the greatest number of you with me in the village, the Region of Cantabria will surely organize the arrival of the Pilgrims as well, in other words do not worry, just try to be at Garabandal or arround for the D Day, that’s the more important and leave the rest in the hands of God then Everything should go well.

        To me the Problem is not the access to Garabandal but the access to Spain, probably difficult that time but I will be back to this topic later, we still have time, thanks.

  8. Dear Aviso,

    i also knew Albrecht Weber (Conchita called him Alberto) very well and there was actually a very closed friendship between these two person. Albrecht Weber told me this every time.
    Albrecht Weber also teached me that we shouldn´t speculate with the date of the Great Miracle. In the book of Albrecht Weber ” Garabandal” you can also read the statement of Conchita (in her own words), that she would not live to see the chastisement !!!
    I wish Conchita a very, very long life, but this statement can also be indicate that the events of Garabandal are fare away and not so close as we imagine.

    God bless your family and you

    • I know you Jochen, many Albrecht Friends contacted me just after his death in 2014 but for his memory, I have to talk about what I was aware just 1 week before his death, between us only, we are probably much closer than you are thinking, so Rejoy my Friend and stay tuned.

      • Aviso
        How fortunate you were to have Herr Weber as your personal friend. To have been told something directly from him and so close to the time of his death means of course that this information cannot be changed. It is the last word from him. Even later than his book. Did he tell you something different or something more than what he had written in his free gift to you? I look forward to hearing more about this exclusive confidance that you enjoy. Only one thing I ask. If you find it too difficult to translate into English will you please find a reliable translator. We enjoy your style of English but it can sometimes be unclear in its meaning. No offence and my thanks.

    • Hi Jochen
      It is always good to discover new information about Garabandal. Please tell us what page that information is on. If possible could you take a photo of the page and post it where it can be seen. Thank you.

      • I am not thinking straight – of course Aviso being a close friend of Herr Weber is priviledged to have his own copy of this rare book. He can post a photo of the page if he so wishes. Is the book available online?

      • Hi Joe, fortunate maybe but the message to me from Albrecht as a last testimony, rather a very heavy Cross, by the way thanks for the pics, great Family.

    • Hi Jochen, this is new to me, which page of Albrecht Book this detail about Conchita ?

      If my good Friend Peter from Switzerland is around, please Peter, would you be kind to check for me this detail in Albrecht Book and let me know by email, thanks.

      • The book “the finger of God” / “Der Zeigefinger Gottes” contains the following statement on page 127: (…) In 1998 she also said that she was very afraid of the Warning. But she also told her that she would not be able to see the punisment court(chastisement, page 145). Whether her children will still experience it, she can not say with certainty.

        Conchita was born in 1949.

    • You say not so close? Really? Conchita not to live to see the chastisement, very interesting. Hmm, that means (using the picture of her when she was 64 in 2003 as an indicator of her health) she is probably going to die around 75 to 80. Guessing the chastisement is 2 to 5 years after her death. That would make it 2026 to around 2034. It isn’t to far off.

  9. Hi Alejandr,

    Nothing yet regarding Garabandal, the worst is still not there, when it will be the case probably soon now, Garabandal News will announce it to all its readers, so stay tuned, thanks.

  10. I would like to know whether there is news about the sign announced in Garabandal. I’m not simply curious. It is just my friends in the lord and I have been though a very odd time. The Lord seams to have us, somehow, hidden, and we are, at he same time, wanting to stay in the same way, although this is not our mindset.
    Thanks for any answer that could bring us an advise.

    Thanks and God may bless you all


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