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03 June 2017

Albrecht weber pictures 2

As I said in my article from Albrech Weber to Aviso : ,

I was in Contact with Albrecht, probably one of our Greatest Garabandalist and author of the famous Book in German “Garabandal, the finger of God”, just before his death but due to some sensitive détails and to protect his memory as this Great Garabandalist is buried in Garabandal, I had allowed access to this article to members of my group only, today I decide to make public his testimony, why ? well I now think that everyone should know that the present situation within the church had been prophesied in Garabandal as well, enjoy !


26 April 2017

Albrech Picture

11 February 2013

Pope Benedict Resignation announcement

During this year 2013, I am still investigating the Fatima 3rd Secret but after the surprising Pope Resignation, I went back to my Garabandal investigation, trying to get more details about the Prophecy of the Popes, the famous : “3 Popes then the end of the times” quote, I have already many details from my own contact in the village about this Prophecy from the Lady of the Carmel but as usual I like to check and recheck each details especially this Prophesy as very sensitive, the Resignation of Pope Benedict was a good reason to go back to my investigation, I then decided to contact Albrecht Weber, the famous Garabandalist and author of the book in German “the finger of God”, I did not have his book yet so I asked him how to get it, few days later the book was in my hands as Albrecht was one of my readers of my first blog so he sent it to me free of charge and quickly with this Religious Card of Pope Benedict below :

From Albrecht Weber to Aviso



With a friend, I found out in Albrecht Book that there is nothing about a Pope going to Russia as indicated online for years, this friend knew someone close to Father Laffineur and his right hand Father de Baillencourt, I called him and during a long (recorded) conversation I learned that the Pope will see the Great Miracle from Russia, in Albrecht Book, I find out the confirmation of the Prophecy of the Popes only, 4 Popes and not 3 but 1 will have a short reign.

Summer 2013 :

My wedding in Garabandal, during my wedding Party my main Guest is the Garabandal Priest, after the weeding, I asked him if I can interview him about Garabandal as he was an eyewitness of the Apparitions, in the village they all told me that he will never accept as he cannot talk about the Apparitions (not yet approuved by the church), to my surprise he accepted and answered to my 10 Questions (about the Apparitions only) in private but I did not got the authorization to publish his answers online, this is a Great Priest and still the current Priest of Garabandal but also a Great Man, a Man of God, I owe him a lot, 2 years later in 2015, he Baptized my last child in the village as well.

End 2013 :

I completed my investigation about the Garabandal Prophecy of Popes with Albrecht Confirmation but I cannot get any Confirmation from Conchita as via a Friend I asked a Confirmation of Albrecht Weber quote as 4 Popes and not 3, the Seer does not confirms Albrecht quote but the official quote only : 3 Popes then the end of the times, at the same time some makes me understand to drop this investigation so I ended it.

Year 2014 :

Back to my Fatima 3rd Secret investigation, some détails about the Papacy freeze my blood , I learned also from the village that Albrecht Weber will be in Garabandal next spring.


02 November 2014 :

From one of my readers of my first blog :

Dear Aviso,  Thanks, for your email, hope you are all well, and soon you will welcome your new baby, wonderful news!  ………………….(private)…………

But, aside from that I must tell you what happened to our group, when we travelled to Garabandal in May, of this year (2014).  We met up with Albrecht Weber, as he was promoting his book, only one or two people bought his book, as it was in German.

One of the ladies talked to him about the current Pope, and he stunned us all by saying “That this pope was not a good pope, and he did not like him”  He was very decisive about this, he also said that where the Pope was from, the people did not like him there either!!   He was very passionate about this, as he was saying he is Not a true Pope!!!   Our priest was very taken a back by this, as most of us were  -That a man well know for his book on Garabandal, and all the interviews he has done on the visionaries, he must know all about this, and probably knows more than we do, but he stopped it thereand said he wasn’t a good pope and not to be trusted.!!!   So, that was a big shock for most of us……(private)………   Anyway, Aviso thought I would let you know, what Albrecht said to us.  But I will never forget Albrecht wagging his finger, and passionately telling us what he thought of Pope Francis!!!


15 November 2014 :

Albrecht Weber died in Überlingen (Germany) on November 15, 2014 and was buried in San Sebastián de Garabandal on November 20, 2014.

15 November 2014 :

Dear Aviso,  Just a short line to tell you I had contacted our priest ( who is in Fatima at present saying Mass) who travelled with us to Garabandal and other places, Fr………, who is Australian/Italian, to confirm from him and others in our group the confusion Albrecht put to us about the concern he has for the Church with Pope Francis leading us, Albrecht also gave us a Saint Michael medal and to urgently pray for our Church……….(private)……………

During my investigation in 2013 I got an other confirmation of Albrecht quote about the Prophecy of the Popes from his German book, the same details are given in the so called “Garabandal Book”, in the original french version of 1996 as in the English version of 2001 (attached below), I have both books sent to me by some friends and I finally understood Albrecht opinion about the current Pope to my reader as the picture of Pope Benedict he sent to me in 2013 with his book.


False Pope French version 1996

In French 1996



False Pope English Version 2001

In English 2001


March 2017, via my good Friend Bastiano, Conchita reconfirms the Popes Prophecy as “3 Popes then the end of the times” ONLY and de facto denies Albrecht quote, someone does not tell the Truth and I have my opinion, end of the story, thank you.


As promised it’s done, Pray for us my Friend.





7 thoughts on “In Memory of Albrecht Weber/Online for all !

      • The German book ist still available for 18 € at the Miriam-Verlag in Germany. (just confirmed by them today Nov. 23. 2020) Enter “Albrecht Weber – Garabandal – Der Zeigefinger Gottes” into any search machine and you’ll get the link. For an English translation, you’d have to scan the book, OCR it, and shove it through the Google or DeepL translaters. Arguably some work.

        I am on to Grabandal for 2 months now mostly on the Spanish material (coming from the UFO field but being a Christian, also working als on old Latin biblical texts), and it is perfectly clear to me that those apparitions are genuine and should not be compared to the Medjugorje apparitions and were accompanied by extreme paranormal side-effects usually only associated with close encounters with unidentified aerial craft. And there is eyewitness testimony everywhere.

        Beware of the junk sites mentioned below by the blogger, they are dangerous, treacherous and probably contain untrue information.

        View also the Garabanal documentary: “Garabandal, unstoppable waterfall” there is a version with subtitles in English.

  1. About my dates of the Garabandal Prophecies : When I am plagiarized by the Swiss Garabandalists (for my French Readers only, for others do not hesitate to use Google to get the English traduction) :

    POUR 2018 ?
    Mari-Loli, décédée le 20 avril 2009 et qui connaissait la date de l’Avertissement, avait dit à deux prêtres, dignes de confiance, que l’Avertissement se produirait durant une année paire. Le Grand Miracle aussi et il y aura trois mois (ou trois semaines ?) entre les deux événements pour nous donner une chance de se convertir en vu du Miracle.

    Le Miracle doit se produire un jeudi soir, à 20:30, entre le 8 et le 16 du mois d’avril ou mai et  sera annoncée que 8 jours à l’avance, ce qui est peu, surtout pour les pèlerins qui viennent de très loin. Ce Miracle sera le plus important de toute l’histoire de l’humanité !
    Si l’Avertissement arrive au début 2018, le Miracle se produira alors, soit le 12 avril ou le 10 mai 2018.
    Pourquoi l’année 2018 sera probablement l’année du Grand Miracle.
    Car le 18 est le chiffre de prédilection de Garabandal et de la  Vierge.
    – 18.06.1961, première apparition de Saint Michel, qui, le 01.07.1961, annonce
      pour le 2 juillet 1961, la première apparition de la Vierge.
    – 18.10.1961, premier message de la Vierge.
    – 18.07.1962, miracle de la communion visible.
    – 18 juin 1965, dernier message donné par la Vierge par l’intermédiaire de Saint Michel.
    – 18.06.2014, mort de Joey Lomangino.
    – 12.04.2018 = 18 Grand Miracle ?  (1+2+4+2+1+8+= 18)
    – 2018, Avertissement et  Grand Miracle ?
    Fatima, Garabandal et Akita sont liés. A partir des apparitions de Fatima, en 1917, et au possible Miracle en 2018, il y a 101 ans. A Akita la Vierge a pleuré 101 fois !
    N’oublions pas non plus que 2017 est le centième anniversaire des apparitions de Fatima et vu l’importance de ces apparitions on comprend qu’elles soient célébrées indépendamment de celles de Garabandal. Fatima, et Garabandal qui en est la suite, se suivraient donc en toute logique.
    Le Dr Formigao qui participait aux interrogations des enfants lors des commissions canoniques sur Fatima, a révélé que lors de la dernière apparition de la Vierge le 13 octobre 1917, où la Vierge est apparue en habit du Mont Carmel avec le Scapulaire brun, Elle a fait un signe de la mais et dit : hasta San Sebastian, au revoir et à San Sebastian.(de Garabandal)
    Dans l’église de Garabandal il y a aussi une statue de Notre-Dame de Fatima avec un petit écriteau disant : « Hasta San Sebastian ». (De Garabandal)

    PS : Thanks to my reader who talked to me about this Plagiarism.

  2. Why the Holy Ghost is Called the Finger of God

    “Now the Lord is that Spirit: and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty.” [825] Now this Spirit of God, by whose gift we are justified, whence it comes to pass that we delight not to sin, — in which is liberty; even as, when we are without this Spirit, we delight to sin, — in which is slavery, from the works of which we must abstain; — this Holy Spirit, through whom love is shed abroad in our hearts, which is the fulfilment of the law, is designated in the gospel as “the finger of God.” [826] Is it not because those very tables of the law were written by the finger of God, that the Spirit of God by whom we are sanctified is also the finger of God, in order that, living by faith, we may do good works through love? Who is not touched by this congruity, and at the same time diversity? For as fifty days are reckoned from the celebration of the Passover (which was ordered by Moses to be offered by slaying the typical lamb, [827] to signify, indeed, the future death of the Lord) to the day when Moses received the law written on the tables of stone by the finger of God, [828] so, in like manner, from the death and resurrection of Him who was led as a lamb to the slaughter, [829] there were fifty complete days up to the time when the finger of God — that is, the Holy Spirit — gathered together in one [830] perfect company those who believed.

  3. Three Popes, no more after John XXIII, then the ‘end of an era’, ‘end of times’ or ‘epoch.’ I have never doubted from the very begining of my contact with Garabandal in 1982′ what this meant: ‘completion of three Papal Reigns after John XXIII.’ Consequently the end of times, the fulfilment of Fatima, completes during the lifetime and pontificate of a fourth
    Pope, Benedict XVI. Francis is not Pope, he is Bishop only! It cannot be any another way, there can be no other possible explanation or situation of these times other than the one we have, which has 2 prelates in Rome of which, one is Pope and the other a ‘Bishop dressed in white.’ So we know that this is it, confirmed yet further (and may God forgive me for saying this), by what can only be described as a diabolical Free Mason influence behind some of Francis’s theology, words and actions.

    God bless
    Love Pete

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