The Fatima Priest and Francis



In October of 2014, I had the pleasure of speaking at the Fatima Conference held in Deerfield, IL. The first night of the weekend conference began, as usual, with a dinner and an address given by Fr. Nicholas Gruner.

Toward the end of his roughly hour-long talk, Fr. Gruner made mention of the vision attached to the Third Secret of the “bishop dressed in white” of whom Sr. Lucia wrote, “we had the impression that it was the Holy Father.”

Drawing a contrast between this “impression” and the actual pope who, according to the vision, is killed, Fr. Gruner stressed that they are not one and the same person.

The former, he said, is not the Holy Father, he just looks like it.

At this, Fr. Gruner turned his attention to the fact that Benedict, by his own resignation statement, did not resign the munus, or “office” of Peter.

This led Fr. Gruner to suggest that whatever Benedict intended to do, he wasn’t actually resigning the papacy.

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My Comment : When the Fatima Priest Spoke, I was silent, Father knew that the actual heretic was propably the Apostate Pope described in the 3rd Secret,  the so called Bishop dressed in white, in all humility and as indicated online several times, I knew it myself from the beginning, probably 1 or 2 weeks after Francis election, thanks again to Albrecht Weber,  of course Albrecht also knew as he was aware of the Garabandal Prophecy of Popes, simple as that and our Lady never lies (I repeat, our Lady), this explains why I said many times online that even if you are the Greatest Fatima Expert, you will never get the full puzzle without taking into account our Lady of the Carmel to whom the Fatima Priest was a faithful until his last breath, so let the Salza and co (or if you prefer Money and co) keep silent for ever, thanks again to Louie for that anecdote without forgetting Father Kramer of course, in other words thanks to the true Friends of the Fatima Priest.



5 thoughts on “The Fatima Priest and Francis

  1. Hello Aviso,
    First I personally think, that you are a great devoteer of Our Lady of the Mont Carmel and that`beautiful. Sometimes there is too much speculation of the date of the Great Miracle. We do not know this date, except Conchita. That is a fact. I was also very close too Albrecht Weber (the last time his heart doesn`t work well). Also Albrecht tought me not to speculate with any dates because we should live the messages of Garabandal. Our Blessed lady never attacked the pope! Albrecht Weber see Pope Francis sometimes in a critical way, but without any puplic attacks. Your dates of the D.D are speculative ! Maybe the Great Miracle will occur in 2018, 2019, 2020, 2029 and so on…… There exists a statement of Conchita written down in the book of Albrecht Weber (a second edition), Conchita said to the author, that she will not be alive when God will send the chaisteisement above the world.
    This was in 1998!
    Please read it, the Blessed Mother promised these things for the future. It`s also written down in the Book of Albrecht Weber.
    I personally don`t speculate with the date of the Great Miracle. Probably the main events of Garabandal may happen the next year.
    For me it is also possible, that we have to wait for the next ten years (10 years is just a symbol period for me, because I don`t know the timetable of Garabandal)
    But remember the page of the book of Garabandal and it`s the statement of Conchita ( I would highlite, that I personally wish her a very long timelife, 100 years and more) but in 1998 she said to the author, that when the chaisteisement will happen, she will not be alive. Now she is 68 years old!

    God bless you!

    • Hi Jochen, you are probably right but I already told you that speculation of dates is not the main issue, it looks that we will not agree, for example the Joey Lomangino Prophecy was more destructive for the Garabandal Cause than any speculation of dates, any way your comment is a good reminder about this topic.

      So again : Conchita knows the Great Miracle date and Loli knew the Warning Year, de facto when you know the Warning Year, you will probably know the Great Miracle date, this is a fact, many are forgetting that Loli was also aware of the Garabandal dates, so we cannot say that Conchita knows only, this is another Fact.

      About Francis, the Destroyer, Not to resist him despite the facts, would be irresponsible, as Not to resist him or remain silent is to approve his heresies, if some still have some doubts or even support this Pontificate then they are already on the road to Perdition, we have a duty to remind them, of course there is Nothing good or pleasant for me to denounce this Pontificate and from the beginning (on the contrary it cost me a lot) but as Catholic and owner of this blog (quite famous now and you are more and more following it), I have also the duty before God of doing it, thanks.

  2. Hi Pete, the Bishop dressed in white is Francis and the Holy Father is Pope Benedict, simple as that, Francis must be arrested and judjed for Apostasy, his supporters must be excommunicated for the same reason and ipso facto as they are not Catholics and probably for years, by his supporters I mean any Cardinals, Bishops, Priests and Layman who have supported this Pontificate in Public or repent, Bishop Fellay included.

    Pope Benedict must be free and back on the seat of Peter, Consecrate Russia and disclose the 3rd Part of the Secret then the Chastisement from God could be avoid if not we know the rest, the Vision being quite explicit.

    I received many emails about this topic, most are hoping a divine help especially from our Lady, in my opinion we won’t get any help before the Consecration, the advantage with the actual Pontificate is to be able to finaly know the enemies within the Church as their Names in public, many Cardinals, many Bishops and many Priests are on the road to Perdition for years and are taking many souls with them, our Lady has been clear in Akita, the Chastisement will be worst than the deluge, People must understand that the dealine is probably close as we are currently living the Fatima 3rd secret Vision for already 4 Years, I cannot imagine 4 more years without the promised Chastisement if Nothing is done before especially from Cardinals, if not May God have Mercy on us.

    • Dear Aviso,

      I agree with you completely.

      I want to add that Pope Francis made some very very offensive comments towards Our Blessed Virgin Mother soon after the Canonization of Jacinta and Francisco in Fatima. For this alone Pope Francis is finished.

      I want to quote what Pope Francis said:

      [On the eve of the 100th anniversary of the Marian apparitions at Fatima, the Pope asked tens of thousands of pilgrims May 12 to reflect on “which Mary” they choose to venerate, “the virgin Mary from the Gospel” or “one who restrains the arm of a vengeful God?”

      Is the Mary they honour “a woman blessed because she believed always and everywhere in God’s words or a ‘plaster statue’ from whom we beg favours at little cost?” he asked.]

      Taken from:

      Pope Francis thinks that we must choose between the Mary in the Gospels and the Mary in La Salette, Lourdes, Fatima, Garabandal, Akita…

      Well, there is only one Mary and the Mary in the Gospels is the same as the Mary in the apparitions.

      For example, at the Wedding of Cana, Our Blessed Virgin Mother acted as an intermediary between the guests, bride / groom and Jesus. When Our Blessed Virgin Mother asked Jesus to deal with no wine left at the wedding, Jesus promptly obeyed her and turned water into wine. Our Blessed Virgin Mother is again acting as intermediary at La Salette,Lourdes, Fatima, Garabandal, Akita… by restraining the arm of a very angry Jesus Christ from punishing an unfaithful and depraved humanity.

      I for one have enormous love for Our Blessed Virgin Mother, because in spite of our imperfections, she always has our back.

      F & T in Christ

  3. So who is the Bishop dressed in white? Taking the article as correct in its ‘what if’ scenarios i.e. Chair of Peter was never validly vacant, then the ‘recognisable’ Pope can only be Benedict XVI and the one who gives the ‘impression” of being Pope, an illusion of Office, would be Francis. A view I have maintained as my comments attest on other pages. What is your view Aviso?

    God bless

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