For Mac

Mac and Family

My Friends,

I was informed today (only) via Joe of serious health problems of one of my best friends, a brother for me, more details below:

I ask each of you to Pray for this beautiful Soul, this soldier of Christ, a devotee of our Lady of Fatima as well and close to me for years, a Father also of 9 Children, so for those who can help, do not hesitate to make some donations following the link above, thank you.


My Comment :  Mac my Friend, if you read me, please stay strong, I will contact you soon, thanks.




23 thoughts on “For Mac

  1. I wish the Miracle will happen on 11 April 2019.
    Mac could be healed and became a bright testimony of the trutfukness of the apparitions there. He and his wonderful family deserve this! What now appears as an incomprehensible and ununjust suffering might soon appear a proof of the immeasurable and inscrutable Love of the Heavenly Father.
    God bless. Pray for you all.
    God bless.

  2. My Friends, I had some news from Luke, please continous to Pray for him, he is very strong and ready in any case, even if my Soul is in tears since this terrible news, I want to tell to him here on my Blog and in Public, all my Love and Respect for this Great Soldier of Christ, this Son of the Lady of Fatima, May the Lord as our Lady remembers his Name when he will be home, of course a Miracle is always Possible this is our Faith but I cannot hide that my Sorrow is Great.

    Brother next to you I am nothing.

    God Bless, Aviso

    • Thanks again all , and thank you Aviso. And thank you for your generous donation.I and my family really appreciate it.
      I’m in my last days now. December 8 would be a nice day to go home.
      God bless

      • Now my Brother you are home, please Pray for us, with you we have a good Friend in Heaven, Mac between us only and if you are reading me from there, please do not forget what I asked you recently, thank you again for all, I will miss you.

        God Bless, Aviso

  3. Just a quick update. Today the Specialist ruled out any attempts at treatment.He also has given a timeframe of 1-3 months.So thank you for your prayers, I will be counting on them when I am gone also. God Bless

    • You are assured of our prayers Luke, thank you for even taking the time to let us know. If you haven’t yet, please would you drink a small amount of Lourdes Water at a moment of prayer with your wife. There is always Grace poured out from Our Mother’s Heart in doing so.

      God bless you and your family.

    • Forget the Specialist my Brother in Christ, stay close to the Lord and our Lady, if you have to go home then go in Peace, what you are living today I will never have been able to live, your Faith is an example to us all, thank you again to keep us in touch, you are in our thoughts and Prayers every day and don’t forget, you are Great.

    • Dear Luke, although everything is always on our Lord’s hands, we can still look for some human help (besides prayers). From a professional point of view, I would urge you to start on artemix (artemisin/artesunate/arthemeter). This is not the right place to discuss it, but please do a quick search and give it a try. It is scientifically proven and it has worked in many cases already considered beyond cure.
      Always in our prayers

  4. Thank you all for the prayers and kind wishes. To die well in the grace of God is now my focus.A miraculous cure would be nice of course, and there have been many prayers for that from all around the world.That is in the hands of God.

    God bless

  5. Dear Mac and family.

    A very great sadness for you all, my heart and thoughts truly go out to you at this time. I will be most honoured to add my prayers to yours, and will unashamedly petition Our Lord through the intercession of His Most Holy Mother for a miracle, a full recovery. Mac you will be the subject of all my prayers through tomorrow’s Holy Rosary, Tridentine Mass and subsequent holy hour before the exposed Blessed Sacrament. I implore all friends of Garabandal to storm Heaven with intercessory pleading that Mac may be restored once again to his family.

    Remember Lord the leper who fell before you and asked.
    “You can heal me if you want to Lord.”
    And You graciously knelt down and lifting him up, said.
    “Of course I want to, be healed”

    “See Mac, my Lord with the eyes of your unmeasurable love, and remember you can heal him if you want to.”

    God Almighty grant you and your family His Consolation, Mercy, Grace and Blessings

  6. I’m shocked, I could not imagine such thing! This life is so unfair.
    That photo is in fact the first picture I’ve seen of Mac (or Luke), however I feel like I know him and trust him more than most of the people I know and I see in my dayly life. From this opposite side of the earth I could always feel that is man is truly a good man and a true catholic.

    Thank you Aviso and Joe.

    Que Nossa Senhora de Fátima ajude esta família.

    • Hi Basto
      Yes indeed – shocking news and hard – but Mac is at peace with himself, with the world and with God. He has attended mass today to honour Our Lady of Fatima on the anniversary of the great miracle of the sun. He looks to heaven. The words of the old hymn come to mind
      “Turn your eyes upon Jesus
      Look full in His wonderful face,
      And the things of earth will turn strangely dim,
      In the light of His Glory and grace.”
      I hope you are well.

  7. What can I say? My father died of this type of cancer and I’m still grieving his death after 10 years. Until we reach the real, eternal life, it will be always a struggle to understand the suffering of these special souls. Be sure I will send my prayers and a little financial help.

  8. Where are you Basto and so on ? how come I was only informed today of this situation about Mac, I do not beleive it myself when Joe finally contacted me giving me all the details, of course we will do our best for the Family, please be sure of that my Friend, I will be back to you soon, I am very sad of this terrible news.

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