Your Requests for Special Intentions

Our Lady of Mount Carmel

Immaculate Heart of Mary, my Mother, I come to you in childlike prayer. I earnestly desire that all the people of the world may be brought back to the humble knowledge and love of the Sacred Heart of your dear Son. I pray, dear Mother of my God, that the wonderful beauty and purity of your own Immaculate Heart may so win our souls that we may detest all sin and dedicate our lives to the honor and glory of the God who created us.

You revealed the secrets of your own sad heart at Fatima and begged for penance, prayer, and conversion of the world to God. What more can I do than unite my heart to yours in this great yearning? What can I add but the fervent prayer that all the world may listen to your pleading?

I give my heart to you, my heavenly Queen, and in confidence I leave to you what is best for me in answer to my prayer for love and reparation.

Immaculate Heart of the Mother of my God, I implore through your powerful intercession, the conversion of the hearts of men, complete victory over sin, and the return of the peace which you have promised. Amen 

Dear friends of Garabandal and visitors to this web site please feel free to place your requests for special intentions on this page so that all who come here, can pray with you during your time of need. We ask all, not leave Garabandal News without taking a moment of your time to pray for and with all those who ask.

God Bless Pete


May I request a prayer for my family, specifically for our two foster sons, Elijah and Josiah. They are 3 months old and 19 months. Elijah was exposed to drugs in the womb and he came to us directly from the hospital after his birth in August. His older brother, Josiah, came to us in September on the day his parents were arrested for drugs. They have been with us up until last week when their grandfather, a convicted felon for dealing drugs, requested custody and it was granted. I promised Our Lady on August 15, the feast of her Assumption, that I would consecrate Elijah to her on the day of his adoption into our family. I have been praying the rosary daily for each of them to receive their baptismal garments. Now they are in the hands of someone who cares nothing for their salvation or for anything holy. Our hearts are broken. We are praying that they be returned to us unharmed. We are keeping our home open to them and not taking any other foster children. I hope to take Elijah and Josiah to Garabandal on the day of the Miracle, so they can be healed. Thank you and God bless you.


Could I please go off topic and ask everyone here, whose strength of faith I regard so highly, to please pray for my son that he may be released from his cross of alcoholism and binge drinking. I know this is not a prayer site, but I know that this blog’s contributors are genuinely believing and prayerful people. He has such good intentions but seems to fall every time – waste of a young life. Thank you.


Just a quick update. Today the Specialist ruled out any attempts at treatment.He also has given a time frame of 1-3 months. So thank you for your prayers, I will be counting on them when I am gone also.

God Bless


Dear brothers and sisters, please pray for me and my family as this is the darkest moment in my life. I’m aware Christ requests us to carry our cross but I just feel this is very heavy and I need help. I will pray for all your intentions as well.

Mrs Shark

Please pray for “F” who is dying from addiction, Pray pray for M who is in need of work. Please Our Lady and St Joseph help us find a home soon. Please dear mother if you can help intervene financially so we have breathing room. God Bless

31 thoughts on “Your Requests for Special Intentions

  1. Dear friends in Christ ,
    Please pray for me that I may receive help from our Lord and savior Jesus .I have had a life long struggle with sobriety . My book is not written yet and I will achieve with your prayers and God’s grace.

  2. Dear Lady, With our world in such a mess please cure the sick, Those who are carrying this awful killer virus let them stay a home until time will heal itself, Amen

  3. Could I ask for your prayers, please, for my young daughter that she may stay resolute in ending things with a very controlling, and damaged boyfriend and also that he may accept it. I also ask for your prayers that this ex-boyfriend may not seek revenge either against her or her older brother. Thank you in advance.

  4. Could I ask for your prayers for my teenage daughter who is being led astray and away from her parents by a boy who is troubled and has also been very dishonest and manipulative. She has turned against us and Ipray that God leads her to a Holy and healthy way of life very soon. We are heartbroken. Please pray for her and us. Thank you.

  5. Dear our Lady, please help me how to promote your apparitions in Garabandal , in my country Chile, in South America.. Please pray for me and my dear husband. Also please pray and intercede for the conversion of my children: Karolina, Teresa Isabel, and Joseph Alexander. May they wil love God with al their minds, hearts, souls, bodies and spirits,.Thank You so much!. We love You

    • Let’s pray for all the souls of the massacred in Sri Lanka, that they may rest in the peace of Christ. May God and Our Blessed Mother give strength and comfort to all the injured and to the families and friends of all affected. God have mercy on them all.

  6. I ask the readers to please pray that Our Lord and Our Lady help me discern whether they want me to become a Catholic deacon as I am confused. I believe that I have the gifts and mission but I know many do not believe in such deacons. Also, right now and for some time my efforts have seemingly been blocked but I do not know if this block is from God or meant for me to overcome somehow. I need clarity, and I pray you good people can pray for me to get it soon. Thank you and God Bless. GG

    • Dear Gabriel, as an ordained deacon for 32 years, I suggest you follow your heart. I went through the same thing before being accepted for formation. I felt called by Our Lady of Mount Carmel De Garabandal to serve God. At 82 yrs. old, I’m still serving and happy to be able to. If it is God’s will, May Mother Mary grant you the grace to serve as a deacon.

  7. Please pray for a miraculous healing for Omar Morales Europa who has knees with serious osteo-arthritis and the condition is impeding his ability to work and have a full family life.
    Pray also for the healing of my entire family and extended family so that we live our lives giving all glory to God!

  8. Hello,just come back from The Catholic Miracle Rally in Preston,run by Cor st Lumen Christi-AMAZING week end.Please would you keep in prayers and ask the prayer teams here and in Spain for Helen who I met and the doctors have given two months to live.She was prayed over by Damien Stayne a renowned Charismatic healer.The lady who brought her along has asked for prayers.Thank you.God bless, Christine 🙏

  9. A prayer for justice. An end to the free masons in our church an end to the daekness and deepstate in america and world. Amen

    • Dear Everyone,
      Let’s remember to keep each other, and “especially those most in need of His mercy” and ” who do not believe, love, adore and hope” in our prayers. Let’s rededicate our small self-denials this lent towards the triumph of Our Lady’s heart. Thank you for your prayers.

  10. Please pray for “F” who is dying from addiction, Pray pray for M who is in need of work. Please Our Lady and St Joseph help us find a home soon. Please dear mother if you can help intervene financially so we have breathing room. God Bless

    • Could I please ask for your continued prayers for Peter in his battle with alcohol. Please,God,do not leave him much longer a prisoner of this demon and give him and us the Graces to endure it. Amen.

      • Concerned. You and your son are in my prayers. Your son will need to go to rehab, forcefully if needed.”You need to be cruel, in order to be kind”.

        • Thank you, Pepe. Your prayers mean a lot because you have been through it yourself. We are investigating all treatment options for him at present, while restricting access to money as a temporary prevention.
          Please continue to keep us in your prayers, as we will keep you.

  11. Please receive my heartfelt thanks for your prayers for our foster sons. Thank you, Pete, for the beautiful prayer to the Immaculate Heart of Mary together with our prayer requests. I pray for each of you.

  12. Mac please try medical mushrooms! Paul Stamets cured his own mother from stage 4 breast cancer with Turkey Tail mushroom extract. Paul has a youtube channel. I think he lives in Texas now.

  13. Dear Concerned,

    If you can orchestra for your son to be admitted to a clinic, he will be assessed for his mental health status. He may have a condition where alcoholism is a symptom of his illness.

    I have lived with addiction for most of my life. When I was unwell I admitted myself to a clinic. After an initial extended false start I was eventually diagnosed with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) where obsessional thinking was my main issue. This condition is a form of anxiety gone out of control. I was treated for Major Depression (as OCD falls under this spectrum) and given Zoloft medication. This has changed my life in a very great positive way. I thank God I found a treatment that worked for me. 25 years and going strong.

    I hope your son can find treatment that will work for him. My prayers are with you.

    • My Dearest Pepe,
      I really appreciate you giving me the benefit of your own experience. I think there is a definite genetic component in his case and so there may well be some chemical imbalance, as you state. We will not give up, and will try all options until he can live free from this affliction – or live with it in God’s Grace.
      Thank you, Pepe, my brother in Christ, for caring enough to reply.

  14. Dear brothers and sisters, please pray for me and my family as this is the darkest moment in my life. I’m aware Christ requests us to carry our cross but I just feel this is very heavy and I need help. I will pray for all your intentions as well.

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