Wishing All our Readers a very Holy and Peacful Christmas


Advent and Christmas, a Season full of expectation and anticipation when we can celebrate and prepare for both the Birth of Our Lord and His promised Glorious return.

On behalf of Alban, Juan and Michael, I thank you all for your contributions over this last ecclesiastical year, whether shared Web news, insights, reflections and challenges. All has been thought provoking, at times deeply inspiring and always invaluable. We hope you will all continue to help keep the Garabandal messages alive with your continued prayers and participation throughout 2020 and beyond.

Please do not hesitate to share this site far and wide through your social media outlets. The more we reach out the more we help fulfill the wishes of our Blessed Mother, Our Lady of Mount Carmel and Garabandal.

God bless you all and A Happy New Year in advance


PS. Please also spare a thought and a prayer  for those who have requested our intercession.

10 thoughts on “Wishing All our Readers a very Holy and Peacful Christmas

  1. Dear All,
    First, let me thank you for all the Christmas wishes that have circulated in the blog these days: even if most of us don’t know each other, this contributes to make us feel a ‘community’ and feel better the Communion in Christ that binds us. I return all the wishes with the utmost warmth!
    May the Lord bless you copiously in the year that has just started and brings of us closer to the events we all are looking for.
    On another issue: I certainly agree with Pete that the two stars that are currently playing their game in the constellation of Cignus cannot constitute a celestial sign of general evidence, nonetheless I am convinced that such a sign will happen and will almost coincide with the Warning. As the matter seems to be controversial, I do not want to insist on this…
    Instead, I would like to share with you one recent thought that I feel should be considered by everybody. I confess that my first thought about what I am about to say was relative to the prior revelation of the Medjugorie secrets (I believe in the apparitions of Our Lady in Medjugorje!) but it applies, mutatis mutandis, to Garabandal as well.
    A few days ago I was asking to myself: “are we sure that we will be warned in advance for the realization of the Medjugorje 10 secrets?”. As far as people know, Mirjana (the main ‘seer’) knows all the dates for the ten secrets (the first two could be considered a ‘warning’ the third a sign or a miracle, and the further seven some form of incresingly intense ‘chastisement’). Ten days in advance of the realization of each secret, Mirjana will inform a priest of her choice (which she has picked up, in fact). They will then have to pray and fast for seven days and, afterwards, the chosen priest MAY inform the world. It is not correct to say, as most people believe, that he HAS TO…He simply MAY. The chosen priest, at least so far, is a Franciscan friar, linked to the obedience vow. What if his Superior, or the Ordinary, will deny the permission to divulge the incoming secret(s)? In this (likely) case (Bergoglio has given strict rules to frame and constrain the seers and his hierarchy will certainly not approve) the chosen friar will have to chose, in conscience, between breaking the obedience vow or keep silent. Am I wrong?
    Now, let’s come to Conchita. Conchita is not bind by any obedience vow, but she will be in a difficult situation as well 8 days before the Miracle. She is a widow, with a normal and quite life focused on her family relationships and probably few friends. One of the person she initially relied upon to widespread the voice, Joe Lomangino, died before she expected. Suppose she will be temped to doubt: “…and…if this will not happen?…Or if it happens but will be mostly underestimated like a natural phenomenon?…etc…” Are we really sure that she will be willing to put her life, and the life of her beloved ones, under this global spotlight? And, if she will have some doubts of faith (this might happen to every believer) at the moment of the Miracle approaching? God allows that we are put under trials…
    Some might argue that, in the case of Conchita, she will be confirmed by the prior ‘Warning’. But we recently learned (from a very nteresting iterview published on this blog) that the Warning might happen as closed as a WEEK, 7 days, before the Miracle (allegedly, Conchita does not know the date of the Miracle herself). ‘Unfortunately’ Conchita MAY (again she does NOT have to: God leave us always free to act freely) tell us all 8 days in advance and he might be the case that the Warning has not happened yet (it will, the day after…but it could be too late).
    I have shared these concern with you for two reasons:
    1. We must pray a lot for Conchita, since now, because she has the strength to do was she should at the right moment!
    2. The sequence of the events that we will be witnessing (and this is something I feel somewhat in my spirit) MIGHT prove much, much faster that the generality of people seem to believe/accept.
    So said, I wish we all will deepen our relationship with God in this 2019, so that we can be LESS unworthy to stand in His Presence.
    God bless us all. Let’s continue praying and offering sacrifces with reinvigorated fervor!

    • Anonymous, you share many of your thoughts and wishes with this community of brothers who have a common mother, Our Lady of Carmel of Garabandal, and we thank you very much. Please, this year 2019 could you identify a little bit, with your first name for instance, so that we can break the barriers of anonymity? I wish you a very happy and holy New Year. God bless you

      • Certainly, my dear Juan.
        I am Italian, 52 years old. My name is Enrico.
        May God bless you and all your beloved ones. The same to all the readers.

  2. I wish everyone a very blessed year ahead and happiness, joy and love. I do have a prayer request. I spent 4 days in the hospital on Christmas weekend and it was a heavy cross to bear and I probably did not accept it very good. I will have surgery sometime in January to have the gall bladder out. please pray for me that everything turns out well and can get back on my feet again and continue my volunteer work. Thank you all in advance.

  3. Thank you all for your work and dedication to our Blessed Mother! Have a beautiful and blessed Christmas, May your 2019 be filled with many graces and love from our Lord, Jesus Christ. Take care and be safe.

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