Some News from Conchita ! Update

Via the Blog of my Good Friend Bastiano, Translated from French to English by Aviso.

30 May 2018

Bastiano mother and conchita

Bastiano’s Mother, Mrs Bocabeille and Conchita


Some News from Conchita …

As always, I had the pleasure to talk with Conchita for more than an hour, I was eager, because of some rumors after the broadcast on RMC “discovery on Fatima and The Third Secret”

I saw the show (French Show)

It says things that are not true …

About Garabandal, blatant error about the number of Visionaries,  they never have been 6 to see the Virgin, but 4 …

About Conchita, some rumors that I was hastened to check with her.

It was said that Conchita would have talked for 2 hours with the author of this documentary, and confirmed the 3rd secret that Neues Europa had broadcast on October 15, 1963!

Conchita :  1) Do not remember talking two hours with a French person about it

2) It’s impossible for her to talk about a secret that she does not know and let alone confirm it

3) She was not friend with Jackie Kennedy as it says in this report, again the author should have checked his sources

This focusing being done and after some jokes exchanged about our age, we talked about the current situation.

It comes out and we are sharing the same opinion, that everywhere confusion is in place, the cause being the lack of clarity.

Indeed the truth is mixed with error and the author of this confusion is the devil.

I will not dwell on the rest of our exchanges, I just wanted to reinstate the truth regarding this broadcast on RMC.

That being said, she is doing very well, and has a lot to do with her grandchildren, who in the company of their parents attend Mass every Sunday …

“A Grace,” she punctuated!

I wish you the same




My Comment : Bastiano is probably one of the few to my knowledge for having this access to the Main Garabandal Seer and still having her Confidence, as we know the Seer does not talk a lot anymore, so thanks to him again, de facto we can get some news from Conchita once or twice a year via his blog then here for our speaking english Friends.

PS : Salut Frangin !


28 April 2019

Latest news from Conchita of Garabandal via Bastiano’s blog :

This is what Conchita asked me after having revealed to me by mail her illness contracted five years ago.

Yesterday, after talking on the phone as we do from time to time, she wrote me and said that she had skin cancer.

Her letter, which she asks me to propose to sick people is the fruit of her meditation after her miraculous healing.

This is for everyone, her reflection is a help and understanding that All is Grace.

The written content of her testimony, although accurately describing what happened to her, can be read, and applied to many situations of everyday life, because, by her humility, her fears shows that people chosen as Conchita, by Heaven, are not immune to all sorts of trials, which makes us see their fragility and strengthens ours.

As St. Teresa of Avila said: God alone suffices, let us trust in the love of our Lord, despite the crosses.

To spread widely around you for the Glory of God


From Conchita to Bastiano  (translated from French to English by Aviso)

I send you this letter that I wrote a few days ago, in case it might help a sick person :



Even illness is a gift of God in our life.

I had and I experienced that illness and healing are the same thing, a mysterious gift of God.

More than five years ago, while playing at sea with one of my granddaughters, the sun burned my face.

When my skin was burned, a dark freckle appeared. I felt it was a melanoma, a cancer. During all these years, I hid it so no one would comment. Day after day and year after year, seeing how the freckle continued to grow, increased in me the certainty and fear of cancer. But I had the feeling that my soul was being cleaned as everything that bothered me. To be happy with true happiness, which is to live focused on one goal, going to Heaven. Until three weeks ago, the freckle continued to grow and a tumor formed under the freckle, so difficult to hide anymore. So I decided to put a bandage so that nobody would tell me anything .. Meanwhile, I was praying to God for my health, so that he will take away this freckle, but inside me, I felt that it was what I needed, for my good.

My daughter, a nurse seeing how it grew up, went to see the doctor. the same afternoon, I changed the dressing to a smaller one because I was going to a basketball game of my nephews.

Removing the bandage, the freckle with the tumor opened as if someone had cut it all around, some blood came out. I showed it to my daughter and told her:

Cancel the consultation with the doctor, at that time I knew that I was cured, I put the bandage and I went to the match. The next day, when I woke up, the bandage had fallen and my face showed no trace of the tumor. I thanked God, I felt in my soul that he said: Give me Thanks also for the Cross. I realized that years with fear of cancer suffering were as good and miraculous as healing. I wanted to write this experience in case someone reads it and is sick, so that he also thinks that it’s good for him. Although he does not want to accept it, one day he will feel the need to give a kiss to God, in thanks.


Source in French :

My Comment : What a Great Seer and what a Cross, miraculously healed herself after having seen the Mother of God thousand of times years ago, God Bless her and thank you again to Bastiano for this Great Testimony from the Garabandal Seer.






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  1. Thank you for any news from Conchita. With the world in the state it is, you can well imagine there are many of us who feel that we are on the verge of some type of Divine intervention. I, for one, am eager for God to sssist us and bring all the faithful back to the true church. Has Conchita said anything further about how far away we may be from the warning? Decades? Sooner? God bless you and keep you.

      • I don’t believe so Roberta, I have in the past tried to find a source to acquire back copies but to no avail.

        God bless

    • Hi Roberta Carlisi,
      If you mean the Garabandal Journal, then yes it is available and so are most of the back issues. It is published every other month. They do not have a website or a phone number, that I can find. On the back and inside of the last page of each issue they show you which back issues are available. For delivery in the USA they have the following Subscription rates [1-yr $18]; [2-yrs $34] and [3-yrs $50]. For delivery to Canada or Mexico they have the following Subscription rates [1-yr $20]; [2-yrs $38] and [3-yrs $56]. For delivery to all other countries they have the following Subscription rates [1-yr $30]; [2-yrs $58] and [3-yrs $86]. All orders must be paid in US dollars. Make checks payable to “Garabandal Journal”. You will need to provide your complete address. They also take the following credit cards, just provide them the Card number and expiration date with your order. They only take VISA, MASTERCARD and DISCOVER card. On your subscription application you will need to indicate that this is a New subscription and how many years you would like.

      You have to write to:
      Garabandal Journal
      PO Box 1796
      St Cloud, MN 56302-1796

      Mark Setele

    • Hi Ki, the Great Miracle date will be announced here on this blog, I have enough relationship and contact in the village of Garabandal as with the seers to be very confident about it, just Pray that when the events of Garabandal will be there, flights as well especially for our Friends out of Europe, thank you.

      PS : Let me also add few words, I had to remove this morning about 5 to 10 Comments related to this topic and coming from a facebook page unknown to me, the same about any fake news regarding Loli and the warning year, by the way I have already replied about this topic online, de facto just read a bit and you will find out that many replies from me or from our moderators are already online, thank you.

      • Thank you Aviso!
        God bless.
        So happy to see the messages & responses from you & Pete.
        Just wish Our Lady would accelerate her illumination actions but as she knows I need a lot more work on the virtue of patience!
        But I will NOT stop working on that.
        All victory to Our Beautiful & Blessed Lady of Mt Carmel.

  2. Hello everyone. My name is Burt and I live in Canada. I recently discovered Garabandal and the blessings upon it. I read that April is a very important month for the incidents that have happened there. For the past year the month April has appeared in almost everything I see or do. The month comes up constantly and i realize now that it is a sign of something great will happen. Tonight I prayed that God show me signs that April is important. Within just a few minutes while watching tv.. the month of april was on tv many many times. In voice, print etc.. i need to let everyone know something special is going to happen soon. i wish I could contact Conchita to mention this to her. Many years ago I was lucky to see a statue of our Lady on tour in Gary,,, Indiana and i saw two angels in a church that had the statue on display when no other person was present. A friend, a priest gave me the key to go to the church to see Our Lady by myself.. Please, look into yourself for April. I only want to share my longing to witness a miracle..

    • I wish the entire world could gain knowledge of the seers and Garabandal. It seems so many times Our Lady has come to warn us; but our world is not made aware of these. We need to know about these gifts that we have been granted.This alone would be a warning to realize we have been granted so many opportunities for love.

    • Good evening! I too am from Canada and have been wondering more about the messages of Garabandal in our current time of pandemic, Church corruption and now distancing. Yes, it seems April/Easter 2020 has an important significance between earth and Heaven! I have to wonder what the seers are pondering at these times thinking they must be more immersed in prayer.

      • Hello there.. I do believe something is going to happen in Garabanda or over the world.. The Chastisement ,,, I believe is what Mary warned us about.. What could be worse… It was also predicted by Nostradamus who was a Catholic in the late 1400’s..
        China will send the virus .. on purpose and they will have the only antidote and will not share.. He also warned us that China is financing the war which will start in the middle east and enter Italy with war..

  3. Thank you Pete for expressing what I feel about not able to attend Mass. What example are some priests giving our children? What about the sacraments where there is gathering of people? Is this the end of Batism or Marriage or Confession? Sad times we are are living. We must not stop praying the Rosary.

  4. In regards to the present pope I read in the Catholic Weekly that after talking with Benedict XVI, Francis I has announced that there will not be married men nor woman accepted as deacons. So are you sure are getting the right messages from the present pope? He’s not a radical but so far I can’t see how he could be the Anti-Christ. However, anyone that is not for Christ is an Anti Christ.
    And as regards to us waiting for the warning, miracle and chastisement – I feel it’s long overdue. Here in Australia we are facing
    with the killing of oneself by ones choice as OK, the premeditated killing of the unborn as OK and our Sacramental Marriage for homosexuals as OK. Not to mention advertising of the Mardi Gras on the 29th of this month. No-one seems to care. I know so called people who work within the Catholic Organizations find the Mardi Gras as a wonderful spectacle of artistry. Then we are bombarded within every item on TV two men kissing which I find offensive. Also one add is looking for a partner (gay partners). So stop worrying – God is letting all of this happen, thereby desensitising our youth. Anne

    • Be careful not to judge as that is the right of God to do that. If you are not in another’s shoes it would be difficult to understand what others do. Remember.. to Love is is one’s own choice and business. I capitalize/italicize the word Love in all I say and do. It is the most powerful word ever assigned to the English language or any other language.

      • Burt, to judge ‘a person’ is surely wrong; to judge actions is not.
        Anneliese seems to be condemning the normalisation of homosexuality and its promotion to children. I don’t think we have to be at all ‘careful’ about judging that. If you are saying that homosexuals’ lifestyles are their ‘own choice and business’ then I disagree, God’s Law applies to ALL areas of our lives. If this is not what you are implying then I apologise.

  5. Hello friends,
    I have a problem. I found a book where this gentleman went to all the churches in Australia and was upset what he saw. He then mentions all the churches & the priests where the tabernacle was no longer in the centre of these churches. Well I had never encountered one in Sydney. Now here where I live in Brisbane Qld the closest church that I can get to has the tabernacle to the priests left & the congregation to the right. Can someone help me with this as I too find irritating – but don’t know whether I should confront this new Parish priest, Anne

    • Hello Anne.
      Your experience is common and very sad.
      I’d suggest you do approach the PP but do not expect a compassionate hearing or any change.
      However before you do that pray the rosary (sorrowful mysteries are very powerful) hand over the whole approach to the control & guidance of your guardian angel and that of the PP and the angels charged with looking after the church & the parish.
      Then leave it with Our Lady & Our Lord.
      I’m in NSW and recently approached the local PP regarding similar problems here, especially around sacrilegious communion practices.
      I found out he was doing his best to clean up bad practices, although a post Vatican II priest!
      I feel God is working on him and changes will come. My approach also made him aware I am another who finds ignorant treatment of the Blessed Eucharist unacceptable.
      Hope that helps a little.
      Our Lady will triumph. Stay confident in that fact!

      • ServusOLMC offers good advice by making the point regarding prayer of intercession. There is no harm in sharing your concern directly provided it’s from the point of how one feels about the circumstance and not as a reproach or as if to advise the PP.

        God bless

        • On the subject of Church, do you all remember what was said concerning a time that would come when it would be difficult to find a Mass, or how it would be the same for those intending to travel to Garabandal at the time of the Miracle. Well what do you make of the below BBC news? Of course we have generally assumed the ‘difficulty’ being a consequence of Christian persecution and aftermath there-of, it is still yet to be the case, but this current situation may also be a constituent part of this circumstance.

          I have to say I am greatly dismayed at the lack of faith being espoused by some Princes of the Church. The Mass must never be suspended because of viruses, epidemics, famines, wars, pestilence, my word where is their faith? I am equally astounded at the suspension of Communion under both kinds. Whilst to receive thus is not necessary, what message does this ban send out to you, me and the unbelieving populace concerning the example and depth of faith to be followed as by these our Princes. As if the Cup of Blessing, our Blessed Lord’s precious blood, the cup of His Divinity and Humanity would ever be a vessel of disease and death. If a leper were to drink from the Cup before me, I would still receive without the least hesitation.

          It is sin and only sin, nothing else nothing more that brings disease and death in to the world. This is the real pollution, infecting everything created, the real virus, the only cause of all our ills and yes also of ‘climate change’ another means by which Heaven means to send chastisements upon all humanity because of the enormity and immensity of its sin, pilled high and deep by these these last generations of time. The only remedy for these ills is proper catechesis, a call to repentance, penitence, prayer, the Sacrament of Reconciliation for every one, every month, and the reception of the Holy Eucharist every Sunday on one’s knees and on the tongue recognizing therein one’s Divine Lord and King come ‘Hell or High Water!’ Too many shepherds have fallen unto the seduction of the World and its apostasy. Shame on every Priest and Bishop, every Cardinal and yes Pope that does not encourage the faithful to remain steadfast and put their trust wholly in God at this time of trial and testing. We all die, we will die under the watchful eye of our Beloved Father and Redeemer. If I knew how to do so, I would raise a world-wide petition to all sons and daughters of our Lord’s Apostolic Church demanding that these shepherds do not under any circumstance betray the Faith and suspend the Mass and if necessary do defy, without hesitation, politicians and emergency laws. For heaven’s sake if they wont be willing to say Mass under a circumstance such as a virus in the populace how quickly will they or you and me run to save our lives under the threat of imprisonment or bloody martyrdom? What must Our Lord think? What must St. Paul and St. Peter think?

          BBC News bulletin: Catholic churches in England are “preparing for a time” when the celebration of mass may have to “come to an end”, the Catholic leader in England and Wales has said.
          Catholics have an obligation to go to Mass every Sunday.
          But large gatherings could be banned in the UK from as early as next weekend, as the coronavirus continues to spread.
          English cardinal Vincent Nichols said the church was “adjusting” to minimise the spread of infection.
          He said: “We are preparing for a time when the churches should not be used to gather big numbers of people together, so we might come to an end of the celebration of Mass or other services.”

          God bless you and your families, be courageous and heroic in your faith.

    • Dear Anneliese, It would have been especially good if the bishops, (priests) after the Second Vatican Council (1965) had embraced the council instead of dancing around its teachings or worse, ignoring them and missing their Spirit! Now, here we are 55 years later, not much more than six inches from 1965. There is no teaching more surely from the Almighty, more Christian, than an Ecumenical Council !!!! with kindness, Phillip S. Field

      • No Philip, VII was an unmitigated disaster that invited dialogue with and direct influence from Soviet Communism in the guise of the Metz Agreement made possible by the already existent Communist infiltration of the Catholic Church. The result was a post conciliar pursuit of Ostpolitik, implemented by the Vatican Secretary of State under which the Church ceased all condemnation and opposition to Communist regimes in favor of “dialogue” and “quiet diplomacy.” A policy which to this day has not only silenced the Vatican concerning the vicious persecution of the Church in Red China but very recently culminated in the China Vatican Accord. And we still wonder why the Consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart has never been undertaken as explicitly request by Our Blessed Mother and reiterated by Our Lord in a locution to Sr. Lucia!

        Furthermore the Neo-Modernists secured a triumph at the Council, the very “innovators” decried by Pope Pius XII. The traditionally formulated preparatory schemas for the Council were suddenly discarded (due to Card. Lienart of France) and the Council began literally without a written agenda and in so doing gave reign to new documents being written by the liberals who were elected at the last moment to replace the already chosen traditionalists. It is well known that a clique of liberal experts and Bishops then proceeded to hijack VII with an agenda to remake the Church through the implementation of a “new theology.” The champions and leading lights of this “new theology” given free reign by the ‘spirit of the Council’ were none other than Hans Kung, Karl Rahner, John Courtney Murray, Yves Congar, Henri de Lubac, Edward Schillebeeckx and Gregory Baum; a cauldron of liberals whom Pope Pius XII considered unfit to be walking the hallowed corridors of Catholicism. As an example of their continued influence let us take some very recent contentious topics under discussion within the Church today, all of which are attributed to just one of these liberals, Hans Kung’s heterodox tenets espoused in his book ‘On Being a Christian’ which:

        denies the Divinity of Christ (a grave matter alleged to be also the view of PF1)
        dismisses the miracles of the Gospel
        denies the bodily resurrection of Jesus
        denies that Christ founded an institutional Church
        denies that the Mass is the re-presentation of Calvary.

        Kung has never retracted these unorthodox and heretical statements. Moreover he has publicly called for a revision of Church teaching on issues such as papal infallibility, birth control, mandatory celibacy of priests and women in the priesthood. Sound familiar?

        I can assure you Phillip the neo-modernists, the Masons and Communists were delighted by the the Council’s outcome. This was an evil council that has seen the destruction of the Bastions of our Faith, thousands of lost priestly and religious vocations, year on year declining Mass attendances and subsequent closures of thousands of Churches, decline in sacramental devotion and belief in the Divine Presence, I could go on and on but enough for now.

        This VII Ecumenical Council was the Herald, the Angle of Apostasy that was instrumental in the culmination of pagan worship in the Vatican gardens last year. Instrumental in the rise of a Pope whose formative years were exposed to the influence of the prevailing ideologies of his Argentinian culture, that of Freemasonry, Communism and Liberation Theology

        God Bless you Phillip

        PS: the above is a synopsis of paragraphs to be found in Chapter 6 of The Devil’s Final Battle by Fr. Paul Kramer. A highly recommended read and source of thoroughly investigated evidence on Fatima and the Church’s position on the 3rd Secret.

  6. I was in garabandal with a group of pilgrims grom Cork in 2015. I had 3 visions while there for a week. I know that the visions of the 4 girls are true, that soon we will be forced to choose between God and lucifer, who now has the media and most political leaders under the direct control of the devil. We must pray the rosary and ask Jesus in the blessed sacriment to give us the strength to withstand the physical and spiritual attacks against our very souls and the souls of our children.

    • I hope everyone here is well. For some reason I just felt like saying that I find praying the novena to the Holy Spirit for the seven gifts very consoling and it concentrates my mind at present. I pray it in the name of all my immediate family. God Bless to all.

      • Thank you for your best wishes Concerned and sharing your experience of praying the novena to the Holy Ghost. I likewise having begun the Little Office to the Holy Ghost as part of the Rosary can say there comes with it a certain experience of consolation.

        God bless

    • Pleased to read your trip to Garabandal was spiritually fruitful. I do agree with you ‘ direct control of the Devil’ as I have stated recently across Twitter I question if we are indeed witness to some of the warnings given by St Paul in his 2nd Letter to the Thessalonians, specifically 2: 9-11 in terms of ‘God sending a power to delude them and make them believe what is not true.’

      Twitter: @garabandal_pete

      God bless

  7. I read that the warning and the mirecale will only accure when communissiom returns,if this is the case then I cant see communissiom returning in the next 30 to 50 years time will Conchita still be alive then?

    • Jose,

      Look around you. We have open communists/socialists/antifa in the U.S. The democrats in the U.S. are openly and proudly proclaiming socialism policies and a distaste for capitalism and property rights. In Europe there is an anti-democratic European Union that wants to dictate the rest of the countries in the EU what they can’t and can do, regardless of what the leaders within the country want.

      In the Catholic Church we have open hostility by the Vicar of Christ towards Capitalism and rather than focusing his concern for the salvation of all SOULS…RICH or POOR, since ALL are welcomed at the table with Christ he is focusing his concerns for HUMANISM and the ENVIRONMENT.


      For the sake of His sorrowful Passion, have mercy on us and on the whole world.

      • Mike and Jose.

        Thanks for your comments and I would suggest Mike is right on this Jose, you are too but your timing is a bit off.

        Perhaps you may be like me in being the eternal optimist and hoping to at least reach retirement and have a few years off before having to get you and your family through this awful situation. As per my response to Alex, (and its not a criticism of Alex’s views rather a challenge to those views), the Chastisement better be a few generations off yet!

        God bless

      • Communisiom is not socialism we need socialism to help the needy and the homeless.Communisiom on the other hand wants to impose rules like banning religourn all together the USA and Europe are still powerfull and only china may bring communisiom back as Russia was converted and now is a very christian country but for China to succeed in introducing communisiom in the whole world it needs to overtake the usa in economic power and that will be 30 to 50 years from now so the warning and mirecale will be in 30 to 50 years time.

        • You are so wrong, Socialism was created to undermine religión, in it´s roots is atheism and in it´s filosify the way to comunism. You can´t separate them like you do. Social doctrine of the church might have, in some specific points, similarities with socialism, but then to say that socialism is needed, is completly out of proportion. Socialism and his son comunism are not compatibly with catholicism.

          • Well said Miguel!
            Socialism is the wolf (communism) in sheep’s clothing.
            Same as our!!!!! Pope (the wolf) in sheep’s clothing.
            Did he (Francis) once refer to our divine Lord, with love, over Christmas?
            If he did I missed it!
            Same q re His Virgin Mother. Did Francis give Her her due?
            Our Lady Of Mount Carmel will RULE!
            God Bless all devoted to the baby Jesus and His Blessed Mother.

        • The Socialist, all the Democrats running for President want to kill babies through abortion. That my friend is worse than Communism! Capitalism is the ONLY means which has saved the poor. Think of what President Trump has done in the USA to reduce unemployment to 3.5% which is equivalent to 0% because there are always at least 3% leaving a job for a better job. Socialism is what has ended prosperity in Venezuela..

        • Hello Jose. The girls never said that it was communism but that it was ‘like’ communism spreading throughout the world. That was latter explained by one of the visionaries to mean Europe as that was the world to them in the early 1960’s. Please keep in mind these girls were isolated in a very small remote village and had little contact or understanding of the outside world. They simply discribed as best the could what they were shown. I won’t get into what I know or how I know it but let me just say that a form of hidden communism is already hear and that even in the height of WWII, the US and UK were sending teams of select people into China and Russia to learn all of their tactics and methods especially in education.

          God Bless always in the name of Christ.

  8. Please find below the response of Pierre Barnérias, director of “M and the Third Secret” to the message of the blog “Garabandal News” under the title “Some News from Conchita! Update” posted on 30th of May 2019.

    The film “M and the Third Secret” was released in cinemas. There was also a cutdown version which was being broadcasted on TV channel RMC Découverte.

    In this cutdown version, there is indeed a mistake regarding the number of visionaries involved in this apparition. They were indeed 4 and not 6 as stated.

    This mistake – of no impact on the message delivered within the film – doesn’t appear in the longer version for cinema : we do state that only 4 children were involved.

    Regarding the rest of the information on the blog:

    I confirm that I had truly met Conchita Gonzalez and interviewed her for 2 hours. It was on 15th of January 2014.

    During this informal visit, we were 5 people: Me, Severino and Yolanda Diaz (a couple friends from Cuba), Conchita and her daughter.

    Conchita refuses to give interview ; that is why she never replied to my interview request.
    I hence decided to go directly to her house with this couple who is Spanish-speaking.

    Our meeting began with all of us praying together a Chaplet of the Divine Mercy.
    Our informal encounter was simple and in a friendly atmosphere.

    1/ In the RMC version of the film: it has never been said that Conchita knew the secret of Fatima.

    2/ However, Conchita did confirm that the secret was delivered to the American President.
    Conchita said that she was a friend of Jackie Kennedy. As proof, she showed us a photo album in which we saw pictures of her and Jackie Kennedy.

    I can also add that Conchita also spends her time in both USA and Portugal because she often goes to Fatima.

    Thank you very much,

    Pierre Barnérias
    Director of “M and the Third Secret”

  9. Thanks to Aviso for the statement that Planet X, Ufos, Maitreya and so on are fakes.
    This is not the message of Garabandal!

    Deo Gratias

  10. I read some where that the date of the Miracle in that year was holy week so she couldn’t see the name of the martyt there But she saw the name in the calendar, probably an other date. Could you Aviso said something abith this? Thanks

  11. Thank you Bastiano for sharing with us your conversations with Conchita and in particular this letter concerning Conchita’s cancer, healing and spiritual reflections on the subject. Such a mystical understanding of these occurrences is wholly in conformity with the council of countless ‘victim souls’ mystics and saints.

    I wonder how many readers would also consider that they, when praying for the healing and/or consolation of those whom they know are suffering whether they are family, friends, neighbors or known by hear-say, can also request, on their behalf, that their sufferings be received by Heaven as an act of atonement for sins. Sins committed in the world, sins committed in the Church, in the family and in the home. The sick may never think to offer their sufferings in this way, especially if they are non-believers or poor in spirit or lacking in the practice of the mystical virtues. To pray this way on their behalf, making this petition, is an act of hidden charity that is Holy and pure in intention. When the suffering person comes before God they will see their hands full of good works not knowing how they got there. Such is the generosity of God when he sees souls so praying secretly on the behalf of those who suffer. For it is certain that a soul, had it known at the time, that its corporal and spiritual sufferings, could indeed be a source of such atonement for sin and healing for others, they would not have hesitated in this life to make such a petition. We can be sure that such souls having passed to Heaven will greatly rejoice in the foresight and charity of their intercessor(s), whom they may never have known, and will not fail to journey with them until they too arrive safely Home.

    Yes pray the sick be healed, implore the Lord their sufferings be received in atonement for the consequences of sin and the sufferer’s own sanctification, that He console them and give them respite from sorrow and pain, that He strengthen those who love and care for them, that He let not a single moment be a lost opportunity even if the suffering victim is without or has rejected the light of faith.

    God bless you all

    • Pete, These are beautiful thoughts, thank you for sharing them. 🙂
      Also, Concerned’s thought about the symbolism of Conchita’s cancer to the cancer in the Church being cut out in the future, is very good also. Thank you too Concerned. 🙂
      May God bless us all. +

    • Today I was praying to mother it’s late night 12 mid night .mother as telling me to see news of I came to this fasted and prayed while this evil synod was going.I pray that conchita is in right health to proclaim God’s greatest message to the world.

      • God has it under control. Every aspect of everyone’s existance is completely know to God, past present and future. Conchita wouldn’t have been chosen if she couldn’t show up to give the message. That said, just as Joey Lamangio (the blind American associated with Garabandal) is supposed to witness the miracle at the pines has already died, he will be there as nothing is impossible with God. So even if Conchita died, God still could have her return to tell the world – have faith!

  12. On the night of the 25th of January 2019 I had a dream I was on a hill it was raining as I was coming down the hill it was raining hard and I was praying to Our Lady to stop the rain as I got to a cluster of pine trees tall trees when I got close to the trees a clouded had surrounded the pine trees when I got close to the pine trees a cloud opened and inside the cloud was Jesus and Mary and some other people I did not know .Our Lady gave me a message but I could not hear.Further down on coastal areas there were huge floods the sea waves were takeing over the sea town areas and people were running.

    • In fact, dear Jose’, you saw some aspects of the (global) Chastisement as well as the fact that some places, like Garabandal, will be preserved.
      Let’s continue praying and offer sacrifices!!!
      God bless,

    • Aviso, Conchita’s cancer and feeling that her soul was being cleansed and the cancer coming to the surface and being as if cut out and her skin healed makes me hope that the cancer in the Church will be likewise cut out and healed. I feel it may give us hope both as individuals to accept our crosses and as members of The Body of Christ. Praise God.


  13. Regarding Garabandal I had the privilege of being in Garabandal in 1975
    Whist I was there one night as I was saying my prayers it was dark in the attic were I had my bed I saw a bright light of a young man he did not say anything,and then he left and since then I have visions of heaven sometimes Our Lady and sometimes other bright figures and they keep me company then they leave.
    But in 1973 on the 3rd of July 1973 I had a vivid dream after praying the rosary at thirteen rosaries a day for one whole year asking Our Lady to tell me my future in a dream .
    In the dream i saw myself in a large church and next to me was the Holy Father dressed in a Franciscan habbit as we walked together to the altar,half way the Pope dropped three coins and he picked them up we then arrived at the communion rails but to my surprise there were no communion rails on the floor I found a valuable coin with the print of a ship on the coin I picked up the coin and I made the gesture of giving the coin to the Holy Father the third time I gave the coin to the Holy Father.then the Holy Father and I we walked up the stairs to the altar at the altar Our Lady all in white was faceing the People and the Holy Father joined Our Lady at the altar,then I went to the left of the altar and I found a bottle of holy oils and on the bottle was a picture of Our Lady of Fatima and the three shepherd children,I was going to give the holy oils to the Pope but Our Lady took the Holy Oils from me and she dipped her finger in the oils then she made the sign of the cross on my forehead I left Our Lady and the Holy Father at the altar I climed down the steps and at the bottom of the steps a great mirecale took place and thousands of people gathered around and then I saw a huge procession. I want to stay anonymous untill the day of the mirecale.

  14. Thank you, Pete, for your comments and, Pepe, for your report about the origins of the non-Christian cult of Planet X. We all agree that humanity is in dire need of conversion. We know to pray for the conversion of Russia and to pray for priests. We don’t need any nonsense to cloud our firm convictions to follow Our Lady of Carmel and to pray without ceasing. Thank you.

    • I would like to tell you story, It’s a personal experience but relates to Garabandal (and Nibiru) and I think (I do not know why) it would be useful to share it.
      I only have one request (to Pete) who has the habit to block or even EDIT the posts (with regard to this let me say bluntly that I deem this censorship more adapt to the old Soviet Union that to a Catholic website…).
      Pete: either you publish this integrally, or not at all. Please stop editing posts, has you have done in the past for mine. Thank you in advance for this.
      Now the story, as briefly as possible.
      In the Summer of 2015, together with my family I was considering relocating in another country as I have been offered a much better job there but, strangely enough, something seemed to refrain me (the change would have required a lot of modifications of our daily life, and I was wondering if it was worth of).
      One morning, while waking up, I got a sort of ‘inspiration’ (I mean something that I perceived as outside me). The ‘inspiration’ suggested me to put together the pieces of different Marian prophecies, especially regarding the future events, considering the possibility of a celestial body (a planet, a star, or something like) entering our solar system). I had also the clear impression that investigating this, would have provided me the definitive answer to my inner struggle if it was worth changing radically the life of my family to accept the job proposal.
      At the time I did not know anything, and I was even not interested, about Nibiru or Planet X. I hadn’t even heard of it, including during the 2012 end-of-the-world hysteria. Anyway, I made my research, reached my conclusion, and decided not to move because my conclusion was -essentially- that the events which will unfold would have changed so radically life on Earth that, compared to that, any other change (including earning a lot o money more) would have been negligible.
      The year after (2016), at a gathering of the Catholic school that my children attended (a rather prestigious one) we met a very pleasant family and the discussion touched Garabandal. I knew the facts, more or less, and I had researched a bit the Garabandal events in my youth (nearly 20 years before) but I had at the end to recognize that they were too complex for me to reach a definitive conclusion. So, I basically forgot it. The other family, on the contrary, war a Garabandal- enthusiastic one, converted there (the father had even abandoned the active management of a lucrative family economic empire to became a writer and conducting a simple family life). This left me the desire to visit Garabandal at the first possible occasion.
      The occasion came, almost by chance, shortly after. I was in Milan, at a professional gathering. The head of a primary consultancy group, a Spanish guy, mentioned in our conversation that he had flown from Santander with a direct fly to Milan and he would have returned to Santander shortly after the meeting to continue his holidays in Cantabria. This provided me a crazy idea: why not taking the same direct fly then proceed to Garabandal? There were still seats left. I bought the ticket on-line during lunch-time and decided to go (without any preparation, and without any luggage also). I was dressed with my formal suit and shoes and I had nothing with me but a business case full of professional papers. It was just before Easter 2017.
      As any time that I make a ‘pilgrimage’ I strictly follow two rules. One is to be as spartan as possible (means no taxi, no luxury accommodations, etc.), the other is associating a special intention to the event. As regard the first one, whoever has been in Garabandal knows that is very easy to avoid luxury. As for the second I asked Our Lady, if she would deem it adequate, that I could get there a confirmation that the conclusion I reached in 2016 (essentially that the Chastisement foreseen in Garabandal, and in several of Her recent apparitions, was a possible (conditional!) devastation produced by Nibitu/PlanetX).
      It has been a short -three days- but tough pilgrimage, tougher than I expected. I did not know at the time that Easter 2017 had been falsely indicated by someone as the time span of the Miracle. So all the accommodations in the village were fully booked. Moreover during Easter time the line buses leading to Garabandal are suspended, which is really very bad, when you have to stick to a no-taxi rule.This meant that I had to spend two nights awake (one praying in the various sites related to the Garabandal apparition the second one in the small Church of the village as it was Holy Thursday). Moreover I had to walk 7 km on my arrival, and nearly 45 km on my return, to be able to catch my plane back. Imagine one guy, dressed like one should do in the finance district of London, wandering and praying rosaries in the Garabandal area, for nearly three days. Well that guy was me! At he end I was so tired, that I had even forgotten the intention associated to the pilgrimage.
      Before leaving (means before taking the Holy Mass and then walking for 45 Km, hoping to catch on time the bus that would have brought me back to Santander’ airport) I decided to check my email (it was Easter time, but you never know…).
      As many of you probably know there are not many options to go on-line in Garabandal. The only two I could find are the Garabandal Pilgrim Center one (I hope I spelled it correctly: is the one where I met a USA guy who resettled in Garabandal, I think is name is Michael) and the big Hostel you find on your right just before entering the village. I opted for the second (and I do not know why because the Garabandal Center was much closer).
      Now is coming the interesting part of the story…Sorry for having been so far longer that I would have liked to).
      I checked my email, answer the few of them who required immediate attention. At the end I could not notice, just in from of me, a funny guy, clearly American judging from his accent, showing to a small group of people some videos from his laptop and commenting them in a low voice. From time to time a could clearly catch the word “Nibiru”. I suddenly remembered the intention I originally attached to my pilgrimage and I could not avoid approaching the small group.
      I apologized for the intromission but I asked if I had heard correctly the world ‘Nibiru’ from them and if they thought that there could be some connection between Nibiru and Garabandal. The funny American guy answered abruptly smoothing like “Certaily there is, because Nibiru id the Chastisement Conchita mentioned in Garabandal!). Notwithstanding the fact that I was reasonably sure about my 2016 conclusions, I was nonetheless surprised by the tone of absolute certainty with which he affirmed his own conviction. Thus I could not refrain from asking why he could be so sure about that.
      And he answered me, very comprehensively. The guy resulted to be a rather affirmed Hollywood screenplay-er and Director (has worked a lot for Woody Allen and contributed to several blockbusters including, ironically, Marvel’s DAREDEVIL). He had been baptized Catholic, but since a few years ago, he was not so fervent in the faith (I will not disclosed his name for privacy reasons). A few years ago he had started perching ‘interior locutions’ from Our Lady. Shortly after Our Lady started literally dictating him the plot for a movie on the Garabandal events. The ‘dictations’ happened daily: immediately after the Holy Mess he had to run out from the Church and rush home to start writing (he even showed me the actor’s text). The drafting required several weeks. At the ends of the writing, he called Conchita by phone and read to her the whole text, Conchita gave him her full approval, without changing a word, and he thus activated himself for the production and ‘turning’ of the movie, which was done in Garabandal in the Summer 2016. That’s, in synthesis, more or less it.
      I also asked the guy when he thought Nibiru (which is nor, anyway the subject of the movie) will ‘hit’. He replied without any hesitation: “In four years from now” (it was Easter 2017, which means, if he was correct, Easter 2021).
      Now, for what I can understand, this is not the same movie (“Solo Dios lo sabe”) which is currently screen playing in Spain and other parts of the World and I wonder why the movie I referred to is not yet available on Cinemas (it was completely finalized, as I understood, on Easter 2017 and it had even a title, something like “The four girls of Garabandal”).

      Maybe somebody knows something more on the current developments of the movie…Int his case I would be glad to know something more.

      Sorry for having been a bit long (I beg for you understanding)! But this is my last contribution to this blog: what I have to say, I said. Maybe some between us will meet each other, on the day of the Miracle, in Garabandal: Solo Dios lo sabe!

      In the meantime: God bless us all!

      • Niribu, Planet X, Maitreya and company are fake as anyone promoting these nonsense, in no Way Conchita of Garabandal would confirm what you are claming to be truth, I would need only few minutes to get her confirmation or not but will not waste her time, mine as the time of our readers about this topic anymore so as you said yourself this is your last contribution to this blog, thank you.

        PS : Thanks again to Pete.

        • Hi Aviso,

          Not sure if you are familiar with the approved mystic Marie Julie Jahenny, but her message from Our Lord revealed to her on January 18th, 1881, does testify to the arrival of a planet.

          “In the eternal Wisdom, I have My purpose to preserve life for an immense number of Jews, because on the day of My rejoicing I want to confound them. The ungodly eye of all those souls will remain open, because I want them to see My power. I preserve it for them to see, with their own eyes, the radiant planet I will have coming out from the remotest parts of exile, under a frightening storm of fire and under the signs of My anger. The whole sky will be crossed with bolts similar to the ones My Father thrusted upon the world, when I offered Myself for the ransom of My people.” (p.273, “Prophecies of La Fraudais”)

          Marie Julie Jahenny who died in 1941 and held the stigmata was approved by her local Bishop, Félix Fournier of Nantes in 1875.
          The bishop wrote the following on June 6, 1875:
          “The reports that I receive daily on Marie-Julie show me more and more the action of God on this soul. He grants graces of an obvious supernatural order. At the same time she grows in virtue and noble sentiments. The natural and human disappear in her, and she often speaks to people she sees or who are referred to her giving instructions which are not in keeping with her normal state (in life). Therefore be confident … the time will come when Marie-Julie herself will be the proof…. She is sincere: what she manifests is supernatural. I see nothing but good, edifying and in conformity with the principles of spirituality. Therefore it is God who favours her, you maybe sure it will turn out well.”

          • Dear James and dear all (dear Concerned and dear Aviso)

            I have read a large body of literature on the approved mystic Marie Julie Jahenny. It was very personal and emotional experience. I tend to avoid her readings these days because I cannot deal with the emotions they evoke, which are very overwhelming. I trust these readings and I believe them to be authentic.

            For this reason I have to say that James excerpt appears to be misrepresented or misquoted and taken out of context. I say this because the reference to a heavenly body “a radiant star” (James says radiant planet) does not refer to astronomy at all. It in fact refers to an individual person who will be so powerful at the “end times” that it will be universally understood that he was directly chosen by God to do God’s work and restore order to the world. He will rescue the world and in particular the Catholic Church from heretics, apostates and heathens. He will be crowned the King of France first and then the rest of Europe and possibly the whole world.

            Please refer to to text below which I got from


            The return of the King will be a shock to ll the major geopolitical players in the world today. Have faith.


            January 18, 1881

            Our Lord: “In My eternal wisdom, I intend to reserve the life of an immense number of Jews, because I want to confound them on the day of My rejoicing. The blasphemous eyes of all those souls will be opened because I want them to see My power. I reserve for them that they see with their own eyes the radiant star that I will lead out of exile (the Great Monarch) in a frightful storm of fire and under the sign of My anger….”

            (Observations: according to Catholic teaching, the Jews will convert at the end of time just before the Second Coming of Christ. Our Lord confirms this teaching to Marie-Julie Jahenny, the ‘day of His rejoicing’ is an obvious reference to His Second Coming, and explains that the chastisements and the arrival of the Great Catholic Monarch will be instrumental in their conversion near the end.

            The Jews that formerly rejected the revelation that Jesus truly is the promised Messiah will see by the punishment of the earth and the signs accompanying the Great Monarch that Christianity is indeed the True Faith. However, it is quite possible even after all of these signs, many Jews will not yet convert until the very end, for even Our Lord says the king will come under a ‘sign’ showing His Anger, seemingly as if all of this will still be for nothing. The Douai-Rheims Bible notes that Elias at last will be sent to convert hardened Jews in the End times. (Malachias 4).

            • Hi Pepe

              My source is from a published book “Prophecies of La Fraudais” Editions Résiac, 1977, Pierre Roberdel (trans.)
              also I am a follower of Tradcatknight where they have a great interview/podcast series with the Grand daughter of the Marquis de la Franquerie the original biographer of Marie Julie Jahenny along with Xavier Ayral who is currently writing a book about her and they both refer to this as a ‘planet’

    • Dear Aviso,

      It is a pleasure to hear your ‘voice’, from time to time.

      Further, and actually due, to your rather decomposed reaction to my last post, I make an exception (the only one and last) to my decision not to post anything more on this blog, just to clarify some issues.
      First off, I never mentioned Maytreya (I barely heard the name some years ago). I agree with you that he is someone not to worry about particularly and I do not see any connection of him to any Marian apparition I am aware of, including Garabandal.
      Secondly, just to be clear, I do not propose any Nibiru ‘Cult’. I simply invite you, and anyone interested in the Word of God, to read what the Bible (Revelation) says about ‘Wormwood’ and suggest you to bear in mind in your reading, as a possible interpretation, that Wormwood and Nibiru might be the same thing.
      Third: the name of the movie Director I met in Garabandal last year and that I mentioned in my post is Justin Stoppa Jr. ( ): if you like and can, you might ask Conchita to confirm that he has called her for approval of the dialogues of the movie before turning it in Garabandal in Summer 2016 (this last circumstance you can verify yourself as I understand that you have your own contacts in Garabandal: the works for the movie has required some weeks of work in the village, including the removal of all the modern items to restore the original look of the ambiences, thus everybody there should remember it). I do not see why Conchita should consider your call on this issues a waste of her time and, in case Mr Stoppa lied, is good to know for everybody, just in case the movie pops up, in order to assess its credibility. Pls. bear in mind, that according to what Mr Stoppa reported me, the dialogues have been dictated directly to him by Our Lady herself. If this is true, pay attention not to offend Our Mother: you might repent it in that case.
      Last: The movie I mentioned is not, as I understood, about Nibiru (at least not explicitly). It nonetheless was Mr Stoppa conviction (as it was and is still mine) that Wormwood (maybe this name sounds more acceptable to the readers) will play a central role in the future developments of our planet (and that, AFTER the Miracle foresee in Garabandal and elsewhere). Time (maybe not too much more) will teach us the truth.

      As a final suggestion: please have more respect and trust in your readers: it appears to me that they are all smart, well informed and spiritually aware persons and I believe that they deserve the right to decide themselves on their own if a certain reading is to them a waste of time or not.

      So said, “Adieu”. I will remember you all in my daily prayers. Gos bless us all!!!

      • Thank you Anonymous for your last reply on this blog, well let me be clear again, to my knowledge (but I will check again to be sure Because with our Lady of the Carmel no error is allowed and it looks especially to me as according to some emails sent to me in private even about my dates…so as you are saying in your own language, my God !…) none of the Garabandal Seers have participated to the new Movie about Garabandal even less by giving or correcting the scenario without a permission from their Bishops, for your information this Movie strangely was not advertised on my blog, I was of course aware about it and talked a bit about it online as well but according to my Friends in the village we finally got some more pilgrims and so on and this is of course good, maybe and who knows some had asked me via some friends here and there to even Participate, I really don’t know myself but what I know for sure, is that the Lady of the Carmel will probably not be pleased with a Movie missing her main Prophecies, so thank you again.

        PS : Sorry but yes I know, I am probably a Bully as we are saying !

      • I have an alternative interpretation to the meaning of Wormwood in order to put it into its proper context. In the former Soviet Union a great disaster happened in 1986. It was the Chernobyl Nuclear Reactor, with the release of fatal nuclear radiation. Luckily the site was contained with the death of many Soviets who martyred themselves n the process. This disaster could have had the potential to have turned western USSR and Europe into a Radioactive wasteland.

        Interestingly, Chernobyl means Wormwood in Ukrainian/Russian. In my opinion, the Chernobyl Nuclear disaster serves as a form of “dictionary” to decipher its meaning in order to warn humanity of the consequences of a Nuclear War, and thus explains the Biblical reference to Wormwood in the Book of Revelation 8:10-11. We are told that the name of the Star is Wormwood. We are also told that it was described as a great star, blazing like a torch. This to me describes an intercontinental ballistic missile, where today they can be fired into outer space and then re-enter the Earth’s atmosphere to reach its target anywhere on the planet. Intercontinental ballistic missiles were invented specifically to carry nuclear weapons that are so powerful today that one can annihilate a whole country. I postulate that the reference to a great star, blazing like a torch, is reference to the burning of the fuel of these missiles, that they light up the sky, especially at night.

        The reference by Sister Lucia in the Fatima messages to nations being annihilated, and to the Warning coming in the Garabandal apparitions when things are at their worst, I think can be tied to Revelation 8:10-11. This is just my opinion.

        Of course, at the time of the End Days upheaval, it is more than likely that the Earth could also be bombarded by Asteroids or Comets. The Earth and the Moon all have the scars of this happening in the past in the form of craters. Indeed, some Catholic mystics have referred to this and the apparent 3 days of Darkness.

        I recall reading one of these Catholic Seers who said that a very large asteroid (or comet) will strike the Earth. It will collide with the continent of Africa, wiping Africa off the map. But apparently this Asteroid will break up into two parts first, the larger part obliterating Africa and the smaller part obliterating New York in America. This may create a chain reaction of disasters in America as America is home to extinction level causing Super Volcanoes and sensitive Earthquake fault lines such as the San Andreas Fault Line.

        This is just food for thought.


    • For Pepe.
      I find the Chernobyl interpretation a bit too local and particularistic (though fascinating if really ‘Chernobyl’ means ‘Wormwood’ in Russian, which I cannot confirm…). I believe one should see the passage in the context of all the Revelation chapters Aviso mentioned yesterday (from chapter VIII to Chapter XIII). Again, my suggestion is to see how these chapters fit with the hypothesis of a celestial body entering our solar system. You will be surprised of the result. But, please, do not tempt me to intervene again…Stop with this Nibitu/Planet X/Wormwood issue ;-).
      God bless us all!!!

      • Hey Anonymous, why don’t you try doing a bit of background research regarding ‘Chernobyl’ means ‘Wormwood’ in Russian before making your comment. It is very easy to do.

        I think you missed the point regarding my comment on Chernobyl. It was to demonstrate a much bigger picture of a full blown Nuclear War. Hence, I postulated an intercontinental ballistic nuclear missile (or missiles, plural) equating with Wormwood in the Book of Revelation because if you drink water saturated with nuclear radiation it will kill you.

        I have also built upon the comments of Sister Lucia, the seer of Fatima who said that Our Lady of Fatima’s prophecies are contained in the Book of Revelation. By extension, the prophecies of Garabandal and Akita are also contained in the Book of Revelation.

        Thus, we must consider the notion of Apostasy in the Church and the wider community. Also of the errors of Russia that has infected the whole world, that leads to persecutions of the Church and fosters wars around the world.. We must also consider that God has chosen Russia to be its instrument of punishment to a world that is unrepentant for its iniquities… This is the context that the seers want us to understand. There is one remedy for the sins of the Church and the rest of the lay world, it is to Consecrate Russia.

        Sorry to knock you down buddy, but La Salette, Fatima, Garabandal and Akita do not talk about Nibiru planet/Planet X at all. It is for good reason because it is the invention of a certain Mr Zecharia Sitchin, that is, some MAN-MADE nonsense. Zecharia Sitchin is an Atheist who believes that Aliens, the Anunaki, wrote the Bible and created humans to use as slaves to mine gold for them. According to Mr Zecharia Sitchin, the sole purpose of human beings’ existence is a commodity for engaging in commerce in order to enrich the Anunaki extraterrestrials.

        Once again you act with arrogance, as if you have authority. Do you think you are God, that you wrote the Book of Revelation?

        And you have the impertinence to say to me… “please, do not tempt me to intervene again..”

        Please go see a psychiatrist for your Delusions of Grandeur.


      • Pepe, you animosity impressions me!
        I do not need a psychiatrist, but thanks for the suggestion.
        Yes, it is very probably that we will have a (nuclear) war (or better a war with a ‘nuclear ‘ending’), BEFORE the Chastisement (which comes directly from God, nor from mankind). And yes, Russia will have a prominent part in that war.
        You are right about Z. Sitchin (a Freemason, by the way, and thus an agent of evil): smoke in the eyes to hide the truth.
        Believe me or not: it’s up to you. Again, time will teach us. Let’s continue to hope, pray and offer sacrifices and demand God forgiveness on behalf of those (the main part of humankind!) that don’t.
        God bless you.

  15. Hi Pete,
    It is interesting that you believe that there will be no Chastisement!
    Did Our Lady tell you? If yes, please share!!!
    If not, pls. try to answer yourself this simple question:
    “Has the humanity improved, morally and spiritually, from when Our Lady warned us in Fatima, Garabandal, Akita, etc. or has it not?”
    Once you answer correctly, you will have a better understanding of the future…

    • Anonymous when have I ever said “there will be no Chastisement?” I’ve always maintained the view given by the Seers, that it is conditional.

        Hence, again I propose you the same question…
        You may say: “Sure, but we must see what happens after the Warning…and the Miracle…”
        It’s true. Nobody obviously knows and we all would prefer to assist to a widespread and general conversion of humanity than to suffer the consequences of the Chastisement (which will be for us all, do not forget this!).
        Nonetheless, we will be authorized to hope that the general Chastisement will not happen (or will happen in a very ‘mild’ manner) IF and WHEN we will assist to a change of direction in the course that spiritual developments have taken in the last centuries, particularly the last one…
        Before that ‘point of inversion’ of the trend, I would strongly recommend you to be prepared for the worst, while hoping for the best…
        God bless…

      • Dear Anonymous,

        You present your ideas very elegantly. However, I sense a kind of arrogance in you. Pete’s worldview is just as valid as yours, if not more so. At least Pete falls back on a “higher authority” to backup his worldview, in this case the seers.

        Personally, my worldview matches your own, but only because, as fellow human being, I have become disillusioned with humanity. Humanity deserves no mercy, no forgiveness, and no apologies for its destruction by God’s wrath on account of the iniquities of humanity.

        But the point is that it is not up to you, or for that matter, not up to Pete either what should happen. It is in fact up to Jesus Christ and Mother Mary’s intervention. Period! So stop assuming that you know, or understand the mind of God.

        As far as I am aware no one knows what God will do, how he thinks, and when he will grant or withhold mercy.

        I am reminded of the story of Lot and his family’s salvation (due to his kinship with Abraham) when God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah.

        I am reminded of the prophecies of the Catholic Seer, Marie-Julie Jahenny: The Breton Stigmatist, who talks about a particular man who is loved both by Mother Mary and by God. This man will one day (during the End Times upheaval) become a great Monarch of the First daughter of the Church – France, and then of the whole of Europe, and finally of the whole World. And in recognition of the goodness and purity of this Man God will spare the miserable lives of countless undeserving human beings so that they can witness the Coronation ceremony of this man loved by God and Mother Mary.

        I am also reminded of a Bible verse where it states that God will shorten the days of the Tribulation sufferings for the sake of the Elect of God.

        I am not sure if Pete will allow this (I hope he will) but I want to make some interesting comments about NIBIRU or Planet X.

        The origin of NIBIRU or Planet X was invented by a man called Zecharia Sitchin in the 1970s. Mr Sitchin was a-religious at best and a Pagan at the other extreme. He was a journalist and author who proposed …:

        “an explanation for human origins involving ancient astronauts. Sitchin attributed the creation of the ancient Sumerian culture to the Anunnaki, which he stated was a race of extraterrestrials from a planet beyond Neptune called Nibiru. He asserted that Sumerian mythology suggests that this hypothetical planet of Nibiru is in an elongated, 3,600-year-long elliptical orbit around the sun…. reaching the inner solar system roughly every 3,600 years”… and causing cosmic disasters on Earth every 3600 years, and that every 3600 years the Anunnaki extraterrestrials return to Earth.

        According to Sitchin, these Anunnaki extraterrestrials genetically engineered the Human race so that humans were slaves from the very beginning who were forced to mine precious metals such as gold for the Anunnaki.

        The concept of NIBIRU or Planet X is ungodly as it attempts to rewrite the Creation stories of Genesis in the Bible. It has nothing to do with Christianity, nothing to do with the Bible, nothing to do with the Book of Revelation and Daniel, nothing to do with God, nothing to do with Jesus Christ, and nothing to do with Mother Mary’s apparitions at Fatima, Akita or Garabandal. In short, because it attempts to change the Bible with an alternative narrative, it is Satanic. Keep away for this unchristian religious Cult.


    • “Has the humanity improved, morally and spiritually, from when Our Lady warned us in Fatima, Garabandal, Akita, etc. or has it not?”
      God will answer your question – after the Warning and Miracle. Until then do not despair. Remember the Holy Virgin came to Garabandal at the request of Her Son to save us.

  16. Can we please stop the Planet X postings. This is a blog devoted to Garabandal and the messages of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel that were given to four girls from 1961 – 1965 in the village of northern Spain. It is disheartening to visit this blog and have to read material that is unrelated to the messages of Our Lady.

    • Yes agreed Claudia, the request to desist has been made, anyone interested in that topic will find more than they want on YouTube, but no more on this site.

      God bless

      • For Pete:
        In fact, to be more precise, Our Lord said that IT IS NECESSARY that scandals happen:
        “Necesse est enim ut veniant scandala”, Matthew 18.7.
        I understand that I need to elaborate a bit more on this. It is not that scandals are, per se, good. They are obviously not. In fact God would have liked that evil did not exist at all. But, given the fact that evil unfortunately exists, and has taken increasing control of our societies (and of the post Vatican II ‘church’), scandals are ‘good’ (or ‘necessary’) in the sense that they show the real nature and hidden face of evil. Consider the example provided by Elena: if one erroneously thinks about homosexuality like a tender emotional link between persons of the same sex with carnal implications, one might even be tempted to understand and justify it as a natural inclination but once one sees homosexuality for what it really is, a satanic perversion, perfecrly represented in the example of the two priests having impure intercourses between funerals they clebrate, one can finally see the nature of homosexuality. The same is in the case of the Priest who married his male lover with a nearly-blessing from his Bishop: it clearly shows how false and satanic is the extravagant ‘church’ that Bergoglio is trying to impose on the faithful, justifying any sort of immoral perversions under the pretentious appereance of mercy, which is nothing other than a false mercy.
        Different is the case of the scandals that affect the more suggestionable persons, as the children: in this case, as they do not have the capacity to perfectly evaluate and understand the situation, scandals may produce permanent deviations of their morals and of their consciences. In this case Our Lord promises one of the worst comdemnations mentioned in the Godspel, as you might remember.

        God bless us all.

        • Thank you Anonymous for adding important clarity. I hope you don’t mind but I made a couple of very minor adjustments to some of the wording, only because it looked as though spell check had used the wrong tense or word in some sentences spoiling the flow of your comment. I would be interested to know the original Greek for Matthew 18.7 if anyone can provide it, the NJB uses the term ‘obstacles’ rather than ‘Scandal.’ And as you now point out the phrase in the Latin translation is ‘necessary’ and not ‘good’ which adds a whole new connotation to the full text removing the misconception that could otherwise result.

          I have removed your final paragraph on Plantet X in compliance with recent instructions on that subject.

          Thank you for your contribution

          God bless

    • Sorry, Claudia, I really did not mean to discourage you…Quite the opposite, in fact: I mainly wanted to reassure Elena that God is acting, right now, even if for the time being we do not see the effects…My sincere apologies…

  17. Dear Garabandalists, our Church is in such a state that I’m surprised God has not intervened yet! In Italy, the homoheresy is rampant and nobody is shocked anymore. A priest, after 10 years in a parish, flew to Gran Canaria to ‘marry’ his man lover. The bishop is surprised but wishes every good to him and his new partner. He then hugs him in a gesture that means not only forgiveness but also support
    Few months ago an Italian newspaper uncovered a gay chat attended by many catholic priests and monks. I spare you the disgusting perverted details, just want to tell you they met to have sex before a funeral or the Holy Mass, eager to finish their job in the church to have other sexual encounters
    If you don’t know her yet, I would like to suggest you to read about this exceptional mystic , Saint Veronica Giuliani

    Click to access hell_sv_giuliani.pdf

    This was her vision she had of hell and the special places reserved for perverted priests or nuns

    • Dear Elena,
      there is a reason why God is delaying His punishment (but, remember, planet-X is on its way and will arrive -suddenly and mostly unexpectedly- at the very exact time). And the reason is as follows.
      The number of people who have yet to decide themselves for God is not yet complete (and we have to support them with our prayers and our sacrifices)…And, think about it: the scandals, as Our Lord suggested, are good: they force people to take a clear stance, to avoid the comfortable tentation of hiding themselves behind ambiguity and conformist to the mentality of this world that passes away…
      That’s why God has not acted yet. But be reassured: He will, when the situation will appear to be at its worst…
      God bless

      • Anonymous, do continue to contribute but please put Planet X to one side, we get it, it’s your take on things to come but it’s not the focus of this site. My comment to you previously wasn’t intended to invite further dialogue on this subject, if you thought that, then you missed the point I was making about sensationalism overshadowing the purpose of the messages. My further reading on the Chastisement is simply my wanting to look in to the sequence of things more fully, to review and present a summary of that which has been shared through reliable sources including that from private (RC) revelation.

        May I ask where have you found information stating, ‘the scandals as Our Lord suggested are good,’ etc? This is nonsense. The scandals are of a diabolical nature damaging numerous souls and leading many others to damnation. Rather are you alluding to Our Lord’s parable of the darnel growing among the wheat? If so, I agree and as I have also stated in other comments, ‘now’ is the time of the flowering of the darnel so it can be seen for what it truly is by all and be plucked out without damaging the good wheat growing alongside.

        I’ll close with some comments from Conchita following her Jan 1st locution. “Our Lady revealed to me what The Punishment will consist of. But I can’t say what it is, except this: it will be an effect of God’s Divine intervention, which makes it more fearful than anything imaginable.” “The Punishment, if it comes,” She adds, “will take place after the Miracle.

        God bless

    • Dear Elena,
      Thank you for sharing the story of St. Veronica pertaining to the souls of priests in Hell and also recent news. It reminds us of our duty to pray for priests and how much they are in need of those prayers.

    • Dear Elena, God’s intervention is not The Punishment as Anonymous would have us believe and which is most certainly nothing to do with a fictitious planet. God’s intervention is in ‘the now’,’ It is souls like you, who are a living devotion to Him, His Bride and His Beloved Mother, it is the Grace that prompts your sacrifices, prayers and tears. It is Fatima, Garabandal and Akita, it is the coming Warning, The Great Miracle and the Permanent Sign at the pines.

      The situation will be resolved as Our Lord promised and just as Conchita recounts following a locution received on Jan 1st 1965 during which she asked “Why is the Miracle coming? To covert people? And He replied, “to convert the whole world.” She said, “will Russia be converted?” To which Our Lord replied. “She will also be converted and thus everybody will love Our Hearts.” (The Apparitions of Garabandal by F. Sanchez Ventura Y Pascual).

      Right now, The Bark of Peter is swamped on a stormy sea and taking in phenomenal amounts of water, she almost seems deluged and this is not yet the full Tribulation, but let’s encourage one another to be patient in faith, for we are assured the Lord is not asleep, He sees all.

      God bless

      • Excellent reply to Elena, Pete! You are certainly correct, “Right now, The Bark of Peter is swamped on a stormy sea and taking in phenomenal amounts water, she almost seems deluged and this is not yet the full Tribulation, but let’s encourage one another to be patient in faith, for we are assured the Lord is not asleep, He sees all.” Let us continue to pray for the spread and Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, the Warning, Miracle and Great Sign, so that “all will love Their Sacred Hearts!”

    • Elana thank you for posting the link to Mystics of the Church. It is always a benefit to be reminded of the certainty of death and judgement.

      Having read some of Veronica’s diary I was thinking, we talk with angst of chastisements which are not inevitable whilst perhaps forgetting the absolute inevitability that we each will be called one day to give a full account of our life’s conduct. Our consolation is Our Saviour but whilst merciful is also an exacting judge. I know I am going to face my judgment within the next 30 years, eternal damnation for me is a very real outcome. If love of God cannot be that which drives an amendment of my life, fear of damnation most definitely is. I know from experience that fear can lead one to prayer and acts of reparation, and, that prayer and reparation do lead one to love Him who forgives. Moreover this knowledge also moves one to pray for other sinners, which thankfully is an act of mercy we can offer that brings benefit to us also.

      Hoping I will see you in Heaven

      God bless

  18. @Robert:

    “My question is, given the fact that the earth is repeatedly and predictably subjected to an apocalypse in accordance with invariable celestial mechanics, why does the Holy Mother associate this cosmic inevitability with retribution for humanity’s transgressions (sins)? ”

    Maybe because the so-called predictability you refer to is hardly a concrete science. Man, can hardly predict the upcoming weather next week, but yet in some circles lunatic fringe conspiracy theorists have the audacity to make the claim that the predictability of some yet unknown planet/comment will devastate the earth and shift the earth’s axis, as if it’s a CERTAINTY!! These claims are just jaw dropping.

    I’m not insulting you, but just asking you to use reason and common sense. We can hardly predict the weather, yet we constantly have folks that are peddled as experts, telling us that MAN is SOLELY responsible for the earth’s changes in the weather, that the earth will run out of oil, that we have overpopulation, that the solar system created itself out of nothing. The list goes on and on…

    • Mike,

      it is clear that you do not posses the gift of Faith from our Lord. I strongly suggest you (and I am very serious): ask Our Lord for this gift and He will certainly deliver. He did with me: why should He not do with you, who are certainly better than I am.
      As regards the answer to your question, is very simple: God is the Creator of all things, visible and invisible. He is outside time, and all our accidents appears to him as an eternal present. In creating the celestial bodies that will soon deeply affect our planet’s life HE KNEWS FROM WHAT WE CONSIDER ETERNITY, means from the beginning of creation, even better, ‘before’ (so to speak) He created mankind, that we will have been at the present such miserable state and he provided, as any Good Father, the solution: Nibiru. To reboot the system, so to speak, and correct procedural errors. His Omnipotence, in other words, stands in His perfect ‘timing’ if we wants to express ourselves in these human terms.
      Moreover , the Chastisement is stlll (for ourselves, not for Him who knows the outcome) conditional: your prayers, my prayers, your sacrifices and penances, everybody’s penances and sacrifices may STILL attenuate the Chastisement’s impact: He created everything in a perfect mechanical way, that’s TRUE, but He is still IN CONTROL of anything…as any real MASTER. He may still change everything…and <he would like to, pending certain conditions…
      Thus, stop complaining and argumenting vaguely, and start praying and offer sacrifices to placate His rightly offended Justice…
      God bless you…I pray for you…Be wise…Be just…he honest, especially with yourself…

      • I have to say I am with Mike on this. Nibiru/Planet X is not known to exists, in fact Nassa has debunked this speculation and has categorically stated that there is no evidence of such. Tradcatnight is one of the web sites pushing this theory and if my memory serves me correctly actually foretold it’s arrival to ocurr last year, this is a shame because the web site (which I have followed often) does promote good traditional catholic teaching.

        Given the continuation of individual reflections on this topic I have begun re-researching private revelation on the Chastisement from a number of source materials and whilst my reading is still incomplete (due to workload etc) I can offer a few tasters for now. The Chastisement (according to sources who spoke one to one with St Lucia or with her trustworthy associates) will involve a burning heat so intense as to cause a great “evaporation”of seas and rivers. There is no mention of planets or second suns or oceans inundating continents in any of the Fatima dialogue so far researched. The Chastisement, as all contributors to the blog agree, is conditional, will occur after the Miracle and after Conchita’s passing to eternal life. There is no clue offered for the estimated elapsed time after The Great Miracle when the Chastisment will occur, certainly not in any reliable catholic private revelation nor Divine revelation nor in any Church teaching. I would add it is therefore not imminent as some would have us fear. The same applies to the timeline and what will be the cause of ‘annihilation of nations’ also being discussed in this context.

        My main concern regarding that which has been posted recently is the narrative’s sensationalist and provocative agenda rather than promoting the simple truth; that of a call to change, discover God and be filled with love for Him. A case in point is the content in the links provided by Robert on the 7th July. The lack of attention to detail despite verifiable fact, turns any informed reader off from the get-go throwing the whole article in to question not only in terms of content reliability but also the author’s true intention. For example in its opening paragraphs the article doesn’t even get the date right concerning the year when the Angel first appeared to the Garabandal Seers, (stating 1964 rather than 1961). Additionally the ‘violent noise’ (a term used by Conchita) preceding the appearance of the angel was thought to be thunder by the girls (as recounted in her diary) and not like a ‘bomb going off,’ as proported to have been stated by Mari Loli. Thunder rather than ‘a bomb going off’ is less sensational as is the fact that the others seeing Conchita in ecstasy ‘were about to call my mother’ (recounted by Conchita in her diary) as opposed to, ‘run to call their mothers’ as recounted in the link. And that’s my point too many commentators/writers from numerous sources are applying poetic licence and in consequence misrepresenting the truth of things in what seems to be an attempt to peddle their own agenda (to cause fear) rather than that of Heaven, which is to cause conversion.

        I will continue my research and hope to report my conclusions in due course, but in the meantime I urge you to remain in peace as to the intention of Heaven. God is not going to beat humanity to a pulp for its sins, He is calling His beloved children to amend their lives. That is because sin begets sin and sin brings its own reward, the ultimate manifestation of which is conflict and death, we create the circumstance for war not God. Be sure of this, the greatest conflict we will suffer and are now suffering and going to suffer still further is the confussion in the Church, which is a direct consequence of Satan having his way in influencing those in the highest places, and not just in the Church but also in the family, the powerful and leaders of nations. Please do not get caught up in sensational headlines the proported facts of which are dubious to say the least. Remember, Conchita states categorically, they (the Seers) were not permitted to tell anyone the content seen in the two nights of screams. Anyone telling you they know it is making it up, If they weren’t the Seers have deliberately disobeyed the will of Our Lady of Mount Carmel and therefore of God Himself.

        God bless

      • Mike and Pete,

        Well reasoned commentary in your last posts. For those of us involved in Garabandal from its early days it has always been understood the Holy Virgins Messages are essentially ones of hope for a troubled world. Sure, they contain a salutatory reminder to all of us about the consequences of sin – but hasn’t that always been the case? In any event a deeper understanding of what it it’s all about is to be found in the content of the Holy Virgins Messages. That is why they assume importance above and beyond anything anything else. Reflection on their meaning is essential to any amendment of ones life consistent with Gods Holy and Divine Will. This is particularly important for members of the clergy and others on the road to perdition.

        The element of hope is most clearly demonstrated in the ‘conditional’ nature of the chastisement; live the messages and the chastisement will be avoided: remain in sin and it will surly come.


      • @Anonymous,

        I’m very much a man of faith. God is eternal and outside of time, correct. He temporarily suspended the laws of nature and intervened when made himself human and then when he resurrected himself. But, Anonymous you are completely ignoring the bigger picture here. And beating a straw man.

        Re-read Robert’s claim when he makes the statement twice regarding the Virgin Mother: “why does the Holy Mother associate this cosmic inevitability with retribution for humanity’s transgressions (sins)? ”

        There are multiple problems with this statement. The major one of which is that even if given the discovery of a meteor descending upon earth and our ability to predict its occurrence through mathematical calculations does not negate that it is a Chastisement none-the-less for our transgressions.

        For example, if an earthquake causes a massive tidal wave to occur wiping out the East Coast of the U.S. even if we had the ability to detect the earthquake in the first place does not mean it IS NOT an act of God. (Insurance companies correctly use this term) Nature is his realm. Whether we can detect the earthquake, volcanic explosion, tidal wave, cyclone, tornado, hurricane….or even an oncoming planet niburu given our technology or mathematics makes not a shred of difference, the event still occurs and is still an act of God. Just because we have the mind to detect and maybe understand the event, it does not lessen that it is still from God. Quite the opposite really, because we are able to understand it….and EVEN SOMEDAY POSSIBLY explain the natural forces behind such acts…IT IS MORE proof that it comes from a MIND…because WE are able to understand it and decipher it, thus…more evidence for a GOD. Since such acts are not random…

        Remember kids: Our ability to understand nature and the universe proves that there are laws out there that can be discovered by man. Science…and Christianity are not opposed to one another. It was the Holy Catholic Church that encouraged man to take on science so that he may understand the heavens and the world around him through its natural laws pointing to the ultimate intelligence and Glory that is the Lord.

  19. Dear Aviso!
    Thank you for your feedback! I absolutely agree with you, that Garabandal is a sequel of Fatima! That`s a fact. The so called little miracle has shown us how to recieve the holy communion, not in our hands!!! I`m convienced that Pope Benedict is the last Pope in this times means in the end of times. I personally prefer the traditional mass and I`m not a folower of Medjugorie and so on.
    Fatima, Akita, Garabandal, Eisenberg in Austria on theses places heaven speaks!

    Ave MARIA

    • Then Jochen, my good Friend, you are probably Great, people knows me now, I am sometimes quite direct but I know also that you are a Garabandalist from the beginning, my Friend it’s not easy to lead a Blog about Garabandal as you probably know, I must check my right as my left and I am receiving many and many different news, some compliments as well but also many different insults which I cannot publish, this is of course the price to pay and I have no problem with it but to me the more difficult is to read these hundreds of different stories from our Catholic Brothers and sisters sent to me in private, be sure that sometimes I cannot sleep because some lifes are so difficult especially when it’s about small children and so on, for example many of our Catholic sisters are left alone by their husbands for different reasons, in other word some suffering are so great, I cannot give more details but many are hoping a lot from me, probably more than I can give alone, my Responsability is big but let me use this comment to announce on my blog and de facto in public that I will probably open a specific account dedicated to these cases, I will do my best to help when it’s possible, I will give more details probably before next Christmas, so apologies if I was disrespectful to you but sometimes I am not ready for it, so thank you again for your understanding, please Pray for me, thank you.

  20. Hey guys I found a website with Conchitas diary.

    Also a prophecy by saint John Paul 2

    This in my opinion pushes Garabandal back, as we begin a church tribulation.

    Pray for peace, and for the warning and miracle to happen asap. Also the last battle between satan and the church will be with marriage and families. I feel like mine has split in two already.

    • There is no doubt the last battle is about family and marriage. I would not be surprised if all of us following this website were having some serious troubles in their families and facing moment of desperation. I would suggest to pray for each other and for our children. May our heavenly Mother protect us all

  21. Dear Aviso, my brother in Christo!
    Now I`m going to give you feedback.My last travel to Garabandal was in the year 2000.. Concerning your question what i have done for Garabandal, I don`t understand your question but here is my response: Joey Lomangino (R.I.P) and Albrecht Weber (R.I.P) know it and that`s okay!
    God bless you Aviso

    • 2000 was 18 years ago Jochen and as you know I knew myself Albrecht Weber as well, for your information, the first question in Garabandal is the famous When, to me you represent the old Garabandal School, the famous 3 Popes then a new era, the last Pope was John Paul 2 and so on, a great Mistake due probably to a lack of works and researchs, the result is a lost of 1000’s of faithful sent to Medjugorje and co, I have a Great Respect for all of you, From Joe Lomangino…ect…to Béatrice Caux and Jacques Serre with his famous Great Miracle on TV (probably on CNN….) and their VII propaganda but my Friends we lost a lot with your incompetence, you forgot completely to include Fatima and the secret to whom Garabandal is a continuation, I am sorry but this is my opinion, God Bless you too, thank you.

  22. My good Friends, I will be back online within 2 weeks, by the way no more comment from Joe Crozier and other Pope Francis modernist supporters will be allowed on this blog, we keep in touch, thank you.

    • My dear brother, Aviso. Do not be upset: we all appreciate your efforts to try to disclose the dates of the events (the most difficult part in any prophecy interpretation)…2018 is not finished yet…all is possible…Have a good trip: we pray for you…

    • I am deeply saddened to say that soon there may be no more comments from you Alban, no more calumny, no more contortions of the truth, no more betrayal of Our Holy Father. God does not want to lose one soul. I do not want to see one soul lost. You are dragging others with you to perdition. Unless you have a miraculous change of direction you will find the way you have chosen is the wrong way and the terminal velocity of your fall will be just that – terminal – but permanent in its pain and misery. What a waste when I think of all the good you could have done. I knew way back when you were in prison what you were like and hoped you would change. I had a very good idea what lay ahead for you. May God save you yet from your self. God have mercy on us all.

      • This is the last comment from our good Friend Joe Crozier, I confirm that Alban is my first name, I confirm also that Francis Alban, the famous writer of the Fatima Priest about Father Gruner was not my Father, we just share the same name only by the way this is also my final answer to many of your questions sent to me about this matter.

        For the rest and about my time in Prison (2 weeks), Yes I confirm, I was arrested few years ago in France because I punched 2 islamists (at least to me) in a bar in Paris who were not happy with the Cross I had on my neck and thought that all Christians were weaks …ect….unfortunately for them it is not always the case, in other word nothing very important just a reminder from me to some when it’s necessary only, between us I enjoyed my 2 weeks without freedom as it reminded me my army time, thank you.

      • Dear Aviso,

        I can understand why Joe Crozier overstayed his welcome, but why Enrico? I like Enrico’s knowledge and his wisdom. Can you outline what you found offensive about Enrico’s comments? It will help me and others in the blog to understand the decision.

        Enrico, when I have time I will email you in order to start a friendship.

        Aviso, what you said about Muslims despising the Cross is true. I have a family member married to a woman with a Muslim background. When there is a family gathering where the Muslim woman’s family and friends are present, I can confirm that the Muslim guests raise their hands and turn away from me because I wear a cross that is very much visible. This has happened to me many times. But I must say that the Muslim woman married to a family member and her immediate family do no react this way.


      • Hi Pepe, what we learned from Enrico ? me nothing very serious just some ridiculous details probably got from google and so on but what else ? his video about Bergoglio and the number 666, this is my work with one of my italian brother from Rome simple as that and I wrote an article about it few years ago, for the rest niente, by the way this is a blog mostly about Garabandal and not about Pope Francis, thanks God.

  23. Dear friends of Garabandal,
    GARABANDAL fantasy or fraud? Ghost or God? So many speculations about the warning year and the date of the great miracle! We all know, that only conchita knows the date, becuse it`s the intention and desire of our Very Blessed Mother. Padre Pio confirmed Garabandal as a true appearance! Let me tell you the last words of a Jesuit priest, just after he saw the Virgin Mary in Garabandal and moments before he died.“I haven`t the slightest doubt that this business of the children is true. Why can she have chosen us? Today is the happiest day of my life.“ (Father Luis R. I. P)

    Deo Gratias

    • Hi Jochen, there is on my blog more than 100 articles about Garabandal and 1 Article (only) about the possible dates, you keep repeating the same, NO ONE KNOWS THE DATES AND SO ON, Ok my friend, please remind me your last travel in Garabandal and what you have done for the Garabandal Cause, thank you.


        I love this article because it explains everything in simple words! That’s what we are talking and sometimes arguing about. The reality is that if we believe in Christ and His Church, the universal one (The Catholic), me must profess our faith and believe in Heaven, Purgatory and Hell. We must confess our sins, bring our children up as faithful Catholic and have very clear, neat beliefs about what is right and what is wrong. Yes, God chooses to save whoever he wants but our duty is to follow what Jesus thought us not what the secular world is trying to impose.

  24. Dear Enrique,
    I´ve been following your comments and I share your views on the videos you´ve brought up.There are “red extra classified” dossier that the demons in the spiritual world don´t wish to come to light!!
    Could you please contact me privately at
    I´ve got some spiritual matters to be dealt with pretty urgently.
    Thank you very much.
    May the Lord protect you…….

  25. For the Italian-speaking brothers and sister: an intense meditation from and about Fatima and the upcoming schism of the Church (father Alessandro Minutella, 5th June 2018):

    God bless us all. Let’s pray for one another…


  26. Hello to all,
    I do not know the intentions of all this posts, but I am feeling a bit confused.
    I am catholic and I try to follow the catholic doctrine. I believe in the life of the world to come. Even I believe that there are some prophecies that can be happening now. I am also worry for some things that are happening nowadays (attacks to the families, abortion…) But I think that God (Father, Son and the Holly Ghost), Our Mother, Saints and Angels are protecting us. If we Catholics must follow other than Pope, who is that one? Is only one? It is a true risk of not being Catholics any more. So, please, be careful, pray, explain what you want about Garabandal, but do not confuse.
    Aviso was almost certain that 2018 was the year of the Warning, but as far as I know, it didn’t happen. What now? You can loose credibility, you can feed the hope of a close end of the mess of this worls driving to a frustration when your predictions are not fulfilled.
    Please, we need to be together, to pray together and to help our Holly Church…to be the Church.

    • Hi Jaime.
      I apologize from my side if I involuntarily increased the confusion (in fact my intention was to reduce it!), but I have to speak the truth which, thanks God, I know.
      First I believe we should not confuse the possibility of hazarding dates (if done in good faith) with the fact of anticipating facts and circumstances that will happen as revealed by God.
      Dates, by God’s will, are unknown (by definition in true prophecies), events revealed by God that are set to happen (provided that they are correctly interpreted and understood) WILL CERTAINLY HAPPEN. Denying such events will not reduce the confusion: on the contrary, will exacerbate the negative outcomes of the current situation, WHERE CONFUSION WILL INCREASE MORE AND MORE until all that has been written will be fulfilled.
      Soon there will be a serious and open schism in the Catholic Church. The most serious one ever experience so far and fortunately the last one. Each and everyone of us will be involved and we all will have to take our own stance/side and then assume the relative consequences.
      The time for the choice is NOW.
      The discussions on this blog, as far as I understand, are relative to this fundamental choice we will all have to make in the very near future.
      God bless. Pray for me (reciprocally)!

    • Jaime,

      The Apostle’s Creed reads:
      I believe in the Holy Spirit,
      the holy catholic Church,
      the communion of saints,
      the forgiveness of sins,
      the resurrection of the body,
      and the life everlasting. Amen.

      Never once does the Creed imply, we put the Pope above the Church. True enough, the Pope is the leader or head of the Church, he is the temporary steward/custodian of it, but he is not the CREATOR of it, much less the OWNER. Popes come and go…number one for us Catholics should always to be ON GUARD that WE HOLD and BE FIRM to the doctrine. When we see people who try to revamp, revise, update or alter or SUGGEST that DOCTRINE should be IN ANY way changed so as to FIT TODAY’S modern WORLD…REGARDLESS of vocation OR who they are we should always REBUKE.

      Again, open up your BIBLE, Galatians 2:11-14:

      “11 When Peter came to Antioch, I told him face to face that he was wrong.”

      Here we see that Saint Paul rebuking Saint Peter. Rebuking is and has always been a tradition in the Church, to correct someone is to show Christian Charity. So, when we rebuke the current Pope for his silence on matters that he has not clarified or muddled or has chosen to COMPLETELY ignore and therefore causing scandal, we are only expressing our justifiable Charity.

  27. Coincidences? Maybe…or maybe not:

    The ‘white smoke’ relative to Bergoglio’s (invalid) ‘papal’ election happened at 7:06 PM (7+6=13), 6 Minutes past 7 = 66 minutes past 6 = 666

    Bergoglio and ASCII code – ASCII is the code read by all computers for simple text. It is the universal “language” of computers for basic letters, symbols, and functions. Each letter is represented by a number. If you “translate” the name “BERGOGLIO” from letters into ASCII code and add up the numbers, the result is 666. One can easily verify:

    In Bergoglio’s illegitimate ‘papal election’, ’13’ is everywhere:
    – Bergoglio ‘elected’ 13th March 2013,
    – 13 days after Benedict pretended to have resigned,
    – Bergoglio age on 03/13/13 was 76 = 13
    – White smoke at 7:06 PM = 13
    – Exact name announced at 8:13 PM local time
    – Began speaking at 8:23 = 13
    – Ordained priest on 13 of December 1969
    – First non-European Pope in 1,300 years

    Biblical meanings of 13:
    The number 13 is symbolic of REBELLION and LAWLESSNESS. Nimrod, the mighty hunter who was ‘before the Lord’ (meaning he tried to take the place of God – Genesis 10:9), was the 13th in Ham’s line (Ham was one of Noah’s three sons who survived the flood). Thirteen represents all the governments created by men, and inspired by Satan, in outright rebellion against the Eternal.
    The phrase ‘valley of Hinnom’ (or variation thereof) occurs in 13 places in Scripture. The valley was the scene of the evil-inspired rites of the pagan god Moloch (or Molech). The practices related to this false deity received some credibility when they were knowingly allowed by King Solomon (1Kings 11:7) in order to please his non-Israelite wives. One way Molech was appeased and worshipped was through the sacrifice of CHILDREN who, placed on the red hot arms of the idol, were burned alive. The valley’s tie to fire made for an apt backdrop of the ultimate punishment unrepentant and rebellious sinners will receive in the lake of fire (Revelation 19:20, 20:9 – 10, 14 – 15).

    Biblical appearances of the number thirteen:
    The longest name of a book, Thessalonians, is 13 characters.
    The dragon, a symbol for Satan, is found 13 times in Revelation. Satan is behind all rebellion against God.
    In Romans 1 the apostle Paul lists 23 characteristics of sinful people who have a debased or reprobate mind. The thirteenth characteristic is that they are haters of God (Romans 1:28 – 32).

    • Please, if anyone knows if the work of the priest Luigi Villa is true, this would be of the greatest severity, and could not remain in silence forever.

      • Hi Miguel,
        Mons. Luigi Villa received first from Saint ‘Padre’ Pio da Pietralcina, afterwards confirmed by pope Pius XII, the mandate to unveil the infiltration of Masonry into the Catholic Church. He accomplished this task with the substantial help and support from many Vatican insiders, most of which high Prelates and/or agents of Vatican ‘secret services’ (they exists!). He did a very good job and his workings and writings are reliable and deserve attention.
        God bless,

    • Hi Enrico, take care of what you are sending on my blog, I have no time to check all the details but I was informed in Private about some of your comments, I count on you, my Friends you are adults please do not push me to moderate harder, thank you.

      • Aviso, please, I just want to know the opinion or information that you may have about Fr. Villa’s investigations, if these are true, they can not keep silent any longer. The fact that the highest hierarchy has arrest warrants for very serious crimes must be exposed at some point.

      • OK, Aviso. Don’t be afraid. I leave the blog forever, so you cab stay focused on your activities without worry about ‘details’.
        God bless you all, my dear friends. It has been a pleasure…

      • Hi Miguel, for your information I am aware of Fr. Villa’s investigation by the way the Good Priest was blessed by Saint Pio himself, in other word when I do not reply well be sure that I cannot, thank you.

      • Fair enough Aviso, but this is a crucial issue in my opinion, that must be confronted and clarified publicly, sooner than later. I hope someone will, thank you.

    • Dear Enrico, do not make hasty decisions. There is no need to leave the website. We are Aviso guests and we respect his rules, that’s it. But we should be on the same side in these difficult times, there are already few of us! In any case may God and his Mother be with you always.

  28. Thanks for your reply, I´m delighted to read that, I´ve misinterpreted your comment…”No sedevacatist is welcomed etc..”
    May the Lord protect you on your journey!

  29. A last word before my departure, My Friends let me remind you again, that Sedevacantist as Modernist are not welcomed on my blog, thank you again for your understanding.


    • Thanks Frank and Enrico for your kind words of support. My situation is actually worsening so I really need spiritual help.God bless us all

      • Dear Elena, please contact me in private at : and we are going to try to find a solution, with the help of God and the Lady, all is possible, remains confident and faithful to your Baptism forever, which I do not doubt and do not worry for the Rest.

        God Bless.

        PS : My Friends, I am going back to travel soon, I leave you in the hands of Peter, I count on all of you, please Pray for me, thank you.


  30. Aviso you accuse me of resorting to ad hominem attacks. Look to yourself. Do what you like with my comments but not with half measures that suit your purpose which is to bring down our Pope. Your own words have said it.

    • Joe, please, take a Rosary in your hand and pray it, with true faith. Ask Our Mother to see the light, and you certainly will, if you really want to. Then stick to the truth: it is vital!
      God bless,

    • Dear Joe,

      The Bishop in White, Bergoglio, is bringing himself down by the works of his own hands.. and mouth with what he utters. Popes can be good, bad or even downright evil. The historical period of the Renaissance is testament to this reality.

      Thus, when Popes occupy the Seat of Peter and assume the role of the Vicar of Christ, it is meaningless in itself. The meaning and significance of holding this position of authority comes when the Pope (whoever he was, is & will be) is faithful to the teachings of Jesus Christ. After all, Jesus Christ is the head of the Church. The Church is the Bride and Jesus Christ is the Husband. When the Bride is unfaithful, it stands to reason that there will be consequences…

      By the way, I read somewhere, I think it was one of the Catholic prophets, that after Jesus Christ restores order from the chaos and renews the Church, so that it is chaste again, that the system of the Papacy will be abolished. There will still be a Pope, but the administration will be similar to that described in Heaven in the Book of Revelation.

      Be cheerful Joe. We all want the same thing. Order will be restored and a future Pope will be respected and adored and loved because he will practice what he preaches, which will be remaining faithful to Jesus Christ and his teachings.

      I offer you good wishes, as Mike and Enrico have done.


      • Hi dear Pepe,

        I have not read anything precise on the subject of the new ‘governance’ of the Church when Our Lord Jesus will establish His Reign, “on earth as it is in Heaven” but I strongly feel that someone between us will live that wonderful moment in person on this Earth…and the picture you provide about the ‘administration’ of the Reign sound very credible to me…We are probably not far, even if long years of tough tests stand still in front of us…

        I now feel very much compelled to say a few words to our dear sister Elena:
        Dear Elena,
        I guess that very few of us know each other, but I am certain that each and everyone of us is currently bringing an heavy cross, one way or another…The light and truth are scarce goods these days, and their price is consequently very high. We have to give our personal contribution to keep the flame of the Faith in Our Lord burning and alive.
        God is certainly asking you much today but be reassured: not a single one of your tears, and the ones of the persons you love, will fall in vain. You are asked much, but you will be rewarded much, much more.
        Only stay always in Communion with the Lord, and let Him helping you taking of your own cross.

        In Christ,


      • I agree 100% with Pepe. I think there’s this concept that WE (those who disapprove of what’s happening at the Vatican) are plotters and deceivers like the Pharisees…that somehow we are full of hate and pick-on poor Bergolio for absolutely NO justifiable reason. That we would try to criticize or lynch whoever sits at the helm of Saint Peter, because that’s JUST who we are, a bunch of disagreeable people. That our Goal is to rip up the Church in two pieces; cause a schism.

        All we are doing, is SAYING and REPEATING what Catholic Doctrine is, when we say that homosexuality is not a normal thing god did not make PEOPLE TO BE homosexual, just like he didn’t make us alcoholics, pedophiles, or wife-cheaters. These are all passions and outside our being for which WE HAVE 100% control over, and chose to or not partake in. We also say that hell DOES exists, and that their appears to be confusion with Amoris laetitia.

        But, let’s take a step-back and reflect a bit:

        So, when the current Pope, (AND I’M GIVING THE POPE THE BENEFIT OF THE DOUBT HERE) says something that is either misconstrued, misunderstood, taken-out of context, not an “official quote” and as a result we the laity, clearly concerned, mention words said by the POPE (or the Media’s portray of what he did or didn’t say) go contrary to our faith and therefore RAISE AN ALARM ABOUT IT, because it is causing scandal, confusion and strife. And, it certainly is causing scandal, not a figment of my imagination!!!! (Just read this thread or other reports BY conservative Catholic News Sites questioning what the POPE said or didn’t SAY.)

        It stands to say that WE are the ones that are uncharitable, WE are jumping to conclusions, WE are not using our Catholic Consciousness to truly see what the Pope means….besides…WE WEREN’T there!! WE don’t know what was said…this whole thing could just be OTHER PEOPLE’S WORDS twisting what the POPE said. And then, when we say WHERE IS THE POPE WITH THE CLARIFICATION??? It is WE who are again labeled UNCHARITABLE and UNREASONABLE for asking for it in the first place. LORD FORGIVE ME…FOR MY unreasonableness.

        I hope Joe can get a better picture of where we are coming from. Whether the pope said this or that…is not the point here…the strife, confusion, and scandal ALONE…and the absolute silence from the Vatican each time these scandalous things appear in the press…SPEAKS VOLUME, about the person sitting at the helm of St. Peter.


      • Dear Mike,

        I fully understand and share your disappointment and concerns regarding Bergoglio&Co tactics to pollute and ultimately corrupt the true Doctrine.

        To maintain the faith, and help our brothers and sisters doing the same in this difficult times, I think it is vital that we understand three simple things (simple, but with consequences of unimaginable magnitude):

        1. The hidden agenda of Bergoglio&Co;

        2. The tactics that Bergoglio&Co adopt to fulfill the agenda;

        3. What will actually happen next.

        Very briefly:

        1. AGENDA: Bergoglio is the false prophet, foreseen by Saint John in Revelation. Consequently, his agenda, in essence, is twofold:
        i) eliminate all the elements of the catholic faith (e.g. Real Sacramental Presence, Marian Devotion, Divinity of Jesus only Savior of the humanity, existence and eternity of Hell, etc.) that would prevent the ‘institutional’ Catholic Church to merge in an upcoming universal ecumenic movement that we could call, for simplicity, ‘world religion’ while substituting this founding elements of the only true Faith (Saint, Catholic and Apostolic) with almost meaningless (from the religious point of view) and generically positive values (Environmentalism, Assistance to migrants and poor, abstract solidarity, etc.) in which also the atheist could identify themselves (the upcoming ‘world religion’ will, in fact, fit also for atheists and non-believers, as it will be more a vague listing of humanly positive values than a way of true relation to God).
        In this light, all Bergoglio’s actions and statements -otherwise incomprehensible as a ‘pope’- became perfectly logic and cogent.
        ii) Preparing in this way the manifestation of the incoming antichrist, who will be the ‘head’, almost a DEITY, of this new ”world religion’.

        2. TACTICS. Bergoglio, as any evil and coward but astute person, is very careful not to say anything blatantly heretic or morally wrong. Instead, he put forward, officially or unofficially, statements that could lead to heretic or morally wrong conclusions and then leave to his masonic cooperators (inside and outside the Church) the task to influence the public opinion in the morally wrong direction. If they succeed in deceiving the people without making him loosing credibility, he rewards the ‘successful ‘cooperator’. Otherwise, if he experience a negative return of his own public image he ‘punish’ and/or deny any involvement or previous knowledge on his side. If one attempt of wrongly conditioning the public is ‘unsuccessfull’ from his point of view, he wait a bit and reiterate the procedure, in a different way. If one carefully analyses Bergoglio public behavior this pattern is very evident and he utilizes this tactic almost every time. That’s why, without a special enlightenment of the Holy Spirit it is difficult to debunk him and several good persons defend him and attack his opponents in name of his apparent religious role, often in good faith.

        3. WHAT HAPPENS NEXT: It is very important to understand the this is not a sad and possibly short parenthesis in the history of the Church, such as many others experienced in the past (‘one bad pope dies, the next one repairs most of the damages’). We are in the middle of the the final battle between Our Lady and the beast. Soon the antichrist will appear on Earth and the heretic seeds diffused by Bergoglio’s evil actions will rapidly come to complete maturation: the situation in the short run, can only deteriorate further: the doctrinal chaos will prevail, heresies will poison a lot of good souls, the antichrist persecutions will start and some of the believers in Jesus Christ will be award by Our Lord the Palm of Martyrdom. Shortly after the Chastisement prophesied also in Garabandal, Our Lord will return and will establish his Reign also on Earth: nothing will be any more as before.

        That’s why we have to get prepared NOW, and consecrate ourself to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, the modern mystical Ark of Noah. It is no time anymore to waste time in useless discussions with poor souls plunged in to darkness that do not want to return to the light. This is time to offer sacrifices, pray and act in the name of Truth.

        God bless us all. Let’s pray for one another.


  31. My tuppence for what its worth. The precursor for the valid election of a successor to the Papal Throne is the death of the Reigning Pontiff. Right? Since we now have two popes and if one is valid (take your pick) then by simple logic the other must be a usurper to the throne of Peter. Or, put another way; the bells of St Peters have not yet tolled announcing the death of the validly elected incumbent. When they do – and only then, can the legitimate process to elect a new Pontiff begin, including the convocation of a valid conclave.

    • Great comment John, we currently have 2 Churches and 2 Popes, the Church of Francis and his supporters, the Joe and co and the Church of Benedict, the Catholic Church of the Lord and the Lady, one is false and one is true simple as that, by the way this is also a part of the Fatima 3rd Secret, in other word the famous Bishop in white and the Holy Father.

      • So true, my dear Aviso.
        Even if I would like to make a clarification (I am sure you know, and yours is only an useful simplification, but I think it is important to be extremely precise on this issues, in order to better understand the current situation and its implications).
        We actually do not have two churches and two popes, but the real Church (the one obedient to our Lord) which identifiy itself with the true Pontiff (Benedict XVI) and its counterfeited image, the Bergoglio&Co gang (let’s call it with its name: it’s now the moment to shout the truth, because we are running out of time…).
        This does not imply that we have a ‘good’ pope (Benedict) and a bad demi-pope (Bergoglio). What we certainly can rely on is that Benedict XVI is the true pope (not necessarily a ‘good’ one) and thus we have to refer to him not to be deceived as concerns the true Doctrine…but Benedict has his serious responsibility in this situation because he has pretended to renounce to the papacy, while he did not ( contributing personally and substantially to the present confusion.
        In other words, Benedict has given his green light to this ‘bifurcation’ of the papacy (so to speak…) and personally bears the responsibility of having done so before Our Lord.
        One may say: but, probably, he was forced to pretend to step down. And, in fact, he had been forced. Nonetheless in force of what he had been forced? He could have resisted any pressure: it would have been his right and IT WOULD HAVE BEEN HIS DUTY AS WELL!
        I cannot elaborate further on this because revealing the circumstances based on which he was blackmailed and ‘forced’ to ‘leave’ will shed on the Church an even darker light than the one due to Bergoglio’s misbehaviors.
        What is important for us is that Benedict XVI, being the real (which -again- does not imply ‘good’) pope, is what Saint Paul called the ‘Katekon’, the element that prevents the antichrist to manifest and reveal himself to the world as a false Messiah. This preventing element would have been far more effective if Benedict would have maintained his full prerogatives (Bergoglio would have then been an almost unknown Cardinal known by the well-informed for the damages to the faith produced in Latin America, but nothing more).
        Even if partially impaired, the Katekon still loosely operates, simply due to Benedict XVI being alive, and thus prevents the antichrist to reign (for the moment)…Once Benedict will die, Bergoglio will fully incarnate his role of false-prophet and the antichrist, with Bergoglio’s aid, will finally step in, as the leader of an ecumenic pan-religious confession which will eliminate any reference to Jesus Christ as the only Lord and Savior (we will then have to go underground to profess our faith and celebrate the Holy Sacrifice and be prepared to be martyred, if necessary).
        In other words, and extreme simplification, Bergoglio stands to the antichrist as Saint John the Baptist stands to our Our Lord, Benedict XVI, insofar he is the only legitimate pontiff (even if he partially betrayed) is our last defense against the incarnation of satan and thus it is our best interest, as well as Our Lord and Lady’s will, to sustain and support him.
        This is why we have to pray much and offer sacrifices: the more we do what Our Lady asked, in Garabandal and in other places, the more we support the Katekon in his role of impediment to the incarnation of the pure evil, the more we shorten the time and reduce the intensity of the incoming pe
        rsecutions to the true Christians by the antichrist.
        Let’s stay strong and united in prayer. Lord bless us all…

    • Dear John.
      Your logic is adamantine…But…
      Bergoglio will stay in power enough to change permanently the structure, organization and liturgy of the Church. It is his hidden intention, sometimes officially hinted by his spokespersons (e.g.: =understood?: “Our reform is not YET irreversible: we are in the process of making it irreversible…AhAhAh [satanic laghing]…”) and God has agreed to give Bergoglio/satan the power to di so (mysteriously enough, Bergoglio is a kind of an instrument of God’s Will, as was Judah the Traitor, who freely damned himself for eternity).
      Moreover, the next ‘election’ of a pope will likely happen after the Chastisement: the human race will be far less numerous and forcedly much more united (and maybe the true believers even geographically closer) than nowadays by that time.
      Against this background it is my educated guess that the next ‘pope’, if we want to call him this way, will be chosen by acclamation ( by God’s people (as it was at the beginning of the earthly pilgrimage of the Church) and not ‘elected’ by a ‘Conclave’…
      As regards the possible nature of the CONDITIONAL Chastisement, which also provides an idea of the POSSIBLE devastation involved, I suggest the following video, picked up by chance amongst thousands of similar ones one can find on the net:

      Let’s continue praying and offering sacrifices, as asked by Our Lady, to mitigate God’s legitimate offended Justice!
      Moreover, I humbly suggest that each and everyone of us renovate his/her own Consecration to Our Lady’s Immaculate Heart next 9th June
      Time is getting shorter and shorter…

      • Planet-X, aka, Hercolubus. It is an established fact that the vast majority (if not all) stars have orbiting twins (companions). In the case of our sun it is what is known as a Brown Dwarf, a star that has degraded over time and lost its ability to produce full spectrum light (Kolbrin Book). The periodic devastation of earth is also well documented, occurring when our sun’s Brown Dwarf companion makes its closet approach (perihelion) and produces gravitational, electromagnetic and radiational chaos throughout the solar system. My question is, given the fact that the earth is repeatedly and predictably subjected to an apocalypse in accordance with invariable celestial mechanics, why does the Holy Mother associate this cosmic inevitability with retribution for humanity’s transgressions (sins)? It reminds me of the wanderer from a more advanced civilization coming upon a more primitive culture and using his superior knowledge of celestial mechanics (eclipses) to gain eminence over the lesser informed populace. Could it be something was lost in the translation of the visions, given the children’s limited understanding (“two stars colliding, but not”)? I am again reminded of Greek Mythology that portrays zealous Gods who created humanity for their playthings. I seek truth but it escapes me.

    • As apparently today I have a bit more time than usual, I would like to briefly express some more free thoughts somewhat related to this very important discussion.

      1. THE CURRENT AND NEXT ‘POPE'(S): We almost know for sure that only the next ‘pope’ (unfortunately too late!!!) will finally consacrate Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary and we can conclude that, due to the dramatic situation of the world and the Church he will inherited, and the lessons finally learned, this will be his first public and formal act. Sr Lucia had continued visions and dialogues with Jesus and Mary during her life. Our Blessed Lady appeared to her at the convent of the Sisters of St. Dorothy in Tuy, Spain, in 1929, to formalise the requirement for the Holy Father, in union with ALL the bishops of the world, to consecrate RUSSIA to the Immaculate Heart. This confirmed the original request, made at Fatima on July 13th. 1917. In 1931, Jesus, having first warned that, “If they don’t do it, they (the bishops) will follow the King of France into misfortune.” Jesus then added, “In the end they will repent of it, and they will do it, but it will be late.” It is quite obvious that Jesus was drawing a direct parallel between the demand for the consecration of France to the Sacred Heart, and the collegial consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. A period of precisely one hundred years elapsed between the demand for the consecration of France and the outbreak of the diabolic French revolution resulting from the failure to comply with Heaven’s requests. Therefore, it is apparent also that the same 100 year period timeframe could apply to the Fatima timeline as well: probably a new bloody diabolic revolution is approaching and Europe, particularly the Church, will likely pay the higher cost in terms of human lives. The demand for the consecration of France was made at the same time as the revelation of the mysteries of the Sacred Heart to St. Margaret Mary Alacoque in June 1689. While the request for the consecration of Russia was ‘formalised’ in 1929, it was merely a confirmation of the initial request made by Our Lady in 1917. Thus Aviso is very right: assuming that the 100 years parallel still holds either i) the 100 years expired in 2017 (and the revolution in Europe, that for simplicity we can define ‘Communist’ – someone may find more appropriate ‘Populist’ nowadays – is around the corner or ii) we will be too late, according to this hypothetical timeline only after 2029. Sincerely, I do not have any clue but we should consider that Benedict XVI just turned 91 and does not appear in very good shape (will be 102 y.o. in 2029 if still alive, which seems unrealistic humanly speaking) and Bergoglio is nowadays 82 y.o. and could be 93 y.o. (likely too much for a man who lost a lung in his youth). I thus believe we should envisage a period in which the true Church will have no human lead during the reign of the antichrist…the Holy Spirit, together with Mary His Spouse, might directly assist us during the dark times ahead…

      2. A THIRD WORLD WAR. Not only a revolution is probably in the pipeline: we should also expect quite soon a new world war (and whoever follows closely the situation in the Middle-East will probably come to the same conclusion even without dealing with Fatima). In my opinion this World War will be instrumental to the enthronement of the antichrist who will be a political leader, imposing himself initially as an apparent pacificator, beside being a ‘religious’ leader. This apparent contraddiction can be explained by the fact that the incoming new World War will have a strong religious connotation: arguably the state of Israel and many of its Islam neighbouring countries will mutually destroy themselves, opening the doors to the falsely peaceful reign of the antichrist. Only then the violence and aggression of the demons and world powers, subjugated by the antichrist, will turn against the Christians and that period will be very tough for most of us (let’s pray since now that it arrives the latest, it last the shortest and we might endure it with God’s help!). The third temple in Jerusalem will likely be rebuilt and this will have a central role in the human raising to power of the antichrist (this, together with the mass conversion of many jews to Christianity will be a very important and biblical sign of the fulfillment of the present apocalyptic times).

      3. INCOMING TURMOILS, REVOLUTIONS AND WARS: ARE THEY THE CHASTISEMENT PROPHESIED IN GARABANDAL AND ELSEWHERE? Probably not (or they are only a part of it). The next 9 June will not only be the liturgical Feast of the Immaculate Heart pf Mary, but also the recurrence of the ‘blessed’ Anna Maria Taigi. For whom is not familiar with this mystical saint, I strongly reccommend to get in touch with her (two possible suggestions, the first is shorter if one has less time to invest on this: ).
      Anna Maria T. has clearly stated, regarding the punishment from God for our times:
      “God will send two punishments: one will be in the form of wars, revolutions and other evils; it shall originate on earth. The other will be sent from Heaven. There shall come over the whole earth an intense darkness lasting three days and three nights. Nothing can be seen, and the air will be laden with pestilence which will claim mainly, but not only, the enemies of religion. It will be impossible to use any man-made lighting during this darkness, except blessed candles. He, who out of curiosity, opens his window to look out, or leaves his home, will fall dead on the spot. During these three days, people should remain in their homes, pray the Rosary and beg God for mercy.”…”All the enemies of the Church, whether known or unknown, will perish over the whole earth during that universal darkness, with the exception of a few whom God will soon convert. The air shall be infected by demons who will appear under all sorts of hideous forms.”
      I do not know how much of this vision has to be intended literally and how much spiritually, even if I am substantially prone to a prevailing literal reading. To me, the Chastisment foreseen by Conchita is of this second nature: the one sent directly from Heaven. Nevertheless, it might have a physical explanation too: a massive celestial body entering the solar system and approaching Hearth could lock down for a limited time the revolution movement of the Globe around itself and determine a prolonged obscurity on one of the two hemispheres; the rest of the vision could be determined by other chemical and physical effects related to this phenomenon or even by concurrent manmade actions that the antichrist will put in place when he will realize that his days and hours are counted…When Conchita described the material aspect of the WARNING as two stars almost colliding without exploding was, to me, describing exactly what she saw: a big celestial body intruding in the solar system and becoming progressively visible with naked eye. This will start happening at the exact hystorical moment in which the reign of the antichrist will seem to prevail forever over the Church. A perfect timing, planned with swiss precision since the moment the Creation started, billions of years ago in our temporal dimension…Really amazing and powerful. Glory to the Lord!

      4. IMPORTANCE OF CONSECRATION TO THE IMMACULATE HEARTH. I will keep this very short also because I assume that everybody in this blog is very familiar with the Fatima message (probably more than I am). Only one small episode, very recent, which regards the current President of the Italian Exorcist, Father Francesco Bamonte and confirms in a singular way the Fatima teaching about the Consecration to the Immaculate Heart.
      You find a video of this very good Priest below, just to figure out his personality and frame what I am reporting below:

      F. Bamonte has recently reported about a ‘confession’ by satan he got during an exorcism. Here is the article in Italian, then I provide a very short synthesis of the main message:
      Here is the central part of F. Bamonte testimony about satan ‘confession’. Satan speaks:
      “…Due to the few ones…the few ones…that have consecrated themselves to that Immaculate Heart…at he end that Immacolate Hearth will triumph…it is written…it is written…we cannot do anything…Ahhhhhhhh! [shouting in pain].
      No further comments. It was this episode that made me deciding to renovate, with the help of God, my Consecration to the Immaculate Heart of Mary (which I did privately nearly 30 years ago) this 9 June, in the most possible solemn terms. I humbly suggest you to do the same…

      5. SUMMARY. I feel I might have been a bit too long. So this is a very brief summary of the message I would like to strongly convey today. We are leaving very bad times, but the worst has yet to start. The only way to limit the strong hardship (to say the least) and serious risks, material and spiritual, we are facing in the coming years is: pray incessantly, particularly the Rosary, attend often the Holy Mass, provided it is and continue to be valid, and accede with frequency and devotion to the other sacraments, as appropriated (with high probability the Mass will be suppressed, in its public form, as soon as the evil forces will temporarily prevail in the coming future: so it would be very good, if possible, to identify a Priest which is not likely to apostatize, and strengthen since now the relationship with him if it is the case, in order to continue to have access to the Sacraments also during the darkest time we will soon have to go through). Consacrate ourselves and our beloved ones to the Immaculate Heart of Mary and/or renovate the Consecration, if we fell compelled to do so: next 9 June, a week from now, will be a favorable occasion. Last but not least: offer voluntary sacrifices and penitences to the Holy Trinity to propitiate God’s benevolence for us and for the others. This way we will obstacle, as far as it is still possible, the rise and consolidation of the reign of the antichrist, which is about to manifest himself (not before Benedict XVI dies, anyway) and reach to the vertex of words powers (political, economic and religious). In doing so we will limit the pain an the persecutions that the true believers (including us) will likely have to suffer, we shorten the time of the Great Tribulation and we glorify the Holy Trinity together with our Blessed Mother and Queen.

      Stay strong, in the true peace and love of God.


      God bless us all!


      • Thanks Enrico, I just finished reading the Italian article. In a day like today, when I feel depressed and tired because the ‘attacks’ of evil are stronger than ever, when I feel hopeless because it seems that everything is falling apart (every single member of my little family is seriously ill at the moment and there is no solution, apparently), reading words about our Divine Mother is like a balsam. I’m crying right now because I’m exhausted but I will try to stay strong. May God and His Mother bless us all

  32. I think that everybody in this blog have to pray for each other. Purity of doctrine of Gospel, is the most important thing.

  33. Before too long we shall all see the truth in a grace, a sign, or a punishment. When that time comes I would prefer to be on the side that has defended The Vicar of Christ and carried his message in the way he intended. I have never come across such malice as that in his opponents. As I said – no argument will suffice for such people. The answer for such as theseccan only come from the prayer “Lord that I may see.”
    Once again I will take my leave from this site. Thank you Aviso for letting me visit.

  34. Aviso – if i can ask a question. Please forgive me as I am learning about this situation and do not know as much as others here. On your blog, some time ago, thee was a post that said someone spoke to a conchita by phone and asked her a question about Pope Francis and her reply was “We must pray for him because salvation. is in his hands” This was in December 2016. it may have been written not by you but perhaps someone else watching the blog at the time) Could the pope she was talking about been Benedict?

    • Hi Clare (Mrs Shark) my good Friend, sweet is your name as great is your soul, so let me reply to your question, I am behind this detail from Conchita about the Pope as I asked my Friend Bastiano to question the Garabandal seer from me years ago.

      The seer answered that Salvation is in the hands of the Pope but she never named the Pope, in other word she did not named Francis or Benedict then later this important detail from me via the Seer has been usurped by our famous Garabandalist Modernist friends, simple as that, thanks.

      Pray for me

  35. Joe, let’s forget about the Pope’s words then and overlook the fact that his job is to LEAD, which of necessity requires giving UNAMBIGUOUS directions. Let’s just concentrate on his actions then. To name a few, regaling Emma Bonnino as a heroine and great humanitarian, giving a papal award to another Dutch ( I think) politician who champions abortion, keeping silent on the Irish referendum to introduce abortion while sounding off on such things as environmental trivialities, ridiculing President Trump who is saving hundreds of thousands of lives through defunding Planned Parenthood in the States and telling the UN that abortion is not contraception/healthcare while they used Obama money to push it throughout the world. Disbanding the Pontifical Academy for Life and appointing non-Catholic pro-abortion people onto his new Academy and dropping the need for them to pledge not to promote non-Catholic teachings. His setting up a secret commission to “review” Humanae Vitae and the members lied and denied it even existed. His skewing of the forthcoming Youth Synod: ANYBODY was able to submit for the agenda and what needed changing in the Catholic Church, that’s right – all the NON-CATHOLIC lefti-activists with an axe to grind could tell us what the rules of the Catholic Church should be! How’s that for insanity! Never mind who he appoints and promotes and demotes: Maradagia of the corruption, Paglia of the disgusting homosexual mural, Coccopalmerio who wangled the plush Vatican apartment for his “friend” who was arrested last June for his rent boy sex and cocaine fuelled orgies he held in the same apartment, the Cardinal who said China had the best Society in the World, the betrayal of the faithful underground Church in China…. I could go on and on and on and on, but it is too tiring and too depressing.
    By their fruits you shall know them: I’m looking at Pope Francis’s and they aren’t good. In fact, they are rotten. But if you can show me some good fruit of his I would be happy to consider it.

    • Concerned – dont you have a name -.I see an abundance of good fruit in every day parish life – more active in service – more welcoming – more involvment, more forgiving – more loving and less judgmental and full Sunday masses, better homilies, better outreach, better appreciation and understanding of our Catholic Faith, a return to confession and more genuine in conversion and community concerns. Today we had adoration, Benediction and Rosary and Mass. Normally we also have confession. That has been postponed. Father is ill.
      The only fruit of blogs such as this is apostasy which has always been rooted in division and desertion – away from the papacy – in short, schism. And that is the road to perdition. I cannot convince you by reason. For the likes of you my only tool is the hammer of fear but it bounces of your thick skin and your thicker heads. It avails nothing with your perfidiius nature. And yes I am using ad hominem tactics just as Jesus did when he called them a brood of vipers and whited sepulchres.
      You still have time to repent but not much. When you are shown your error in The Warning it may well be too late. But still I prayed for you at mass today.

      • Hi Joe, have you read the link I sent to you about heresies in the Church, if not (probably) please find it below again, please read it and remind us the main heresies to avoid at all cost for any Catholics as what the Church teaches about a heretic Pope then you will be able to comment again if not well I cannot leave your insults, lies and heresies online anymore, in other word you are a danger for any soul.

        Now to our good friends and readers, I know Joe for years, probably a good man but also one of the greatest supporter of Francis from Day 1 to date, like any modernist with some knowledge, they are talking with confidence and are hoping to convince many to share their heresies, they are known to us for years and the greatest enemies of the Church, personally I have no pity for them and this explain mainly why they are after me or after my readers, he said himself, they are known to use ad hominem tactis, in other word a brood of vipers but l will let many of you to pray for these poor souls as of course he is not alone, as we know they are gangrening our church for years now and they are currently enjoying with their Master on the seat of Peter but let me reassure you, not for very long yet.

        “They can be nothing more dangerous than those heretics who admit nearly the whole cycle of Doctrine, and yet by one word, as with a drop of poison, infect the real and simple faith taught by our Lord and handed down by Apostolic tradition”

        Pope Leo XIII

      • Joe, are you serious and really in good faith?
        Facts speak for themselves. Here it is what Bergoglio did in Argentina until 2013:
        Now change ‘Argentina’ with the ‘Roman Catholic Church’ and you get, more or less, the picture of what he did in the past five years occupying illicitly the Seat that used to be of Saint Peter…The man hasn’t changed…nor have his bad inspirations…Nor have their inauspicious consequences for the souls…
        As Aviso has reminded us, the current doctrinal and spiritual confusion is permitted by God, in order to separate the true believers from the others…Don’t be fooled…Don’t be deceived…Stay with Our Lord Jesus Christ…
        Let’s pray for one another…

      • What I see in my parish in London is a more and more Protestant mass. The priest has never mentioned Alfie’s story, never defended unborn children, let it alone talking about Ireland’s vote. A church near me has half Anglican and half catholic priests so you can see the priest celebrating what it should be a Catholic mass who is (sic!) married. The fruits I see in my native Italy are that all bishops are endorsing gay pride celebrations everywhere and prayers for fighting homophobia. An Italian priest has decided to change the Creed, another refuses to give the Eucharist in the mouth. another is living with his gay Brazilian lover and so far and so on. Because the pope NEVER takes a stand in important moral issues (who am I to judge?? Remember???), NEVER gives clear indications about the Catholic doctrine but instead he’s destroying day by day what Jesus Christ has left us, what I see are the fruits of the Devil. I see a Church dominated by left-wing media, scared to say the truth, mocked by everyone because she lost MORAL AUTHORITY. I suggest everyone who seriously believes our Church is living a renaissance to look better and see what is happening to our children My daughter is nine, just received her first Holy Communion one week ago. It was the least sacred celebration I have ever been in. Really sad!

      • Joe, I will pray for you too. There has been a steady falling away where I am. There has been no “Francis Effect” resulting in increased Mass attendance but certainly a great increase in a lasser-faire attitude to morals. You hold strong views but I am not alone in wanting to see a return to genuine reverence for the things of The Lord and a strong upholding of Gospel values and the traditional teachings on the Sacraments, I am quite content to be in the company of holy men like Cardinals Sarah and the Dubia Cardinals (RIP).

  36. During these days of darkness, please let me remind you my own Story :

    My Friends, few words also about my own situation and that will reply to many of your private questions received these last weeks and months in my mail box, please read carrefully as between the lines and you are going to understand how Great is our Lady and our Lord :

    1. I was converted to Catholicism after my first trip in Garabandal in 2007, that Year I was what you can call, someone still rich but still far from any religion, I was working for years for the Emirate States in Dubai and directly at the service of the Kings Family as to the French Gouvernment, I cannot say what I was doing exactly but I had some very important responsabilities, I got married also in Dubai (civil marriage only) with a beatifull lady, what we are use to call in this secular world, a top model

    2. After my back from Garabandal, I’ve decided to leave Dubai and to go back in my country France with wife and our first child who was few months only

    3. slowly but surely, year after year, my savings have melted, in other word more my Faith was up and more my bank account was down and that until my bankruptcy in 2017 as I already talked about it online

    4. In 2010 I was baptized and in 2013 I married again with the same wife in Garabandal but this time before God and at the Catholic Church of the village

    5. In 2015, I Baptized our second child in Garabandal as well, the first one was Baptized the same year as me but in France

    6. but During the Year 2007, the year of my first trip in Garabandal, I received also but privately some informations about Malachi Martin as about Father Gruner of the Fatima Center, I was surprised with some details especially about Malachi Martin, I then decided to investigate and end after few months of investigation with what we still call today the Fatima 3rd Secret

    7. I worked on this text of 25 lines (only) for 10 Years with many trips, questions, verifications, calls, contacts and so on but during that period I had not time to take care enough of my own business in France as I should as of my Family

    8. in 2017, I finished my work on Fatima but the same Year I Bankrupt and my wife asked from me the divorce, probably the worst year of my life since my birth

    9. Summer 2017, after a call from my Mother who was living in Lisbon for 3 Years (Portugal) since her retirement, she convinced me to join her in Portugal from September of the same year, she was hoping that I could find a new job their and so on,so I left France my Country, with a request of Divorce from my wife and 2 Children of 2 and 10 Years who kept asking me and that until my departure day, Father when you will be back, Father please do not forget us…..something unforgettable that I do not wish to anyone, between us and as a former Military I am not a Man to cry but I will never forget that day, I cried (but not front of the Children and that never in my life) during 2000 Km, the almost distance between Paris (France) and Lisbon (Portugal) by car

    10. Finally on March 13th 2018, strangely the same day of the election of Pope Francis and via a call from Paris, I was informed that my Mother was the heiress of one our most famous French Photograph who was her first Cousin, the Decesased (I knew her and met her many times) who was an anti-Catholic and pro Abortion lefty Lady for years, left to my Mother the fruit of a working life and de facto we became more rich than I was during my Dubai’s Period and my own Conversion to Catholicism.

    Amen !

    Mark 29 to 31

    29 “Truly I tell you,” Jesus replied, “no one who has left home or brothers or sisters or mother or father or children or fields for me and the gospel 30 will fail to receive a hundred times as much in this present age: homes, brothers, sisters, mothers, children and fields—along with persecutions—and in the age to come eternal life. 31 But many who are first will be last, and the last first.”

  37. “Let me be quite clear Mike and Enrico – although Aviso may not permit – it is the likes of you and some media outlets who misrepresent and misinterpret Pope Francis especially in his private exchanges with poor sinners.”

    Joe, I get where you are coming from. You’re coming from the standpoint of “WHO ARE WE TO KNOW WHAT’S IN SOMEONE’S HEART.” I get that. But try…and TRY REALLY hard to UNDERSTAND what I and others are saying.
    First off: To make the suggestion that the Pope is under NO obligation to clarify incendiary comments whether made by him or misinterpreted by the media is in complete DISREGARD for what the Chair of Peter stand for. He IS supposed to be GOD’S representative here on earth. He is SUPPOSED TO be clear and DIRECT with regard to doctrine. Whether the media misinterprets him or not. It’s his job to clarify. That’s just PART OF THE JOB as POPE. Just as when the President of the United States makes a buffoon of himself and puts his foot in his mouth, he too has the obligation to clarify, about what he mean or didn’t mean. In fact, both the President of the United States and the Pontiff have a whole litany of people dedicated to that very issue; to be CLEAR and DIRECT the interpretations of what the person at the helm, DID OR DIDN’T SAY.

    Second: You say, that everything he has said is being misconstrued by the so-called fake media; that we’re getting our feathers ruffled for no reason; you also imply in so many words, that we therefore have our hearts made of STONE for not trusting the Vicar of Christ and casting unjustifiably judgments upon him without good merit.
    But this is where you are being intellectually dishonest with yourself. Since you are casting that very same net towards US. You can RIGHTLY say WE ARE making baseless claims and false dispersions, and have hearts made of stone for judging the Pontiff IF THERE NEVER EXIST ANY INCIDERY CLAIMS TO BEGIN WITH.
    For example, if I come out and accuse you cheating on your wife, based on ZERO evidence, except solely based on your NAME with no evidence, then YES, I can truly be called someone who casts false claim on an individuals and jumps to conclusions without any merit and definitely have malice in my heart and a malcontent at that too!!
    But this kind of argument presupposes that nothing incendiary has EVER been said by our PONTIF. And again, this is where you are being intellectually dishonest with yourself. We here have listed them OVER AND OVER AND OVER AGAIN…yet, people like you refer to US as the misguided ones, quick to jump to conclusion, implying we have hearts made of stone.
    Let me break-it-down further. There is one of TWO things going on at the Vatican now.

    1)This Pontiff is being either silent on these matter of BEING “misinterpreted” as you call it, and that’s it.
    2)Or two, that he is being deliberately NOT BEING clear about Amoris laetitia, the homosexual comment, or the existence of Hell etc.
    So, based on the TWO options above, we can ONLY RIGHTLY CONCLUDE THAT this has been the most RECLESS, INEPT, UNCLEAR, Pope about what he says and CONCLUDE that he’s probably not in TOUCH with the consequences of his obfuscations. That therefore, for the lack of a better word that he must be, a plane and simply a STUPID man. Because clearly his obfuscation and lack of clarity is causing strife among the laity. YOU AND I RIGHT NOW ARE CLEAR EVIDENCE of what’s happening. And we are only the laity, there is also the Bishops and Priests that are having these discussions, RIGHT NOW.
    Or two that this Pontiff is being purposeful and calculating about his LACK OF actions and therefore there is some contradiction about what he personally believes and the current doctrine of the Church.

    So what are we left with? We either have an inept stupid man or a deceitful Pope. Not good. Both options here are not ideal characteristics for someone sitting at the Chair of Saint Peter to have, would you not say, Joe?

    • Joe,

      Finally, I get that for you the to believe that the Pope has crossed the line and to be called a heretic, he must come right out and carve his “Theses” on the door of Saint Peter’s Basilica, a la Martin Luther. Unfortunately, for some, reason and evidence is not enough to see incompetence at the Vatican. And for some evidence of a heretic must be outlined and obvious. So clearly must this be outlined that the Pope himself needs to come out, and personally declare that he’s pro-divorce and that homosexuality is not a sin. I wish that evil was as clear as you’d like it to be too, so that I never fall prey to it. Life would be so much easier for me, if evil made itself that obvious.

      You suggest that the private conversation Juan the gay man from Chile had with the Pope, was just that PRIVATE and does not contradict doctrine…at least not OFFICIALLY. That again, that a conversation between he and Eugenio Scalfari (a known Communist Atheist) was also too, misconstrued and taken out of context. Or that the Paper written by the Pope, “Amoris Laetitia” is being misconstrued by those that cannot see clearly with their hearts what the Pope means. The problem with ALL this is the implication that WE ARE TO read MINDS here. Specifically, of what the Pope means, and thus interpret it correctly with our Catholic Consciousness as a guide.

      I’m sorry, Joe. This is not rational. This reminds me a bit of the post-modernist concept that TRUTH is ultimately subjective and from the point of view our “Catholic Consciousness”, per se. I’m sorry Joe, but if something is being misinterpreted or taken out of context BY THE MEDIA, LAITY, PRIEST, OR BISHOPS, then the HEAD OF THE CATHOLIC CHURCH, MUST CLARIFY. Regardless, if you consider these confusions as minor. Clearly, they are not MINOR if they are in the headlines of CNN, FOX, or NY Times, AND being manipulated and HARDENING OUR HEARTS AS YOU SAY. IF we have HEARTEND hearts they are not a result of OUR malcontentedness or evil thinking on our part, NO…NO… but rather INACTION BY THE PONTIF to make clear what he says and means. I’m not asking YOU to constantly explain yourself for your actions, but he’s the POPE he is the Vicar of Christ. Misinterpreted private conversations or not…he HAS MAJOR responsibilities when it comes to speaking clearly.

      Is he doing a good job of this? Again, he has to be the most inept, reckless, oblivious Pontiff in my lifetime to not know what he is causing. Although, being stupid is not a sin, at the very least, someone who lacks awareness of the confusion he’s causing is unfit for the Chair of St. Peter

  38. Some Clues about the Fatima 3rd Secret taken from my own works, I have already given some of them online months ago, I will now start to give the rest on my works, 10 years of works surrended (at least for me) by the greatest experts about Fatima, most of these clues will be from those who have read the Secret (from Popes to Priests) :

    The prophetic words of Pope John Paul II. During his address to the 1976 Eucharistic Congress in Philadelphia for the bicentennial celebration of the signing of the Declaration of Independence :

    “We are now standing in the face of the greatest historical confrontation humanity has ever experienced. I do not think that the wide circle of the American Society, or the whole wide circle of the Christian Community realize this fully. We are now facing the final confrontation between the Church and the anti-church, between the gospel and the anti-gospel, between Christ and the antichrist. The confrontation lies within the plans of Divine Providence. It is, therefore, in God’s Plan, and it must be a trial which the Church must take up, and face courageously.”

    My Comment : This is but in a short way, also a part of the Secret, in other word between the Church and the antichurch, between the Christ and the antichrist, between the Gospel and the anti-Gospel.
    And Why I decided to talk again about Fatima, well as usual I cannot explain, again a kind of call, feeling, dreams and so on…with always the same end, back on the Battlefield or something like that……..

  39. Jesus must be followed, and obeyed, sorry I cant spell that good, I am from IRELAND, . I am so angry, over what happened on Friday, in the referendum, I don’t mean to offend with my next statement, the Nazis did not achieve what we done last Friday. we voted in an act to kill our own children, I am in a rage. Thank GOD I found this web site, it gives great hope. I know that GOD always wins in the end. The old irish way would be to kill the politicians and doctors, that would be responsible for these crimes, against, Jesus, and what he taught us, but that’s not his way, lucky for them. I am more determinant than I was last week to support and be at mass every day for and the irish people JESUS and his holy church in Eire, [Ireland],.Thanks again for your web site, GOD bless. kevin

    • Hi Kevin, I understand your pain as the shame and the feeling of Treason, we in Europe and mainly everywhere else, we have and for years now, the same Pain, shame and same feeling of Treason regarding our Politicians and all those who are promoting abortion, IRELAND land of St Patrick was still for us the light in the night, today and after this shamefull referendum, the devotees of satan are already thinking about their final victory as about their next target, Northern Ireland, let them hope and rejoice, they will have plenty of time to repent in hell, please let me remind also to any Catholic, if any one of you had participated directly (by voting yes) or indirectly (by your silence or neutrality) at this evil victory, you are also if not already on the road to perdition. I will not add anything about the silence from Rome because as we know, Rome will lose the faith and become the seat of antiChrist…..

      She said at the End my Immaculate Heart will Triumph, May the 11 years which separate us from 2029 hasten the fulfillment of this Prophecy from the Queen of Heaven.

    • Kevin, my heart goes out to you. I felt absolute shame last week and a type of depression, and I’m not even from the South. They are so cock-a hoop now they think they can even just foist it on Northerners. It just makes me more determined to resist. We need to just remember Christ’s promise that He has already defeated the world. Our part is to live good lives, pray our Rosaries, offer sacrifices and visit the Blessed Sacrament as often as we can. It is comforting and encouraging to support each other on line and know that we are not alone in wanting to remain true to true freedom; for Christ’s burden and yoke are light and easy. All these young children being deceived and led astray is heart breaking, so we must plead with Our Lady and God to intervene.

  40. So, the 2018 “Youth Synod” then warning in spring 2019 + Great Miracle soon afterwards or 2019 “Amazon” Synod immediately afterwards Warning and Miracle in spring 2020? I hope the first one is correct.The situation is untenable.

    • Yes Pat, I was informed in 2015 via a very good source in Garabandal (at least to me) that the Garabandal events will happen before the Year 2020. Today I am not able yet to get back to the source for a double check as the source does not use internet or emails, hopefully and even if I am quite busy currently, I should be back in Garabandal this summer and will double check again, this is the only detail I can give in Public to date.

      By the way, I am working currently with some Garabandal Friends of a new possible timing, it looks that all shoud happen during the Pontificate of Francis the Heretic, Pope Benedict XVI’s life is also very important and to follow closely especially about any possible death of the Pope during the Pontificate of the current apostate, thank you.


  41. “The truth is mixed with error” – the error being misinterpretation and misrepresentation. “The author of this confusion is the devil” not Pope Francis.

    • “The truth is mixed with error” – the error being misinterpretation and misrepresentation. “The author of this confusion is the devil” not Pope Francis. =Joe Cozier

      This is true Joe. The same is also to blame for the confusion in the Church among the laity, between priests, even between bishops, regarding such documents as Amoris Laetitia which is befuddling traditional ideas about divorce, or statements regarding homosexuality, such as “God made you that way and loves you as you are”, or statements such as Hell not existing, etc. etc. As the Vicar of Christ, you’d think that rather than stir confusion a Pontiff would continue to “FEED THE SHEEP” of Christ with SOLID Doctrine. Instead the Sheep are beginning to wander around. And some Sheep are acting more like sheep than others and being led astray.

      • If you still doubt, Joe, pls. have a look to one of the new Cardinals: Turibio Ticona Porco (=means ‘pig’ in Italian) of Corocoro (Bolivia). He is married (with civil rite) and has children (he seems to be a good father, at least…).
        I could not believe it at first sight, it seemed to me a joke…Unfortunately it is not…
        And note: soon Bergoglio&Co will broadcast a new so called ‘Synod’, whose ultimate goal is to open up to the marriage of priests. Thus the nomination of Porco has been carefully planned to set the stage for this new profanation.
        You are right, Joe, the ultimate author of the confusion is the devil. But Bergoglio is one of his most prominent employee…
        God bless,

      • Let me be quite clear Mike and Enrico – although Aviso may not permit – it is the likes of you and some media outlets who misrepresent and misinterpret Pope Francis especially in his private exchanges with poor sinners. NEVER has he contradicted eternal truths. There is neither need nor obligation for clarification on his part. We can chose to take his words and actions in the best or the worst way intended. The best way is clear in dogma which will always guide our thoughts if we are truly willing to seek the truth. The Pope’s intentions are confirmed in his homilies. Pope Francis has never contradicted dogma but has only been presented as having done so by those those who feel compelled to do so. Those who constantly berate the Vicar of Christ are on the same road to perdition as those who have promoted a platform that promotes their own conscience rather than Catholic conscience, their own way rather than the Way of The Cross: The Truth. I am neither holy nor learned enough to persuade them of their error. But I do pray for them, for those who call our Holy Father a heretic. He has much yet to suffer at your hands.

    • Francis is not the pope, Joe. Being a reader of this blog you should have learn that. Be careful: the souls is at stake…

      • I agree with Enrico. There are clear sides now forming within the Holy Church. It began with light-dashed line being created with Vatican II, which allowed some of modernism to encroach on the Church slowly but surely. The line is now beginning to get SOLID with modernist views firmly beginning to take hold on one end and conservative views on the other. In this life, there is no LUKE-WARM Christianity, we are either moving towards Christ or NOT, because there is no MIDDLE ground after this life.

        We either become a Church of acceptance of people’s lifestyle choices of their OWN making or bring TRUE charity to our fellow man, by rebuking those who try to subvert doctrine with their own personal moral slant. Just as in ACTS, when Saint Paul rebuked Saint Peter for his hypocrisy. We need to be CHARITABLE and give a healthy REBUKE when warranted. Including those that sit and SOIL the helm of Saint Peter.

        Although God is allowing for such a thing to occur, because NOTHING happens without the hand of God, we must view it as firm test of our Commitment to his Church. This TEST is of God’s own hand.

      • I hardly ever visit this site because of its grave error, Enrico. I have always seen it as very, very wrong. The only thing I have learned from this blog is my own ineptness at persuading you of the truth about Our Holy Father. To say Pope Francis is not the Pope betrays an ignorance and/or malice against which is way beyond my capacity to effectively oppose. You have made your bed but it us not one that grants eternal rest.

    • Catholic Church Teaching on Heresy in the Church, especially for our good Friend Joe :

      My Comment : thank you to Francis for having put in broad daylight the heretics who gangrene our church for so many years, repent before it is too late, this is my Duty as Catholic for reminding you, let me remind also to my good Friends that the Vision of the Fatima 3rd Secret describes Rome (de facto the Church) in an apocalyptic scene and completely destroyed, no one will be able to say that he did not know, having myself works on the 3rd Secret for years as on the Garabandal Prophecies, I can confirm with Certitude that if sometimes my words might looks hard, the Words of the Lady in her Secret are much more terrifying, we will be judged before God for the number of souls we were able to save or not in this time of apostasy, probably the worst period in the History of the Church, May the soldiers of Christ and children of our Lady, rosary in one hand and teaching of the church in the other, fight with and for the Immaculate, like yesterday, today and tomorrow, think about the Passion of Jesus.

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