Mari Cruz comments about the apparitions for the first time in more than 50 years

garabandal Mari CruzI have been invited by Aviso to comment about the publication of an introductory letter by Mari Cruz in the last edition of the book “Garabandal” written by Father José Luís Saavedra, a priest of the Home of the Mother, a religious group started in the 80s. As you know Fr. Saavedra obtained a Ph.D degree at the University of Navarra in Pamplona (Spain), a prestigious University run by Opus Dei, being his subject a study of the apparitions of Our Lady at Garabandal. His book of divulgation about the Garabandal apparitions has been very well accepted even among some ecclesiastical environments. On page 9 of the last edition appears the following letter by Mari Cruz:

“I have been very happy with the news of the Ph. D thesis of José Luís Saavedra. It seems to me a great and necessary idea, and I sincerely believe that a study like this was needed trying to deepen with rigor in the work that Our Mother began in Garabandal on July 2, 1961. We all have a serious duty to make known what she told us!

It also brings to my memory, so many gifts, so many presents: the greatest wonder we have contemplated in this world. Such experience, impossible to explain, sealed in my soul the sure faith, full of hope. I thank God for his election and this opportunity to repeat the message entrusted to us by Our Mother:

“We have to make many sacrifices, much penance, visit the Blessed Sacrament, but first, we have to be very good. And if we do not, we will be punished. The cup is already being filled, and if we do not change, a very great punishment will come. ”

They are short and very simple words. Even so, we did not understand anything at first. We did not know what she meant by “sacrifices”, “penance”. That’s why the Blessed Virgin forbade us to release it. We had to understand it first. She herself started to teach it to us, with an attention, patience and kindness that only now we can understand well. I cannot say anything more important than the message of Our Mother.

Mari Cruz González, visionary of Garabandal

In the diary of Conchita, one of the visionaries of Garabandal, the Lord told her in a locution that he wanted her in the world and also that she had to speak about Mary. Conchita talked about the apparitions until the 80s but she has remained silent afterwards. The same occurred with Mari Loli and Jacinta.

As regards to Mari Cruz, she was the seer with less number of apparitions, and they finished for her in 1962 after a year from the beginning of the events. Mari Cruz was the youngest seer (11 years of age) and with more problems at home due to the apparitions, which may have been the reason for the end of her visions. She was also the only visionary who stayed in Spain with her husband and children, not very far from Garabandal in the town of Avilés in the region of Asturias, next to Cantabria where Garabandal is located. During these years she has come to Garabandal to visit her parents but her visits after her mother’s death have been very rare. As opposed to the visionaries living in America she has never talked in public about the apparitions. Recently, she replied some questions about the apparitions done by the Home of the Mother where she confirmed her visions and regretted her denials. However, in public she has always remained silent when asked.

I thank Aviso for allowing me to comment on this letter of Mari Cruz. The people who have dealt with her along these 50 years are very much impressed because she has been very elusive talking about the apparitions. I see in her change of attitude a signal of the proximity of the events prophesied in Garabandal.

Juan Hervás











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    • If the Warning must happen in an even year as disclosed by Mari Loli then it is still possible for it to occur by the end of December this year. But first must come a visit of the Pope to Moscow. On his return to the Vatican then Tribulation proper (Communism as it is described by the Blessed Mother) will begin with conflict and terror and persecution and suppression of religion. It will be like the Church has disappeared. (only LIKE) When things are at their worst and the human race is on the point of despair the heavens will intervene to cut those days short with The Warning. So much must happen before the Warning comes but so much can happen in so little time these days. Potentially the whole world could be destroyed in a few hours – but that will not happen. We have been told that it (Tribulation) will have a sudden and unexpected onset. We can still do much to prepare ourselves spiritually. We have had ample warning of the repercussions if we do not. Stay awake. Then perhaps April 2019 will bring the Miracle. God alone knows.

      • I do not believe Mari Loli disclosed ever the Warning would be on an “even year”. The source is not defined. Aviso and other people wrote about that.
        I would ask Aviso if the “before 2020” information is credible. That is the key.

    • I think the Warning comes after all of Europe (including UK) is invaded and occupied by Russian military. This is according to the Garabandal Seers. This may coincide with the Bishop in White in the Fatima prophecy being killed by Muslim soldiers (probably from Iran, Syria and Turkey) in alliance with Russia. This is my hypothetical thinking, not to be taken as fact. So, the Warning is not imminent.

      • To the best of my knowledge, the Seers have never been so explicit as you are suggesting Pepe i.e. Russia invading Europe inc. UK. And as advised by Josip, let’s always try to be as ready as we can to receive the Warning. As for the Pope going to Russia and hostilities suddenly breaking out, has this not already being debunked?

        God bless

      • Hi Pete,

        Here is the website I got this information about what the Garabandal seers said:

        This is the summary:

        The Great Tribulation of Communism: During the first of the “nights of the screams” the young girls (then ages 12 and 13) were shown the “sudden and unexpected” Tribulation of Communism led by Russia that will have an effect on the whole world, and which will happen before the Divine Warning to the entire human race. No one expects this because the world has been lulled into the false belief that Communism has died with the fall of the Berlin Wall and the dissolution of the Soviet Union.
        It seems that the greatest trauma of this Tribulation will be felt in Europe. St. Padre Pio is reported to have said that the great Miracle to occur at Garabandal will be paid for by the blood of the Europeans—oceans of blood. Our Lady told Conchita that Communism will “come back” and that it will also come to Spain, but Spain would not suffer as intensely as the rest of Europe apparently because it had suffered Communism in the 1930’s. Conchita’s Aunt Antonia testified that she heard the girls say, while in ecstacy, that “if we don’t amend our ways, Russia will take possession of the whole world. Our Lady told the girls that during the time of this Tribulation the Church would seem to disappear, the Sacraments would be difficult to receive and the Priests would have to go into hiding. [Apparently many Priests will be killed.] When things are so bad that all hope seems lost, then God will send the Warning to all mankind. The Great Miracle will follow within 12 months, and there will be conversions of many nations, including Russia.


      • I forgot to mention that I read recently a newspaper article about a Bulgarian Blind psychic called Baba Vanga. She is known as the “Nostradamus of the Balkans”, very famous in the former Soviet Union and highly regarded in Russia to this very day, who made successful predictions about the 9/11 terror attacks and Brexit (Britain’s exit from European Union). Her predictions report-ably have a 85% success rate. She is best known in Russia and viewed favorably there because of her predictions for Russia and the career of Vladimir Putin.

        The website address is:

        This is what Baba Vanga predicted.

        1. In 1979, during a meeting with writer Valentin Sidorov, Vanga said:

        — “All will thaw, as if ice, only one remain untouched — Vladimir’s glory, glory of Russia.
        — “Too much it is brought in a victim. Nobody can stop Russia.
        — “All will be removed by her from the way and not only will be kept, but also becomes the lord of the world.”

        2. Vladimir Putin will one day rule the world after Europe is turned into a “wasteland”:

        – The blind mystic claims that the European continent will be left “almost empty” and be turned into a “wasteland almost entirely devoid of any form of life”.

        3. Baba’s believers are also concerned that the current breakdown in relations could spark a nuclear war in Europe.

        Is this the basis of the Fatima predictions? If yes, this is why the proper and correct Consecration of Russia must be performed by the proper Pope and all the world’s Bishops ASAP.

        Please pray for the Pope (Pope Benedict?) and to give him the strength to obey Mother Mary, Our Lady of Fatima.


    • Thanks Leandro. It’ s what i tried to explain before. I think it’ enough. Msgr Lefebre said in a his speech: i want to speak to Rome but whom am i speaking to? A successor of Apostles or a frre mason?

  1. Thanks for your comments Gigi, Pete and Juan.
    I don´t consider myself as a traditionalist as I discovered Tridentine rite only two years ago and I´ve got still gaps in my knowledge but I do like serving as an alter boy at the parish in which the Mass of All ages is celebrated.I notice a huge and immense difference in “the spiritual climate” there.In addition, I´ve been told that New order of Mass contains prayers from Talmud ( the book for Jews where Our Poor Lord is insulted ) and a lot of prayers were created artificially by the freemason and modernist Annibale Bugnini.These parts of the New Mass make people become protestants rather than catholics.That´s a fact and we can see it around us.
    The worst thing is that in many liberal parishes ( my country as well ) priests start to create their own versions of protestant-friendly prayers and recite them during the service instead of those prayers contained in the Pope Paul VI.Missal.In Italy and Germany some don´t even respect consacration words.The liturgical disarrays and zero respect toward Eucharist are pulling the world closer to the God´s punishments.God wanted all Catholics to attend it was said ex cathedra with papal infallibility FOR THE WHOLE CHURCH by Pius Quo Primo.This rite wasn´t allowed to be changed never ever and whoever whould dare to do so, would inflict upon oneself the wrath of apostles.This is what is saying the Saint POPE ex cathedra not me, poor sinner.
    I think we are very close to the day in which Tridentine Mass will be abrogated and New Mass will be transfomed into the “abomination of the desolation”.

    • Hi Frank. Traditionalist is a word unright. It was made to oppose it versus modernism and to divide catholics(divide et impera) . Only real Catholic Church and eresy exist as words… Mass is the top of doctrine( father Pius: it’s more simple that world stands without sun than without holy Mass). Vetus ordo has got this route: Apostles, s. Gregory magnus, s.Pius v, John xxiii. The Gospel of saint John had exorcistic force. Where is it? And where is the prayer to s. Michael? The fruits in society are very evident, in italy there are too cases of murders in family( last attack of devil), it’ s a bullettin of war every week or month… times for events are very near, in my opinion… and the Mass of which May loli spoke is the real Mass of ever,always in my opinion. God bless

  2. Excuse for my english elena. the latin is not the problem(but an unitary language produces more spiritual force in the world). And God and our Lady BLESS you.

    • I completely agree with you Gigi, we are probably saying the same things in different words. This world doesn’t need to be further justified in its evil intentions. People must have a strong moral example and a right guide from the Catholic Church. If even our Church believes that everything is relative, all degenerate actions are accepted. Our religion is, in fact, a theocracy and the Pope should represent with courage the authority of God on this earth. Democracy, in this sense, is not an option because we don’t have the right to question God’s Laws. Have you heard about the pro-life poster affixed on a wall in Rome? It’s been promptly removed and the mayor said she was proud that all politics, associations and citizens worked together to stop this offence against women’s rights! A real popular uprising against life! God have mercy

      • Hi Elena, i agree , different words ,similar feelings. I want to add that father Pius, when a priest came to him and he tried to justify his lukewarm, father pius slapped him on chik. The father knew the ” fruits” of sin and the tragedy of hell because he knew the perfect justice of our Lord. That was real mercy! Not this of nowdays…the saint father was rigid with seculars people that didn’t repent about all sins. He also was very merciful because he prayed for them and his advices was very much for salvations of souls. I knew what happened in rome, and bergoglio called the paladin of abortism,emma bonino,a great italian….search for her on internet… and you will understand. God bless us.

  3. Elena, morality is a fruit of Holy Spirit with our fight. If morality is built on human effort and less Grace ,risk is fariseism. Some rigidity is good if it’s source of men and women knowing difference between good and bad. Do you think now people know this difference? Relativism in the Church= relativism in the world. A quite right slap(not violence) didn’ t do bad to nobody and if one didn’t understand in that moment he should has understood in the future. I had a quite right slap in my family or in the Church when i was young… i would have saved myself rights punishments from God. I agree with you: tradiction shall return after purification through modernism. MODERNISM AND PROTESTANTISM are two punishments of God for lukewarm of past. Latin is not the question. 400 cardinals during V 2 ( it seems a rocket…) asked vulgar Mass but the same Mass of ever ,and they built a mass by a freemason(bugnini) and an apostate… mass is card of a teology and doctrine. God our Lady of carmel blass you.

    • Dear Gigi, I live in London but I’m Italian. I know Bonino & Co. very well, unfortunately! The hypocrisy of my country of origin is unbearable. My father, RIP, was a great devotee of Padre Pio and I know how rude the Saint could be in order to save souls. We need more severity because with severity we will be judged. I need to thanks all people in this website, starting from Aviso, because I’m finally learning the real meaning of Catholicism. I lost so much time in the past running after false religions, philosophies and exoteric doctrines. My pride has been punished and rightly so. Sorry if I took too much space with my comments but I really had to express my gratitude. I had a very tough life and I’m now facing the greatest of trials, my daughter’s disease. I’m sure God called me back before it was too late by using a firm hand. And I’m grateful for that.

  4. The discussion on the TLM and the NO version resulting from V2 is I think of great importance for our times and all the points raised on this page are worthy of much thought. Like you, Juan I was born early enough to experience the TLM and then the change to NO, but unlike you, not old enough to be an alter boy. I do remember well the years of transition, the period from when I did become an alter boy. As a result, I have been able to reflect on comparisons between the two forms of Mass, some of my own conclusions I offer in brief below:

    1) The change from Latin to the vernacular, (provided the translation was faithful to the original meaning), was a good thing because I could now enter more deeply in to the beauty of all the prayers and understand the association between actions and words, the when and the why. A better appreciation of the Mass resulted as did my deeper understanding of it being a Holy Sacrifice. I hope therefore this will remain and is without further revision.

    2) The reduction in ceremonial symbolism and use of sacred artefacts has proved to be a disaster. It has stripped the Sacred Liturgy of an important ellememt of prayer; that which expresses the mysteries of the Mass that cannot be put in to words. One simple example being the receiving of Holy Communion on the tongue whilst kneeling and the use of the plate below the chin. This one aspect alone says much to the onlooker regarding the value that both recipient and Church attach to that which is received.

    3) It is only in the last few years that I have come to understand why and accept the importance of the priest facing east with the congregation during the Liturgy of the Eucharist, I believe this should be restored.

    4) The greatest of disasters and I believe primarily of diabolical inspiration is the removal of the Tabernacle and thereby the permanent physical presence of God from the central place of the church building, the High Alter. A very clear and direct statement of ambition by the Anti-Church to minimise the importance of the Holy Eucharist and belief in the Divine Presence. (“Less and less importance is given to the Holy Eucharist”).

    5) Other disasters needing a reversal are the removal of devotional statues and art work depicting the saints, the witness of martyrs and the story of our salvation history, particularly those of the Most Blessed Virgin Mother of God, from alters, side chapels and walls.

    6) there has to be an end to the building of round churches and a return to the cruciform shape.

    The point I am making is that liturgical change when it remains absolutely faithful to the observances, ordinances, functions, intentions and purpose of The Church as founded by Christ, passed on to us by the Apostles and preserved by the Holy Spirit through the Magisterium can be necessary and therefore good. We do need to discern with a clear head that which is acceptable and to be retained from both TLM and NO and also that which can or must be abolished.

    Unfortunately the few examples of change mentioned above (except the change to the vernacular) are just the tip of the iceberg and of themselves have paved the way for yet worse to come. In my view these are in fact the foundations, walls, roof, alters and liturgy of the Anti-Church……. And the hour of its construction is ever closer to completion, that moment when the World will rejoice because it would seem that the WHOLE of the Holy Roman Catholic Church is now become Protestant…… (“A time will come when it will be difficult to attend Mass and the only consolation available to you will be the Holy Rosary”)

    God bless

    • I agree pete. Don’t forget the ambiguous words after the stunted consecration: we announce your death Lord , etc… and waiting for your coming … and the REAL PRESENCE? if Lord is there why have i to say waitig etc? Less graces from God and it’ s right .we have to make amend.

    • Great points Pete and be it known we are in prayerful unity for focus back on the Eucharist and sound Holy Catholic liturgy and devotion.

  5. Hi claudia. I agree with you about everything. I go to vetus ordo at almost 1 hour min from my city , celebrated by sspx. I ask prayers for my life , a very difficult life. I pray for you all and aviso specially. God bless you . Per Mariam ad Iesu.

  6. Does anyone of you know whether after Pope Paul VI. “liturgical reform” Mari Cruz attended New order of mass or stick to the Tridentine rite only?The question is “Is the Novus Ordo the fruit of Mother Church for the faithful or just man-made sham even if the transubstantiation occurs? From what we´ve known so far, it is the latter one.The Holy Virgin said: “Evil councel will approve evil Mass.”.Father Pio and Laffineur had refused to serve it so it must be serious.
    Thanks for your comments

    • Blessed Catherina Hemmerich said about a counterfeited Church for our times. A Church where the spirits of earth(demons) worked without angels and saints. the liturgy is the heart of profession of faith… this is enough, i think…p.s saint Pius cried when he was bound to celebrated the last mass… and then our Lord called him to Heaven. Gigi

    • Another thing ,frank. The new mass is a human’s construction . Msgr Lefebre said that new mass incorporated thoughts of paul roca , an apostate, occultist and socialist priest of 19° century. Revolution starts since far… it’s a liberal/ protestant revolution in Sacred Catholic Church. God bless you and all us. Gigi.

      • Thank you, Gigi. I am a convert to the Catholic Church having grown up in the Episcopal Church here in the U.S. The new mass was appealing to me when I first entered the Church more than 20 years ago. It did not require that much of me, or so I thought at the time. I am a professional musician and have worked in music ministry at various Catholic parishes. I was aware that nearly all the music directors I worked for in these Novus Ordo churches were active homosexuals who flaunted their lifestyle openly which caused delight to many of the progressivist choristers. I, myself, was raised very liberal and I smiled and giggled right along with the others when we were regaled with stories of sin during choir practice. Gradually, I began to pursue a deeper prayer life and to strive to lead a holy life. The music ministry was a cause of greater and greater dismay. The music director at the most recent church made it clear that I must approve of his lifestyle or I was out. This was the last straw. I would no longer participate in music as it is a cause of sin, but I stayed in the parish where I lived for awhile, thinking that I had no other choice. Then, I discovered the Traditional Latin Mass which is an hour drive from my home. Finally, there is true beauty in the liturgy and peace and none of the horrors of the Novus Ordo would ever be tolerated at this community. I learned about Garabandal 10 years ago and visited there once. Jacinta came to my local parish 5 years ago and gave her testimony. I think that Our Lady of Garabandal is for the whole world, not just for those who are committed to the TLM. For sure, I think after the Warning, we will see a widespread return to the TLM. And, many conversions from other religions.

    • Dear Frank and others with similar opinions, I would like to answer you on behalf of Mari Cruz, the visionary of Garabandal, asking her forgiveness for daring so. I can do it because she is of my generation (she is only 2 years older than me). My generation saw the change of the mass during the pontificate of Paul VI. As a child I was an altar boy and prayed the rosary in Latin… As a matter of fact, the new mass was a drastic change and we lived it with mixed feelings. On the one hand, it was very nice for me to understand what the priest was saying in my own language but I also saw the bad things of the new mass, especially the loss of the mystery and the sacred, a kind of vulgarization of the Holy Sacrifice made a fraternal meal… This has been the mass for Mari Cruz and the rest of the seers and also for me and for everyone in Spain. As far as I know, the Garabandal seers have been attending the new mass and have not joined any group related to the tridentine rite before the permission by Pope Benedict of the Latin mass as optional. Sorry for those considering the new mass as evil but as far as I know the Garabandal visionaries are not of your opinion because they have never made this statement nor refused the new mass. Unfortunately, after the apparitions Garabandal became the favourite site for Lefebvrists because they saw in the words of Our Lady “priests, bishops and cardinals go to the road of perdition” as an attack against the Roman Catholic Church and a support for Mn. Lefebvre. However, the Garabandal seers never aligned with that group and were faithful to the Catholic Church.

      In my case, I have to admit that I don’t like the Latin language, and this language in itself means nothing to me. I understand that it is not a matter of language and I agree that the solemnity and even holiness of the Latin mass is greater and draws you more to the mystery and the sacred that the new mass which is done more vulgar and unholy. If it were only a matter of language hearing the Hebrew language in the film “The Passion” gives me a greater feeling of awe than the Latin language during a Tridentine mass. I agree that the new mass has lost many holy things and may be graces too but saying that it is a sham with transubstantiation or an evil mass is too much for me to hear and I don’t think that Padre Pio or any contemporary saint ever said anything like that. In my opinion the new mass is as Holy as the tridentine mass, if the priest says the mass with reverence and holiness and if we participate with the same reverence and holiness. One should have the freedom of choosing to go to one or the other, and seeing the lack of faith of so many priests of the new mass it would not be unusual to see a greater attendance of people to the tridentine mass if it were easily available in many places.
      God bless you all
      Juan Hervás

      • Hi juan. I have my position ,you the yours . One thing is objective: having vetus ordo is very difficult. Im in south italy( area with more tradictional feelings) and our bishop once said to us: we are children of V2! This is a dictatorship! And i repeat: saint pius cried bitterly before the last mass…the only new mass he celebrated … in latin … because it’s not latin the problem but , as msgr Ottaviani ( ministry of saint office) said: the real Presence is occulted in novus ordo . This is not good before our Lord for lives more holy before him and the world. God bless you.

      • I must admit that a traditional mass conveys more sacredness. However, the biggest problem has not been the loss of Latin language but the increasing immorality of clergy at all levels. Unfortunately, any sinful behaviour of the faithful must be justified by priests as they have to warrant their own depraved conduct . Pope John 23 didn’t intend to hold a very long Council (he thought it would have lasted no more than 2 months) and had quite strong traditional views as well. He made the mistake to ask everybody’s opinion in order to improve the Church and in doing so he opened the floodgates to all sort of heresies and false advances in the name of the so called modernism. The actual disastrous situation is, therefore, attributable not to the lack of Latin in our Mass but a lack of morality. Tradition should mean righteousness not merely a repetition of words that nobody really understands. My parents went to traditional Mass and didn’t know what they were saying. They were subject to violent and often uneducated priests. Many of their generation left the Church because of that. We are clearly in a different position now as we can choose and better understand. But we have to change our souls and be GOOD, as our Lady so simply and beautifully explained in Garabandal. I agree in the near future, after a purification, we will be more consciously attracted by a traditional Mass that will acquire a deeper meaning.

      • Well said Juan Hervas. Like The Jehovas Witness the SSPX has a ready answer for all charges. But in Eden we were shown the importance of choosing life over knowledge. Life is the great teacher and that is why Our Blessed Mother in Garabandal prioritized living good lives before we can carry the message.

        I am nearly 65. Like you I was an altar boy. By the age of six I was able to make all the Latin responses while serving at mass. I still love TLM but just as much I love the contemporary mass said with reverence and dignity. I too remember when homosexuality was rife from Westminster to Walsingham at every level of church life. It was abominable. My old mother, now 90, saw homosexuality as the most corrupting influence in the world. She was and still is delighted with the new Mass – a mass which she understands and in which she can participate more fully. We may have lost some appreciation of sacred symbolism in such things as the colours of vestments worn by priests at mass but we have gained in understanding of Faith which is a gift of the Holy Spirit.

        When the changes came in many young people were turning to eastern religions to satisfy their craving for mystery. The church was hemorrhaging youth. I remember my old mum lamenting the destruction of enthusiasm and vitality of young priests by crusty old parish priests whose rigidity restricted the breath of life in the future of the Church. It was this that caused the loss of so many priests this that caused the fall in vocations and mass attendance. We are still recovering.

        As you say, the likes of SSPX love to use the Garabandal caveat of perdition as a weapon to attack the Church. There is a good article on the site “What is Garabandal?” Thursday, February 18, 2010, The Miracle and the Council by Barry Hanratty as discussed by Our Lady and Conchita. When Mary warned of the road to perdition she used the present tense. She said “Many ARE on the road to perdition” not many will take the road to perdition. In other words the damage was already being done before Vatican II by priests who stood six feet above contradiction in their pulpits of perversion and whose filth was hidden by a hurch that would go to any lengths to maintain a facade of decency and false devotion. They were caught with their pants down ….literally. Yuk! And as little children were condemned to a life of slow death the church attempted to silence the witness of Garabandal. This was all well underway by the time of Vatican II. And yet it really was the smoke of Satan that filled the Vatican corridors not the smoke blessed incense that carried the prayers of the true faithful to God and cried out to heaven for vengeance on the perpetrators of such vile crimes.

        Hanratty says “….after The Great Miracle the Council will be able to do the work it was destined to do.”

  7. It is truly great that Mari Cruz has come forward to attest to the truth of the apparitions at Garabandal. Thanks be to God.

    Also I give honor to God for the great Garabandalist Abrech Weber and for his writing of “Garabandal: The Finger of God’. Without which we would never have known that there would only be FOUR more popes after John XXIII. No popes after. This has been confirmed with astounding clarity with the past week’s revelation throughout the world that the Jorge Bergoglio who goes by the name Francis the First does not believe in hell. Heaven and Hell are central to the Gospel message. Without Hell for the damned there is no free will and no heaven for the saved. The truth of Garabandal has been proven beyond doubt as of last week.

    Quote from Lifesitenews: “Gwynne Dyer of Canada’s Hamilton Spectator asserted that “of course” Pope Francis had denied the existence of hell, and that “the reason why is obvious.”

    “It is very hard for a well-educated person of modern sensibilities to believe that a loving god would condemn any of the human beings he created to an eternity of physical torture and mental anguish,” Dyer wrote “That is not what loving human fathers do, even to children who disobey them, so the traditional notion of Hell is a permanent problem for many Catholic theologians.”

    But acknowledging that that Annihilationism is a heresy in the Catholic Church, Dyer believes that Pope Francis has found a “practical” way of communicating his true beliefs without wasting the time he wants to direct to “other, more urgent changes”:

    “Pope Francis is a practical man, and he chooses his battles carefully,” Dyer wrote. “Changing Catholic doctrine on Hell would be a long battle that consumed most of the energy within the Church that he would like to devote to other, more urgent changes. Yet he still cannot resist making his true views known (in a deniable way) by having these occasional conversations with Eugenio Scalfari.”

    Bergoglio’s true views indeed! The children at Fatima did not seem to have any problem believing in Hell.

    Lift up your eyes for our redemption is nigh.

    • Garabandal is often referred to as a continuation of Fatima. In Fatima the child seers were shown the reality of hell. Our Lady told them it was hell. Under her protection she allowed them to suffer terror so that they could tell of the sure fate that awaits unrepentant sinners in the hope of saving their souls from a fate worse than death. MARY TOLD THEM IT WAS HELL AND MARY ALWAYS TELLS THE TRUTH. No pope is going to call Mary a liar and anyone who accuses a pope of such calumny has blasphemed against the Holy Spirit. If they have made such accusation deliberately and with full knowledge they will end up in that hell which they have used as a weapon to attack the Holy Father.

      • No Pope Francis Propaganda Joe as I said to you, I suggest you to contact Pope Francis directly via the Vatican and to question him about hell and if you are Lucky to get any reply please welcome back, thank you.

      • I can’t help laughing after reading the answer of Aviso, great proposal indeed!!!! I have already commented the confusion that causes me Pope Francis and my doubts that he is a real Pope. I am really shocked by the number of people who do not see anything wrong in his words and in his silences and I wonder how can it be. I hope to be wrong for the good of the church but if my fears are right God help us because Our Lady’s message would also mean that Popes may be on the road of perdition.

  8. Few more News about the Blog as about myself, as you know from the beginning my good Friends, I owe you the Truth, so with me the Truth and only the Truth, Nothing else, simple as that.

    1. Juan who writes this important article about Mary Cruz, himself a Great Garabandalist for years, who has also his own house in Garabandal, has now the access to the blog as an Author, so Juan whenever you want you are free to write any new articles.

    2. Our Good Friend Peter is the Editor of the blog, he has all the rights and access to the blog, writting, commenting, deleting, modereting…ect….without Peter, I am nothing, to me Probably one the Greateast Garabandalist around this planet, de facto with Peter you are in good Hands

    3. I am still online but quite busy especially since March 13th, strangely the same day of the anniversary of Pope Francis election, so what happened that day ? well I was informed via a call from London that my Mother was the Heiress of her first cousin and Godmother who died last February, the Lady was a famous French Writter and Photograph living in UK for years, as my Mother is quite old now, I am taking care of her inheritance, Something quite important, de facto a refund of any donations to this blog will be paid back probably this Year 2018, I will contact myself each donor for more détails soon.

    4. Only one bad news, My Marriage (celebrated in Garabandal) did not improve unfortunately, Please still Pray for it, thank you.

    PS : Please do not DONATE anymore, as You know you were and are Great, Thanks again.

  9. Thanks again Juan for this Great News, let me add few words, I was informed by many of you of a copy of this article via some other sites (the famous Pope Francis Garabandalist) without quoting the source as the Author of the Article, well I added a Certified Copyright 2018 and sent to my lawyer the sites in question (thanks again to those who informed me), for your information the publication rights of are protected by a Garabandalist Lawyer from France (a very good Friend) and for Free, de facto they have 48 hours to add the source or to delete the copied article without the source, thank you for your understanding.

  10. Thank you Aviso. I suspect with the writer, that it is no coincidence Mari Cruz has chosen once again to enter the public domain and remind all of us of this most poignant of messages from Our Lady of Mount Carmel.

    We all know that one of the precursors of the Warning is the spread of confusion in the Church, resulting in Cardinals apposing Cardinals etc. Well, we have certainly arrived at this circumstance. It is no less than one of the many Garabandal prophesies we are living through and further authenticates the apparitions and urgency of the messages.

    As you all know, I have followed and promoted Garabandal on and off for some 38 years, but never before have I had, as I have now, such a feeling of certainty deep within my soul that the complete fulfilment of the prophesies of Garabandal are unfolding before us; the time line of which remains one of conjecture.

    I will share with you an experience I had during Easter, which for me was a warning, a very brief moment of silent Grace resulting from a glance in my direction from Our Blessed and Holy Mother, which I subsequently shared with my confessor. I was, I have to say, very chastened by the experience and left greatly saddened as a result. It was a coming to know, in the briefest of sighs, the wretched condition of my soul. It may have been my imagination, so fleeting was it, nonetheless, a certain sadness still lingers deep in my heart as does a sense of peace I have rarely known. A contradiction of the senses that is best described as a happy sadness.

    I share this with you all because I believe this grace, if indeed it was such, may also have the purpose of affirming (to me at least) the hour we are approaching and if so I wanted others to know also.

    I can say I have been warned that I must again choose to amend my life and be better prepared for that approaching Aviso which I am sure will not be so gentle an experience for my conscience.

    Please be assured we have no need to be afraid, Heaven does not want us to be frightened, only to be fearful in the sense of our having a holy respect of God, to trust, to be repentant, to love anew and begin each day with a resolve to live holy lives following the Way of Perfection.

    God bless

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  12. Mary Cruz’s words are filling my heart with joy and hope! It’s so difficult to wait, be patient and not loose faith in these immensely dark times! Thank Aviso. God bless us all

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