A Cry of Pain Coming from Rome

St Pius X

Testimony From a former collaborator of the Vicariate of Rome during the Pontificate of Francis :


“I have worked in the church for thirty years, providing services in many areas. There are many struggles, there have always been, but I have never seen such a thing. Never seen such fierce patrols, intended to silence the magisterium of the pre-popes and make propaganda without restraint for the current magisterium, turning it like a top, even giving it things it does not say, but for which they have the certainty that the pope will never deny, because he is somehow consenting.

I have written two letters to this Pope, and one to Benedict XVI, I have received no answer from any one.

I met Mgr ***: I was able to explain to him what was going on (last year), but to his answers and his embarrassment, I only understood that he could not speak – when he saw me crying, perhaps in an outpouring of compassion, he kissed me and said: “Persevere, we must persevere, this too will pass and it will be the Lord who will judge everything, pray a lot … “.

However, he helped me to meet Benedict near the Grotto of Lourdes in the Vatican Gardens, a brief meeting, I could not talk to him as I would have liked, but I had the impression that he suffered a lot, but he could have continued to reign, because he is always very lucid and attentive to everything. Crying, I could only ask him: “Holiness, why all this, why? What is happening and what should we expect? ” And he, stopping and stroking my shoulder:
“Everything is in the hands of Jesus and Mary, trust and pray a lot. Sacrifices for this drifting humanity, for the Church, for the Pope, but everything is in the hands of Christ, trust … “.

I saw that last year you quoted in a post ******** [??]: an excellent person, a holy priest, but never ask him questions about the pope, he is pointed he is hated by the Bergoglians and no one understands why the Pope wanted to keep him at his post, they hate him, and with the exception of a few trusted friends, he is completely isolated.

I do not know if you know Cardinal Müller, a person of great efficiency but especially a holy priest, a man who prays a lot. He too is in the sights, his days are numbered, the rumors that want him soon chased from the CdF are absolutely founded (Editor’s note: Cardinal Muller was expelled from the CdF on July 1, 2017). The Pope wants to transform the Congregation “of the Doctrine of the Faith” into “pastoral of the faith”, as it has been said for some time in the high spheres, with a Jesuit faithful to the Pope at its head (nd: as per chance, the Jesuit Luis Francisco Ladaria Ferrer took the head of the CDF).

I do not know whether to make public such testimony, it could fuel discord because no one would believe what is written there, and the hunt for the author would begin, even if it is published anonymously. While the majority of people would split into different parties for and against its content, there would be these “federal agents” who would begin their investigation to find the “traitor”. For the rest, I can understand it, because if I had not been a direct witness of what I told you, I would not have believed it myself, while reading others.

What hurts me the most is the division that has occurred in my life, between people I’ve been working with for years.

Never before had such a dark and threatening climate been seen. Friends of 15, 20 … 30 years, who find themselves enemies in a few months and not for God knows what, but only because they had exposed criticisms and doubts about certain positions of the pope, whereas under Benedict XVI or even John Paul II could be said of everything, yet doctrine united us all, because with it we had the last word; but now, fashion dictates that the doctrine no longer commands, and victory is for those who, independently of all sound and legitimate reason, defend the most the icon of the pope, of this pope.

I can only interpret Mgr ***’s embrace or Benedict XVI’s words in the light of private revelations like those of Blessed Emmerich on the Church and the grave apostasy, or La Salette, or Fatima in his third secret incomplete; there is no other explanation than this resistance and perseverance in the belief that the Immaculate Heart of Mary will triumph as soon as possible. For the rest, I can not doubt that the one who holds the reins of the church, I mean the truth, is Christ himself.

I think that only those who have persevered and suffered in this time (see the Franciscans of the Immaculate) will receive the just reward, besides in the West the persecutions against Christians are only “white” [ndt: ie without bloodshed ] and there are thousands, a silent massacre, passed over in silence, because the persecutors, the executioners are not the ones from the outside, it is not the Isis [Daesch], but they are bishops cardinals, ecclesiastical, clerical and secular personnel, who hold vertiginous power, from telecommunications, to entire dioceses, ecclesiastical offices and parishes. I repeat, in thirty years, I have never seen such a catastrophe in the Church.”

Translate from French to English using Google (so not perfect), the full article in French below : 



Foudre sur le vatican


My Comment : Great testimony from a Vatican insider, Great Lady, God Bless her, this is exactly what we have said here on this blog since the beginning of this evil Pontificate, as we can read in her testimony, she could only explain this catastrophe within the Church by quoting some private revelations from Blessed Emmerich via La Salette to Fatima according to her, what else my friends ? so let’s follow these few advices until God sends this Apostate and his friends to hell, in my opinion probably soon now :

  1. Do not follow Francis in no way just Pray for him especially for his soul and for his supporters as they are on the road to Perdition
  2. This is a war between the Lady and devil, in other word the end of times period, you must understand it
  3. As long as Pope Benedict is alive, no one can threaten you with Schism, if it is the case avoid them and Pray for them
  4. Be aware of any Theologian especially those praising the last Council, our Lady always appears to children so let’s be pure and simple like Children
  5. We must Pray our Rosary Daily, it’s vital, this is a weapon from God via the Lady, it is a Divine Protection for any soul, so let’s use it
  6. If possible Favor the Traditional Mass, if you must drive 50 miles then drive and do not worry for the rest
  7. We are living the Fatima 3rd Secret in live, I said it 1000 times online de facto the Triumph of the Lady is close, I know it myself via my good relations in Garabandal, do not waste your time with those who are talking about the Year 2029 and so on, most are incompetents, please be sure of that
  8. There will surely and unfortunately be a war, prepare yourself accordingly especially psychologically, for example try to have a place or some contacts to take refuge in the countryside, God will purify his church and the World by war, it’s historical and has always been like this, it is also indicated in the 3rd Secret
  9. If Benedict dies during the Pontificate of Francis then we must stay within the Church, in no way you should end with a sedevacantist position, Probably God will deliver us from this Pontificate soon as the Gates of hell should not prevail 
  10. Stay with our Lady, always with our Lady, She is your Mother, Pray her each day, in any case She will protect you, in other word, if we have to die then let’s die as a Catholic praying our lady, in short from our Lady to the Lord, stay strong, the light is close.






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18 thoughts on “A Cry of Pain Coming from Rome

    • Dear Elena,

      Pope Benedict will never defend an heretic, de facto those are not the words of the Pope but of the Vatican Propaganda and it’s very disturbing, the Francis and company are in hurry for their next Attack on the Teachings of the Church, probably during the next Synod in October, this explains these supposed words from Pope Benedict, in other word a joke for us but a hope for the blind and a blessing for the few remaining supporters of Francis, simple as that.

  1. This is as of nothing. Once the Church and the World are united (not yet!) then you will see blood, valleys of blood. Francis is a pope (ugh!) for the Apostilicity of the Church must be maintained. Francis will be converted (no he is not the false prophet!) at the warning and he will publicly consecrate Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary with as many that will cooperate. Then the false prophet and the AntiChrist will reign. The Warning opens the door to the End of Times.

  2. Have courage my friends, know this, Satan has to exert no effort on those who do not resist the errors of our times, who do not know the need or power of prayer, the Sacraments, of penance. Be sure if you do, and you try to be faithful in their practice you will be of close interest to him, he will be sure to tempt you most vigorously, he will make seductive appeal to your greatest weakness and you at times will fall. But don’t let shame or disappointment keep you from the loving, merciful and forgiving embrace of your Saviour who is always ready to receive you, lift you up, wash you clean and reunite you with His household. Satan does not want you to know the true compassion of our God. Sin, the fall, the pain, the sorrow, the shame are injuries you and I will inevitably suffer in the heat of the battle. Satan would rather we stay down wallowing in the mud of our self pity and self castigation. Let’s set our determination like flint, keep getting up and re-engaging in the fight and continue the assent of the Holy Mountain. We will prevail if we persevere, the Lord may apear to be asleep in the Bark of Peter, but appearances can be deceptive.

    God bless all

  3. Dear Aviso!
    Let me add some thoughts concerning the miracle date. Albrecht Weber (R.I.P) told me 1000 time we will not be able to guess the date of the Great Miracle. In the future of course there will exist presigns in the church and in the world as we can see. Relating the Eucharist of the Miracle, Albrecht Weber told me, that in his opinion it could be St. Hermenegild. But he is a Spain!!!
    I personally think that Aviso is right, whenn he says that 2029 is not a realistic date for the Miracle, look what`s going on in the world. But in this moment 2018 is for me personally also not realistic.
    The periode 2018-2020 is for me and that`s only my personal opinion a real periode.
    To sum up: Only Conchita knows the exacte date of the Great Miracle.

  4. Dear Elena that is so true and with everyone who knows the truth and who is fighting to spread it, the truth about the Warning, about who is and what is doing Bergoglio (Francis), about respect towards sacraments… that is why satan hates us, and the worst is attack on our families.

  5. Dear Aviso and all. I just hope we are approaching the end of these times. Even at a personal level, the type of evils I’ve been experiencing in recent years, especially in the last 2 years, are incredibly difficult to deal with. Sometimes, I feel I’m losing faith because of these continuous attacks on me and my family. The more I pray, the worst it seems to be. Let’s pray our Lady to overcome this dark period asap

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