Russia and our Lady of Fatima

Fatima Prophecy


PART 1 :

Let start with The so called Russiagate, in Brief by Professor Cohen, probably one of the best American expert of Russia for years.


PART 2 :

In the next Part, I will talk about Vladimir Putin’s last term as President, 2018 – 2024 and the link with Fatima, soon online, stay tuned.



16 thoughts on “Russia and our Lady of Fatima

  1. Russian President Vladimir Putin & Pope Francis to Meet Again July 4

    […..] Vladimir Putin has already been to the Vatican five times: In addition to his two audiences with the Argentine Pope, he visited the small pontifical state on June 5, 2000 and in 2003, received by John Paul II; in 2007 he met Benedict XVI and spoke in German, especially about the relationship between Catholics and Orthodox.

    This visit with Benedict XVI , held in March 2007, allowed relations between the Holy See and the country to intensify. Also, thanks to this meeting, a good understanding was reached between the Catholic Church and the Orthodox Church, the majority in Russia.

    • Hi aviso! Welcome back!
      You were right about the 101 tears being a timeline but I believe it meant the end of the 101st year not the beginning. Which would be on May 12th 2019. What happened on that day? An attack on tankers outside of the UAE and on May 13th, the talk of Iran being responsible hit the news wire.. A month prior to this date on April 15th the Notre Dame cathedral fire. Notre Dame meaning Our Lady!! So I knew this was very significant. Maybe even being in the third secret possibly as the event which will signal WW 3. Just a thought. Anyway I knew that if this timeline is correct then the next big date was June 13th. Sure enough on that date 2 tankers exploded on the Gulf of Oman. The next huge date is July 13th. I expect this is the date America will attack Iran or a huge event will occur which will result in an attack. An on Oct. 13th will be something nuclear, during world war such as possibly an EMP. So using this timeline , 2020 should be the date of the miracle and warning and the miracle. Just a thought. We will see what happens on July 13th.

      • Hi Spiro, as much as I am uncompromising with what I call “the Google amators” as much as I am with myself, dates and co are not for me anymore as I said since my back online, as mine failed as well, this explain why I still keep online my thread about it (Garabandal why 2018) allowing to our readers to see also my mistakes but I will leave your comment online and will give within few words my opinion within a geopolitcal view : Trump President, I do not see any war even with Iran for the moment, the new US elections are already on the way, Iran is also back by Russia and Turkey (a Nato Member) and most of European countries won’t back a new war with Iran especially UK, the only possibility for a war with the Chiites would mean that Israel have managed to convince Trump, which is possible of course but as I said for me, too close to the new US elections, thank you.

    • In relation to Communism and the diabolical mess the Vatican has engendered in China, today, at least, a smile has broken out on my face at the sheer chutzpah of Cardinal Zen in his forthright reply to Cd. Battista Re Lol!!
      Well done, Cardinal Zen. Go gettem, Tiger!!
      His love for his people means he has no time to beat about the bush. May Almighty God protect and reward him.

  2. Latest ‘Declaration’ contra Bergoglio: An exercise in futility

    A group of conciliar churchmen have just published a text – similar in many respects to the Manifesto issued by Cardinal Muller back in February – with the intention of asserting Catholic truths in light of so many Bergoglian errors and outright heresies.

    The nearly four-thousand word text entitled, Declaration of the truths relating to some of the most common errors in the life of the Church of our time, is cosigned by Cardinals Raymond Burke and Janis Pujats, Archbishops Tomash Peta and Jan Pawel Lenga, and Bishop Athanasius Schneider.

    The text does indeed contain many truths. It is severely lacking, however, inasmuch as it names neither the primary enemies of said truths (the Second Vatican Council and its unwavering devotees – the heretic Jorge Bergoglio chief among them), nor does it dare to utter the word “heresy.”

    Furthermore, it fails to explicitly identify, much less condemn, the specific erroneous propositions it intends to correct. For example, of the forty individual statements that make up the Declaration, more than half-a-dozen are aimed directly at the errors contained in AmorisLaetitia, and yet the authors of the text have not the spine to say so. In a similar way, the vast majority of the remaining statements are clearly meant to correct other Bergoglian heresies (e.g., regarding capital punishment), but the offending errors are never specifically mentioned with attribution to their humble author.

    In an “Explanatory Note” accompanying the Declaration, the signatories approvingly cite Vatican Council II in the very first paragraph (as well as throughout the Declaration itself); as if it somehow provides a sure guide in these tempestuous times. Clearly these churchmen haven’t the wherewithal to identity the Council for what it truly is – the charter that guaranteed the very crisis they propose to address.

    In addition to the Second Vatican Council, the Declaration cites traditional councils like Trent and the Fifth Lateran, but don’t be fooled. It also relies very heavily on the “wisdom” of such dubious sources as Paul VI, John Paul II, the so-called Catechism of the Catholic [sic] Church, the Credo of the People of God, and the 1983 Code of Canon Law.

    Unlike the now well-known Open Letter that was signed by some nineteen theologians, the Declaration doesn’t call for anything that can be considered a remedial course of action aimed at defending the Church and her faithful from the Bergoglian wolf.

    The Open Letter proposed:

    Since Pope Francis has manifested heresy by his actions as well as by his words, any abjuration must involve repudiating and reversing these actions … If – which God forbid! – Pope Francis does not bear the fruit of true repentance in response to these admonitions, we request that you carry out your duty of office to declare that he has committed the canonical delict of heresy and that he must suffer the canonical consequences of this crime.

    As for the Heretic-in-Chief, the authors of the Declaration by contrast, in addition to failing to name him, could only manage to muster up the gumption to offer:

    A common voice of the Shepherds and the faithful through a precise declaration of the truths will be without any doubt an efficient means of a fraternal and filial aid for the Supreme Pontiff in the current extraordinary situation of a general doctrinal confusion and disorientation in the life of the Church. (See the “Explanatory Note”)

    Of course, it goes without say that a feckless effort such as this would be incomplete without an accompanying petition that allows other conservative wannabe do-gooders to add their own name to the mix, which LifeSite News wasted no time in creating.

    Look, I am pleased to presume goodwill on the part of the signatories; men who have at least the modicum of Catholic sense necessary to realize that something is dreadfully wrong, and in an unprecedented way. Even so, it must be said that these churchmen have evidently chosen to largely disconnect their collective intellect from the plain reality that has been staring all of us in the face for more than six years:

    Jorge Bergoglio has long known damned well what the Church infallibly teaches with respect to the doctrines outlined in the Declaration. He is determined nonetheless to press forward with a contrary agenda – a false religion – which is nothing more and nothing less than the conciliar agenda, albeit on steroids.

    As such, let’s be clear: This latest Declaration in no way provides “filial aid” to “Francis” (as he is known) or anyone else for that matter. In fact, given its reliance on the anti-Catholic sources mentioned above, as if they can provide the full light of truth, it represents nothing more than a danger to souls; one adorned in a traditional disguise that will only serve to further deceive the innocent.

    Bottom line: The only declaration that is necessary at this point relative to the imposter Francis is one that makes it known to all of the faithful that Jorge Mario Bergoglio has of his own volition severed himself from the Body of Christ and, as such, he can no longer be considered a member of said Body, much less does he have any credible claim to being its visible head on earth, the Vicar of Christ. PERIOD.

    My Comment : About the latest Declaration regarding the Church of Francis from the Good Cardinal and Bishops (they are still few unfortunately), I do not think is a futility like Louie, probably not enough yet but on the good way, by the way in the attached video after Father’s Kramer known speach which he denied lately probably for some good reasons, an interesting letter from Father Gruner (from minutes 5.25) about his meeting with “the Russians”, thank you.

    • A bit of a rant from

      My own view is that given there is already the Manifesto, Open Letter and the Dubia I think the Declaration is very important, stands uniquely on its own, compliments the other three documents and is very timely. It is suitably brief, doesn’t seek to point the finger of blame and does what it sets out to do, declare the truth on matters pertaining to the current debate in the month of ‘Pride.’ It is accessible to those of us without formal theological training and because it doesn’t blame it doesn’t turn people off. In fact I thought it so appropriate for all of us lay people that when released I immediately posted a copy to my children and wider family with my views of which an extract is provided below (save me re-writing the points afresh).
      The document attached and published today was written by respected Cardinals and Bishops and is given to provide a guiding light to all of us during these times of significant confusion, both throughout the world and the Church. A confusion regarding what is right and wrong, good and evil and what constitutes grave matters of serious sin and its ultimate eternal consequence for any who leave this life unrepentant.

      Please read and retain this 8 page Declaration of Catholic Truths which should be wholly respected and applied to our lives as the Baptised. Moreover if required we are obliged as disciples of Christ not to shy away from sharing these fundamental Truths with those who seek our comment on them. Not an easy ask I know, as I can attest from bitter experience.

      Please remember the context of these Truths is of Divine Love who gave us the commandments, observances and ordinances for our greater good, as revealed in Scripture, the life of Christ, the Apostles and as continued for us under the instruction of the Holy Spirit made present in the one, holy Catholic & Apostolic Church by command of God the Father. Any other teaching contrary to that reiterated in this document whether by secularists, Protestants, Catholic Prelates or even the Pope is utterly false and to be rejected. To hold, promote and teach views contrary to this Declaration (reiterating the Magisterial teachings of infallible truths) is to separate one’s self from the Body of Christ and place oneself as judge over it.

      This is a very sober email, I know, but it is very important at this point in history and would be a serious dereliction of my duty as a father and brother if I did not take this opportunity to share it with you right now.

      Please do not let the scandals caused by a rotten minority of debauched clergy dissuade you from remaining a part of the Body of Christ. Do not let any faults obstinately refused to be abandoned dissuade any of you from remaining a member of Christ’s body; avail yourselves of the sacrament of reconciliation often.

      Be awake to the hour we are in, for the enemy is now fully engaged in what has come to be known as the final and decisive battle between The Virgin and the Devil. A battle directed against the Priesthood, the Holy Eucharist, the family, holy matrimony and the sanctity of life

      This orthodoxy is the ground and the path upon which I stand and on which I will fight to the bitter end. The very same upon which has suffered The Bride of Christ throughout the centuries in Her saints, martyrs, victim souls, mystics and countless unheralded holy men and women, Priests and Religious. I wish to encourage you to the same task.

      Know that I write this with some difficulty and only because I love you. I want nothing more than you attain the salvation won for you. I do not want that you should be deceived by the novelties of heterodoxy and modernism infecting and attacking the Church for the destruction of souls in these last times. I commend you always therefore to the safe keeping and mercy of God and to His Beloved Mother Mary, Virgin, Advocate and Mediatrix of all Graces……. the rest redacted.

      I hope the Declaration will bear much fruit and is circulated wide and far, not to convert the clergy or the Pope but to establish among the faithful an affirmation of what they hold dear in faith is indeed true and even though being challenged from within the Church, is most definitely to be protected and preserved at all costs.

      Spread the Declaration of Truth with your families and feel free to use any content of my letter if it helps

      God bless

      • Dear Pete, to spread it with love among our families and where we can among congregations is indeed what I think we should do. A few copies left in a few churches is just the cost of the printer ink and paper, yet may help confirm someone in their faith.

  3. By the way my Friends and I got this question many times in Private, which would be the world leaders you would like to meet if that was a possibility for you ? well let me reply online, 2 Persons only, Archibishop Ganswein and of course President Vladimir Putin, thank you.

  4. Dear Taras, I finally deceided to publish your comment, my first reaction was to put your comment à la poubelle in french (google it and you will get it) then I changed my mind but this is your last comment on my blog and why ? I will not publish any comment without argument anymore, in other words I cannot support google amators anymore, People will be able to comment on my blog but with arguments only, I mean with facts, the rest my Friends and as you know I am online for years, not for me anymore, I am tired and I am probably getting old for supporting or even reading these bullshits, too much for me, de facto a simple research using your favorit Google Taras would help you to know that Professor Cohen did some interviews in many other different chanel news and some of them are not Putin supporters at all, be sure of it…etc…..

    But let me use this comment to remind you my current and own Position about the Church once and for all and in 10 points:

    1. First and about my favourites blogs : and only, for example I do not read anymore, the Spirit of Father Gruner, my own Mentor is to me, not their anymore

    2. I also reconfirm that Francis cannot be the Pope of the Catholic Church, this Apostate who is not Catholic may have a pontificate of 13 years only, at least in my opinion and will probably end in hell as his supporters, this is a certainty to me but some of you told me in Private that I was following the line of another blog called Barnhardt or something like it, well I do not know anything about this blog and never read it, so to me nonsense

    3. Aviso all the Chuch has accepted Francis as the current Pope so you are wrong as according to some theologians or Doctors of the Church de facto Pope Francis is the Pope : well to me Bullshit and please do not remind me the book of Salza and co, so what I know myself, I am probably one of the first who has fight this Pontificate from Day 1 to Date and I did not wait for Bellarmine or any other Doctors of the Church to know my Catechism, thank you

    4. By the way I do not see or I am aware of any current Princes of the Church who may change the situtation, most are Vatican 2 supporters (about 99%) or Children of the last Council, de facto to me none of them has the necessary Faith to change anything, so the Cardinal Burke and co supporters are not for me as well, thank you

    5. I reconfirm that I may have read the Fatima 3rd Secret, the one I published online is probably and in my opinion the closest one, by the way I may have not published all but if it’s the case well I may have a good reason, who knows…..

    6. I reconfirm and before God that the last Council Vatican 2 is within the 3rd Secret, in other words our Lady warned us about it as all the changes after it

    7. I reconfirm also and before God as well, that our Lady within Fatima did talked about different Popes as about the last one which she linked with the end of times of the Apocalypse of St John, that one is the Bishop in white of the vision, in other words and to me, Francis himself

    8. I am sure that the Resignation of Pope Benedict was related to Fatima and to Fatima only

    9. I still think that Benedict can Consecrate Russia as requested in Fatima for years by our Lady

    10. And to me, this Consecration will be done from Moscow, thank you.


    • Taras, the BBC is British TV . Is this just British government propaganda? You need to understand your own brain washing first.

      • Dan, this is roughly the same correction I felt I needed to insert because I didn’t understand why Aviso left it here without responding. After I realized that Aviso DID respond (in the beginning of his original post), that my reply and the ensuing thread was deleted upon my request.

        I think it would be helpful for Aviso to copy his own comment here as direct REPLY to Taras and delete it as an independent comment so that people such as you and I don’t feel the need to correct Taras here.

        No offense to anyone.

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