14 thoughts on “Is this the Proof Pope BXVI was Forced to Resign?

  1. On the assumption Villasana Munguía’s hypothesis is correct, then how does it tie in with the ‘Three Popes before the end of time Prophecy’? Let’s recap to find out.
    Beginning of June, 1963.
    Conchita announces “that after the death of Pope John XXIII there will be only three more popes” and then “will come the end of time which is not the end of the world”. Notice there is no break in continuity meaning the Holy Virgins words do not rule out another pope after the ‘end of time nor even before it. Reference to ‘three more popes” followed by “the end of time” suggests the major prophecies will take place during the pontificate of a fourth pope. If correct, then Benedict XVI is that pope.

    • Done Peter, by the way do not hesitate to cancel any comment you feels not appropriate, as you know you have all my confidence and I am myself still quite busy and keep traveling around this poor world, de facto thank you again for all my Brother.

  2. Another informative article on this topic via: Abyssus Abyssum Invocat. Analyses the Latin of Benedict’s resignation and his continued exercise of the Office of Pope.

  3. Now I get it!
    I was always confused that Pope Benedict was born on the feast of St Bernadette and yet seemed to be involved in the anti-church.
    How could Our Lady give us a Pope sharing a birthday with such an important saint?
    The fact my birthday is also 16 April didn’t help those thoughts!
    But …………………….
    Then the big moves by Pope Benedict were made on February 11 – the feast of Our Lady Of Lourdes!
    So yes. Now I get it.
    Prayers for St Benedict must now be paramount as it seems he may soon be a new saint and martyr for Our Lord and Our Lady just before Our Lady’s great triumph.
    Good work Pete & Co to get that info up and running.

  4. Unfortunately, although I really wish that this was so, I remember reading an article some time ago which detailed the long history of Pope Benedict arguing in academic papers throughout his scholastic career for a multi-headed papacy. I do not remember where I read it but it might be possible to google it. Let us continue to pray with Our Lady, Mother of the Church.

  5. What a wonderful piece of writing succinct. Clear and wraps everything up really has cleared my doubts of Pope Benedicts resignation I will pray for him daily long may he stay with us

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