2 thoughts on “A Pope of both the Church and Anti Church

  1. Very sad. If you step back and look at this act objectively. It is a sign of a person full of great pride. A big SIN! Can you imagine an apostle…forget that…. a person who LOVES Christ and thus must try to love the human race as much as possible and constantly contemplating…LORD have MERCY ON US. People who slap others or show signs of aggression view themselves above those who try and touch them. Think movie stars…and others.

    Coincidentally, this trait is what the Pontiff is constantly accusing his detractors of being filled with. In physiology 101, this is “PROJECTING”. He projects what’s in his heart on to others. It is becoming more and more obvious how flawed this man is and his lack of understanding his role as the Vicar of Christ.

  2. So now we have Francis slapping Chinese women, as if Chinese Catholics hadn’t suffered enough. What a start to 2020!

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