58 thoughts on “Aviso Back online ?

  1. Michael Matt the chief and editor of the Remnant newspaper is trying to ( unite the clans ) bring traditional Catholics back together , I suggest all to go on YouTube and watch his latest videos REMNANT TV on YouTube , bring back the Latin Mass to fight this apostasy , these are reasons that we need a warning now as Catholics a wake up call so to speak , and then a miracle at garabandal ,how great this will be for the true Catholics that has had to endure this ,and people like me that has grown up in the NOVUS ORDO mass and never realized how bad things was and everything that made us Catholic was being washed away ,but thank GOD I’m starting to see clearly now my eyes are open , VIVA CRISTO REY !!!

  2. all we have is the date when new Pope was enthroned, and the Heaven send us a clear signal – lighting which struck the St. Peter Cathedral in the Vatican. 13-03-13. In was Wednesday. Now 6 years after 13-03-19 is Wednesday again. 18 (6+6+6) will give us 31-03-19. 13 =31 (just its reflection). 18 is often described in the Scripture as a reign of Satan. anyway, we are close. There are other things going to happen on this date too. And yes, we had an important Synod already. Recall which country was mentioned in the Fatima. It is all about it. Ask you to pray for Ukraine.

  3. Also Father Malachi said that ALL Will pass before 2021,i think about he Warning ant the secreto of Fatima not all like the chatistement. Sorry for my english because i am spanish and last times in english is too Hard for me. Also i Have friends that has contact with the Girls of Garabandal and some of the ir parents and family

    • aviso dont be saying its not 2019 you dont know for sure. you have done this since 2015, every year and then its not.

    • 2021 could, indeed, be the year of the Chastisement…but nobody knows for sure the dates…as Our Lord emphasized…
      We have to witness a Schism within the Church immediately before the Warning: This is very unlikely to happen as far as Benedict XVI, the only legitimate pope, is alive.
      Ratzinger is not a good guy: his past sins are monstrous, much worse, but related to, pedophilia…He is nonetheless the only legitimate pontiff: he was threatened to resign under the menace to reveal his evil past actions…but, in a sense, he is justifying (via his coupable silence) the Bergoglian (masonic) reform agenda: nobody could provoke a credible schism as far as the real and only pope is silent and alive, as anyone can understand: things will change rapidly after his death…and events will then precipitate.
      Stay awaken!
      Stay strong!
      God bless, let’s continue praying and offer sacrifices…

      • Please no more of this Ratzinger is the pope stuff. He resigned freely as he has said openly. Case closed. Move on. We know that there were only 3 more popes after JXXIII (actually 4 but one not counted) which makes BXVI the last pope. After that no more popes. Isn’t it interesting that Francis then shows up and is a raving heretic. Quite prophetic I might say. A direct prophecy hit for Garabandal. Put a gold star beside the name of Garbandal.

  4. Looking like the warning is either 2023 (Conchita will be 74) or 2030 (Conchita will be 81). If this Francis is a pope (?????) or it’s a future pope he will be converted back to the faith after fleeing Rome during a violent revolution and then experiences the Warning. Been reading about the Emeritus; whew, man, he is as bad as Francis or worse. Maybe when the Emeritus dies it will start “el fin de los tiempos”. Remember reading Conchita saying that the Warning opens the door to the end of time. Keep the faith.

    • There is a very good chance its this year or 2020 if not 2019. the communist tribulation starts with france where there will be a civil war and spread from there. this is in marie julie jahennys prophecy. http://www.mysticsofthechurch.com/2015/07/marie-julie-jahenny-breton-stigmatist.html. the civil war will kick off in the month of june and july. most likely 2019 now the protests yellow vests started in france since november 2018 and are ongoing, this is it folks. the beginning of the end. garabandal only briefly describes the communist tribulation, marie julie jahennys prophecy describes the tribulation in much greater detail about france where it will begin. not much in the media in other countries yet.

      • How about , what I think is certainly very interesting ? Donald Trump election in 2016 shocked me , although he was the best choice , the way the world has been going for a long tim, I thought Hillary was going to get elected !!! But after the election I thought this man has been placed here at this particular moment in time in history ? He Move’s US embassy to Jerusalem on the 70 year anniversary !!! His son in law ( a 30 something year old Jewish man ) has been working on a middle East PEACE PLAN for two years that definitely include the building of the third temple and will now be released in early April after the Israeli elections on 4/9/19 . ??? 4/19/19 maybe ???

    • I apologize Pete , I posted and then came back later to see if there was any comments and my posts was gone and I was confused , so thank you ,I look to this page to see what if anything is going on and have for a few years now because I am a believer and feel time is short ,I rarely ever comment but I feel strongly on the 4/19/19 date for a few reasons , god bless everyone here the world in my opinion has whent to a place that only God himself can straighten it out ,that is why I feel the time is close

  5. By the way I must comment that I have NOT seen the movie myself but only because it has not played anywhere near me and I’m sure that is the case for most people , but that being said , I am already a believer and whether I see the movie or not nothing changes , I only want to see it to help support it and I guess it’s right up my alley !!! I believe if this was a new super hero movie or who knows what other ridiculous film the theaters of the world would be making sure that they would be getting it to come to there town

  6. It’s coming soon ,very soon I’m not so sure it’s not 4/19/19 ( THE WARNING ) My father has pondered on this for years ever since reading the book STAR ON THE MOUNTAIN , and he feels very strong that the way the world is going that the time is now and SO DO I !!! Something I find very alarming is the MOVIE : GARABANDAL ONLY GOD KNOWS , I believe I read from the movies web page that it had sold around 170,000 thousand tickets world wide !!! Are you kidding me !!!! 170,000 world wide !!! I believe it said 12,000 tickets to date in the USA , I find this sad ,I know a small number can spread but I feel the world is not paying attention and turning there heads !!!

    • @Pat
      Yes – the WARNING will be this Year – perhaps on April,19. I heard it too from other side. They are very well connected to Garabandal and know it from someone who knows the year of the WARNING in secret from Maril Loli, who died in April 2009. He was allowed to speak about the date of the year after her death.
      best regards

        • Thats very interesting Aviso. What makes you so shure that the WARNING will not come this year? Have you a better source or is it the same source that told you the WARNING will come in 2018?
          I have just talked to my friends and they confirmed the source in Garabandal as very trustworthy. Be prepared because the WARNING will come suddenly and unexpected while the world is sleeping.

          Best regards

          • Anonymous Enrico and Pat
            It’s probably too late in this calandar year for the Garabandal Warning to take place, although I would warmly welcome it.
            Please recall that on July 27, 1975, Mari Loli stated the Warning would occur within the same year as the Miracle, two months apart, but then corrected herself two years later in 1977, stating it was within a year, between the Warning and the Miracle. My take on the two quotes is that she let slip some very important info in the first quote and tried to cover it up in the second quote. Another quote from the seers was that it would be difficult for priests to say mass. Well I have a son who is a Catholic priest also serving in the U.S. Army. Except for his deployment in 2013 in Afghanistan, he has no problem presiding at mass.

              • Patmy
                You are right and I am wrong, Mari Loli said “within 12 months” My initial research was from a newspaper article, that was a bit blotchy, After your comment I was able to find the same newspaper article, but in perfect legible condition. In the blotchy newspaper article it definitely says 2 months, but I can now see the type spacing is too wide where the “2 months” shows up. On the recently found same article, it definitely says “12 months”. Nice catch, sorry for the unintended misinformation by me.

                • From recollection the source material I am sure records Mari Loli saying ‘in the same year’s or ‘within one year.’ I’ll check

                  God bless

                  • True my dear Pete.
                    Nonetheless, both definitions, theorically, allow for a Warning even one day before the Miracle! In one occasion, but I do not remember the souce, Mari Loli stated one week before…
                    God bless. Let’s pray!

                    • I agree. I did suggest in the past that it’s not unreasonable to believe the Warning could occur in close proximity to the Miracle, perhaps even within a week given its also a purification. I base this simply on our enduring capacity for sin. As a consequence it’s effect on a soul may greatlly diminish for many of us if the lapsed time between the two events is many months. We wait and see

                      God bless

        • @ aviso didnt you said that you have a confirmation from someone reliable that it will happen by 2020? let me say that no one knows when will happen, there are maybe few chosen souls that know the date or the year of the warning but they will not tell it to anyone

      • hi anonymous, did you definitely get this information about 2019 being the year of the warning or did they just say before 2020??

  7. My Friends, thank you again for all your emails, again sorry if I cannot reply to each of you for the moment, by the way you have 2 moderators here Peter and Juan, both of them will be pleased to reply to any question, thank you again for your understanding.

  8. Please note I want to remain anonymous untill the day of the mirecale, what I said is true but I am not important what is important is that Jesus and Mary must reign in our world,we are all unimportant but we are all loved by God.

    • No Sense, no thing you said in your last comments has any link with Garabandal, by the way I can already confirm that any Prophecies related to Garabandal will not happen in 2019 de facto no Great Miracle that year as well, thank you.

  9. On the third of July 1973 after praying 13 rosaries a day asking Our Lady to give me a message in a dream,on the 3rd of July 1973 the message was givern.
    In the dream I saw myself in a large church and next to me on my right was the Holy Father in a brown Franciscan habbit we were in the centre isle as we walked together towards the altar the Pope dropped three coins and he picked the coins up (I understood the three coins to be three Popes to come still )
    We then proceeded to the altar,as we arrived at the communion rails I was surprised to find that there were no altar rails, on the floor I saw a valuable coin worth a lot of money i picked up the coin and I made the gesture of giving it to the Pope I did this three times (I understood this gesture to be three years after the Pope of the brown habbit became Pope) then the Holy Father and I climed the stairs to the altar at the altar was Our Lady all in white a white dress and a white veil the Pope joined Our Lady at the altar I went to the left of the altar and I found a bottle of holy oils with a picture on the bottle of our lady of Fatima and the three shepherd children, I was about to give the bottle of holy oils to the Pope but Our Lady took the bottle of holy oils from me and she dipped her finger in the oils and Our Lady made the sign of the cross on my forehead I left Our Lady and the Pope at the altar and I descended the altar stairs at the bottom of the stairs a mirecale took place and thousands of people gathered a then a long procession took place.
    Pope Francis became Pope in 2013 and in 2016 I received the large funds three years latter as I was told in the dream.
    Now its the anointing of holy oils by Our Lady and the mirecale.
    In 1975 I went on a pilgrimage from South Africa and i went to Garabandal, at Garabandal I saw a bright Angel appeared to me I slept in an attic of a house in Garabandal I said my prayers I switched of the lights as I lay down on the bed a Angel appeared to me then he left,since then I have been constantly seeing visions .In 1993 I left South Africa and I am living in Spain, the warning and the mirecale will be in 2019 but let’s wait I will be at Garabandal on the day of the mirecale Our Lady will get me there on time as mirecale will happen when I am present at Garabandal.

    • Dear Jose,
      A very interesting story. But, with all due respect: how can you be sure of your interpretation, expecially regarding the dates of th Warning/Miracle in Garabandal?
      And, moreover, how can you be sure that your visions (apparently many) are authentic? Are you under the close supervision of an enlightened spiritual director? In such cases, it is necessary!
      Pray for you. God bless.

    • I believe you But the Warning Will come When all the churches Will be closed and a great persecution Will be for christians. Today is early for that. I think the Warning Will come fther Benedict died and the Church Will be without a Pope because Francis isn’t a Real Pope. He is the oficial Pope But not the real Pope for God.

  10. aviso you said good source from 2015 in garabandal that the warning was before 2020, or was it just a rumour? answer please thanks.

    • Hi Pat, I checked it during my last stay in Garabandal, unfortunately I have not been able to get any confirmation, de facto all dates to me are now speculatives only.

  11. But not yet Pete, still busy with many other important things especially within my Family, so please take care of the blog with Juan for few more months, as you know you are doing a good job as Juan, may the Lord and the Lady of the Carmel bless you Brothers.

    • Hi aviso how do know warning is not this year 2019 or next year 2020, you said you got informed from a good source in garabandal in 2015 that the warning was before 2020, are you now saying you didnt get this information or that this infornation from the source was wrong? reply asap thanks. pat

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