6 thoughts on “To Notre Dame

  1. Macron’s Party Wins Absolute Majority in French Parliament on 18th June 2017.
    Now count the days to 15th April 2018 …
    —> 666 days – surprised ?!?

  2. The following is part of Bishop Athanasius Schneider’s statement about the Notre Dame fire:

    “If the Shepherds of the Church refuse to do penance for the spiritual conflagration of the past fifty years, and for the betrayal of Christ’s universal command to evangelize, should we then not fear that God might send another and more shocking sign, like a devastating conflagration or earthquake that would destroy St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome? God will not indefinitely and shamelessly be mocked by so many Shepherds of the Church of our own day, through their betrayal of the Faith, their sycophantic serving of the world and their neo-pagan worship of temporal and earthly realities. To them as well are addressed these words of Christ, “I tell you, unless you repent you will all likewise perish.” (Lk 13: 5)”

    Please keep praying! 🙂

  3. Poor disbelievers! Poor “full of mercy” Bergoglio-followers! God is clement but not stupid or indolent. If we have had enough of profanations, blasphemies and evil actions, what can our Lord think of this world then? Yet, He is slow to anger. Today is also St. Bernardette..of course, all coincidences!!

  4. If more people realized the significance of this tragedy, more people would be on their knees today. This was a significant sign, and we must pray and repent. We are much closer now than 2 days ago. Much closer.

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