Akita: A Significant New Message


The Amazonian Synod opened on the 6th October 2019 and closed on the 27th of the same month. If you have been following the narrative of the Synod in full or even in part, you may, like many across the Catholic World,  have also been left with a very deep sense of unease, even sadness.

Liberation Theology has certainly played its part, as also the move by German Bishops to establish a more decentralised Church Authority through what would become the chaos of a Church rebuilt on a foundation of Synodality. Also there was the topic of the ordination of women to the permanent diaconate (a slippery road toward a female priesthood), married priests and finally and most serious of all, the introduction of paganism in to the liturgy disguised as cultural inclusiveness, cultural dialogue and cultural environmentalism, alongside concerns for indigenous peoples, the wider topic of climate change and ‘sins against mother earth,’ and not least the bowing down to and prayers around the Pacamama Idol in the Vatican gardens (presided over by Pope Francis) and its placement in Vatican Churches and at Synod press conferences.

Add to this; the outrageous Vatican agreement with the Chinese Government in recognising its version of Catholicism and State appointed clergy; the widespread persecution of Chinese prelates and laypeople faithful to Rome; the Communist State’s recent destruction of Marian Shrines and now its more recently mandated destruction of some 40 churches (in which Catholics are barricading themselves in to as I hastily write this article); the arson of some 200 churches across France, not forgetting Notre-Dame Cathedral, fires at Coptic Churches in Greece and the spreading of vandalism effecting Churches across the west,  it is perhaps no coincidence that Heaven has intervened and did so on the 6th of October 2019.

And that intervention?

An angel’s appearance and message to Sister Agnes Sasagawa, visionary of Akita.

The Message.

Around 3.30 am on Sunday, October the 6th 2019, the same angel that appeared to me 30 years ago in Akita appeared. Firstly the angel gave to me a private message. After that the angel told me the message for everyone.

“Put on ashes and pray for a repentant rosary every day. You (Sr. Agnes) must become like a child and make sacrifices every day.”

I offer as a reminder, the below text taken from the message given to Sr. Agnes on the October 13, 1973 by Our Blessed Mother:

“My dear daughter, listen well to what I have to say to you. You will inform your superior.”

After a short silence:

“As I told you, if men do not repent and better themselves, the Father will inflict a terrible punishment on all humanity. It will be a punishment greater than the deluge, such as one will never seen before. Fire will fall from the sky and will wipe out a great part of humanity, the good as well as the bad, sparing neither priests nor faithful. The survivors will find themselves so desolate that they will envy the dead. The only arms which will remain for you will be the Rosary and the Sign left by My Son. Each day recite the prayers of the Rosary. With the Rosary, pray for the Pope, the bishops and priests.”

“The work of the devil will infiltrate even into the Church in such a way that one will see cardinals opposing cardinals, bishops against bishops. The priests who venerate me will be scorned and opposed by their confreres…churches and altars sacked; the Church will be full of those who accept compromises and the demon will press many priests and consecrated souls to leave the service of the Lord.

“The demon will be especially implacable against souls consecrated to God. The thought of the loss of so many souls is the cause of my sadness. If sins increase in number and gravity, there will be no longer pardon for them”

“With courage, speak to your superior. He will know how to encourage each one of you to pray and to accomplish works of reparation.”

“It is Bishop Ito, who directs your community.”

And She smiled and then said:

“You have still something to ask? Today is the last time that I will speak to you in living voice. From now on you will obey the one sent to you and your superior.”

“Pray very much the prayers of the Rosary. I alone am able still to save you from the calamities which approach. Those who place their confidence in me will be saved.”

Below is the Link to WQPH which came to the public domain in the UK from Nick Donnelly @ProtecttheFaith with whom I am privileged sometimes to correspond with via Twitter.


God bless. Pete

Update 1. 07/11/2019: WQPH’s Statement On the Recent Message to Sr. Agnes

It would appear I was but one among many that sought formal confirmation on the veracity of this recent event, which was requested directly to WQPH via private email. The response received was the release of an official statement published on their Web Site which, is summarised below

WQPH stands by its sources for the story “A new message from Sister Agnes of Our Lady of Akita. The editors confirm it was obtained ‘through sources close to her (Sr.Agnes)’ and has already resulted in ‘new tribulations for her and her confidants.’

WQPH further states it has ‘no reason to take on the risks associated with publishing a sensational story such as this new message from Sister Agnes Sasagawa, other than on behalf of sources, who are both reliable and courageous, and who have asked us directly to spread her message.’ and concludes, ‘until we can obtain more information from our source, we ask you, our brothers and sisters in Christ, to discern with faith and reason the veracity of the story, and we thank you for your prudence and devout concern for the integrity of the legacy of Our Lady of Akita and the reputation of her messengers.’

I encourage you to visit their web site for the full statement and a more recent English translation of the message.

My comment: Contributors to this blog, know only too well the importance of prudence when discerning the credibility of private revelation, its interpretation for our times and how it should be applied to our journey in faith, our listening and our responding to Heavenly calls.

There is no obligation to believe and this applies (to the best of my knowledge) even to ‘Approved Apparitions.’ It therefore remains up to each reader to chose a response. My view and for what it is worth; I sense the event and message to be true, not least because of the integrity of WQPH. The message asks nothing of me that is even subtly contrary to the Faith, is not in the least sensational or alarmist in nature and most telling of all is none specific even in the context of current/recent Church events (i.e. doesn’t point the finger and is non-judgmental in nature). The simplicity of the message’s imagery hides the depth of its meaning and its timing is right on point because clearly the Church is fast approaching a most critical and decisive moment in its history. Yes there have been a few, but none like this. Why do I say this? If for no other reason (and there are many we could list) it is simply because never since the beginnings of its foundation has Heaven intervened so publicly and warned so consistently with such increasing intensity as it has in these last 100 years or so.

I leave you with a question. How are we to respond to the phrase “Put on ashes” as in the context of Jonah’s prophesyI was asked recently if  it is meant to be taken literally. 

God bless. Pete

Update 2. 10/11/2019. Recent Statement from WQPH: 

‘We are back in contact with our source (thank you to all who offered prayers!) who promised to send a “more detailed message” soon. In the meantime, she encouraged us to watch the following video which we are not able to embed on this site, so we have linked it below…


Our source reiterated that Sister Agnes finds this video to be a good account of the message of Akita and its backstory. Sister Agnes speaks throughout the video.’

My comment: We await further news, I would encourage all readers to share links to this video and page on social media pages in order spread the message of Fatima and Akita. Also, please don’t be perturbed that Garabandal is not mentioned here, remember we still await Church approval.

On another note, I was wondering about the ‘Repentant Rosary’ and discovered it is a devotion approved by the Church. it was taught to Maria Concepcion Zuniga Lopez by Our Lord on December 26th 1970. Rather than me re-type it here, please go to the link provided below and book mark the page for your future reference. I hope you join with those who are now praying this Rosary as instructed by the Angel to Sr. Agnes.


God bless. Pete

Update 3. 11/11/2019 WQPH Received an Important Foot Note from Sr Agnes

Below is the English transcript from the original Japanese given to WQPH by its sources representing Sr. Agnes

“The other day, I just sent you a correction email regarding Sister Agnes Sasagawa. Let me write something important else.

On October 6th, after an angel appeared to Sister Agnes, Sr. Agnes said to Sister M. “I felt the time is near.”

I got a new permission of Sr. M via Mrs. S to write it.

This “I feel the time is near.” means the time of the message of Our Lady of Akita (Oct 13 1973) which, was given to Sr. Agnes. I think it will be easy to understand to write the message.”

Note from WQPH: ‘We will continue to work on obtaining more detailed information, and once again stand by the credibility of our source.’

God bless


18 thoughts on “Akita: A Significant New Message

  1. I follow Amazon synod and I do not feel a “very deep sense of unease, even sadness.” Amazon synod, as well as all other holy synods of the Church are urgently needed. I feel sadness though when the apparitions of Our Lady are being used for attacking the Church and the Pope (and I do not assume you are doing it here). That is not what the seers show. You quote Our Lady speaking to Sr Agnes Sasagawa of the importance of obedience to bishop Ito.

    But the reason I comment is rather Sr Agnes’ recent words. She said of the 30 years since the last apparition of the angel…what happened 30 years ago? It is all over the news these days, the Berlin Wall fell, the communism fell! (and It is not that USA won the Cold war, it is that the Soviet block decided to stop it before the start of the real war in first place). That is the important message of Sr Agnes. God gave us those 30 years of repentance. As Jesus told Medjugorje seers in 1985, He will give His peace to the world but later will ask the world how it used it. Coupled with other messages, such as Vicka’s words that we are already in the second half time to the secrets in 2001. I think we are months or even weeks before the start of the secrets. And the first secret is not necessarily the Great Warning, it may or may not be the start of the events, since Medjugorje is newer apparition and therefore more events and pre-warnings could happen (similarly, Fatima as an older apparition doesn’t mention the Great Warning).

    • Alex, thank you for your comment. I believe we are obliged by the Grace of our Baptism to be always prudent in the discerning of events within and without the Church and yes even of those things that are pronounced by our beloved Priests, Bishops and Popes. We must always be on our guard against Satan and be wise to his ability to subtly deceive. He does not tempt us to do that which we know comprehensively to be evil in origin and evil in end, he tempts us to what we want to be a ‘good,’ for what Christian indeed would allow themselves to be so fooled as to commit evil purely for evil’s sake?

      I do hold that the consecration of the World to the Immaculate Heart did play a part for good, how could it not, but it was not the Consecration willed by Heaven which is still outstanding. I am aware of the efforts of Pope St JPII in brokering a de-escalation in nuclear proliferation, that as a result, has so far prevented a nuclear conflagration (it is understood he shared something of the 3rd Secret of Fatima with World leaders of the time).

      It would be naive to think that the nihilism of Communism has gone, it is still there and other than in China and some other counties is there in every country under a different name.

      As for obedience. I am sure you are not oblivious to the clear confusion that is spreading across the Church at every level, you cannot be saying that devout souls should follow or subscribe to heterodoxy, you cannot possibly think the sins of the flesh are the least serious, or that irregular relationships are not adulterous or even same sex relationships are grace filled and thereby acceptable before God (because, God made them that way and ‘who am I to judge?’) Surely you don’t subscribe to the notion that a multiplicity of religions, most of which are pagan and idolatrous or hateful toward Christianity are willed by God and by implication offer paths to salvation. I am sure given what you have shared you don’t believe for one minute that Jesus committed a sin of disobedience when he went missing or that Mary when witnessing the crucifixion of Her Beloved Son thought ‘God you have deceived me!’

      Or perhaps you do?

      I ask you this because all of which I just listed has come from Pope Francis either directly or by implication either as a consequence of his words or by his erroneous actions. Don’t forget he is known to support inter-communion between Christian faiths especially if spouses are of a different denomination, in this he condones that which is a clear unequivocal sacrilege of the Sacred Species. Are we then to be obedient to this? No surely not? We are to be obedient to those who teach the millennial truths of our Faith unsullied by contradiction and confusion no matter how difficult they may make our lives in this modern godless world of death, infanticide, hedonism, paganism and sexual depravity.

      What we are witness to is 30 years of the World not responding to the urgent messages of our Lady; of the Church not responding to the messages of our Lady; of the Church abandoning its obligation to always teach right and wrong, to help young people abstain, to promote sacramental marriage and speak out against the evils of our time, clearly and loudly. What we see is the prophesies coming to pass with an alarming rate because of inaction. Its escalating because of the rush of too many ecclesiastics to seek harmony with the World in the blind belief that in being so, Christianity will become attractive to the populations of the World. This is not Our Lords version, or His Way, His is the way of suffering, of rejection, abstinence, of holiness purity and chastity. What we are witness to is the final touches of the great artist (Satan), a man made version of Church, painted with oils from the secret sect, Communism, Luther, Protestantism, Secularism and now even possibly with pigments of paganism using the soiled colors of environmentalism disguised as Franciscanism.

      The very latest message of Akita (Update 3 on this Blog) is a warning that we are bringing upon our selves the full fury of Satan in a manor of a terrible tribulation that will not cease until The Garabandal Warning. Only after the Miracle and Sign will there be a time of peace you speak of, but for how long, who knows. For after that time is the time of the Anti-Christ and we know his downfall will only come to pass as a direct consequence of the Second Coming of Our King and Savior.

      As for Medjugorje, if this event has lead you closer to God and Our Blessed Mother and a more devout and holy life praised be God. As for myself I have serious reservations and hope that if proved not to be of Heaven you will hold dear to what you have received and remain steadfast in your faith.

      God bless

      • Hello Pete.
        I am with you & thanks again for your efforts.
        FYI I went to the YouTube link you gave re Akita and felt the truth of it all.
        Loved the humility of all involved especially Sister & her Bishop.
        Japan is very blest to have them.
        At 57mins50seconds in I noticed what appeared a hole and a small line of blood in the right hand of Our Lady’s statue.
        It was only there for a couple of seconds!
        Have you or others seen that?
        Maybe it’s an aberration! If not I have no idea of it’s meaning but perhaps others do.
        God bless Sister & her supports and Akita & Japan, so chosen by Our Blessed Mother.
        Keep up the good work.

        • Servus OLMC
          You are right there is a red mark on the right hand of the Statue that disappears as if edited. Not sure what to make of it. I’ll ask some questions.

          God bless

  2. If you have not yet been notified, 2 updates have been provided on the new Akita message, one on the authenticity of the source and a second on more news from the WQPH radio station. I have also provided a link that explains how to recite a Penitent (Penitential) Rosary. If you have not done this before, try it, you’ll soon discover why it is ‘penitential.’

    God Bless

  3. Pete my good Friend, please check the source and be sure of it before publication online which I am sure you have done it, by the way I will ask the same to our 2 other Moderator and close Friend, Juan and Michael, as you know my Brothers, I am quite busy and around the world for my job, I want to avoid at all cost what happened to us with the Australian Journal recently, also whenever this australian team is in our beautifull village, please keep me in touch, especially Michael and Juan, thank you.

    God Bless.

  4. My goodness…it is amazing to find you ….this entire Amazon Synod…the sham it presents….heavens…how can this Pope and his Cardinals be SO blind…..even without this so called “synod” there are so many things happening….this great evil man McCarrick..previously a Cardinal…what this man has done….Jesus help all of us!

  5. Thank you, Pete. I had heard something of this, but people seemed unsure as it was being so very little reported.
    Akita, like Garabandal, emphasises the Eucharist. Sister Agnes was instructed by Our Lady that her community was to insert the word ‘truly’ into their prayer i.e. “Truly present in the Eucharist.” Also, a priest suggested that the stigmata on Sister Agnes’s hand meant that she had to receive Jesus on the tongue and so the other sisters did likewise.
    It strikes me that if priest and extraordinary ministers have to wash their fingers before/after touching Our Lord it could not be right for the communicants not to.
    Anne Barnhart has a couple of informative articles on the pachamama bowl, the soil and plant and the placing of it on the actual altar.
    Yet, when I go to Mass tomorrow the priest will never in a million years acknowledge that anything ever occurred. God have mercy on us.

  6. Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,
    Please read carefully, I am convinced that Aviso is right about communism related to Garabandal
    In Garabandal it was said that after the fourth Pope after John XXIII the end times would come. The fourth pope is Benedict. So we are in the middle of it. And the Great Warning would come after an important Synod. Currently, the only synod planned in the Vatican is the Amazon Synod. What turned out to be an unimportant synod until a few years ago now seems to be an important synod, threatening to cause even a schism in the church.
    So it’s not the family synod or the synagogue, but the Amazon synod that fits that description. It is only from this forthcoming Synod that the working document is so extreme that it has been described by certain cardinals as a veritable heretic, a waste of faith. Cardinal Brandmüller said of the document: “It should now be emphasized that the Instrumentum Laboris binding doctrine of the Church should speak at important points and therefore be named as heretic”, and Cardinal Müller the next Synod called a “wrecking ball” which ” Restructuring of the Universal Church “aims. “The modernist Mgr. Overbeck said that after this synod in the church,” nothing will be as it was “. Our dear wife told Conchita in 1961 that the warning would come soon after an important synod. When Conchita told her aunt, she asked if she was talking about the Vatican Council (which was in progress). She said: “No, the Virgin did not speak of a council, but of a synod, and I think the Synod is a little council. “It’s impossible for a 12-year-old girl to talk about a Synod that did not exist at that time (no Synod was in preparation or planned, and Vatican General Bishop Synods). were first by Pope Paul VI. reintroduced after the Apparitions in Garabandal). Mother Garcia added that she received this information from Father Rafinel, who heard her from Father Pesquera, who wrote some of the first books on Garabandal. The Virgin appeared to Garabandal from 1961 to 1965 for 4 young girls. There, among other things, Mary predicted the warning or clarification of conscience, the great miracle and the punishment. The Holy Father Pio saw this great miracle in a vision shortly before his death.
    The Blessed Virgin also told the seers about the popes. Conchita, one of the seers, said that after the death of John XXIII. In 1963, three more popes come for the end of the times. There were actually four, but one would have a very short reign, so it was not really counted by the Blessed Virgin.
    This prophecy is fulfilled because according to John XXIII. Came
    Pope Paul VI
    Pope John Paul I
    Pope John Paul II
    Pope Benedict XVI
    Jorge Bergoglio has been in power for 6.5 years, but Pope Benedict XVI. Lives and lives in Mater Ecclesiae (Mother of the Church), a monastery in the Vatican.
    The Blessed Virgin also spoke in Garabandal about the threat of communism. She said that if the great warning – the clearing up of conscience – came up, communism would persecute the church. This prophecy is fulfilled too. Jorge Bergoglio and his entourage are liberation theologians – these are “ecclesial communists”. Jorge Bergoglio, who presents Chinese Catholics to the Beijing Communists and Communist Bishops. Jorge, who blessed the liberation theologians and made them holy? … and Bergoglio, who dismissed the traditional bishops and dismantled the communities. In addition, the Blessed Virgin said that at the time of the warning, the Pope would not be in public, he should hide (Pope Benedict lives in the monastery).

  7. Thank you very much for this timely post and your commentary on it.
    We all need to pray and do much reparation because evils of great magnitude
    have reached up to the very top of the Church.

  8. Thanks for the report Pete… Seems the message for a daily rosary has been on full blast in 2019 from most of our Catholic independent media(youtubers/ podcasts/ etc.) reporting on the corruption of the Church. There will be a purpose and reckoning in the future for those that keep the daily rosary.

    I hold out the hope of immeasurable graces coming from the militant of Catholics who say the daily Rosary with purpose and the growing movement of the faithful to experience the Latin Mass.

  9. I want to add for the record I do not nor ever will subscribe to the notion of a ‘mother earth’ or sins against it. Earth is God’s footstool and if anything may be referred to as sister or brother in terms that all is created by God and is to give praise as in the Psalms and Prayer of St Francis. We have one Mother besides our biological Mother, and She is The Blessed Virgin Mary (God be Praised). The Church is Mother figuratively, she is first and foremost the Bride of Christ and we its members are.

    God bless

    PS. Don’t drop litter, recycle, and support sustainable farming and fishing, that is all that is asked, be responsible with God’s creation, our temporary home. And as for global warming and climate change, irrelevant, especially given the warning of Akita. If only all were as concerned for their immortal souls!

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