The Agony in the Garden. A Prayer and a Promise From Jesus to St Padre Pio

Jesus... The Agony in the Garden

I was given a prayer card by our Parish Priest some years ago which, to my shame, I have no recollection of ever having read even though I saw it often, due to my using it as a book mark in my Divine Office. This Lent I did read it possibly for the first time and as requested by Our Lord to St. Pio, added the devotion to my daily prayers (though my prayers sadly aren’t always daily). I wanted to share this with you during this troubled time and it seemed most appropriate to do so on this Holy Night. The night Jesus began his most terrible and brutal suffering for our salvation. A revelation of Love Incomprehensible, a baptism of fire that also His Precious Bride, longs for and is surely destined to endure.

I have placed it on the front page temporarily only for this weekend in the hope it helps us all just take a breath for a moment. I do wish you a holy, prayerful and peaceful Easter. And may we each, by God’s abundant Grace, experience the supreme joy of Our Lords Victory over sin and rejoice at His Resurrection.



O Jesus, through the abundance of Your love, and in order to overcome our hardheartedness, You pour out torrents of Your Graces over those who reflect on Your most Sacred Sorrow in the Garden of Gethsemane, and who spread devotion to it. I pray to You, move my soul and my heart to think often, at least once a day, of Your most bitter Agony in the Garden of Gethsemane, in order to communicate with You and to be united to You as closely as possible.

O blessed Jesus, You who carried the immense burden of our sins that night, and atoned for them fully; grant me the most perfect gift of complete repentant love over my numerous sins, for which You did sweat blood.

O blessed Jesus, for the sake of Your most bitter struggle in the Garden of Gethsemane, grant me final victory over all temptations, especially over those to which I am most subjected.

O suffering Jesus, for the sake of Your inscrutable and indescribable agonies, during that night of betrayal, and of Your bitterest anguish of mind, enlighten me, so that I may recognize and fulfill Your will; grant that I may ponder continually on Your heart-wrenching struggle and on how You did emerge victoriously, in order to fulfill not Your will, but the will of Your Father.

Be Thou blessed, O Jesus, for all Your sighs on that Holy night; and for the tears which You did shed for us.

Be Thou blessed, O Jesus, for Your sweat of Blood and the terrible agony, which You did suffer lovingly in coldest abandonment and in inscrutable loneliness.

Be Thou blessed, O sweetest Jesus, filled with immeasurable bitterness, for the prayer which flowed in trembling agony from Your Heart, so truly human and divine.

Eternal Father, I offer Thee all the past, present, and future Masses together with the Blood of Christ shed in agony in the Garden of Sorrow at Gethsemane.
Most Holy Trinity, grant that the knowledge, and thereby the love, of the agony of Jesus on the Mount of Olives will spread throughout the whole world.

Grant, O Jesus, that all who look lovingly at You on the Cross, will also remember Your immense Suffering on the Mount of Olives that they will follow Your example, learn to pray devoutly and fight victoriously, so that, one day, they may be able to Glorify You eternally in Heaven. Amen.



Again and again calls of My Love flow from My Heart. They fill the souls in which the fire of love lights up and sometimes even sets ablaze the heart. It is this, the Voice of My Heart, which travels and also reaches those who do not want to hear Me, and who, themselves, do not notice Me. However, inside of them I speak to all, and My Voice will speak to all, because i love them all.

He, who knows the Commandment of Love, is not surprised that I cannot help knocking at the door of those who resist Me, and who force Me, so to speak, by their rejection, to repeat My loving invitation to them.

Why, what else can My calls be, full of glowing love, than the Will of love of a loving God. Who wants to save His creatures? However, I know very well, that not many wish to follow My generous invitation, and that even the few who do accept, must strive hard to receive Me.

Well then! I shall show ever more generosity { as if I had not been generous enough up to now }, and I shall do this by giving all of you a precious Gem of My Love, I have decided to open a dam, in order to let flow the torrent of My Graces, which My Heart can no longer hold back.



  1. To all those who remember My Agony, with love and devotion, at least once a day; forgiveness of all sins and the certainty of salvation for their souls in the hour of their death.
  2. Total and everlasting repentance to those who will have a Mass celebrated in honor of My Agonizing Suffering in the Garden of Gethsemane.
  3. Success in spiritual matters to all those, who impress on others, love and devotion to My Agonies on the Mount of Olives.
  4. Finally, and in order to prove to you that I want to break open a dam of My Heart so as to let flow a flood of My graces, I promise those who spread this devotion to My Agony in the Garden of Gethsemane, the following 3 graces:

a. total and final victory over the worst temptation to which they are subjected.
b. direct power to save poor souls from purgatory.
c. great enlightenment and strength to fulfill My Will.

All of these, My precious gifts, I will definitely give to those who carry out what I have said, and who, therefore, remember and venerate with love and sympathy, My great, incomprehensible Agony on the Mount of Olives.”

God Bless


24 thoughts on “The Agony in the Garden. A Prayer and a Promise From Jesus to St Padre Pio

  1. A reflection from Fr Gruner and John Vennari on Ash Wednesday and its meaning
    May they rest in peace

    God bless

    • Gidday Pete.
      Thanks for the prompt regarding Our Lord’s Agony in the Garden.
      That picture too is special for me and one I remember from my boyhood days.
      My late father paid a visit to ‘The Garden’, when during WWII he was part of a contingent of Australian soldiers posted to Palestine & surrounds.
      After his death his eldest daughter, my sister, sent me some of his remaining belongings, including a little wallet (about the size of the palm of a teenage girl’s hand, which contained a picture of the Sacred Heart and 4 medals, including the miraculous medal, and a St Christopher medal.
      She clearly didn’t appreciate the treasure that it was and is!
      I always felt drawn to the Agony in The Garden and having this from my father is a reminder that it, the wallet, was actually there at one point in its existence.
      I have no doubt the graces my father received for his devotion to the Sacred Heart and that wallet he carried through the Middle East and later New Guinea, were responsible for his safe return from those theatres of human tragedy.
      Let’s hope and pray, during this lent, that the Russian and Ukrainian soldiers with a similar love for Our Lord and His Mother enjoy similar graces as the communist errors of the politicians and bureaucracies of the world inflict more, similar to WWII pain, on the peoples of the world.
      Just as Our Lady predicted at Fatima – obviously!
      God bless.

      • Hi Servus.
        Thank you so much for sharing this little piece of family history with us, it is heart warming, whilst also a little sad given the context of conflicts then and now.

        I can attest to the special Graces received since I began my daily devotion to Our Lord’s Agony in the Garden. One in particular being a growing in love for Him in His humanity. Such as that when I look upon the picture depicting His praying, I see before me a young man in his early thirties, (half my age), an utterly innocent fellow fully aware a brutish gang is about to descend upon him And from henceforth he will be beaten black and blue, be tortured and subjected to a most horrific death, his life cut short. How incredibly immense must have been the want to run, to hide “Father if it be your will take this cup away from me”. Yet he stayed there in the garden, awaiting his tormentors, he friends asleep. I see in a sense one as if my younger brother, holy and pure who stays because he wants to take my place and receive himself the punishment that is mine. He didn’t even tell me he was going there, he just went quietly in the night. Even as I write this my heart fills with love for him and the tears begin to well. And so now when I say my sorrowful mysteries, I don’t allow him to walk alone in the night to the garden, I walk behind him, when I see him go to a quiet place to pray, I follow him, stay out of sight and kneel down nearby and pray with him. If I couldn’t be there then, I can be there now and I will support him with my prayers while his friends sleep.

        Such is the scene that Grace evokes in my mind’s eye. And seeing there His Goodness, His Holiness, His Purity and His Humanity put to the test, I’m left in awe and wonderment at so great a love Our Lord holds in His Sacred Heart for all of mankind.

        God bless

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  3. Dear All
    ServusOLMC in his last comment reminded me November is devoted to prayers for the dead. I thought I would drop a reminder on the Article: The Agony in the Garden. A Prayer and a Promise From Jesus to St Padre Pio, and the second of the three promises, copied below.

    I promise those who spread this devotion to My Agony in the Garden of Gethsemane, the following 3 graces:

    a. total and final victory over the worst temptation to which they are subjected.
    b. direct power to save poor souls from purgatory.
    c. great enlightenment and strength to fulfill My Will.

    God bless

  4. Dear Aviso, Gabriel the Garabandal writer here. Hope you are well and long time no talk with you. What connection do you see between this Corona Virus and the Garabandal Messages? Also, I have a private question and was wondering if you could please once again provide an email I can send that private message to. Am I clear that you believe Francis to be the Anti-Christ or the Anti-Pope? I have always felt a bit uneasy about him but never reached that point of view on him obviously I do not have your research and experience in these matters. I await your email and hope you remember me as I do you. Gabriel

    • Hi Gabriel, of course I remember you, you have done a very good job about Garabandal and I enjoyed reading your comment about the Garabandal Movie “Only God Knows”, you sent to me few years ago your Pebbles to the Pines piece and I did congratulate you for this great job. My position about Francis is known for years and did not changed at all, today many are sharing my opinion but few talk, below a video about our new Hero I sent online last week, Archbishop Vigano, he deceided to talk and I am feeling less alone, Francis is the fulfillment of the Fatima 3rd Secret, you can contact me et :

      This current virus is de facto another sign a kind of pre-warning, in other word, after the Apostasy, the Triumph of the Immaculate so we are probably on the road to the Garabandal Warning, thank you.

      • Thank you for your quick response Aviso. It is always great to discuss things with you. Thank you again for your kind words as always. I will email you today and look forward to your response. Take care and be well. Gabriel

      • Aviso,

        Just saw a letter sent to the Bishops of the U.S. by Francis. It seems he is taking a survey to justify ban what he probably thinks is irrelevant for his modern church. Ultimately, this survey is a step that he will use to justify the banning of the Traditional Latin Mass. And he will say: “See…LTM is not a big money generator…hardly anyone attends…so lets get rid of it!!”

        • Thanks Mike by the way I am not surprised, below even worse :

          Between us, what makes me the saddest, few (very few) Princes of the Church are defending the teachings of the church and oppose this destroyer, of course the Latin Mass was always a big problem for the masons and co, they have one of them on the seat of Peter and this will be probably one of his last attack to the Lord and his Church, I know that the Triumph is on the way de facto God’s will, probably hell for Judas as well and do not worry if they do not beleive in hell, as Saint Pio said they will but when they will be there only, thank you.

          PS : Again our Lady of the Carmel did talked about abedience to our Priests, Bishops, Popes and so on for sure but the Mother of God never said to obey heresies, each of us will be judged for our role during this period of apostasy and as Sister Lucia of Fatima said, we will have to chose to be for the Lord or for the devil, there is not any other choice for us, simple as that, so forget the “Pray and do not worry” cult and fight for the salvation of souls.

  5. Aviso and Peter, Gabriel here the Garabandal writer known to Aviso. Excellent discussions by you both. What connection do you see with this Coronavirus and Garabandal? Also Aviso can I email you privately with a question and if so what email do you want me to use. I hope you remember me as I always think of you well. I feel humbled to be a small part of this Garabandal effort as I am so unworthy, but I feel that I am not doing my mission fully perhaps you can give me your opinion on why I feel this way. Lastly, I do not remember if you told me what you thought of my Pebbles to The Pines piece. Please do not forget to respond with email I can send my private question to. God Bless and looking forward to your response, Gabriel

        • Yes indeed we do remain united, and of course I will never hesitate to stand shoulder to shoulder with you in defending the tenets of our faith, the faith of our fathers and of the Apostles. We are all like Watchmen in the night, raising the alert at distant danger, dangers often difficult to see, to interpret, and under such hazy horizons no one can blame the Watchmen if they at times disagree. The important matter upon which we will never disagree, is that the Watchmen must remain alert, always awake, remaining steadfast ready to sound the alarm until the Master and Lord Himself comes to relieve us of our duty.

          God bless

    • Hi, I’m a bit late with this, but I thought this was just for Priests. I think there’s a full version for ordained priests and another version which the laity are permitted to say. But I’m not fully sure. God Bless.

          • Thanks God, who gave us such a powerful, and unfortuantely forgotten, mean of Grace: I am LESS than NOTHING.
            God bless you all and, to the extent possible in this hard times, HAPPY EASTER to every reader of this blog. Let’s not forget that, in Our Lord and Saviour, we are all justified!

            God bless. Let’s persevere in prayers and offerings.

    • Hi Burt, I’m a bit confused by your question.

      Conchita is permitted to announce the date of the Miracle 8 days in advance of its occurrence

      The Warning will have no pre-announcement, it will take the World by surprise and of its very fact be an announcement that the Miracle is going to occur within a year, either the same calendar year or within the following 12-months.

      God bless

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