June 2022 Update: Discerning the Construct and the Defeat of the Anti-Church in the Era of the Two Popes

June 2022 Update No.2 at the end of the Article

 Crushing the Serpents Head


The article you are about to read is one I have longed to write and let loose on these pages for some time. It is not that I have purposely resisted what must be done, as if tethering this task as one might an unruly prisoner, or confining an immensity of water behind an unmovable damn. No. The reason is far simpler, it is nothing more than not knowing where to begin. A small obstacle you might suppose, but as I soon discovered it was anything but, not least because the subject matter is one that provokes controversy but also because of my apprehension concerning the potential consequences.

Brother Bernard Coleman OFM, an artist and former lecturer at the Royal Academy, once said to me, “there is a very real fear that the artist experiences when facing a blank canvas; it comes from an absence of certainty of  how to do what one intends and to do it well, a simple matter of where should one place the first brush stroke,” In one respect he was saying, the first commitment of paint to canvas will either begin a new work worthy of respect, received with goodwill or be ruinous of the artist’s confidence and reputation. It could be an irrevocable moment for good or for bad. And so, it was, given the topic of this article, I found myself unmovable, unable to begin, until today that is. This evening I opened a UK national newspaper The Daily Mail and read a wonderful well balanced and courageous essay written by A.N. Wilson (his essay can be read via the link provided at the end of this section). On reading this I knew how I should begin, that is, with A.N Wilson’s headline: You MUST believe in gay marriage. You CAN’T question abortion. And as for transgender rights … what began as an admirable attempt to make society kinder has become such a threat to free speech [that] we’re entering THE NEW AGE OF INTOLERANCE.

How does this relate to Fatima, Garabandal and Akita? To start with, these themes when taken in context with the Apparitions are so evocative I am guessing you are already imagining routes to the answer. Sensing who are the players, what is at stake and recalling numerous articles published by concerned clergy, columnists, and contributors to on-line public forums. Having begun intuitively forming an answer the logical and inescapable next step is justification of that which we sense to be true, and we do this through gathering substantive evidence.

This article therefore aims to explain why these particular themes are; implicit within the warnings of  Our Lady of Mount Carmel, are a danger to The Church and the World, and instrumental in provoking the Tribulation, The Warning and if we don’t change a Chastisement. The article will be an ongoing work that will be published in short chapters over a period of several months.

The topics A.N. Wilson identifies as the subject matter of New Age Intolerance are in fact the very same that are now being vociferously directed toward the moral teaching of the Apostolic Church. The moral imperative in this regard is no longer confined to a battle between the various aberrations of atheism and The Church, but has now evolved to become an unholy conflict within The Church Herself.  It is these very same topics that are the insidious foundation of confusion that as prophesied, are now resulting in Cardinals opposing Cardinals etc.

A Trojan Horse has therefore most definitely entered Holy Mother Church, concealing within it the ideologies of Secularism, Communism and Protestantism translated as outreach programmes, inclusivity and compassion. All wonderful concepts in the right context, but this context is not a Christocentric amendment of life and subsequent evangelisation. It is rather an accommodation of mortal sin in perpetuity because in ‘certain circumstances,’ (according to some interpretations of AL) the sinner is bereft of choice. They are the very beachhead challenging revealed Truths governing the fundamental construct of the family, marriage, and the Holy Eucharist. These are the very weapons the Anti-Christ is using in this final battle with the Blessed Virgin Mary hence the significance of relating ‘the new age of intolerance’ to the ’Signs of the Times’ in the context of Fatima, Garabandal and Akita.



Update September 2018

Apostolic Church Under Attack

Let us begin this journey with the prophetic words attributed to Saint John Paul II in his last speech as Cardinal Karol Wojtyla to the US in September 1976:

Quote from New York City News re JPII Prophesy

[Extract courtsey of investigations by Grant Gallicho November 19 2013 recorded at Commonwealmagazine.org]

More recent references to this text published across the web, refer to Archbishop Viganò’s November 11th 2013 address to the US Bishops in their fall assembly. The Archbishop suggests the prophesy is contained in the homily delivered by Cardinal Karol Wojtyla, during the International Eucharistic Congress in Philadelphia, on 3 August 1976. The entire homily can be read at the link below but it does not contain any reference to an anti-Church. Archbishop Viganò is also quoted as suggesting this prophesy is directly related to those of St Maria Faustina, however, there is in fact no mention of an ‘Anti-Church’ in any of St Faustina’s prophesies on the end times. (http://www.ewtn.com/library/Doctrine/EUCHCONG.HTM )

My own view is that the words of Saint John Paul II if indeed they were spoken by him, may to some extent have been inspired by the prophesies of Blessed Anne Catherine Emmerich (d. 1824 and beatified in 2004). For example, in the prophesy of May 13, 1820, (The Life and Revelations of Anne Catherine Emmerich Volume 2), she is quoted as saying:

“Last night, from eleven to three, I had a most wonderful vision of two churches and two Popes and a variety of things, ancient and modern.

The vision is not referring to a situation of two Popes simultaneously occupying the Seat of Peter as some have suggested and conclude therefore that the vision must be specific to that of to-days circumstance. Please take time to read the article written by Steve Skojec, who succinctly dispels this view point in his 1P5 podcast of May 25th 2016. https://onepeterfive.com/anne-catherine-emmerich-and-the-two-popes/.

Notably I do depart to some extent from Mr Skojec’s view point in that I believe Bl. ACE was in fact referring to the condition of the Church in her own time (under Pius VII). I hold this view because the contrast between the two Churches holds good for each generation, in that danger of this type, if not already an affectation is always lurking ready to be so. In fact, and as explained further in this article, history has shown that Bl. ACE was right to draw down a tangible comparative between the impact of Boniface IV’s reign and events effecting the reign of Pius VII. I also suggest that one must reason that the purpose of Bl. ACE being shown two existent circumstances of the Church, was to better depict as archetype a circumstance of the future Church, which I surmise was the primary purpose of the vision’s content. It is precisely this context and circumstantial contrasts to which I believe Saint John Paul II was referring when he said, “we are now facing the final confrontation between the Church and the anti-Church, of the Gospel versus the anti-Gospel.”

To better assist the reader, I have extracted relevant sections from the written texts describing Bl. ACE’s vision of the two Churches. I have also added in italics my comments which add historical context to the text and support the case described above.

Prophesy of May 13, 1820

Rome suddenly appeared as in the early ages, and I saw a Pope (Boniface IV reigned 608 to 615) and an emperor (Phocas reigned 602 to 610). I could not find my way in the city, all was so different, even the sacred ceremonies; but yet I recognized them as Catholic. I saw a great round building like a cupola—it was a pagan temple full of beautiful idols, [my note: this is the Pantheon]. It seemed as if all the idols that ever existed were gathered together there in every conceivable posture.

I saw messengers from Pope Boniface going to the emperor and petitioning for the temple [my note: also referred to as a temple in parts of the vision, this one I will relate as temple 1] to be changed into a Christian church. I heard the latter declaring distinctly that the Pope should allow the ancient statues to remain, though he might erect therein the Cross to which the highest honors should be paid. This proposal, as it seemed to me, was made not wickedly, but in good faith.

While (Boniface) was thus deliberating (the emperor’s response), I saw a good, pious priest in prayer before the crucifix. Suddenly he arose, went straight to Boniface, and told him that he should by no means accede to the emperor’s proposal. Messengers were then dispatched to the emperor, who now consented to the temple’s being entirely cleared.

Then I saw the consecration of the temple, at which ceremony the holy martyrs assisted with Mary at their head. [My note: this ‘temple 1’ formally the Pantheon, was dedicated to St Mary and All Martyrs by Boniface IV on May 13th 609].

When I had witnessed this vision even in the smallest details, I saw again the present Pope (Pius VII 1800-1823) and the dark church [my note: also referred to as a temple in the vision, this one I will relate as temple 2] of his time in Rome [my note: ‘dark church’ may be a reference to its’ condition and also to those external forces inflicting suffering on the church leading up to and beyond the Papacy of Pius VII. A condition resulting from the impact of heresies such as Calvinism, Jansenism and Quietism and her enemies such as Voltaire, Montaigne, Diderot and Rousseau. Their influence was so great they even succeeded in the eventual capitulation of Pope Clement XIV and his subsequent dissolving of the Jesuits, his own shock troops fighting heresy. Thereafter followed the French Revolution and its Cult of Rationalism that sought the destruction of Christianity – an actress dressed as the ‘the goddess of reason’ desecrated the high alter of the Cathedral of Notre Dame and the suppression of the Jesuits was followed by that of all the others, church property was confiscated and all monasteries and convents closed, clergy were exiled or jailed and many were executed. On one single day three Bishops and 200 priests were murdered in Paris alone. Pius the VI died in exile from Rome following its occupation by the French army led by General Berthier. Pope Pius VII was also for a time a prisoner in exile. Then in 1848 came the atheistic Communist Manifesto published by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engles]. It seemed to be a large, old house like a town hall with columns in front. I saw no altar in it, but only benches, and in the middle of it something like a pulpit. They had preaching and singing, but nothing else, and only very few attended it.

The most singular part of it was that the idols filled the place; the [dark] church was crowded with idols. When the service was over, everyone’s god re-entered into his breast. The whole [dark] church was draped in black, and all that took place in it was shrouded in gloom.

Then I saw the connection between the two Popes (Boniface IV and Pius VII) and the two temples [my note: one full of light and free of idols, the second full of darkness and the worship of self]. I was shown how weak the one had been in adherents and human support, but how strong in courage to overturn so many gods and, on the contrary, how strong in numbers and yet how irresolute in action was the other since, in authorizing the erection of false temples, he had allowed the only true God, the only true religion to be lost among so many false gods and false religions.

It was also shown me that those pagans humbly adored gods other than themselves, and that they would have been willing to admit in all simplicity the only God, the Most Holy Trinity. Their worship was preferable to that of those who adore themselves in a thousand idols to the total exclusion of Our Lord.

The picture was favorable to the early ages, for in them idolatry was on the decrease, while in our days it is just the contrary. I saw the fatal consequences of this counterfeit church; I saw it increase; I saw heretics of all kinds flocking to the city.

I saw the ever-increasing tepidity of the clergy, the circle of darkness ever widening. And now the vision became more extended. I saw in all places Catholics oppressed, annoyed, restricted, and deprived of liberty, churches were closed, and great misery prevailed everywhere with war (French Revolution and Napoleonic wars) and bloodshed.

I saw rude, ignorant people offering violent resistance, but this state of things lasted not long. Again, I saw in vision St. Peter’s undermined according to a plan devised by the secret sect (Freemasons) while, at the same time, it was damaged by storms; but it was delivered at the moment of greatest distress. Again, I saw the Blessed Virgin extending her mantle over it [my note: Our Lady appearing to St Bernadette 1858]. In this last scene, I saw no longer the reigning Pope, but one of his successors, a mild, but very resolute man who knew how to attach his priests to himself and who drove far from him the bad. I saw all things renewed and a church which reached from earth to Heaven.

Interestingly and in addition to the above, Bl. ACE in her vision of September 12, 1820 briefly refers to.  “a church of the latest style (when describing a new church under the influence of the planetary spirits), a church of man’s invention like the new heterodox church in Rome.”

Is Bl. ACE’s reference to a ‘heterodox church in Rome’ in fact the very same anti-Church foreseen by Pope Saint John Paul II? And could it be the very one being created by ‘pope’ Francis 1. For is not his a Church of today that espouses opinions and soon to be declared doctrines that are at variance with the official orthodox position of the millennial teaching of the One True Apostolic Church?

Update September 2020

In short, the answer is yes, absolutely. It goes without saying no serious person who is a devoted disciple of Our Blessed Lord and His Church would dare make such an accusation without good cause. That good cause is abundantly clear, evidenced by what we are witness to when Francis’ speaks and acts in the public sphere, there is also his heterodox opinions he espouses to and through the mouth piece of his devoted spokesmen, and in particular and more damning is the evidence bringing in to question his legitimacy as Pope. Much has been written on this topic but perhaps that which is likely to be the most authoritative will be Father Paul Kramer’s book ‘To Deceive the Elect.’ An exclusive preview introducing its themes can be read at the link below. I have not re-published the content here to avoid infringing copyright law.


I also refer readers to:


Both, a must read!

Update 6th June 2022

Is ‘Pope’ Francis about to announce his resignation? If so who and what comes next? Given his recent appointments we can be sure (I believe) we shall witness a more rapid journey toward the establishment of the Anti-Church

(From Daily Mail UK) “Pope Francis has fuelled speculation that he could resign after postponing a trip to Africa and announcing an unusual meeting of cardinals.”

“Hobbled by pain in his knee and forced to use a wheelchair in recent weeks, the 85-year-old pontiff postponed a July trip to the Democratic Republic of Congo and South Sudan last week.”

“He also announced an unusual decision to hold a consistory to name new cardinals during a Vatican vacation month and arranged meetings to ensure his reforms stay intact.”

And there is this from Megyn Kelly (American Journalist) posted an hour ago

Update June 2022 No.2

Seems he does not intend to resign after all


115 thoughts on “June 2022 Update: Discerning the Construct and the Defeat of the Anti-Church in the Era of the Two Popes

  1. In the eschatological chess game, inevitably your site will be monitored for counterplay. Metaphorically, Gandolf will sell Sargon a dummy run. Hence the wondering and expectant faithful, may be temporarily short footed, however this can only magnify the Holy workings of the highest Heavens.. Praise and glory to the Christ, our Lord and Master.Second guessing dates and times may elude us. We may not know the day or the hour but that does not preclude the month or the year. May our God go with us. Blessed is the Mother of the Son of Man.

  2. Uauuu I think the same since Benedict resign. Also I think about the words of father malachi that Satan will be in the high of the Church. And I ask me, if Satan were in the Church as a Pope how will act? Not like fire and saying blasfemies, he Will conduct give the Church to the error to divinify the humans and to have more freedom in issues like abortion, gay marriage… Sounds similar like Francis is doing! I think yes

      • Hi Enrico I will not recommend this book from this french writer, many false seer and apparations are listed, this is also a devote of Father Laurentin known also for having been a great supporter of Medjugorje, thank you

        • Hi Aviso,

          I understand your point of view, and I also had some reservations (not about Medjugorje, which I consider a true apparition, even if highly manipulated and devastated by the very poor attitude of some of the seers there, but, for example, about Father Rodriguez, that to me is a dangerous deceiver).
          I believe that the book (or at least a look at the video), nonetheless, can be useful because Rene Laurentin had a very good connection with the Vatican and was in possession of a huge archive of documents on Marian apparitions, some not of general domain (the author, which used to work for decades as Laurentin’s secretary, claims he had access to 120.000 pages of documentation related to Marian apparitions, some of them restricted or secret).
          I found particularly interesting, at the end of the video, the one and only timing reference contained in the book: apparently Our Lord Jesus has revealed to Marie Julie Jahenny that the events culminating in the three days of darkness, which will put an end to the Chastisement and will take place in the final stage of the end of the times, will happen from the year 80 to the year 83 (not specifying the starting point from which the time span has to be counted). In the author’s opinion, that they have to be computed from Marie Julie’s death (4 March 1941) which bring: Spring 2021-Spring 2024: a timing compatible with the hope many of us share about next year as the one of the Miracle.
          In summary, if one reads the book (or have a look at the video) he/she should apply the due discernment.

          As regards other recent comments on this Blog, I would like to stress the fact that Bergoglio has been clever to pursue his goal go be the first ‘pope’ to visit Moscow: saying that he would like to go, but ‘Putin’ does not agree, he is putting the blame on the Russian leader for the missing visit. This might press Putin to accept, sooner or later.
          WHEN? I believe that this will happen once Russia will reach his objective in terms of land conquest (which will include, for example, Odessa), preventing Ukraine from an access to the sea. At that point, likely, Russia will set an ultimatum to the Western powers. Such ultimatum should sound like: either the international community, and particularly Europe, accepts that Russia maintains certain territories, or it will be total war. THIS WILL BE THE TIME WHEN ‘PUTIN’ WILL ACCEPT TO MEET BERGOGLIO, also to give momentum to his proposal. We know from Our Lady how it will end: the proposal will be refused, and the conflict will rapidly spread to Europe.

          So we have go wait a little bit more: I thus agree with Aviso’s timing: within the end of this year. Russia might attack several NATO counties during the freezing Winter, after having completely cut the gas exports to Europe.

          God bless! Let’s pray.

          • Hi Enrico, Medjugorje is false and I said it to all of you from the beginning and to me Pedro Regis as well to whom you are probably a devote but correct me if I am wrong, for the rest but this is my opinion only, Kirill will never accept a trip of Francis to Moscow but Putin maybe, Kirill knows like you and me that he is heretic and probably not the Pope of the Catholic church which I said to all of you from the beginning as well, so Francis will probably travel to Kiev only but to Moscow I want to see it then I will beleive it only, remember Kirill is a very good and close friend of Pope Benedict, so a 3rd nuclear World war probably but before it, the Pope will Travel to Russia as a last chance to avoid it, thank you.

            • Hi Aviso,

              Thank you for asking. I am a bit reluctant to deal with the argument of Medjugorje or Anguera (Pedro Regis) on this Blog because I respect (and, in a sense share) your choice to focus mainly on Garabandal, Fatima (and Akita). But, as you ask me, here it is my opinion:
              – Medjugorje: I fully share the official position recently adopted by the Church, in synthesis: the apparitions were originally of Supernatural origin, then something happened and now they cannot considered anymore as such. The reason, to me, is the following: some if the seers have used for personal (mainly economic) advantage the “gift” from God, started to manipulate some messages to their own wish (which is a proved fact) and used their popularity to make money and vain personal visibility. Personally, I do not follow their messages anymore, because I currently found them concretely useless, not in line with the urgency of the dramatic situation of the Church and the World and, thus, not to be considered carefully. If Our Lady still appears there, I obviously do not know, but in any case I would have grounded and serious doubt about the way the messages would be reported to the general public, especially now that MedjugorJe has became, de facto, a Bergoglian propaganda machine and are thus certainly filtered and manipulated. To me, thus, not to be considered seriously anymore.
              – Anguera: the situation, in this case, is more complex, to me. The alleged apparitions in Anguera apparently started only 6 years later than Medjugorje, on 29 September 1987 (nearly 25 years ago) but hit the headlines many years later (while Medjugorje almost immediately gained worldwide popularity). So far, there have allegedly been more than 5.300 messages, which are immediately published and available on an official message. Apparently, not a single message has never been edited or removed, even when they could appear not very credible (for example when they announced, sometimes in plain sight, the future advent of a false pope, STARTING FROM 2005, nearly 8 years before Bergoglio appeared on the scene: see, for example, message n. 2.505 of 4 April 2005 as subsequenly explained by Pedro Regis). The first striking anticipation of the evil ‘papacy’ of Bergoglio, however, apparently happened much before in 1992 (around TWENTY YEARS AGO, when allegedly Our Lady had warned about a ‘very bad fact’ that ‘in that very moment’ (of the apparition) something really bad for the Church was happening (that was, in fact, the very moment when Bergoglio was appointed Bishop: without that freemasons-sponsored move of 1992 (strongly opposed by the then Superior General of the Gesuit, who considered Bergoglio a psycologically unstable man and a compulsive liar but remained unheard, we all would be much better-off today). To sum-up: differently than the seers of Medjugorje, which I all met several times since 1992, I do not know personally Pedro Regis, and I have not read (and probably never will) the several thousands of messages as published in the official website of Anguera. Nonetheless, most of the times that I made a search, based on keywords, on that huge archive available online, I found interesting prophecy hints that seems to be fulfilled or be about to be fulfilled, especially as regard the evolution of the geopolitical situation. Moreover, the attitude of the local bishop is in general favorable, which should be considered a positive sign. Personally, I suspend for the time being my judgment on Anguera, even if I follow with interest, from time to time, the messages, contrarily to what I do with Medjugorje, which I currently ignore.

              Coming to another issue: Kirill is an ex KGB agent, as many in the high hierarchy of the orthodox church: when “Putin”, whose origin specimen was a KGB agent as sell, will receive Bergoglio, Kirill will certainly agree…no doubt about that (as he did in the past, when the two met in Cuba, at a time when the relations between the Vatican and Russia were less tense).

              God bless! Let’s pray.

              • Long message Enrico, de facto I will reply Aviso way only and you probably knows me very well now, Medjugorje is evil and Pedro Regis as well, here it is about our Lady of Mount Carmel only, thank you.

                • In fact, dear Aviso, I know you and appreciate your straight and outspoken attitude.
                  God bless. Let’s pray!

                    • On this, dear Aviso, you are wrong: Kirill IS an (ex) KGB agent, with a personal wealth overseas of millions of dollars. Most of the ‘pastors’ of the orthodox church are: it was a way for Communism to control people and they are the same persons as before the fall of the Berlin wall: otherwise, why do you think Our Lady said Russia has to convert? In moral terms, they are much better than their catholic counterpart…but…

                      I might not be sure when and where Our Lady come to this dimension (I can’t)…but I have connections with some intelligence apparatus…I know what I say.

                      But, obviously, you may believe it or not…

                      God bless! Let’s pray.

                    • Aviso, you have proven yourself to have better discernment than most of us. Like you, I am a convert to Catholicism, and when you started this blog, I was a daily communicant at the local Novus ordo. Now I drive 2 hrs to attend Traditional Latin Mass. I am certainly a follower of Our Lady of Garabandal. Medjugorje is evil, for sure. I’ve never looked into Pedro Regis.

              • Sorry if I ‘reply’ to myself, but I would like to comment a bit on Claudia, whose posts I often appreciate and, in part, to Aviso. I do this not to kick-off a discussion, but for my love for the Truth. I wonder if everybody knows that, even when the Church fully approve an apparition, as for example in Fatima, the Church itself does not certify that the Madonna appears (it couldn’t: it is not in its mandate from Our Lord) but simply that the messages there are fully in line with the Holy Scriptures, the Tradition and, in general, the so called “public revelation”. This is essentially because one of the main tasks of the Church is to preserve and interpret the ‘depositum fidei”, namely what God the Father revealed to us trough His Holy Son plus the right Tradition and Magisterium: the Church does not have the GPS to track Our Lady moves!
                Now, one thing is to say that one does not believe in one apparition (which is always possible: a Catholic can be skeptical about, say, Fatima and still be fully in communion with the Church: believing in any apparition is not necessary for salvation even when the apparition is authentic), or to identify certain critical aspects in one or more messages. Another thing, though, is to say that an apparition is “evil”.
                In the case of Medjugorje, to define it ‘evil’ sounds to me really excessive, and too superficial. In Medjugorje, several millions of people converted themselves, some of them in a very profound and convincing way. Moreover, Medjugorje remains still today a place of prayer, fasting, repentance and graces.
                If you are interested, have a look on Youtube to the video titled “MEDJUGORJE: DRAMA ON APPARITION HILL.” (I do no report the link, in order to respect the editorial line of this blog) recently posted there: in the middle of the alleged apparition, a possessed young woman start screaming in a bestial way: would this be possible if there was not an holy presence in that place?
                Whoever has direct experience of exorcisms, as I do having helped some of the best Italian exorcists also recently, can easily reply to the question.
                God bless! Let’s pray and, please, do not blame me for speaking my mind in the name of the Truth.

                • Hi Enrico, I understand your position and I have been myself in Medjugorje for investigation in 2008 by memory, this is not our Lady like the Lady who convert me in Garabandal, in other words the Mother of God, this is a evil apparition, many messages are heretic as well, Father Gruner to whom I was myself a devote, I learned all from Father, told us many times that it is evil, our Lady does not talk that way and for so many years…etc…for the conversions this is a fact and good but they convert because of their faith not because of this apparition, as simple as that, de facto this is the last comment I will publish about this topic, thank you.

                  • Aviso, thank you for always staying with Our Lady of Mt. Carmel, which is to say, Our Lady of Garabandal.

                    Enrico, I appreciate many of your posts as well. For the record, I, too, worked with exorcist priests who invited me to be part of the deliverance team which I did for a period of time. I left the ministry because everyone in there believes in M, which I do not. Fr. Ripperger is the most credible in this arena, in my opinion, and he has a talk which you can find about discernment.

                    • Dear Claudia,

                      This is especially for you, that drive 2 hours to attend the Traditional Mass: in alternative, you might consider (I am obviously joking) to go to Crotone (Italy) and attend this ‘rite’ (I don’t how to define it even if, sadly, Our Lord transustantiate Himself even there) on the beach with an inflatable mattress used like an altar:
                      Let’s all pray for this dumb priest who risk to go to hell, together with the young people he is supposed to graze, for his stupid attitude.

                      Fortunately, in the South of Italy, there is also something better. Don Alessandro Minutella (in Sicily, very close to Calabria) which, after TWO excommunications (one more than Luther) has recently been reduced to the lay state (the greatest canonical sanction, usually reserved to priests that marry a woman) for having denounced loudly Bergoglio as an usurper of the Peter’s throne. This Friday, at 21:15 Rome Time, don Alessandro will deal with the ‘Aviso’ of Garabandal in his Youtube channel (to be hopefully followed by who understands Italian):
                      In his catechesis, he will put the ‘Warning’ in relation to the three days of darkness and to the Apocalypse of Saint John the Evangelist and the letters of Saint Paul the Apostle of the Gentiles.

                      God bless! Let’s pray!

                    • Thank you Enrico and back to our Lady of Mount Carmel, with her we are safe please be sure of it so stay with us because the holy battle just start, the Bergoglio and company are on the way of their perdition quite soon now, this destroyer should remain in the history of the Church as the worst false Pope, it is why I fight him from day 1, evil from the beginning and evil he will end.
                      By the way I appreciate Father Alessandro, a holy Priest on his way to Heaven, if you know him, please ask him to pray for me, thank you.

                  • Hi Aviso,
                    I will certainly ask don Alessandro to pray for you, this blog and all its readers.
                    God bless! Let’s pray.

                    • Dear All,

                      Don Alessandro has anticipated to yesterday his meditation on the ‘Warning’.
                      For whoever is interested and understand Italian, here it is:

                      God bless. Let’s pray.

                    • A simple note…a funny one, if you wish…
                      There were online on 3-023 persons assisting live to the youtube podcast of don Alessandro (who, by the way, has himself ‘interior locutions’ and might know more than what he speaks).
                      Don Alessandro has repeatedly stated that he deems the Warning is near.
                      Could it be in 2-023, slightly before the Miracle, as some of us hope?
                      God bless. Let’s pray.

  3. John Paul II appears to cloistered Nun.

    I have posted this comment here because it was as a Cardinal that he prophesied about the anti-church, or as Blessed Anne Catherine Emmerich called it the Dark Church.

    During this apparition Sr Benedicta asks “Holy Father, is Benedict XVI still Pope?”

    He replied: “Yes”.
    Sister Benedicta: “Holy Father, then who is Pope Francis?”

    He responded: “Humanity has freely chosen its own scourge of purification and God has allowed it to be. With it, they are fulfilling The Scriptures”.

    The truth of this apparition has to be discerned of course.

    Sr Benedicta asks a few more questions, the whole transcript of the event can be watched in Spanish or read in English at the below link. I’m sure you will find it interesting


    God bless

    • Dear Pete,

      Thank you very much indeed. I was aware of this beautiful and meaningful apparition of JPII, even if the version I got, from a trustful source, was sligtly different in one point: in the version in my possession JPII confessed of having passsed ’16 years’ in the flames of Purgatory (it’s true 16 years, compared to eternity, are a ‘small period’) but, more importantly, that he has been saved only by the intervention of Our Lady during his personal judgment: she apparently interceded in virtue of the many Rosaries JPII had prayed during his whole life, othersise he would have ended up in hell (knowing someting about JPII which is not of public domain, I tend to rely on the version in my possession). The important thing to know, however, is that he is now in the Glory of God as a glorified pope.

      The published version has been likely amended in order to avoid controversy (in the prevailing Varican 2.0 narrative, JPII has died as a great saint). It is worth noting, however, that the story might have been slightly manipulated.

      A wonderful story anyhow!

      God bless. Let’s pray!

      • Hi Anonymous

        I must admit, when one reads such regarding the judgement of a man who devoted his life to the Church, I really do fear if I will be permitted to enter Purgatory. Heaven is too far a distant land I dare not hope for. I wholly understand why the Disciples asked Jesus “How can anyone be saved!”

        I have thought more often recently about the dream I shared earlier this month, that the sufferings I saw Our Lady endure symbolised the pain She bears for my salvation.

        God have mercy on me

        God Bless

        • God have e merci on us all!

          But, please, do not fear! Being a pope in certain times, as the the ones we are leaving in, may prove difficult…and compromises might be a temptation difficult to win.

          I do not want to enter into details but, believe me, JPII really risked to go to hell!!! Fortunately, we all have a powerful and merciful Mother and Qeen, who has promised to save us if we consecrate to Her, which we have done, to the best of our very little possibilities.

          Really, we do not have anythjng to fear, if we persevere until the end.

          Sursum cordam! God bless you and your family!!! Let’s stay in communion of prayer!

        • From today’s ‘Libero’ (prominent Italian newspaper)…google transled:

          “3.30 pm – Mayor of Kiev: We are looking for a date to visit Pope Francis “I have already invited Pope Francis, I have sent him a formal letter. It would be a very powerful signal to have it here. This would be a very important symbolic visit, which would bring peace to our country. His is an international figure.” So the mayor of Kiev, Vitali Klitschko, guest of Sky Tg24 Live In Bari, reiterating that the presence of the Holy Father in Kiev “would bring peace to Ukraine because the whole world watches him, the whole world listens to his words. We have received some information that they are trying to find a date,” the mayor continued, “if by any chance a decision is made, it would be truly wonderful to welcome them here, to bring peace to Europe. Let us not forget, please, that this war is the largest in Europe since the Second World War,” he concluded.”

          Apparently is a matter of ‘when’, not ‘if’. Kiev was, at the of Garabandal apparitions, part of Russia.

          God bless. Let’s pray!

  4. Dear Pete,
    I understand that I have posted several contributions recently, and that’s probably why you filtered my last one. Nonetheless, as I deem it interesting, I insist. Sorry about that.
    Here it is, again:

    “For whomever reads Italian, I reccommend the following article (and the relative book) from the author himself:
    Here sysntetized, unfortunately in Italian, by don Minutella:

    Below some English summary of the book:
    Let’s pray! God bless.”

  5. Again on ‘Synodality’. Bergoglio is evil, but clever. He promotes heresy and pastoral malpractice continuosly, but he is always ready to pull back and deny responsibility, if something goes wrong.
    Let’s consider what he recently dicatated about the synod’s works and votes:
    …the vote of the synod fathers, “if morally unanimous, has an ecclesial qualitative weight that overcomes the merely formal aspect of the consultative vote” … The Final Document is submitted to the approval of the Members under the norm of the particular law, seeking as far as possible moral unanimity.”
    In other words: it the bishops (apponinted by Bergoglio and that will fall in immediate disgrace to his eyes if they fail to vote as he wants…) reach the ‘moral unanimity’ (note the ambiguity of the concept, which allows to ignore the stance of a minority of inspired ‘dissidents’…), their views (by essence consutative because the decision on such matters should be up to the pope only…) becomes, instead, ‘magisterium’…As the bishops have to reach, almost at all costs, ‘moral unanimity’, the ones between them that don’t agree to the Bergoglian ideas will be exposed, ostracized, removed from their office, restricted in their mobility (as has recently happened: https://onepeterfive.com/tosatti-vatican-unofficially-restricts-bishop-schneider-cardinal-burke/their ‘career’), etc… and their ‘career’ will abruptly end!
    Thus Bergoglio could continue promotig and implementing heresies without the risk of being personally considered accountable and thus risking to be declared self-deposed as an apostate. Unfortunately for him, I believe that Our Lord has other plans for His Church…
    The full article:
    The masonic principle of ‘collegiality’ applyed to Sacred doctine…What a shame!
    Let’s pray. God bless.

    • Our Lord, as usual, visited His unfaithful servant bishop Malone with His Mercy:

      He will persish in etrenal flames if he does not repent adequately SOON.
      God bless.

  6. In my opinion, a future (2019) ‘Synod’ to be monitored closely:
    Apparently, Bergoglio&Co are using this occasion to further promote their ‘ecologistic’ ideology and to push for marriage of ‘priests’ (=transform the Deacons, which can be married, in ‘Viri Probati’, a sort of substitute for priests).
    Card. Hummes ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cl%C3%A1udio_Hummes ), of jewish origins, is frantically pulling the strings almost in secret amongst is fellow-bishop in Latin-America. The ‘experimentation’ could start from the Amazon region, structurally short of priests. Again here we have a ‘facade’ widows (ecologism) hiddening the real purpose (attempt to the sacrality of the Sacrament of Ordination).
    Let’s stay vigilant. Let’s pray!
    God bless.

  7. Brief: Bergoglio appears silent in this moment but its ‘New’ (=FALSE) church is running at full gear:
    1. A ‘Master’ in ‘Pastoral Management’ from the most prominent Vatican University https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pontifical_Lateran_University (no, it’s not a joke, folks!):
    Te ‘master’ seems to have an international vocation but for the moment it doesn’t teach/advertise in English: let’s hope they will learn a bit the most prominent international language to get more visibility. The basic idea: transfer to the pastoral experience the economic, communication and advertising techniques applied by the big commercial enterprises. An initiave which might raise the consensus of the secular world but, unfortunately, has nothing to do with the Holy Spirit.
    In Belgium and Germany: clear push for the ordination of married men and, possibly, women (Italian article below):
    An, finally, (unfortuately only in Italian): the covered attempt to silently justify homosexuality amongst priests:
    God bless! Let’s pray!

  8. In a week or so the new Sanhedrin ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sanhedrin ), an attempt to revive the ancient tribunal that, amogst other things, condamned Our Lord to death, will ‘cosacrate’ (in their view) the stone altar on which orthodox jews plan to reinstate the animal scarifices in the upcoming (third) temple which they plan to rebuild.
    The representatives of 70 nations have been invited (I hope that much less will actually participate in the end!).
    The news is, to me, interesting insofar the rebuilding of the (third) temple in christian prophecy is often associated to the appearance of the antichrist on the global scene:
    We are living apochalyptic times. Let’s pray!
    God bless.

    • Dear Anonymous. I haven’t published the link attached to your comment below as I’m not French speaking. Perhaps Aviso will post the link once he has reviewed.

      God bless

      “Garabandal will not be reachable from France at the time of the Miracle, due to a civil war. We might be very close to that point according to Gen.Tauzin:”

      • Anonymous and Pete
        Over the weekend I read some tantalizing news that Pope Francis will release a book soon and one of the quotes in the book is from Pope Francis, something like this “There is no place in the seminaries and novitiate for those with an affinity for a life of homosexuality and for those homosexuals that who are now ordained priests and nuns they must choose a celibate lifestyle”.
        Supposedly the book will be published in thirteen languages, I am hoping that the snippet I provided is truly substantiated.

        • Dear Ross,
          Probably the new is true, but this looks like a ‘damage control’ operation. Bergoglio is always very careful not to be involved in the consequences of his own initiatives…
          The lobbies gay are the Vatican ‘deep state’: to get rid of them goes far beyond publishing with one’s name a book written by others.
          But, let’s not loose hope and keep praying.
          God bless.

        • Hi Ross and All

          Synodality is the cement in the foundations and pillars supporting the Construction of the Anti Church. As you now know, it is being erected within the haloed halls of Christ’s Church and in such a fashion as to hide the Holy Sanctuary, the Holy of Holies. It’s light, His Light will be become so hidden by this diabolical construction that it will seem to all that It is completely extinguished. Woe to a World without this Light, what horrors man will inflict, what evils will be accommodated redefined as good and true, so many souls will perish lured and seduced as they are in to irreversible error by thier misguided Shepherds.

          When our Lord was accused by the Jews of being in league with Satan as the means by which He cast out demons, Our Lord said, a house divided on it self cannot stand.

          And so it is that the Secret Sect intends to divide the house. It, as long planned, has now ensconced itself within-in, hidden behind the Sacred Vestments of the Priest. It has done so in order that it might more easily bring down the House of God through the seduction of prelates who are weak in the practice of their faith and duties, of the lacklustre and lukewarm, the indifferent who unwittingly accept evil as a good (evil redefined as as a mercy and an accompaniment), those consecrated souls and the congregations who are blindly accepting of novelty, worldly sentimentalism, idolatry and all kinds of heterodoxy. And ultimately by the act of obedience to the Seat of St Peter, will arise widespread error.

          With authority dispersed to each house, each standing by its preferred ordinances, observances and interpretations of orthodoxy, no two houses will be united, no Church will be united, no single certainty of Truth will be observable or discoverable, the flock will be struck, dispersed seemingly without its Shepherd. Schism will reign supreme.

          Beware Synodality, it is the name of the Serpent and by its poison Diocese will embrace and promote irregularities such as same sex marriage, adulterous relationships, false ecumenism, contraception, reduction of the Sacraments, especially that of Marriage, Reconciliation and of course the Holy Eucharist.

          I ask you, remind yourself, What is the incomplete phrase attributed to the Third Secret of Fatima? Know it and know what is said here is true and a Warning.

          Pray with each other dear friends of Garabandal though we are separated by distance and time. But do not be anxious of anything. This Tribulation leading to “Aviso” and The Miracle is primarily a spiritual one. Nations will always be in conflict until the time of peace following The Miracle and later once again as a leading up to the End of the World. Life and death come and go, how it comes to us resides in the Mercy of God and is always a blessing. You are Loved Supremely, your well-being is minutely cared for, have no fear, be at peace. You reside hidden beneath the Mantle of The Blessed Virgin, bound to Her Immaculate Heart and The Sacred Heart of Jesus. In all this darkness and that to come, you will remain in His Light, you will not be permitted to err. But pray as often as you can, avail yourself of the Sacraments as often as you can, arm yourself with the Company of St Michael the Great Archangel, the intercession of St Jeoseph, spouse most chaste and the recitation of the Holy Rosary weekly at least, daily if you can.

          Please pray for me too

          God bless you all

          • Just in case you should be in any doubt about the direction of travel during these turbulent times.

            Remember though, as you read, it is The Lord that guides this Ship and holds steadfast a watchful eye and loving concern upon on all, its crew and its passengers.


            See the General is positioning his storm troopers and once all the ‘right minded’ Cardinals and Bishops are in place, synodality will be enacted not by mandate but subtly, by an indirect implied approval (as with AL and Communion for those re-married, Lutherans and select Protestants married to Catholics). Do they not see that he is manipulating them, they, not he will introduce the practice of error; they, not he will be the Captains of Schism; they, not he will seduce many in to Apostasy; they, not he will accompany many souls along the road to perdition and in to Hell Fire if they do not waken to the hour.

            And yet as I write these things, I ask my self in the quiet moments, “is this General genuinely misguided, a reluctant product of his circumstances, an innocent who is directing The Church with best intentions at heart? Can I count on him as truly a man of God, a Priest chosen and consecrated by Heaven, Graced, aflame with the love of God and surely desirous of a holy life for himself and all mankind?”

            He is after all and in the end, like all of us, hoping to be saved, prone to error, to fall, to having always to be ready to get up and start over again and again after each and every fall,…. except that is, his searching, falling and beginnings are so often under public scrutiny, what pain he must suffer and tears he sheds in the quiet hours of the night.

            Is it better therefore, not to participate in such speculation of the man, to finally, once and for all, turn away from all this conflict, out-with and within, and just be content to do one’s best, to return to living a quiet and private life, one of work and prayer, to offer intercession and humble penances as requested? After all what is achieved here with all this talk? Are my concerns and criticisms of these consecrated persons misplaced, ill judged, tempting my condemnation?

            Oh Lord, I wish I knew, that I had certainty, one way or another.

            Loving God, loving one another, without exceptions. A faith lived in the Holy accompaniment of The Blessed Mother of God, the Angels and the Saints is all that matters in the end, not my ill-informed opinions.

            God have mercy on me.

            • My dear Pete!
              Wonderdul and profound words! Thanks!
              Unfortunately, I cannot presume Bergoglio good faith: one way or another (we’ll probably never know), misteriosly enough, he should have given voluntarily his sould to the devil and if he will not repent soon, it will shortly be too late…
              As regards turning away from all this conflict: I wish we could right now. But we are in the middle of the final battle…rest will be possible afterwards: now we have to fight.
              God bless! Stay strong! Let’s pray!

          • An announcement that is going to fuel controversy was aired tonight on the national news (22/10/20), ref the documentary ‘Francisco’ in which is covered Pope Francis’ alleged hope for legislation supporting same sex civil unions. Worryingly, such statements attributed to the Pope, may in time lead toward an expectation that Priests are to formally bless these relationships. If so we would witness yet another impossible ask heading toward Prelates to embrace heterodoxy and potentially material heresy.

            If only the documentary had represented what we all agree to be true, that every person without distinction of culture, gender or indeed perceived sexual orientation unequivocally deserves to belong to a loving family and is immeasurably loved by God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit and that in Baptismal welcome to be a member of the Body of Christ, like all, is still obliged to keep all the Commandments, Ordinances and Observances as laid down by God unchanged since the creation of man, it would have remained within the Doctrinal Catechesis of the Apostolic Church. But no the documentary portrays a Pope that teaches that, that which we have been taught as sinful, is now in his alleged opinion, no longer to be so. The film thereby implies, (as he seems to have done in the case of adultery), that in this matter, revealed truths from Sacred Scripture and the teaching of the Holy Spirit in the formation of the Church have all been in error since their beginning. That, God by implication of the Pope’s supposed words must, for reasons only known to Pope Francis, have mislead all of mankind from the very start. Regrettably if all this is true, it represents a familiar take not dissimilar to his theme in his sermon at Domus Santae Marthae on the 20 December, whereby he speculates that Mary the Mother of God in Her silence before Her Crucified Son only understood the ancient Testimony of the Prophets and His Eternal Kingship in earthly, temporal terms and thereby “wanted to say, ‘lies! I have been cheated!”

            This Pope does ferment an opinion of him being a captain of chaos since, he does at times offer wonderful reflections on many topics in line with orthodoxy, whilst on other occasions pronounces or tempts heterodox views and opinions that come very close to outright heresy. I wonder what will now be the consequent fallout in the Church and the impact his supposed words will have on an impious world that already grows more confident in its’ cruelty toward those Christians, Catholic or otherwise that, would dare raise a word of caution in regard to this Pope’s past and latest pronouncements!

            What a mess!
            We can only but continue to pray for him and for all
            God bless

          • Thanks Michael. (your reply under the Article Vote Trump)

            Speaking of his pastoral approach in an interview with filmmaker Evgeny Afineevsky, the Pope said “Homosexuals have a right to be a part of the family…..Nobody should be thrown out, or be made miserable because of it.”

            Pope Francis by this alleged statement seems to misrepresent pastoral correction regarding sinful behavior as also being tantamount to wholesale rejection of the person as a redeemed child of God and member (if they so wish) of the Church, which is utter nonsense. This failing fuels the false accusation of bigotry and hate toward those who form our consciences in the light of God’s Commandments; which are for our salvation not our condemnation. You know, we cant have what we always want, because often what we want for ourselves or others, (even with the best of intentions), is simply not permitted by Our Eternal Father and has no place in His Kingdom. If this Truth makes us miserable, then so be it, for in doing so it bears witness to our not understanding God’s Divine Love and the purpose of His Commandments.

            Jesus said. “If anyone loves Me, he will keep My word. My Father will love him, and we will come to him and make Our home with him. If you keep My commandments, you will remain in My love, just as I have kept My Father’s commandments and remain in His love.

            I fear now where this documentary statement of Pope Francis on support for a law granting ‘civil unions’ will lead, (regardless of it possibly being out of context and not accurately representative of his view), and the consequences for our Priests who in good conscience cannot bless such unions if this indeed becomes a desired outcome in the future. You can bet your bottom dollar there will be those who will certainly delight in testing the Church in this regard.

            God bless

            • On Feburary 16, 2008, Cardinal Carlo Caffara (Archbishop of Bologna), after a Mass celebrated at the tomb of St. Pio of Pietrelcina, granted an interview to Tele Radio Padre Pio, which was subsequently reported in the monthly magazine “Voce di Padre Pio” March, 2008 . Here is a significant excerpt courtesy of (Rorate-Caeli blogspot)

              Q. There is a prophecy by Sister Lucia dos Santos, of Fatima, which concerns “the final battle between the Lord and the kingdom of Satan”. The battlefield is the family. Life and the family. We know that you were given charge by John Paul II to plan and establish the Pontifical Institute for the Studies on Marriage and the Family.

              Cardinal Carlo: “Yes, I was. At the start of this work entrusted to me by the Servant of God John Paul II, I wrote to Sister Lucia of Fatima through her Bishop as I couldn’t do so directly. Inexplicably however, since I didn’t expect an answer, seeing that I had only asked for prayers, I received a very long letter with her signature – now in the Institute’s archives. In it we find written: the final battle between the Lord and the reign of Satan will be about marriage and the family. Don’t be afraid, she added, because anyone who works for the sanctity of marriage and the family will always be fought and opposed in every way, because this is the decisive issue. And then she concluded: however, Our Lady has already crushed its head.”

              Let us also not forget the prophesy from our Lady of Good Success:
              “Thus I make it known to you that from the end of the 19th century and shortly after the middle of the 20th century…the passions will erupt and there will be a total corruption of morals… As for the Sacrament of Matrimony, which symbolizes the union of Christ with His Church, it will be attacked and deeply profaned. Freemasonry, which will then be in power, will enact iniquitous laws with the aim of doing away with this Sacrament, making it easy for everyone to live in sin and encouraging procreation of illegitimate children born without the blessing of the Church… In this supreme moment of need for the Church, the one who should speak will fall silent [Pope Benedict XVI?].”

              To my mind these prophesies alone speak volumes adding significance to the alleged pronouncement of Pope Francis and it being a clear marker of where we are in regard to the Signs of the Times and our drawing closer to the final completion of the Anti-Church, its absolute demise and glorious Triumph of the Immaculate Heart.

              Living in sure hope
              God bless
              PS I moved my comments away from the Trump Article to this one as it’s more pertinent to the topic under discussion

              • Dear All
                May I recommend you read the Catholic World Report at the below link. According to their report it could be the case that the filmmaker Evgeny Afineevsky may have used and taken out of context comments that appear to have come from Pope Francis during a 2019 interview with the Mexican journalist Valentina Alazraki. Of note however the report also states, ‘the Pope’s comments have not been disputed by the Vatican despite multiple requests for clarity.’


                Clearly we need clarity. Already, some of the UK’s press are lauding as ‘gospel’ what may yet prove to be misrepresented statements from the Pope. The columnist of one paper I read today has pointed the accusatory finger, homophobia and haters at those Catholics who hold to the millennial teaching of the Church concerning ‘complementarity’ in respect of marriage and courtship.

                We wait and pray.
                God bless
                PS. in light of the above report I have updated my previous comments to reflect the current uncertainty the article expresses.

      • Sorry, Pete…
        It was too long to be translated, and I had no time…In extreme synthesis Gen.Tauzin ( https://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Didier_Tauzin ), former commander in chief of the French Army, also expert in important covered operations as it is the case for the French role in the Rwanda civil war (pls. remember the apparitiond of Our Lady in Kibeho http://www.kibeho-cana.org/a-brief-history-of-the-apparitions-of-our-lady-of-kibeho/ ), warned publicly about the consistent risk of intelligence infiltration of the ‘yellow-jacket’ protest that might transform it ‘in a single night’ in an open civil war. He speaks out of his own, direct, experience (and past involvment).
        Very recently at the G20 Trump cancelled unilaterally and without notice a private meeting with Putin due to the Ukranian escalation, stressing the need of ‘goog relations’ with China and Russia, hinting at the fact that probably these relations are recently rapidly deteriorating.
        As one might conclude from the video you published about the youth synod, some bishops are starting to get sick about the Bergoglian manipuations (they refused to introduce the LGBT terminology in the final document and mildly rebelled to the idea of ‘synodalisation’ of the Doctrine, an astuce often used by Bergoglio to make his own ‘reforms’ appear the product of an ecclesial dialogue instead of the fruit of his own malice (as they are!). This creates the premises for an ‘imperfect synod’ that might produce a schism and may come at any time: there is no need to disclose its preparation in advance…
        The mix is explosive, and we might soon assist to a precipitation of the events.
        Against this background, the last date proposed by Aviso in one of the articles he published on this blog:
        should still be considered carefully.
        One only had to ackownledge:
        – that the Warning and the Miracle will happen on the SAME (calendar) year (Mari Loli);
        – that the martyr of the Eucharist is not Spanish, and he is not Saint Tarcisius either, but he is instead Saint Stanislaus;
        – that the situation could precipitate at any moment, without notice.
        Let’s stay vigilant.
        Let’s pray!
        God bless.

    • Very good. I think it noteworthy that many not canonically trained have an innate instinct that won’t go away no matter how hard they may chose to ignor it. That if Pope Benedict and ‘Pope’ Francis were to make a statement contrary to one another on the same matter of scripture or doctrine, people’s instinct would be to listen and applaud Bendedict but question and dismiss Francis. In other words people would gravitate first to Pope Benedict XVI and view anything said by ‘Pope’ Francis in the light of Pope Benedict’s words, not vice-versa. Why? Because the Spirit informs the people of God that, Cardinal Raztinger is first and foremost the Pope above all others. The Holy Spirit is THE Authority in The Church, and He instils in the hearts of all those who wish to be faithful a holy instict as to that which is true and that which is not.

      You may also like to read https://remnantnewspaper.com/web/index.php/articles/item/4226-the-pope-who-would-destroy-the-church

      The article even recounts an apocalyptic theme albeit to make a point on ‘Pope’ Francis’ miss-contextualisation of St Peter’s statements rather than an opinion on future events

      God bless

      • Pete,
        these wise words of yours are the most consoling I have encountered in regard to the current crisis of the papacy. We are sheep without a shepherd. I have not even dared to mention this topic to my confessor at an FSSP parish. You are right to note that so many of us are not canonically trained and this is a weakness that leaves us vulnerable to attack. In my case, as a survivor of sexual abuse whose family has circled the wagons around the perpetrator, I cannot afford to lose my relationship with a good traditionalist pastor and confessor by speaking what is on my mind and heart on this topic of the papacy. The possibility of getting scolded and marginalized is too much of a risk. Where can any of us turn? I await the events of Garabandal urgently to unfold, as it appears they are close at hand. God bless us all.

        • Evening Anonymous (102).

          Firstly may I offer you my heartfelt sorrow for that suffering you have endured and possibly still suffer each time memories are stirred. You will be in my prayers in the hope that you will come to be fully at peace with this past and that justice, if you desire it, will be served in this life.

          I understand your dilemma concerning whether or not to discuss your concerns about this Papacy with your confessor. In essence it comes down to the character of your Pastor of which you will be the best judge.

          If it helps, I can tell you that I was in the same position, that is needing to seek pastoral guidance in relation to my growing I’ll feeling toward ‘Pope’ Francis which, was a direct result of the confussion he seemed to be intentionally sowing. My confessor is the Chancellor and Cannon Lawyer for the Diocese and also FSSP so I was a little nervous my self in raising this topic. Nonetheless I did, under the seal of Confession, in as charitable a fashion as possible and explained my fear that this Ill feeling was sinful, and one which I did not want to harbour. He was very understanding, expressed his own concerns in the matter and advised that the only and best solution was we both pray for the Pope often, that he might be granted true discernment. He also said that faith understands this situation is permitted by Our Lord, for our greater good, the purpose of which is still to unfold. One effect that he had discerned in the Diocese was an awakening of faith among regular churchgoers, deeper questioning, as I was doing, and evidence of younger people gravitating toward orthodoxy and shunning the current novelties and heterodoxy that are becoming prevalent. I can attest to this, my daughter enjoys spiritual reading, now attends our parish, has taken to wearing a chapel veil and receives Holy Communion on the tongue.

          If your conscience is troubled in a similar way, it would be remiss of any Pastor not to be anything other than compassionate and delighted to give you guidance. I would not however discuss this in any other forum with a Pastor other than in the Confessional.

          You will know what to do if you pray, and for sure if you pray for the Pope, whoever he is and all Priests, then you are already doing everything possible. Remember too, there is such a thing as a righteous anger toward that or who divides the people of God through sacralidge and scandal, do not feel guilty of such but do not judge or make such a thing a topic of gossip, we must not enter in to calumny or slander our brothers when they are in error; after all, do we not all live in glass houses?

          God bless

  9. For whoever might be interested and understands Italian, the interview released by Don Minutella to the main public broadcasting Italian television network further to the two excommunications by Bergoglio&Co:

    God bless…

  10. A few news from Italian newspapers, worth mentioning.
    Yesterday Bergoglio has notified to Sac. Alessandro Minutella, TWO excommunications (one would not be enough?). Those were expected since quite some time ago: Don Minutella )from Sicily, Italy) was asked to retreat his claim that Bergoglio is not the true pope in exchange for not making public the news, but he refused.
    In the meantime, a not so surprising news (considering that the Diocese of Naples is in charge of Card. Crescienzio Sepe, a freemason, strong supporter of Bergoglio&Co) hit the headlines: it seems thas some (eterosexual) orgies has taken places in ‘selected’ Naple’s Churches in occasions of the past ‘feast’ of Halloween (All Saints Day!!!):
    Also worth mentioning: Somebody in the Vatican is trying to get rid of Bergoglio via surfacing scandals. Preparation are ongoing. There is a chance for an incoming schism:
    Sorry for the links, in Italian only.
    Bergoglio is more and more appearing the perfect prototype of the ‘sheperd-idol’, as in the letter of Maria Valtorta to Pope Pius XII (1943):
    God bless. Pray like never before!

    • It’s all quite depressing really and such a cause for outrage. We must be confident however that any news is not fake, especially since topics surrounding the scandals of the Church are receiving such a high hit rate across the web, ‘it’s good for business.’

      Just a thought I had this morning, Our Lady has always said ‘Pray for the Pope’ no names. Therefore for the sake of not being tempted in to judgement when I pray for the Pope I don’t mention any name, just the Office, I don’t care who the Pope is, I pray only for the one legitimised by Heaven.

      God bless

  11. Dear Anonymous,
    Thanks for the youtube video about Akita. Akita is a true appearance of Our Very Blessed Mother.
    Actually homosexuality is perverted and a very strong sine of the endtimes.

    All for the Glory of God

  12. And so the persecution continues in China with impunity, Rome and our faith matters not one penny to them.


    You will have read about the Muslims in the poor western provinces of China, in their hundreds of thousands, being incarcerated within “re-education centres” and “voluntarily.” It will spread! The deal with Rome is almost like giving Satan a blessing. He is attacking from every possible angle with all force in every possible place, and now he is firmly a-grip of The Church, there is nothing in all places holding him back accept you, the few, by the conduct of your hidden lives, your Holy Rosaries and trust in God and The Immaculate Heart.

    Hoping to be among your number
    God bless

  13. Ugh. How long does the people of God have to be burdened with Majorgarbage. It is like a carbuncle on it’s rear.

    It is just so patently obvious:

    A) “The Madonna always stresses that there is but one God and that people have enforced unnatural separation. One cannot truly believe, be a true Christian, if he does not respect other religions as well.” (“The Apparitions of Our Lady of Medjugorje,” Franciscan Herald Press, 1984.)

    B) “The Madonna said that religions are separated in the earth, but the people of all religions are accepted by her Son.” (“The Apparitions of Our Lady of Medjugorje,” Franciscan Herald Press, 1984.)

    C) Question: “Is the Blessed Mother calling all people to be Catholic?” Answer: “No. The Blessed Mother says all religions are dear to her and her Son.” (Janice T. Connell, The Visions of the Children, The Apparitions of the Blessed Mother at Medjugorje, St. Martin’s Press, August, 1992.)

    Anyone who accepts this apparition and KNOWS what it teaches is a material heretic or a manifest heretic.

    • Dear Daniel,

      your point is true, as it is the one reported in your quotations from Medjugorje sources, if rightly intended. To be in the right Catholic perspective, one should believe:
      – that there is only one God, in three Persons Equal and Distinguished (Holy Trinity);
      – that one is saved only in Jesus Christ, Second Person of the Holy Trinity, and in virtue of His Holy Sacrifice. No other means of salvation is conceded to any of us.
      – That God reveled Himself progressively to humanity, first picking up the jews, with whom He established and Ancient Alliance and then, after the Incarnation of His Second Person, with the community of the people baptized in Jesus Christ, represented and guided legitimately on earth only by the (Roman) Catholic Church, which represent, even if in its evolution, the most perfect form o revelation available to mankind. This New (and eternal) Alliance replaces, and trascend by any means, the Old one.

      This excludes, for example: the teaching of Bergoglio, which is not a legitimate representing of the Catholic Church. On that the seers of Medjugorje, I agree with you, are not so cut clear today, but this depends on their personal lack of knowledge of the current situation of the Catholic Church (I assume not for their fault).

      This does not imply, for example:
      – that the Revelation is a completed process. Or, better, it is a completed process because in the Life and Words of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, as transmitted by the Catholic Church, we have the complete and ultimate revelation yet, but we still are incapable, and will not probably ever been until on Earth, of understanding completely it, both at a personal and at a collective level. Adhering perfectly to the (authentic) Catholic Church only grant us that we have the best currently available, not all we will ever have…Obviously, we also have more responsibility, as our means of salvation are more powerful and our mission is more important.

      Against this background, the quotations you contended are TRUE, on the plan of the personal salvation, but FALSE on the plan of true doctrine and teaching. I explain better: one can save himself if he is probe, follows the goodness inspired by his/her own conscience, provided that he put in place any effort to listen to it, even he he never has had the opportunity to know and love Our Lord Jesus Christ in His plenitude. But he/she will have to accept and love Him eventually to enter the eternal Beatitude and Contemplation of God. On the contrary, whoever has had the opportunity to know Jesus via the Catholic Church in bind to a more strict moral and dogmatic behavior. That’s why Our Lady often says, in Her apparitions, that is difficult (not impossible) to save oneself outside the Catholic Church. Conversely, the obligations of Catholics are more exigent and binding (God is just also in this perspective).

      Consider, moreover, that the seers of Medjugorje are not theologians and their affirmations, sometimes, reflect their imperfect way (from the Doctrinal point of view) of understanding the teaching of Our Lady.

      I hope this clarifies a bit. So said, if I were you, I would made some effort understand better Medjugorje and refrain to criticize it in an inappropriate and insulting way: you might regret and be ashamed of this on the Personal Judgment.

      I hope this clarifies a bit.

      You are in my prayers! God bless.

    • Exactly and well said Daniel.

      On the topic of ‘other religions’ Our Lord told Sr. Jeanne le Royer
      “You would like, My daughter,” said Jesus Christ, “to abolish scandals, all the false cults, all the sects which shame My Church, and insult the truth of the only worship I have established. that I should put an end to sin, which is the first and ever-renewing source of all disorders, the only evil in the world, the only enemy of the human race and of God himself.
      Know that in fact of religion, as in manners, man must be free to choose between good and evil; otherwise, I could not exercise My goodness or My justice. In fact, if man were not free in his actions, he could neither merit nor demerit; consequently, there would be no reward for him, neither hope nor punishment to be feared. Besides, a purely passive instrument can not render Me a homage which honors Me; his worship would never be worthy of Me.
      Similarly, if there was only one religion in the world, what would be the merit of following it, when there was no choice to be made and could not behave otherwise? “

      • Yes, James, right.

        But the process takes time. The Cathoic Church, the True Religion, started at the feet of Our Lord, from His Holy Blood and the Water coming from His Holy Body, while He was just dead on the Holy Cross, nearly 2.000 years ago. The Blood and the Water were signs of the Sacraments, our most powerful mean of Salvation: All was there!. But, as regards the numbers of followers…Uhm…pretty bad: Judhas had just badly betrayed…10 of the closest friends of Jesus, including the one on which Jesus intended to build the Church were fleeing in scare after denying having ever known Him…Only His Mother and Saint John were there at the very foundation…(plus, probably, some mostly unaware pious women, touched by the cruelty of the Passion). And Our Lady, on the last mandate of His God and Son, started to unite and rebuild the Church, from scratch. Which is exactly what She is still doing, in Fatima, Garabandal Medjugorje right know…It is Her Mission…

        The Catholic Church was, two millenia ago, composed by two people, none of whom was Its legitimate boss…the boss was fleeing, in disguise. Today we are barely 1 billion, at least namely, with Mary and few modern ‘Johns’ assisting to the crucifixion of the Mystical Body of Jesus (the Church) and the boss (Benedict XVI) fleeing as well, in disguise (Pope ‘Emeritus’!?) to leave his place to a masonic mercenary (Bergoglio)…Strange simmetry, isn’t it?

        But what about the billions poeople who came before Jesus, including the Jews (the right ones, I mean)? What about the billions people that never had heard of Him so far (again: the right ones)? What about more than 6 billlion people today that we were incapable to convert due to our lack of coherence and credibility? Are they really all bad and all deserve to spend the eternity in Hell. And, conversely, are all we Catholics destined to Heaven only because we belong to the true religion, regardeless of our actual merits?

        It is in the light of these considerations that one has to examine the conteded affirmations from ‘Madjugorje’. But, I repeat, please, do not insult Our Lady Work, also in Medjugorje: it would be injust, and even dangerous, maybe.

        God bless, James. You are in my prayers too…

    • Good Point Daniel.

      When the Consecration of Russia is performed according to the formula recommended by Our Lady of Fatima, Russia will soon be converted to the Catholic faith.

      Elsewhere, in other Catholic prophecies were are told that both China and the United Kingdom will convert to Catholicism too.

      These Catholic prophecies, which there are lots of them, are all in agreement with each other.

      The only one that stands out, that is is so foreign, that is so completely opposite to all other Catholic Prophecies and other Marian Apparitions, that it is easy for me to state that Medjugorje is demonic.

      No offence to the followers of Medjugorje, I know there are many of you. In fact, it can be said that you are legion. You intentions may be good, many of you are otherwise good people, but you are on your own.

      • Dear Pepe, you could not be farer from truth…
        It is very sad to see that Our Lady and the Holy Spirit are not understood.
        I suggest you to pray…A lot…
        I will, for you also…

  14. Pete, really: you should stop censoring inportant contribution only because theuy do not fit your mindset. You do not advance in your knowledge and prevent other to to so.
    You bear a responsibility for this!
    God bless.

  15. A good synthesis…Pete: you should consider publishing it:

    It might help shedding some light on some aspects common to the apparition of Garabandal: Warning, Chastisement(s), etc.
    God bless and inspire you…

    • Dear Anonymous and all. One of course cannot dispute any message from any quarter that pleads for prayer and fasting for the sake of the Kingdom of God and salvation of souls.

      And of course one should always endorses personal pilgrimages of prayer, whether to a popular shrine, a favourite chapel or even a solitary walk across an expanse of open countryside, especially if such is in conformity with the Holy intentions of the Blessed Mother of God.

      The reported conversions, events, messages and not least the controversies surrounding Medjugorje are without precedent in the history of Marian Eschatology. For this reason it courts a huge following of advocates and by contrast also draws not an insignificant level of contention from both within and without the Church. In consequence there are many places on the internet that one can source and follow if desired the story of Medjugorje.

      There are however fewer resources that just focus on the messages and historicity of Our Lady of Mount Carmel of Garabandal, much less that also allow public debate and personnel testimony on its pages. It is without judgment therefore that the auditors request that contributors allow this site to remain just that; a resource for proclaiming our Heavenly Mother’s messages to all her children when She came to the secluded humble little village of San Sebastián de Garabandal.

      So please stay with the theme including of course all Church approved Marian Aparitions, Fatima, Akita etc. But no more Medjugorje promotions, no more UFOs, no more of those varied topics which we have expressly and repeatedly asked not to be submitted here. Doing so only means non-approval and then discontentedness sometimes resulting in unwarranted personnel attacks on the judicators.

      Assuring you of our brotherly love, respect and prayers

      God bless

      • Dear Pete,

        please, do not misunderstand me: I am not a partisan of Medjugorje or any other specific apparition. And I am not suggesting any pilgrimage, anywere. I am a partisan of Our Lady only and thus any (true) apparition interests me. Tha reason is that it is clear to me that any true Marian apparition is like piece of a mosaic. Our Celestial Mother has a plan which is progressively unveiling behind our eyes. It is a ‘war plan’ to conteract the war plan of Her adversary: satan. Against this background, any apparion helps in understanding better the others and consequently getting the full picture. You cannot reach a good understanding of Medjugorje without Grarabandal and viceversa.

        About the truthfulness of Medjugorje, anyone who might want to take some time to know the facts and to consider that facts in the light of the Holy Spirit (praying sincerely) cannot but reach the same conclusion: it is a true apparition (as it is Garabandal). No need to go there, alone or in group, if not inspired by God to do so. It’s not necessary. But anyone who purposely ignore Madjugorje, the most important true apparition of all times, willingly (and probably also a bit culpably) renounce to get the full picture (by his/her fault)… So said, I am perfecly aware that two of the seers of Medjugorie are currently using the apparitions to make money, that one friar linked to the first times of the apparitions has been involved in serious misconducts of sexual nature, that currently most of the seers are essentially manipuled by the false ”church’ of Bergoglio, etc. etc., but this does not touch the beauty and truthfulness of the overall Message, and its complementarity with the one Our Lady gave in Garabandal, nearly 20 years before Her first apparition in Medjugorje (time evolution is important: as Garabandal builds on Fatima, Medjugorje builds on Garabandal…).

        So said, let me speak openly my mind on the main pittfalls of your vision, as I understand it.
        It seems to me that you see the events we all will undergo in the near future in a TOO BLAND way: according to you, to the best of my understanding, we will assist to the Warning, shortly after the Miracle and maybe (in your view probably not!), possibly after several generations, a bland Chastisement…in the meantime we will assist peacefully, and almost out of the blue, to the Triumph of the Immaculate Hearth…
        IT IS NOT LIKE THAT, and an evaluation error in this matter will exacerbate the suffering. Please consider the following:
        1. Padre Pio, who believed in Garabandal, once publicly said that European will pay the Miracle with their own BLOOD and he added…”…OCEANS OF BLOOD” (a good to reason, to me, not to look forward to an mmediate realisation of the Miracle…Let’s take some breath before…
        2. Card. Bea, the evil grey eminence behind Vatican II (Malachy Martin served as his personal assistant at the time) was with some other Cardinals and few other selected people when the just elected pope John XXIII opened the envelope and read the so called III Secret of Fatima. An animated discussion about make it public or not, comphrensibly, followed. Card. Bea’s stance, angrily expressed, was to publish the III secret and consacrate Russia, but at the end the contrary position of Roncalli prevailed. Bea was furious. M. Martin asked him the rason for his angry reaction and Bea replyed, literally: “we have just killed one billion people” (in 1960 the world population was around 3 billion people: today the reply of Bea would be: “”we have just killed 2.5 billions people”). I do not have any human estimate for Bea, an evil man, probably an agent of the fremasonry inside the Church, but he undoubtely was a very clever man, not inclined to sentionalisms. His genuine comment, nonetheless, gives us an idea of the amounf of the destruction which would have folloved the disobedience to Our Lady of Fatima’s commands (publishing the secret, consacrate Russia, etc). And who between us, today, believe that the secret of Fatima requests have been fulfilled? Anyone can make his/her Make you own conclusions.
        3. About the Chastisement(s): Our Lady used the singular in Garabandal because, in fact, tha cause of the relative sorrows is one and singular while, in facts, its effect are multiple, as in Saint John’s Apocalypse (Revelation). The Chastisement(s) will estinguish the absolute dominance of satan on the material world allowed by God for a limited period (around one century) as per the vision of pope Leo XIII: https://www.michaeljournal.org/articles/roman-catholic-church/item/the-vision-of-pope-leo-xiii
        If one reflect about this, can come only to one conclusion: what satan has built in around a century of great power for himself and his followers placed (with the permission of God) in all the post of global power (including within the Catholic Church) can’t disapper by magic why we all sleep quietly in our beds, without serious material consequences (which, in turn, explains the incommensurable amount of destruction suggested by Card. Bea’s estenuated reaction described above). Humanity, and in particular the catholic Church, has had the opportunity of reducing that destructions and sufferings (and still partially has this opportunity) praying (particularily the Rosary) and offering penance and sacrifices. But, as days go on, the opportinities narrow accordingly: any Rosary not recited, any penace or suffering not accepted and offered, any occasion of good action not seized is an opportunity permanently lost and a victory for the common antagonist, the EVIL ONE. And more destruction needed by God in hte near future to overcome and estirpate the wicked works that humanity has choosen instead of searching the for thr good an the truth. God gives us the instruments but in the end humankind bears the final responsibility for the history we have contributed to create. And, in the end, with His help (an extraordinary one), the survivors will have to make good of the mess we have allowed to grow around us.

        Thus, I reccomend anybody not to nourish any illusion, for his/her own good. The Chastisement(s) will happen, much sooner than you expect. We can still reduce it(them) and we bear the moral duty to do whatever we can to do so. Without fears, trusting God and His incommensurable Wisdom, with determination and gratitude for being between those who have the capacity to understand.

        I hope this few reflections can help to better understande the global picture and the current situation.

        Good bless us all. Please, pray for me. I always pray for you.

  16. Hi Phillip ,

    As you most likely know , mental anguish is extremely painful , incredibly painful ! The Seven sorrows of Mary did indeed bring incredible pain and harm to Mary ! I don’t think any human mind could understand the anguish she felt watching her Son our Lord die on the cross and all prior through his passion and the rejection by his own . So I need to disagree with you and as well I am sure you know of Genesis that speaks quite clearly how she will crush satans head , as well as Revalation where the dragon is set out to war against the woman and her offspring. So indeed the Mother of God is at War with Satan and really we all are as St. Paul speaks of the battle against Satan and his ilk !

    Furthermore , Mary has told us quite clearly that HER IMMACULATE HEART WILL TRIUMPH. We really only go to Christ through his Mother She commands us to pray , to lead good lives ,to do whatever He ( Christ) tells you and implores us to pray the rosary. It was and is the Rosary that defeats Satan. Satan hates Mary because a creature ( Mary ) can crush him (angelic ) due to his pride , and his rebellion. Of course Christ could wipe him ( Satan ) out instantly, but God and really the Trinitarian will is for Mary and her children to crush Satan through prayer , fidelity to Christ , sacrifice , good will and works and untimately laying down our own lives if necessary Christ has already defeated Satan , so Satan has set war against Mary and all her children. She is at war and we are as well ; and one last thing to refute , for what seems to be a slightly Protestant view by you in regard to Christ not needing his Mother to fight is absolutely incorrect. Christ assuredly knows that his Mother is and has been chosen for this purpose It’s a bit more theologically complex than this , and I don’t have the time to go any further , but a suggestion of a great book for you besides The Holy Bible. (Catholic 73 books ) is True Devotion to Mary, by Saint Louis De Montfort.

    Mary has been crying out to all of us since the beginning. I am sure you know how protective mothers are of their children. She is the Mother of God , Mother of The Church , and she will crush satans head !!

    May God Bless you, and please keep the faith to Christ through Mary as Christ came to us through Mary . Tomorrow the feast of the Holy Rosary and the anniversary of the defeat of the Moslems in Lepanto. 68,000 Catholics defeated 127,000 Moslems 206 ships defeated / destroyed 328 moslem ships and saved The Catholic faith and even the Protestants. All due to the praying of the Rosary to Mary. The year 1571. So next time a Protestant speaks any stupidity to you , gently remind them that they would be under moslem rule if it were not for CATHOLICS , GIVEN GRACE TO US , THROUGH MARY FROM GOD.

    How can anyone be a Protestant ?


    GET READY TO BATTLE. The war is in still some stage of the beginning , of what I feel is the start of the final battle.


    • Dear Anonymous (Joseph),

      Saint Joseph, may He always be blessed and honored, could not have said it better…Indeed, this is the core of the Catholic faith. I am convinced that the Triumph of the Immaculate Hearth will be accompanied by the proclamation of a new Dogma: the procession of all graces FROM the Holy Trinity THROUGH Mary = Mary ìs the Universal Madiatrix of all graces…

      On a different issue, I would like to spend a few words on Russia, which seems currently to incarnate the Christian values on the international geopolitical scene (maybe togheter with Trump, which anyway has only a very partial control of the USA governance apparatus and will probably soon disappear from the political scene). Putin (at least the Putin we see today, which a different person from the Putin who was nominated Prime Minister in 1999: check yourself the pictures available also online) is, so to speak a ‘New World Order’ Christian. He grants, for example, that Christianity is militarily present in the Middle East, togheter with Judaism and Islam, for the final battle of Armagheddon (where the three armed confessions will mutually destroy themself), from which the antichrist will raise as a global pacificator (first) and dictator (afterwards). Full stop. The Orthodox church does not recognize Fatima and it is not from them that the Immaculate Heart will triumph…they are only instrumental to the fulfillment of the Scriptures (Ezekiel 38-39). ‘Putin’, whoever he really is, represents the ‘Gog/Magog’ as in Ezekiel…nothing more.
      In fact, in Fatima (1917, year of the October Revolution) Our Lady warned us about RUSSIA, asking for the solemn Consecration to Her Hearth of this land in 1960, to avoid the offspring of Communism. But the Consecration was not timely done and Our Lady appeared a few years after 1960 in Garabandal to tell us that God’s plan will be fulfilled in any case, but in a more painful way this time, due to the serious disobidience. Actually, in Garabandal Our Lady warned us against COMMUNISM, not against Russia any more as, due to the missed Consecration, Communism will be widespread and diffused almost everywhere. And, in fact, I would today, for example, look at the USA’s ‘deep state’ as a contingent agent of ‘Communism’…Believe me, I know what I am saying…but for tonight I will not elaborate further. Time will teach us…

      God bless you all. Let’s pray for one another…

  17. Don’t want to cause a rukus here, but too many people are waiting for “miracles” instead of trusting their God given ability to reason. 60 million Russian Christians were murdered by the Bolsheviks after the revolution in “1917”. The intent was to wipe out Christianity in that nation. Today evil forces have resorted to other means to destroy both the Church and the remainder of Jesus’s followers around the globe. Russian President Vladimir Putin, who is now “Public enemy #1” around the world (wonder why that is) has restored the Christian church in his country and endowed it with special protections. He has also elevated the status of the “family unit” and added monetary grants to those who having multiple children. Someone far wiser than myself once said “if you want to locate your ally, find the one they hate”. Seems to me that the call for the Consecration of Russia is a thinly veiled attempt to have them join the so called “New World Order”. Nobody reveres “Mary the Mother of God” more the I, but sometimes Satanic forces will use the things we love the most to deceive. Jesus Christ willingly died on the cross to atone for our sins. He did not let any harm beget his beloved Mother, neither does he need, or want her to fight his battles. He will come “like a thief in the night”. If you really want to help him out stop waiting for “signs” and start making your own.

    • I have never understood why people comment on an article or someone’s opinion but in a way that seems to be bossing the rest, telling them what they have to do or say, or even what to believe. Each one is big enough to give their own opinions, and if you do not like what another says, you can calmly give the corresponding arguments, but what lack of purpose to give orders to people who are not known, and by electronic means, and, to top it off, giving the impression of knowing the feelings and desires of the Lord and His Mother like no other. A real piece of work, that never ceases to impress me every time I see it, and there are not a few.

    • Mr Maze,

      Please correct me if I have misinterpreted what you have written, According to you, Faith in God and God’s Wisdom that has manifested itself in La Salette, Fatima, Garabandal, Akita…etc… is useless because the ability to Reason, that is, Human Reason is more superior.

      Then you said “that the call for the Consecration of Russia is a thinly veiled attempt to have them join the so called “New World Order”.

      Are you aware that the “ability” to Reason led Nazi Germany with the final solution to exterminate almost every single Jew in Europe?

      Are you aware that the “ability” to Reason has led to the Atheism and Communism that that has shaped Russia & the Soviet Union and China with the murder of almost a billion lives?

      Are you aware that the “ability” to Reason has led to the acceptance of the murder of children in their womb?

      Are you aware that the “ability” to Reason has even corrupted the custodians of the Catholic Church with the catastrophic outcome of child abuse, that is, pedophilia in such a large scale in both Church and State?

      Are you aware that the “ability” to Reason has even corrupted the custodians of the Catholic Church that recognizes homosexuality, homosexual acts and indeed this religious institution has been a sanctuary for both homosexuals and pedophiles?

      A final note, the great Bolsheviks of post 1917 and the ideology of Atheistic Communism is even stronger today in Russia than in 1917. It is because the people that were in power then are now in power today. It is just that the ability to Reason has determined that the current dictatorship in Russia sees benefits in allying itself with the Orthodox Church, and is the most ultimate deception. So it is a trade-off as it guarantees a greater level of control of Russian Society than ever envisaged under the Soviet Union.

      The Western World has learnt a lot from Russian tactics as these are employed in the West in every facet of daily life.

      The only way to break this cycle is for the call of the Consecration of Russia, to save from God’s wrath not only Russia but the rest of the Word, and above all to offer salvation to the unfaithful Roman Catholic Church Clerics, so that they can finally redeem themselves by obeying the Will Of God, through the intercession of Mother Mary.

      The work of human hands under the guise of Reason has been catastrophic for the world. It is time to trust in God and Jesus Christ and Mother Mary, in faith and in Heavenly Wisdom.

      • Pepe, glad to see everyone back as the blog has been very quiet of late! I hope you have recovered from your fall. God Bless.

      • Pepe, Can you please present any evidence that Bolshevism is stronger in Russia today than ever? Perhaps their packed churches? Their massive public pilgrimages? Their rejection of the gay agenda? You are being misled by a media controlled by anti-Christians of various orders – mostly Jewish and Masonic. Russia is hated today PRECISELY BECAUSE it has rejected the atheistic secularism of the West. If you can’t see that, then you are indeed blinded.

      • Concerned, thanks for your good wishes. I am still somewhat incapacitated, recovery is slow, but I am getting better. God Bless.

      • Emmet Sweeney, I have two forms of evidence; one from heaven, the primary one, and the other I already alluded to in my previous post. I will elaborate:

        1). Lord God Yahweh, his son Jesus Christ, and our Holy Madonna believe it to be so. This has been communicated by the Marian Apparitions of Fatima and Garabandal. The call of the Consecration of Russia in Fatima is still unanswered and the consequences of this fact are encapsulated in Garabandal. If you feel you have to blame someone for having a contrary viewpoint to you about Russia, then by all means hash it out with God, his son Jesus Christ and Mother Mary.

        2). If you claim that Russia is now a Godly nation then why is it that the Russian Dictatorship has no conscience, not feelings of guilt in engaging in:

        a) indiscriminate assassinations? The chemical weapon poisoning of Sergei and Yulia Skripal in Salisbury, England, with a Novichok nerve agent known as A-234, is just the latest example of business as usual in Russia. The Bolsheviks used this tactic under Soviet Russia and the tactic is still used today in Russia.

        b) The current Russian dictatorship continues to to torment and enslave its own citizens. Russian political opposition party leaders are routinely assassinated so that this is a message given to the Russian population that when you go out to vote in political elections, you vote for the current Russian dictatorship, and only the current Russian dictatorship . That is, there is only one party rule. There is no democracy in Russia. Political elections in Russia are a sham and guess what? The Bolsheviks used this tactic under Soviet Russia and the tactic is still used today in Russia under current Russian dictatorship.

        c) The current Russian dictatorship continues to routinely assassinate journalists who are critical of the actions of the current Russian dictatorship. Now the whole Media apparatus is controlled by the current Russian dictatorship. The only viewpoint that now prevails in Russian Media is the viewpoint provided by the current Russian dictatorship. Do you see a trend emerging? Yes, the Bolsheviks used this tactic under Soviet Russia and the tactic is still used today in Russia under current Russian dictatorship.

        d) Now to you point about the Russian packed churches, their massive public pilgrimages, and their rejection of the gay agenda. German families in Nazi Germany considered themselves to be good people, to care about their children in the family unit, there were no abortions conducted among themselves, they attended Church, and they too also had an anti Gay agenda. But they also believed in their racial purity to be Aryan, which meant that all other Human races were inferior and needed to be exterminated. This meant that the family unit of non Aryans were not recognized. It meant that non Aryans who went to Church were not recognized for their love of God. It meant that non Aryans who also had an anti Gay Agenda were considered to be worse than Gay people BECAUSE THEY WERE NON-ARYAN. Nazi German Scientists then rationalized that it was okay to conduct the most horrific of biological experiments on non Aryans, because non Aryans were not human. This is what led to the Final Solution in Europe.

        Thus, I can categorically say that the current Russian dictatorship will show solidarity among people of Russian stock. That is why Russia will argue that it should intervene in many Eastern European countries with the ploy to protect Russian minorities living there, and at the same time target in a search and destroy tactic to compromise the governments and citizens of those counties who do now share their Russian genetic stock.

        Thus, I argue that not only is Russia today still living with the Bolshevik ideology, and it is worse than that because there are signs that it has adopted a modified Aryan ideology that puts it in par with the ideology of Nazi Germany.

        Finally, the final word does not rest with Humans, it rests with Lord God Yahweh, his son Jesus Christ, and our Holy Madonna.


      • Mr Emmet Sweeney, I make a correction of some grammatical mistakes to the last 3 paragraphs of my response. And I have added some more clarity to my argument. I will CAPITALIZE those errors and additions:

        Thus, I can categorically say that the current Russian dictatorship will show solidarity among people of Russian stock AND SHARED BOLSHEVIK IDEOLOGY. (BUT OTHER RUSSIANS WHO DO NOT SHARE THIS IDEOLOGY WILL BE ASSASSINATED). That is why Russia will argue that it should intervene in many Eastern European countries IN ORDER to protect Russian minorities living there And at the same time target OTHER POPULATIONS in a search and destroy tactic to compromise the governments and citizens of those counties who do NOT share their Russian genetic stock AND DO NOT SHARE RUSSIAN BOLSHEVIK IDEOLOGY.


        Finally, the final word does not rest with ME. IT DOES NOT REST WITH YOU. IT IN FACT DOES NOT REST WITH Humans, it rests with Lord God Yahweh, his son Jesus Christ, and our Holy Madonna. HEAVEN DOES NOT CARE ABOUT GEOPOLITICAL CONSIDERATIONS.


  18. Commader in Chief: Our Lady. Satan is a creature, as Herself. The battle is between creatures: God will win in any case: He is God.
    The battle is real, as its consequences. Satan rebelled, God has chosen the Commander Chief (a Creature, a Woman from the human gendre) to fight against a rebelled (spiritual) creature.
    The wonderful Hymn Akathistos (English translation) from the Orthodox Liturgy (a wanderful prayer for the times of the FINAL CONFRONTATION):

    The Akathist Hymn to the Theotokos

    Having secretly received the command, the Archangel hastened into Joseph’s abode and spoke to the Holy Virgin. He Who bowed the Heavens with His descending, is wholly contained, yet unchanged in You. And seeing Him taking the likeness of a servant in your womb, I stand in amazement and cry unto you:
    Rejoice, O Bride Ever-Virgin [3 times].

    Unto you, O Theotokos, invincible Champion, your City, in thanksgiving ascribes the victory for the deliverance from sufferings. And having your might unassailable, free us from all dangers, so that we may cry unto you:
    Rejoice, O Bride Ever-Virgin.

    The Archangel was sent from Heaven to cry ‘Rejoice!’ to the Theotokos. And beholding You, O Lord, taking bodily form, he stood in awe, and with his bodiless voice he cried aloud to her such things as these:

    Rejoice, you through whom joy shall shine forth. Rejoice, you whom the curse will vanish.
    Rejoice, the Restoration of fallen Adam. Rejoice, the Redemption of the tears of Eve.
    Rejoice, O Height beyond human logic. Rejoice, O depth invisible even to the eyes of Angels.
    Rejoice, for you are the King’s throne. Rejoice, you bear Him, Who bears the universe.
    Rejoice, O Star revealing the Sun. Rejoice, O Womb of divine Incarnation.
    Rejoice, you through whom creation is renewed. Rejoice, you through whom the Creator is born a Babe.

    Rejoice, O Bride Ever-Virgin.

    Beholding herself in purity, the holy one courageously said to Gabriel: Your strange voice seems almost unbelievable to my soul; for how do you speak of birth-giving without seed? crying aloud:

    Seeking to know the incomprehensible knowledge, the Virgin cried to him who ministered to her: How many a Son be born from a virginal womb? Tell me! To her he answered in fear, yet crying thus:

    Rejoice, O seer of the ineffable Will. Rejoice, O surety of those praying in silence.
    Rejoice, you the Preface of Christ’s miracles. Rejoice, you the Pinnacle of His commandments.
    Rejoice, O heavenly Ladder, by which God descended. Rejoice, O Bridge leading those from earth to Heaven.
    Rejoice, O Miracle, much marveled of Angels. Rejoice, O trauma, much dirged of demons.
    Rejoice, you who ineffably gave birth to the Light. Rejoice, you who revealed the mystery to none.
    Rejoice, O knowledge superceding the wise. Rejoice, You who enlightens the minds of the faithful.

    Rejoice, O Bride Ever-Virgin

    The power of the Most High then overshadowed the Virgin, that she might conceive; and her fruitful womb He made a fertile meadow for all those desiring to reap salvation, as they chant:

    Carrying God in her womb, the Virgin hastened to Elizabeth, whose unborn babe forthwith recognizing Mary’s salutation rejoiced, and with leaps as it were with songs, he cried out to the Theotokos:

    Rejoice, O branch of the unwithering Vine. Rejoice, O Land yielding the untainted Fruit.
    Rejoice, O Husbandry of the merciful Husbandman. Rejoice, O birthgiver to the Planter of our life.
    Rejoice, O Field bearing abundant compassion. Rejoice, O Table laden with an abundance of mercies.
    Rejoice, for you make the meadow produce contentment. Rejoice, for you prepare a haven for souls.
    Rejoice, acceptable Incense of intercession. Rejoice, Oblation for all the world.
    Rejoice, Favour of God to mortals. Rejoice, Access of mortals to God.

    Rejoice, O Bride Ever-Virgin.

    Having doubtful thoughts, the righteous Joseph was troubled; for he suspected a secret union as he beheld you unwed, O blameless one; but when he learned of your conception through the Holy Spirit, he cried:

    On hearing the Angels praising the incarnate presence of Christ, the shepherds hastened as to a Shepherd, and beholding Him as a spotless Lamb, pastured in Mary’s womb, her they hymned, and said:

    Rejoice, Mother of the Lamb and Shepherd. Rejoice, Fold of the rational sheep.
    Rejoice, O Defense against invisible foes. Rejoice, Opener of the gates of Paradise.
    Rejoice, for the things of Heaven rejoice with the earth. Rejoice, the things of earth join chorus with the Heavens.
    Rejoice, never-silent Voice of the Apostles. Rejoice, never-conquered Courage of the Martyrs.
    Rejoice, firm Support of the Faith. Rejoice, shining Token of grace.
    Rejoice, you through whom Hades was laid bare. Rejoice, you through whom we are clothed with glory.

    Rejoice, O Bride Ever-Virgin.

    Beholding the Godward-pointing Star, the Magi followed it radiance; and holding it as a lantern, they sought through it the mighty King. And having approached the Unreachable, they rejoiced and cried to Him:

    The sons of the Chaldees saw in the hands of the Virgin Him Who by His hand fashioned man; and sensing Him as Lord, even though He had taken the form of a servant, they hastened with gifts to do homage, and they cried out to her who is blessed:

    Rejoice, Mother of the never-setting Star. Rejoice, Dawn of the mystic Day.
    Rejoice, you who has quenched the fiery furnace of error. Rejoice, you who enlightens the initiates of the Trinity.
    Rejoice, you who has removed the inhuman tyrant from power. Rejoice, you who has shown Christ, the man-befriending Lord.
    Rejoice, you who has redeemed us from the pagan religion. Rejoice, you who has rescued us from the works of mire.
    Rejoice, you who ceased the worship of fire. Rejoice, you who saves us from the flames of passions.
    Rejoice, Guide of the faithful to chastity. Rejoice, O Delight of all generations.

    Rejoice, O Bride Ever-Virgin.

    Having become God-bearing heralds, the Magi returned to Babylon. Fulfilling Your prophecy, and having preached You as the Christ to all, they left Herod as a trifler, who knew not how to chant:

    Having shed the light of truth in Egypt, You expelled the darkness of falsehood; and unable to bear Your strength, O Saviour, her idols fell; and they that were set free from them cried to the Theotokos:

    Rejoice, Uplifting of men. Rejoice, Downfall of demons.
    Rejoice, you who trampled upon the delusion of error. Rejoice, you who censured the deceit of the idols.
    Rejoice,Sea which drowned the symbolic Pharoah. Rejoice, Rock which refreshed those thirsting for life.
    Rejoice, Pillar of fire, guiding those in darkness. Rejoice, Protection of the world, more spacious than a cloud.
    Rejoice, Nourishment, successor to manna. Rejoice, Minister of holy joy.
    Rejoice, Land of promise. Rejoice, you from whom flows milk and honey.

    Rejoice, O Bride Ever-Virgin.

    When Symeon was prepared to leave from this age of deception, You were presented to him as a newborn Babe, but he recognized You as perfect God. Wherefore, he marvelled at Your ineffable wisdom, chanting:

    New was the Creation which the Creator showed to us His creatures, when He sprang forth from the seedless womb; and He preserved it incorrupt, even as it was, that we, seeing this Miracle, may praise her saying:

    Rejoice, Flower of incorruption. Rejoice, Crown of self-restraint.
    Rejoice, O shining Token of Resurrection. Rejoice, you whom reflects the life of the Angels.
    Rejoice, Tree of delectable Fruit that nourishes the faithful. Rejoice, well-shaded Tree under which many find shelter.
    Rejoice you who bears the Guide of those astray. Rejoice, you who gives birth to the Redeemer of captives.
    Rejoice, Intercession before the righteous Judge. Rejoice, Forgiveness for many transgressors.
    Rejoice, Robe of confidence for those bare of courage. Rejoice, Tenderness conquering all desire.

    Rejoice, O Bride Ever-Virgin.

    Seeing a strange childbirth, let us estrange ourselves from the world by transporting our minds to Heaven; to this end the Most High God appeared on earth a lowly man, that He might draw to the heights those who cry out to Him:

    The Infinite Word was wholly present with those on earth, yet never absent from those in Heaven; for this was a divine condescension and not a mere change of place; and His birth was from a Virgin chosen of God, who heard such words as these:

    Rejoice, Land of the Uncontained God. Rejoice, Gate of the sacred mystery.
    Rejoice, doubtful Rumour of the faithless. Rejoice, undoubtful Pride of the faithful.
    Rejoice, all-holy Chariot of Him Who is above the Cherubim. Rejoice, most excellent Dwelling-place of Him Who is above the Seraphim.
    Rejoice, you who conducts the opposites of unity. Rejoice, you who has woven maidenhood into motherhood.
    Rejoice, you through whom transgression is annulled. Rejoice, you through whom Paradise is open.
    Rejoice, Key of the Kingdom of Christ. Rejoice, Hope of eternal blessings.

    Rejoice, O Bride Ever-Virgin

    All angel-kind was amazed by the great deed of Your Incarnation; for they saw the inaccessible God as Man accessible to all, dwelling among is and hearing from all:

    Orators most eloquent do we behold mute as fish before you, O Theotokos; for they are at loss to explain how you could remain a virgin and yet give birth. But as for us, marvelling at this mystery, we cry with faith:

    Rejoice, Vessel of the Wisdom of God. Rejoice, Treasury of His providence.
    Rejoice, you who proves the philosophers fools. Rejoice, you who proves the logicians illogical.
    Rejoice, for the subtle debaters are confounded. Rejoice, for the inventors of myths are faded away.
    Rejoice, you who breaks the webs of the Athenians. Rejoice, you who fills the nets of the Fishermen.
    Rejoice, who draws us from the depths of ignorance. Rejoice, you who enlightens many with knowledge.
    Rejoice, Raft for those who desire to be saved. Rejoice, Haven for those who fare on the sea of life.

    Rejoice, O Bride Ever-Virgin.

    Wishing to save the world, to this end did the Ruler of all come of His own will; and, though as God He is the Shepherd, for us He appeared as a Man like us; for by this likeness He called those of like kind, yet as God He hears:

    You are a fortress protecting all virgins, O Theotokos and Virgin; for the Master of heaven and earth prepared you, O Immaculate One, and dwelt in your womb, and taught all to cry out to you:

    Rejoice, Pillar of virginity. Rejoice, Gate of salvation.
    Rejoice, Leader of spiritual restoration. Rejoice, Bestower of divine goodness.
    Rejoice, for you regenerated those conceived in shame. Rejoice, for you gave guidance to the thoughtless.
    Rejoice, you who abolished the corrupter of hearts. Rejoice, you who gave birth to the Sower of chastity.
    Rejoice, bridal Chamber of a seedless marriage. Rejoice, you who joined the faithful to the Lord.
    Rejoice, fair Nursing-mother of virgins. Rejoice, bridal Escort of holy souls.

    Rejoice, O Bride Ever-Virgin.

    Defeated is every hymn that strives to pay homage to the multitude of Your many compassions; for even should we offer You, O holy King, odes of praise numberless as the sands, we should still have done nothing worthy of what You have given to us who cry to You:

    As a brilliant beacon-light shining to those in darkness do we behold the holy Virgin; for she kindles the celestial Light and leads all to divine knowledge; she illuminates our minds with radiance and is honoured by these our cries:

    Rejoice, Ray of the spiritual Sun. Rejoice, Beam of the innermost Splendour.
    Rejoice, Lightning, enlightening our souls. Rejoice, Thunder, striking down the enemy.
    Rejoice, for you caused the many-starred Light to dawn. Rejoice, for you caused the ever-flowing River to gush forth.
    Rejoice, you who depicts the image of the Font of Siloam. Rejoice, you who washes away the stain of sin.
    Rejoice, Laver purifying conscience. Rejoice, Wine-bowl over-filled with joy.
    Rejoice, sweet-scented Fragrance of Christ. Rejoice, Life of mystic festival.

    Rejoice, O Bride Ever-Virgin

    Wishing to bestow His grace, He that forgives the ancient debts of all mankind came of His own will to dwell among those who departed from His favour; and tearing up writ of indebtedness, He hears from all:

    Whilst praising your Offspring, we all praise you, O Theotokos, as a living temple; for the Lord, Who holds all things in His hand, dwelt in your womb, and He sanctified and glorified you, and taught all to cry to you:

    Rejoice, Tabernacle of God the Word. Rejoice, Holy one, holier than the Hollies.
    Rejoice, Ark made golden by the Spirit. Rejoice, inexhaustible Treasury of Life.
    Rejoice, precious Diadem of godly kings. Rejoice, venerable Boast of faithful priests.
    Rejoice, unshakeable Tower of the Church. Rejoice, impregnable fortress of the Kingdom.
    Rejoice, you through whom trophies are raised up. Rejoice, you whom enemies are cast down.
    Rejoice, Healing of my flesh. Rejoice, Salvation of my soul.

    Rejoice, O Bride Ever-Virgin.

    O all-hymned Mother, worthy of all praise, who brought forth the Word, the Holiest of all Saints [3 times], as you receive this our offering, rescue us all from every calamity, and deliver from future torment those who cry with one voice: Who is more
    1st Stanza

    The Archangel was sent from Heaven to cry: Rejoice! to the Theotokos. And beholding You, O Lord, taking bodily form, he stood in awe, and with his bodiless voice he cried aloud to her such things as:

    Rejoice, you through whom joy shall shine. Rejoice, you the Redemption of the tears of Eve.
    Rejoice, Height hard to climb for human thought. Rejoice, Depth hard to explore even for the eyes of Angels.
    Rejoice, for you are the Throne of the King. Rejoice, for you sustained the Sustainer of all.
    Rejoice, Star that causes the Sun to appear. Rejoice, Womb of the divine Incarnation.
    Rejoice, you through whom creation is renewed. Rejoice, you whom the Creator is born a Babe.

    Rejoice, O Bride Ever-Virgin

    Unto you, O Theotokos, invincible Champion, your City, in thanksgiving ascribes the victory for the deliverance from sufferings. And having your might unassailable, free us from all dangers, so that we may cry unto you:

    Rejoice, O Bride Ever-Virgin.

  19. I wish the prediction of a soon coming warning and chastisement were true. But they are not. After 40 years of studying catholic prophecy, I can assure you: There will be no warning or miracle for many years. Nothing in 2018 or 2019. Has anyone gone to catholicplanet.com? The author over there has been predicting the warning etc. repeatedly, year after year. It has never happened, of course. Our Lady has stated, only months ago, that we have long years to endure before the Triumph of her Immaculate Heart. Nothing before 2030, in my humble opinion. Just making an educated guess.

    • Hi, Jared.
      As I argumented before on this blog, the next suitable date (for the Miracle) is 13 Aprile 2023. If not, we will have to wait until 13 April 2028, which is also an Holy Thursday and will mark the end of the reign of the antichrist, soon to be manifested to the world.
      It depends on when Our Commander in Chief, the Queen of the Universe, has decided to act: whether around the middle-term of the despicable domain of the Beast, when persecutions of true believers will start, or at the end of it, to mark Her final Triumph.
      Sólo Dios sabe.
      Let’s keep praying and offer our daily cross and our sacrifices, and we’ll share Her Victory.
      God bless. I pray for you all. Likewise.

    • Unfortunately, I think you are right. Satan has just started showing his real face in our church and he is making a lot of victims. Incredibly enough, very few priests still talk about eternal life. If we die in mortal sin, there is hell waiting. Full stop. No bergoglian mercy, nothing. I believe this is why we, as real Catholics, must suffer so much in these times, to try and save as many souls as possible. I will not make any further comment on the state of our poor church, it’s too obvious. No comment on Bergoglio and his insanity as well. Let’s pray God and Our Lady to persevere till end and endure in these difficult times. For how long, no idea really!

    • I think we have to take into account the “clue” that our Lord left, about the similarity between the King of France and the Revolution and the request for consecration of Russia and what awaits the Church. 100 years passed from the request of consecration to the King of France to the impious Revolution (1689-1789), and 100 years will pass in 2029, since the request for consecration of Russia was made in 1929. I have no reasonable doubt not to think that this is a key date. I tend to think that there will begin the worst moment for the Church.

      • You might be right, Miguel. Even if I believe, also considering the fast and accelerating rate of spiritual disgregation within the Church, as Elena pointed out, that it’s very hard to believe that the worst period for the Church will start only after 2029. I believe it will star soon, at the death of the final pope, Benedict XVI, and under the fictius ‘reign’ of ‘Petrus Romanus’…most probably an apostate and eretic ‘cardinal’…under which Rome will be destroyed (probably Jerusalem will be preserved by God’s intervention).
        According to my criteria, which I consider well grounded, the next possible date for the ‘Miracle’, if not even 13 April 2028, would be 13 April 2034 which might be certainly possible, should the antichrist be manifested as such around 2029-2030 and the Miracle happen in the middle of his reign.
        I am strongly convinced that the rise of the antichrist at the vertex of the global power will be a consequence of the III world war, which will have his focus on the Middle-East and will be presented as a war of religions or, better, a clash of religious civilizations that will imply, in the narrative of the antichist, the ultimate failure of the revelaled religions besed on the God of Abram and will justify a strong, centralized, totalitarian global political power, an humanitarian religion without any trascendental aspiration and form of reward and, as a consequence of the global economic collapse, an electronic single currency, probably based on chip-implanted (in the human body) transactions.
        So, if one would like to anticipate the events: eyes pointed at the incoming war in the Middle-East, the one described in Ezekiel 38-39 as Armagheddon (from Megiddo an ancient important village -now a mere archeological site- close to Jerusalem).
        Thus, when an unprecedented army will siege Jerusalem (probably from the same Megiddo camp), then we will have to go underground (may be not only methaforically) or in Garabandal…if you prefer.
        God bless and assist we all!

      • Point taken Miguel. But be mindful that Our Holy Madonna brought up the idea of the Consecration of Russia in 1917, then elaborated in 1929 with instructions how to do it. So all bets are off with regards to convictions about dates. We just have to consider that anytime after 2017 (now 2019) up to 2029 inclusive could be when events unfold.

        As an aside Anonymous, our Our Commander in Chief is our heavenly father Lord God Yahweh with his son Jesus Christ by his side. Our Holy Madonna is part of the action as an intercessor. Remember the reference of our Holy Mother delaying the arm of her son Jesus Christ from striking the nations i.e.striking humanity with wrath on account of humanity’s sins and infidelity?

      • Sorry Pepe, but Our Lady said in 1917 “I will come to ask for the consecration of Russia …”. The request is made, specifically, in 1929. This is an objective fact that, regardless of the dates that each one wants to take into account, is clearly defined and should not be relativized. Now, the only thing I can say, without any hint of doubt, is that the Immaculate Heart of Mary will triumph.

      • Thank you for agreeing with me Miguel. Yes, without any hint of doubt, it is that the Immaculate Heart of Mary will triumph.

    • Jared Michaels. “Our Lady has stated, only months ago, that we have long years to endure before the Triumph of her Immaculate Heart.”
      Be very careful, Jared. You are most likely using information from the supposed seer Pedro Regis. Regis blinks while looking at the “Virgin Mary”. The children at Garabandal did not blink when they were in ecstasy. Regis is most likely seeing the preternatural while the children at Garabandal were seeing the supernatural. Regis’s messages for the past 4 or 5 years are repetitive; saying the same thing over and over and over. Another sign that it is not Our Lady he is seeing. The demonic is everywhere in this ever darkening world.

      • True, Daniel: Jared is clearly quoting ‘Anguera’, on which caution, at this stage, is prudent and appropriate.
        Blinking during apparitions? It may be one of the criteria of discernment!
        Medjugorje seers do not blink!
        God bless.

  20. In my opinion a Warning will be in 2018 after the October Synod and Great Miracle will be 11 04 2019. People will have time to prepare for Holy week and Easter.Holy week that will start 18 04 ( holy Thursday). I analysed both Garabandal and Medjugorie. For Garabandal 18 is important but also one of the Medjugorie seer’s said 18 is important and because of some ‘event’ catholics will start celebrating new Thursday 18. It has much in common with Eucharist. As for martyr, 11 04 it is also a feast of St Stanislaw who was murdered while celebrating the Mass. It is also what Aviso suggested once while writing about Maria Saraco.

  21. Hi Domenico

    I think you may be referring to Millenarianism. I believe the catechism is quite explicit in explaining the particular and the general judgement and also that there is not a literal 1000 year reign on earth of Christ being an actual ruler in bodily form on our earth for 1000 years . I think you may be possibly misunderstanding as indeed some of the early church fathers were mistaken on this issue , in regards to periods of peace and a full realization of the truth of Christ and the kingship of Christ on earth .
    I believe Saint Augustine in his book City of God , speaks of this more fully than we have time to discuss on this blog which is obviously more so only for the discussion of the Garabandal prophecies I would refer you to the Catechism about the church’s ultimate trial Article 7 675, 676 . I would of course appreciate any feedback from you in regards to this as I have come to understand there is much debate on this fact even though our catechism states in 676 that it is against any 1000 year reign of Christ on earth.
    I appreciate all of your commentary for the most part and your defense of our faith is often quite wonderful to read and truly you seem to follow the magesterium and her teachings. I think we should adhere to the catechism as it is currently written . Please take no offense from me on this subject as I only want to adhere myself to humility ,love , and faith in Christ , but always to follow and teach what is the truth of Christ and our Catholic Faith. Please excuse me if I misunderstood your writing! Perhaps you can clarify for me and anyone else who may be in questioning on this theology Thank you Domenico. God Bless you.


    • Dear Joseph,

      Thank you for taking the time to write to me. You are my brother in Christ.

      I am indeed a staunch Roman Catholic, but my allegiance will always be with Jesus Christ and his teachings. I pride myself on being impartial, otherwise my conscience would inflict on me great suffering. This means that when there is an apparent discrepancy between the Roman Catholic Catechism and what Jesus Christ Christ reveals in the Bible, then for all intents and purposes I will side with Jesus Christ’s words. When I was a young man, I played soccer. My coach had ingrained in me the idea that “when in doubt boot it out”. This is what I have done since there is an apparent contradiction between the Bible and the Roman Catholic Catechism in this case.

      I say “apparent” for a reason. In my defense, I have just quoted what was recorded in the Book of Revelation about the 1000 years of Jesus Christ’s rule. However, I do acknowledge that Jesus Christ may be a figurehead, that is, he does not rule himself in the flesh, but rather by his hand chosen representative. There is evidence for this in the Book of Revelation. For example,

      (1). Revelation 2:18-29. In these passages with regards to the the Angel of the Church of Thyatira, Jesus Christ said;

      “And whoever will prevail and will observe my works even unto the end, I will give to him authority over the nations. And he shall rule them with an iron rod, and they shall be broken like the earthenware of a potter. The same I also have received from my Father. And I will give to him the morning star. Whoever has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says to the Churches.”

      Notice, that Jesus Christ says that “The same I also have received from my Father. And I will give to him the morning star.”. What does this mean? What is the morning star? It seems to me that Jesus Christ will personally choose someone to represent his interests on Earth and grant this individual the same authority that lord God Yahweh granted to his son Jesus Christ.

      (2). Revelation 19:11-16. These passages have been interpreted as depicting Jesus Christ as a great warrior. I tend to disagree (my opinion only) because the passages not only mirror the one above, but also gives extra information about the individual that Jesus Christ has personally chosen to represent him on Earth:

      “And I saw heaven opened, and behold, a white horse. And he who was sitting upon it was called Faithful and True. And with justice does he judge and fight. And his eyes are like a flame of fire, and on his head are many diadems, having a name written, which no one knows except himself. And he was clothed with a vestment sprinkled with blood. And his name is called: THE WORD OF GOD. And the armies that are in heaven were following him on white horses, clothed in fine linen, white and clean. And from his mouth proceeded a sharp two-edged sword, so that with it he may strike the nations. And he shall rule them with an iron rod. And he treads the wine-press of the fury of the wrath of God Almighty. And he has on his garment and on his thigh written: KING OF KINGS AND LORD OF LORDS.”

      There are large amounts of Catholic prophecies that talk about a certain Great Catholic Monarch who seems to fulfill this biblical role.

      I want to now go back to your reference to the Roman Catholic Catechism and expand on it too:

      (a). In the Church’s Article 7, 668-670, it states that Christ already reigns through the Church, that Christ dwells on earth in his Church, that Christ’s kingdom already manifests its presence through the miraculous signs that attend its proclamation by the Church, and hence already has dominion in Heaven AND Earth.

      If this is the case, why is it that the Marian apparitions (La Salette, Fatima, Garabandal, Akita…etc) and countless Catholic prophecies are in disagreement with this Catechism? If Christ already dwells on Earth, then why is it that injustice, greed, wars, adultery, homosexuality, abortions (approaching one billion), heresies and out of control apostasy even in the Church it self reign supreme on Earth today? This Catechism in my opinion is problematic because it makes Jesus Christ look really bad as having no authority at all.

      As it turns out the Catechism Article 7, 671 contradicts the above by stating:

      “Though already present in his Church, Christ’s reign is nevertheless yet to be fulfilled “with power and great glory” by the King’s return to earth. This reign is still under attack by the evil powers, even though they have been defeated definitively by Christ’s Passover. Until everything is subject to him, “until there be realized new heavens and a new earth in which justice dwells…”

      So which is it? The language used here is the language of a politician, who says one thing but means another. You can’t have it both ways.

      (b). In the Church’s ultimate trial Article 7, 675- 676, it sates that:

      “Before Christ’s second coming the Church must pass through a final trial that will shake the faith of many believers. The persecution that accompanies her pilgrimage on earth will unveil the “mystery of iniquity” in the form of a religious deception offering men an apparent solution to their problems at the price of apostasy from the truth. The supreme religious deception is that of the Antichrist, a pseudo-messianism by which man glorifies himself in place of God and of his Messiah come in the flesh…The Antichrist’s deception already begins to take shape in the world every time the claim is made to realize within history that messianic hope which can only be realized beyond history through the eschatological judgment. The Church has rejected even modified forms of this falsification of the kingdom to come under the name of millenarianism, especially the “intrinsically perverse” political form of a secular messianism.”

      Well hello, the Marian apparitions and Catholic prophecies have warned us against this. The BIG IRONY here is that the church’s ultimate trial Article 7 675, 676 is warning about ITSELF in the form of the reign of Pope Francis.

      Pope Francis is an apostate and a heretic. He is leading “his” interpretation of the Church into great “trials by fire” not only for the Roman Catholic Clergy, but for all the Catholics who obediently follow them.

      For example, consider the prophecies of Blessed Anne Catherine Emmerich. Our Lady reveals that there will be a false church of darkness, while the true Church continues to exist. This false church will be an ecumenical church. It will unite all the ecclesial (church) communities and sects together. And there will be a false pope and a true pope reigning at the same time, just as there was during the Great Western Schism in the 14th Century.

      Does this ring a bell to anyone? The Fatima prophesy of there being a Pope and a Bishop in White (another Pope) indicates what is happening today with Pope Francis and Pope Benedict co-existing together.

      Now I happen to believe that the Church is distinct from the “tenants” who administer it. There will come a time when the old tenants will be forcibly removed by Jesus Christ and be replaced with new tenants who are faithful to Jesus Christ and his teachings. Out with the old.In with the new. The first will become last, the last will become first.

      Joseph, you need to understand that the history of the Roman Catholic Church is fraught with situations that were inconsistent with Jesus Christ’s teachings. There was a time in the Middle Ages on the one hand when Popes were war mongers, military generals, and increased its Papal territories through war and violence, and on the other hand during the Renaissance where Popes, cardinals and Bishops were very worldly and valued material things above all, and begat illegitimate children, and had both heterosexual and homosexual affairs.

      There is a lot of politics involved in religions whether it be Protestantism, Catholicism, Judaism and Islamism. You need to put this into perspective. However, you will never go wrong when you are faithful to Jesus Christ and his teachings above all else. Then you can rest assured that you will not be led astray.


      F & T in Christ

  22. Maria. Rest assured, the asteroid is not the Warning, or related to it.

    As confirmed on other pages in responses to this type of query, the Warning is a supernatural event that is felt, what we ‘see’ will be a spiritual experience not temporal. I refer you to the interview with Conchita in 1978 below.

    Note that at About 16:18 minutes in to the interview Conchita states quite clearly “everyone will see…,’ and then corrects herself with ‘everyone will feel it.”

    At the point when Christ will slay the Anti-Christ His sign shall appear in the sky, that is the Sign of the Cross. This is a prophesy predating St. Faustina relating to the End of Time and the creating of a New Heavens and a New Earth. Garabandal is not this, but the end of an era, an epoch in terms of a period in World and Church history. To the best of my knowledge nothing has been mentioned in the Garabandal literature or interviews about the Sign of the Cross appearing in the sky. If you have this evidence please feel free to share it.

    The Chastisement associated with the End of Time may be the same as that spoken of in the Garabandal narrative, although I have my doubts. Our Lady of Mount Carmel on the 18th of October 1961 spoke of a “very great chastisement (that) will come upon us.” Not The Chastisement” as you know there have been a number of very great chastisements, upon civilisations and the World as a whole, Sodom and Gomorrah, the Flood, plagues, world wars, Communism etc. In addition the end of the world chastisement is intimately bound up with the appearing of the Anti-Christ, a miracle worker who will deceive the World in to believing he is God. That person has not yet made himself known if indeed he has in fact been born. Also remember Our Lady promised a time of peace after the Miracle, this could be many many generations. Add to this, the Akita prophesy that speaks of a time that will come before and during the chastisement when our only consolation will be the Holy Rosary and the Sign left by my Son; that can be none other than the Sign at the Pines and the abolishment of the Holy Eucharist.

    Finally take comfort in that we cannot fathom the immensity of God’s Love for every child of creation, no matter how wicked or sinful, and no one is excluded by Him, it is only we who regrettably exclude ourselves from Him.

    God Bless
    P.S. shouldn’t worry too much about the Moon either. The burning heat and the great evaporation will happen one way or another, Moon or no Moon.

    • Dear Pete,

      I want to comment on your last sentence.

      Yes, even when God rebukes us, he loves us very deeply.

      It is when we continue on our sinful lifestyles, and are unrepentant, that we exclude ourselves from God.

      Yes, God rebukes, but he also forgives. For example, when Saul was persecuting Christians, beating them and killing them, in the name of the orthodoxy of the Judaism of the day, what did Jesus do? Jesus engaged with Saul and Saul responded. Saul was repentant for his actions and was converted. Saul became the 12th Apostle, St Paul. And then St Paul became one of the most influential Apostles in Christianity.

      Even when God condemns unrepentant evil people, he does not take pleasure in it. Some of the people go straight to the fires of Hell and remain there for eternity, because they remain unrepentant. The visions of Hell, as depicted by St. Faustina is horrifying. It has given me nightmares. St. Faustina also said that Hell is real, but many people do not believe it, even those in the Clergy of the Roman Catholic Church. It is no wonder that multitudes of Christians in our generation are condemning themselves to the horrors of Hell.

      Thankfully, Purgatory is a way for previously unrepentant sinful Christians to purify themselves after death, They are given the opportunity to join Christ in Heaven. Purification does entail experiencing suffering.

      There are also some people living today, who had lived such sinful lives, but against all odds repented, and were converted to Christ. These people experience Purgatory while they are living. They purify themselves in their suffering to adhere to Christ and their teachings. Experiencing purification and suffering while living is a way to bypass Purgatory after death and go straight to Heaven. If such people are worthy enough, Jesus Christ may resurrect them in the flesh (The “first resurrection” Revelation 20:4-6) and live with Jesus Christ on Earth for a 1000 years in peace.

      By the way, it is after the first resurrection that begins the 1,000-year period of Jesus Christ’s reign on Earth. This will be the fulfillment of the Lord’s Prayer:

      “…Thy kingdom come …Thy will be done…On earth as it is in heaven…”


      F & T in Christ

  23. Hi Maria. Thank you for all of that. You must be a quantum physicist , or some type of astral scientist.?? I have no way of authenticating all of that , but it sure sounds rather ominous. I gather that this would be /may be more of the chastisement , rather than the warning . I believe in the warning, Conchita spoke of , said that nobody would die , except maybe some ( few ) would die of fright.
    I may be over reading or misunderstanding of your writings and words of this event to be shortly here and to bring about much death of radiation and other destruction …. but I also believe we will receive the warning first , in order to deeply examine our lives and to be shown the good we have failed to do , as well as the sin we have and are comitting . This in a sense is Gods great act of Mercy in a warning so that we may amend our lives ..Then within a years time or sooner we would then be given an 8 day advance notice by Conchita of the miracle. Obviously we should always be in repentance living justly , praying and frequenting all of the sacraments as well as the Rosary daily as requested by our Mother Mary.

    Thank you for some clarification on this. Do you think Perhaps these events will take place , but could be further away than anticipated , and not actually hit the moon ? Thank you. God Bless you Thank you also to Peter for your writing and maintaining this blog , with such excellent writing and form. May I also take this opportunity to say hello to AVISIO and to remind everyone to continue in prayer , especially for each other , and that somehow our Pope will lead the church to the fullness of Christ and that our ancient Magesterium will fight to maintain full adherence to the Gospels and all of Christs teachings. Joseph.

  24. Could this asteroid produce de phenomena on the sky that is the WARNING?
    On Oct. 12, 2017, the asteroid 2012 TC4 is slated to whizz by Earth dangerously close. The exact distance of its closest approach is uncertain, as well as its size. Based on observations in October 2012 when the space rock missed our planet, astronomers estimate that its size could vary from 12 to 40 meters. The meteor that exploded over the Russian city of Chelyabinsk in February 2013, injuring 1,500 people and damaging over 7,000 buildings, was about 20 meters wide. Thus, the impact of 2012 TC4 could be even more devastating. “It is something to keep an eye on,” Judit Györgyey-Ries, astronomer at the University of Texas’ McDonald Observatory, told astrowatch.net. “We could see an airburst maybe broken windows, depending on where it hits.”
    In fact, astronomers believe the space rock will more likely pass as far as 170,000 miles (270,000 km), or two-thirds of the Earth-moon distance. If, however, asteroid 2012 TC4 sweeps past us at the closest possible distance, the flyby would be significantly closer than the orbit of TV and other communications satellites, which orbit Earth at 22,300 miles (35,888 km).
    The house-sized asteroid was discovered on Oct. 4, 2012 by the Pan-STARRS observatory in Hawaii. Week later, it gave Earth a close shave when it passed the planet at the distance of 0.247 LD (lunar distance), or 94,800 km. 2012 TC4 is an elongated and rapidly rotating object and has been known to make many close approaches to Earth in the past. Now, the scientists try to determine the exact path of 2017 fly-by and the probability of a possible impact.” 
    The fact that Lord Jesus told st. Faustina, in 1931, that will be a SIGN – CROSS on the sky that will mark the END OF TIME, and Our Lady said the same thing at Garabandal, I thik that could be a COLISION with the MOON; as it is said in Psalm 72: And abundance of PEACE TILL THE MOON is NO MORE.”
    The Reign of the Righteous King.
    A Psalm of Solomon.
    72 Give the king Your judgments, O God,
    And Your righteousness to the king’s son.
    2 [a]May [b]he judge Your people with righteousness
    And [c]Your afflicted with justice.

    5 Let them fear You while the sun endures,
    And as long as the moon, throughout all generations.
    6 May he come down like rain upon the mown grass,
    Like showers that water the earth.
    7 In his days may the righteous flourish,
    And abundance of PEACE TILL THE MOON is NO MORE. “

    What would happen to Earth if an asteroid hit the moon and knocked it off its orbit and we lost it for good?
    “if the force of impact is enough that the fragments of the moon either crash onto earth or are boosted out of earth orbit, then the tides will be gone and the stability of the earth’s axis will be affected” 

    How about saying what problems the tides being gone and the stability of Earth’s axis being effected will cause to the Earth and how bad the tide changes would be for us specifically. You mentioned how it could occur, but not the problems of the tides occurring. 

    “No, there would be no “moon rocks” because the Earth’s atmosphere is so think and hot, that before the rock could reach the Earth, it would have already burned up into ash. There would also be no eclipses because the moon would not be in space to cast a shadow on the Earth or have a shadow casted on.” 

    For a brief moment, the moon would become over 100 times hotter than the center of the sun. The entire moon.  An incredible burst of radiation at all wavelengths would bathe the half of the earth in fire and gamma rays and the moon (and our tarball) would instantaneously become a soup of rapidly disintegrating elementary particles that are blown apart by their own radiation pressure.  In the brief moments in which the Earth and Moon reach thermal equilibrium before disintegrating, the heat transfer to the Earth would obey some form of the Stefan-Boltzmann law for heat transfer between ideal blackbody radiators, assuming that at the frequency of gamma rays being emitted the relative emissivity of each body is basically moot:
    where for the purposes of this estimate the surface areas of the Earth and Moon exposed to each other are one-half of their respective surface areas each (approximately 205 million square kilometers and 19 million square kilometers, respectively).  

    For a brief moment, one half of the Earth would be bathed in 1.14e41 Watts of radiation [7] with intensity peaking at a wavelength of 5.08 picometers [8], well into the gamma ray range.  

    I honestly struggled with a way to contextualize this much energy transfer.  It is 300 billion times the normal radiative emissions of the sun.  The raw power emitted would be equivalent to carpet-nuking the Earth with 0.86 MOLES of the oversized Soviet Tsar Bomba every second [9] or roughly enough to drop 1250 on every square millimeter of Earth. The energy emitted in the first second would be an appreciable fraction of the mass-energy of the Earth and would be 100 billion times greater than the kinetic energy of the Earth’s orbit around the Sun.

  25. Mary, thank you for your support and recommended reading. Given the Cause for Luisa Piccarreta’s Beatification is still in process please forgive my advising readers to firstly familiarise themselves with the Church’s council as stipulated in The Communique of the Archbishop of Trani of 1 November 2012, which I believe remains current. A synopsis can be read on the EWTN web site via the following link:


    While the Postulation does not have the authority to prohibit the reading of Luisa’s writings that are in circulation, no one is permitted to publish her Diary of 36 volumes. Exceptions have been made for the following writings of Luisa: The 24 Hours of the Passion, The Virgin Mary in the Kingdom of the Divine Will, and her Letters, as well as for the works of Padre Bernardino Bucci about Luisa, [extracted from the EWTN report]

    Mary please feel free to keep us updated on any official progress in this matter

    God Bless

  26. Peter,
    Thank you for your writing on the anti- church of the two popes. All of what you have studied and written about has been explained by Jesus to Luisa Piccarreta in the volumes penned by her between 1899 and 1938. The truths and knowledge of the Trinity and Their one Will are so numerous, overwhelming and fascinating as to completely exhaust one. It has taken us twenty or so years to read and reread the truths that Jesus related to Luisa for our benefit. Jesus told Luisa what has happened in the past, what is happening now and what is going to happen. The events that are to occur have to happen to bring us to the new era, which has begun. Jesus told Luisa that, initially, there will be few who will accept these truths but in the end He will have his army of those who will accept. He said the reason for non-acceptance is disposition. This new era is to occur as did Redemption. The opposition was great at that time and the same is happening now! But it is going to come for the simple reason that the Trinity has decreed it so. One of the most revealing and interesting readings (in general terms) is in Volume 12, January 29, 1919.. These readings can be seen on – catholicdivinewill.blogspot.com. The truths can also be read at a condensed version at – talkluisadivinewill.blogspot.com – Again, Thank you for your interest and love of the Church, Alfred and Mary – fiatluisa@att.net

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