Garabandal, the Pope and Russia Update

13 April 2017

According to my own sources, the Pope will see the Garabandal Great Miracle from Russia, probably from Moscow, I was informed of this news years ago but due to the last Geopolitical events, I finally decided to indicate it online for the first time, thank you.




14 April 2017

Garabandal, the Pope and Russia ! Update

Regarding this Article and the information of the Pope in Russia for the D Day given to me by a French Source close to Father Laffineur years ago, confirmed to me several times since then , below a Page of the so called “Garabandal Book” confirming as well, as I said several times online, I do not endorse this book because it’s a mixture of Truth and personnal opinions of the French Authors of the Book, both were Great Garabandalist but very Vatican II as well, that’s not a problem but the Garabandal Prophecies should not be influenced by the last Council especially since I learned via my own research about Fatima that Vatican II is probably indicated in the Fatima 3rd Secret, Garabandal being a Continuation of Fatima, the Blessed Mother could not complain about the Council in Fatima via her Secret (1917) then endorse it in Garabandal years later (1961-1965) de facto anyone linking the Garabandal Prophecies to the last Council (by suggesting that the Lady of Carmel had endorsed that Council) is de facto wrong, so in this “Garabandal book” (English version) Page 257 (attached Picture) we read :

“As to Conchita herself, she also said, thinking back, probably, to her locution of Christ on July 10, 1963, that “I think that, on “D” day, the Pope will be in Russia” though adding : “I say that from my own, not from the Blessed Mother”…..


The Pope in Russia



36 thoughts on “Garabandal, the Pope and Russia Update

        • Right Sam never, I was in touch with him myself Rip, de facto there is not any writting sources from any seers confirming a trip from a Pope to Moscow nothing, I am behind this rumor years ago, by memory probably around 2010 if not before and copied everywhere since then, I got this news from Father Laffineur’s friends and confirmed to me via the Bocabeille son in Garabandal many times so today it is a fact and not a rumor anymore as for the Synod, the month of April for the Great Miracle…etc…

            • Yes Pat. Today it is a fact because of course I double triple check this important news for the Garabandal cause, so a 100% fact, de facto a Pope will travel to Moscow but I cannot confirm the famous after his back hostilities will break within Europe, that rumor was never confirmed to me.

          • so let me understand better. Are you saying pope is going to moscow re garabandal or that is just a rumor? Plus i did read recently that the two moons in month of flowers is in 2026 which would be the next date for miracle?? Correct me if i am wrong.

              • Thanks Aviso. I was putting out the next available date of two moons in may is in 2026 as a possibility. I wasn’t testing your prophetic skills 🙂 On another note, has your view on Br. Bugnolo changed since he declares Francis as the new pope?

                • Hi Sam, I was never with Bugnolo, I am with our Lady of the Mount Carmel only, so if Francis is the Pope in question who will travel to Moscow then let it be but I doubt and de facto to me we are probably still far from the Garabandal Prophecies if I am not wrong about Francis, so lets see then.

                  • By the way let me remind to all of you facts about the Great Miracle day but according to one seer only, the 3 others did never confirmed or denied :

                    1. Day : Thursday
                    2. Time : 20h30 local Time
                    3. Between the 08th and the 16h
                    4. Months : Between April to June
                    5. Not during the holy week
                    6. Related to a young Eucharist Martyr Boy
                    7. The description given by the same seer is related to Saint Tarcisius celebrated on August 15 by the Church
                    8. Loli knew the Warning year but not Conchita
                    9. There is a maximum gap of 12 months between the Warning and the Great Miracle
                    10. Joey Lomangino will get new eyes for the Great Miracle day
                    11. 3 then 4 Popes then no more
                    12. Something will happen before the Great Miracle day that even the first supporters of Garabandal will have doubt
                    13. Well if you want to find out the good Great Miracle day then Good luck, thank you.

                    • Kind of remember most of these points but after Joey died, the whole thing sort of unraveled for me. I am still up for the possibility though. I know Padre Pio thought it legit. He also mentioned my generation (those born around ’55) will see something miraculous. Not sure if it’s related to Garabandal but i held Pio in very high esteem.

  1. There seems to be a lot of speculation here coupled with Conspiracy theories. First of all His Holiness Emeritus Benedict XV1 has abdicated so therefore he will not speak to the public as he is retired. The two Popes that Blessed Catherine refers to were in the past not in our century. Please research the Popes more carefully. Speaking unjustly against our present Pope is against God Himself who by His grace appoints the new Popes by Ballots from the Cardinals. This is an evil attack against a Pope who is trying hard to steer the Roman Catholic Ship, and very unkind. We are crucifying Christ again by slamming the Vicar of His Church. This is my opinion. Thank you for your attention. .P.S. the problem with prophesies is that people tend to read their own ideas into them.

    • Bianca, you are in grave error, I hope in good faith. Catherine Emmerick has depicted exactly the current situation of the Church (read her prophecies, or read it again more carefully if you have done so yet because, if you say this, you certainly have done it carelessly or not at all). To contend the legitimacy of Bergoglio as a ‘pope’ is an act of charity and thuth, in order to possibly prevent the deception of many when the antichist, supported by Bergoglio, will manifest himself publicly. This manifestation will happen shortly after Pope Benedict XVI (the only living legitimate pope) will die.
      Pray for you, God bless…

      • Right, Pete.
        Sorry for not having time to comment or translate.
        The priest in the video is father Alessandro Minutella, a priest from Palerme, Italy, that for being initally critical towards Bergoglio has been threatened by his Bishop (Corrado Lorefice, one of the Italian bishops most supportirve of ‘Francis’ and the first in Italy to have introduced the Communion to the divorced) and asked to sign an act of inconditional submission to Bergoglio or suffer consequences. Father Minutella refused and was thus stripped of his parish which was given to a notorious pedofile priest just exited from jail. Don Minutella has also been suspended ‘a divinis’ by Bergoglio.
        Don Minutella from then on has initiiated a personal and self-financed apostolate denouncing, essentially, the existence of ‘two churches’, one of which false which refers to Bergoglio and the real one, which should identify in Pope Benedict XVI only, as far as he is still alive. Togheter with some former parishioners, Don Minutella currently run a youtube channel and a facebook page (both, unfortunately, only in Italian):
        His contributions start being known and translated abroad, for example in Latin America. There are also a fewer English video available, like the following:

        God bless.

      • Dear Anonymous: I am sorry to disagree with you, but I am not in grave error. After His Holiness Emeritus Benedict XV1 retired the Cardinals voted and appointed His Holiness Francis 1 as Vicar of Christ. I also have read some stories of Blessed Catherine Emmerich and her prophesies. You must learn to discern what is the truth. Our Vicar seems to be the object of some persecutions. Because some don’t agree with His decrees,
        ;very sad that Satan is slithering his way through the Vatican and through the members of Christ’s Church to twist their minds. You are not the appointed Pope, so please show respect towards His Holiness or you shall be judged by God for defaming His chosen one. Let us all pray that the Christian Family remains strong and united .Satan loves dissent and what better way to do it than within Christ’s church. I will pray for you as anonymous. Why are you hiding? What is hidden shall be revealed. His Holiness has heard the rumors, “I am not Anti- Pope nor Anti- Christ”, he stated.

      • Dear Anonymous. Who is the speaker and what is this radio station? How many readers don’t speak Italian? Can I suggest that in future, if wanting to post this type of content please just add a web link along with a written summary (in English) of that part of the content which is believed relevant to this site. At least then we can all appreciate the point being raised.


    • Dear Anne,
      Thank you for expressing your views and for your prayers, which I wholeheartly reciprocate.
      Nonetheless, for the love of truth, the safe of the souls and the committment to fraternal correction I nave to maintain that Bergoglio is a false pope and impostor. A clever deceiver that can be spotted only in the light of the Holy Spirit.
      I am not hiding. My name is not important. My person either. Truth is!!!
      God bless. Let’s stay vigilant. Let’s pray…

  2. The Devil was allowed to have control over a great part of humanity for 100 years. That time began around the time of the last Fatima apparition (13 May 1917). The Pope will go to Moscow. When he is there he will see the Garabandal ‘miracle’. He will return to Rome but there will be a communist revolution in Italy and there will be wars and revolutions in Europe. He will flee Italy. Russia will then over-run mainland Europe by October /November 2017. Russia will prepare to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Bolshevik Revolution. The Garabandal ‘warning’ will occur in October/November 2017. Satan’s 100 years will end. Russia will then leave mainland Europe. The five first Fridays/Saturdays will be celebrated for five months. The Pope will then consecrate Russia to the Immaculate heart of Mary. The Garabandal ‘miracle’ will occur in April 2018. Russia will then become Catholic. Jews will become Catholic. The Greek Orthodox and Russian Orthodox and all Protestant sects will disappear as they will all become Catholic. There will then be a period of peace given to the world. Then Anti-Christ will appear.

    • Dear lib2017blog,

      I am a follower of Don Dolindo Ruotolo, an acquaintance of Padre Pio. Don Dolindo Ruotolo was of the Franciscan order, but he was more associated with the original St Francis of Assisi (who was faithful to the teachings of Jesus Christ), rather than with the rubbish coming out of the Franciscans today. You can probably infer that I am not a fan of Pope Francis who is associated with the Franciscans of today.

      Anyway, Don Dolindo Ruotolo considered that Human Initiative (i.e. the works of human hands as opposed to God’s good work) is indistinguishable from evil deeds, that is, the work of the Devil. In fact, Don Dolindo Ruotolo considers that many people do not even realize that they are doing evil. The point I am making is that the scandals and heresies in the Church today are a result of Human Initiative, which can be considered to be indistinguishable from the work of the Devil. This is what happens when people put themselves first, ahead of God and Jesus Christ and his teachings. Thus, according to the main Marian apparitions & messages (La Salette, Fatima, Garabandal and Akita..etc..) many Priests, Bishops, Cardinals and even Popes are causing a lot of confusion among the lay people with their re-interpretation of God (in Human’s image), and are leading multitudes to perdition.

      The problem with many Catholics today (including the clergy in the Church) is that they believe that the Consecration of Russia has already been performed and that Russia can now be trusted to do God’s work. Of course this is all a delusion. The revolutions that breakout in Europe do so at the instigation of Russia. Russia will make one final attempt to conquer the world and re-create their fallen Empire (U.S.S.R), based on persecution and the implementation of Communism. There are dark days ahead indeed!.

      So, I agree with you that there will be revolutions in Europe. I think Italy and France will feel it most with disastrous consequences. I happen to know this because of the works of Marie-Julie Jahenny. She is a Breton Stigmatist & a Mystic of the Church. She had many visitations from the Blessed Virgin Mary and Jesus Christ, where she received prophecies about the end of the world and specifically about the life of the Great Catholic Monarch, who will restore order in the world with the help of a very holy future Pope (who is faithful to Jesus Christ & his teachings). Both have been hand-picked by God to rid the World of heresies and ungodly people, and to re-establish the Church once again in the image of God.

      Can you tell me where you got your information from? For example, how do you know when the Garabandal Warning and Miracle will take place? What is your research?

      F & T in Christ

      • To Domenico Blasio: According to Sister Lucia the last seer of Fatima, Our lady was satisfied as to how the Consecration of Russia was fulfilled. I have read this in one of her books and during one of her interviews. I am sad to hear that you are not keen on His Holiness.

    • Hi,
      the only issue I can share is that the antichrist will soon appear (after the death of pope Benedict). For the rest, unfortunately, we have to wait a bit more even if, in the substance, all is right…
      God bless

  3. Hi Marivalli, your 2 last comments I received are a shame even from a Medjugorjist, I am publishing just a part of your comments to show to our readers what kind of comments I forbid on my blog, so I quote you :

    “Pope Benedict’ XVI’s abdication was God driven. The end of the smoke of Satan in the Vatican came when Benedict left abruptly. When he left, so did Satan leave, in accordance with Satan’s agreement with God the Father” followed by some différents links…etc….

    For your information, I cancel between 10 to 20 comments weekly, most are different insults, rumors…etc… mostly from Pope Francis Supporters, some Medjugorjist, many Sedevacantists, Maria Divine Mercy groups and the so called modernists, so Marivalli you are not welcome on my blog anymore.

    I cannot forget the last Group which I call myself the opponents or enemies of our Lady of the Carmel, those are persuaded that Garabandal is from the devil and so on, in other words this is also the life of the blog, I am not complaining but I wanted to let it know as well, thank you.

    Happy Easter.

  4. I refer all to the Prophecy of Blessed Catherine Emmerich on the Two Popes because it is a summary of where we are today, the suffering Pope is I beleive Benedict not Francis, and it is the visions Benedict has received that causes his silence in the matters of controversy, not a result of conspiracy. This is not an opinion of fact but of spiritual intuition. Everything is as it should be for the purification of the Church and her re-building, we are entering our glorious time, embrace it in faith.

    God bless

    • Blessed Catherine Emmerich (1774-1824), Beatified by St John Paul II in 2004, Pope Paul VI in 1967, Pope John Paul II in 1979 and Pope Benedict XVI in 2006 visited her house and treated it as a shrine, in 2003 actor Mel Gibson brought Anne Catherine Emmerich’s vision to prominence as he used her book The Dolorous Passion as a key source for his famous movie The Passion of the Christ :

      • About the Prophecy of Blessed Catherine Emmerich on the 2 Popes, especially the one of May 13, 1820, 97 Years before the first Apparition of our Lady in Fatima, so I works on Blessed Emmerich Prophecy during my own research about the Fatima 3rd Secret so we read :

        May 13, 1820

        “I saw also the Relationship between the two Popes. I saw how harmful would be the conséquences of this false Church. I saw it increase in size ; heretics of every kind came into the city of Rome. The local clergy grew lukewarm, and I saw a great darkness”

        Blessed Catherine Emmerich Prophecy of the 2 Popes de facto concerns the future of the Church as she went to God in 1824, below the list of Popes since her death to date :

        1823 – 1829 : Pope Leo XII (1 Pope reigning)

        1829 – 1830 : Pope Pius VIII (1 Pope reigning)

        1831 – 1846 : Pope Gregory XVI (1 Pope reigning)

        1846 – 1878 : Pope Pius IX (1 Pope reigning)

        1878 – 1903 : Pope Leo XIII (1 Pope reigning)

        1903 – 1914 : Pope Pius X (1 Pope reigning)

        1914 – 1922 : Pope Benedict XV (1 Pope reigning)

        1922 – 1939 : Pope Pius XI (1 Pope reigning)

        1939 – 1958 : Pope Pius XII (1 Pope reigning)

        1958 – 1963 : Pope John XXIII (1 Pope reigning)

        1963 – 1978 : Pope Paul VI (1 Pope reigning)

        1978 – 1978 : Pope John Paul I (1 Pope reigning)

        1978 – 2005 : Pope John Paul II (1 Pope reigning)

        2005 – 2013 : Pope Benedict XVI (1 Pope reigning)

        2013 – ? : Pope Francis (2 Popes alive : Pope Francis reigning and Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI Praying)

        Then my question was : could we have another Pontificate with 2 Popes (like currently with 1 reigning Pope and for the first time in Church history 1 Emeritus Pope) in the future and which could correspond to Blessed Emmerich Prophecy ? in other words with 2 Popes alive (as she said “I saw also the Relationship between the two Popes” de facto 2 Popes alive), probably not then I had to conclude that her Prophecy was probably related to our Time.

  5. Aviso, I just want to know How is Conchita? It was said that she herself will probably doubt or even forget all that have happened. I fell for April 13, even marking my calendar from last year for this. Anyway, i pray to God that i will be able to still see the MIracle in my lifetime. Do we have a probable or an estimate year? Thankyou

    • Hi Geri, Conchita is fine, I had some news from her via a Friend mid-March, she was serene and Fine. As I said to many of you, I debunked this date of April 13 almost 1 year ago as another false date, please read my reply to Negel, thank you.

  6. The “Pope Emeritus” on Amoris Laetitia:

    A devastating “no comment.”

    by Christopher A. Ferrara
    April 13, 2017

    Ever since Benedict XVI’s mysterious abdication from the papal throne — for which the faithful have received shifting and unsatisfactory explanations — we have heard again and again from Benedict’s personal secretary, Archbishop Georg Gänswein, how “serene” and “peaceful” Benedict is concerning his unprecedented decision. So serene and peaceful, according to Gänswein, that he could not care less about the Bergoglian tumult that has divided the Church as she has never been divided before — concerning a matter of the moral law as basic as the Sixth Commandment.
    As the redoubtable Edward Pentin reports, in an interview with La Repubblica —  the umpteenth attempt to assure us that nothing at all was amiss with Benedict’s abdication — Gänswein reveals that Benedict “received a copy of Amoris Laetitia [AL] personally from Francis, in white and autographed” and that “He read it thoroughly, but he does not comment in any way on the content.”
    No comment?  That response could not be more telling. If the one and only “Pope Emeritus” in Church history — a novelty Benedict himself invented — will not defend the orthodoxy of AL, his unwillingness to do so cannot be seen as anything but an implicit recognition that its content, particularly the disastrous Chapter 8, is indefensible.  Otherwise, why would the “Pope Emeritus” not simply declare that the teaching of his own successor is doctrinally sound?  Answer: he will not declare it because he knows he cannot do so honestly.
    Instead, just as Benedict retreated from the Chair of Peter so has he retreated from the chaos that followed in the wake of his abdication. As Pentin recounts, Gänswein “said the former pope is well aware of contrasts [!] made between him and Pope Francis, but does not let them provoke him, and has ‘no intention of entering controversies that feel far away from him.’” 
    Far away from him?  But Benedict is living in what he himself called “the enclosure of Saint Peter” in his last General Audience on February 27, 2013, the day before his renunciation of “the ministry of the Bishop of Rome” became effective.  So, according to Gänswein at least, Benedict has not only renounced the papacy but has also renounced any concern about the state of the Church under Francis!  Instead, Gänswein is happy to report (as summarized by Pentin) that “the Pope Emeritus continues to watch the television news at 8pm, receives L’Osservatore Romano, and Avvenire, the Italian bishops’ newspaper, as well as Vatican press releases.” 
    So, if we are to believe Gänswein, Benedict is more interested in the evening news than in the ecclesial chaos Pope Bergoglio has provoked, which is “very far” from him, even though he lives in the Vatican as Bergoglio’s neighbor, whom Bergoglio trots out for public display on certain occasions.   
    Regarding that chaos, Gänswein will say only that “Certainly he [Benedict] is taking note of the discussion and the different forms in which it has been implemented.”  Different forms?  We now have a situation in which the reception of Holy Communion by people engaging in adulterous sexual relations they call “second marriages” is still considered a mortal sin in some dioceses, but is now characterized as “mercy” in others, thanks entirely to AL. But as Gänswein would have it, this disaster is “very far” from the Pope Emeritus, who nevertheless remains attentive to “the evening news at 8 pm.” 
    I’m not buying it.  Something very fishy is going on with these repeated declarations of what Benedict thinks and feels while Benedict himself never speaks directly to the public. I detect the same fishy smell surrounding the whole event of Benedict’s abdication. Or rather, the smell of sulfur. 

    I believe we haven’t been told half the story of why we have a Pope Emeritus who abruptly abandoned his office only to be succeeded by a Pope for whom the term “Vicar of Christ” seems — let us be honest about this — spectacularly inapt. I suspect the full story is to be found in the Virgin’s explanation of the apocalyptic vision of the “Bishop dressed in White,” an explanation that surely exists and just as surely has been suppressed by those whose epochal malfeasance the Third Secret very probably indicts.

    My Comment : Great article from Chris as usual with him, let me add also that I wrote an article (probably in 2013 via my first blog) related to Garabandal with a possibility of 2 Popes and I had concluded the possibility for having a Pope in Moscow and a Pope in Rome for the D Day (Great Miracle Day), I will check if I can find back this article.

  7. question: Didn’t the girls say that the warning would be first followed by the miracle, and then if we didn’t shape up there would be a chastisement? Also, in reference to your email; when will the Pope see the Miracle from Russia?:

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