Garabandal, are we close ?


Yes without a doubt, we are probably very close to the Garabandal events (Warning and Great Miracle) but why ?  well to me, below the main reasons :

  1. There is a strong risk of a nuclear war with North Korea and this is a part of the Fatima 2nd Secret “….various nations will be annihilated……”
  2. March 2018 next Russian elections, Putin is already the Favorite for a new mandat, unacceptable for many, as I said 1000 times, without Putin we would already lived a new World War
  3. The pressure from the leftists (leading the main world medias), is at its maximum to dismiss Donald Trump as president using Russia as being behind his election in order to cancel it
  4. Our Lady of the Carmel behind the filial Correction of Pope Francis for the propagation of heresies, it is on her feast day (July 16th, 2017) that the filial correction was written, this is Garabandal without any possible doubt, in other word another sign from Heaven before the Garabandal events
  5. “Perhaps we have arrived at the end times” from Cardinal Burke’s last interview, 1 of the 4 Dubia Cardinals talking openly of the end times, this is also Garabandal, the famous 3 Popes (read 4) then the end of times from our Lady of the Carmel
  6. Cardinal Muller ex-prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith about the Dubia and the filial correction keep warning of a possible new schism, this is also Garabandal, the famous “Something like a schism” this is another sign related to Garabandal
  7. Pope Francis behind the new Vatican Stamp commemorating Luther (probably one of the Greatest Heretic in the history of the Church), this is an abomination in the temple of God and related directly to the Fatima 3rd Secret, the famous “the last Pope Under the control of Satan”, unthinkable only few years ago
  8. When communism will come again, when the situation will be at its worst, in other word read when the errors of Russia indicated in Fatima (= Communism) will reach even the Top of the Church, today most of the world is already under communism influence (socialism, atheism…ect…), in short when the Pope will be communist as well (a first hand information given to me and for the first time online) and this explains the 4 Popes then no More from our Lady of the Carmel, in no way our Lady could have taken into account a Pontificate with a Communist Pope and this explains why she talked about 4 Popes only then the end of times (Popes Paul VI, John Paul I, John Paul II, Benedict XVI = 4 Popes), the Warning being The sign for the world (as a worldwide event) that we have reached the end of times feared precisely by Cardinal Burke (among others) recently
  9. 2 New movies about Garabandal for the Year 2018, a first and unexpected events, we already had some very good documentary about the Apparitions but a cinema movie Never, in other word the Lady of the Carmel simply decided not be forgotten propably because the events are close
  10. The Garabandal Great Miracle will coincide with a Major event within the Church (Probably related to the Dubia) and the Pope will see the Miracle from wherever he is, Strange prophecy from the Lady of the Carmel, first a Major event within the Church then the Pope seeing the Miracle from wherever he is, de facto and apparently he won’t be in Rome that Day but how a Pope cannot be in Rome (in Vatican) for an important event within the Church, well I finally debunked this main prophecy, our Lady of the Carmel was probably telling us that the Pope won’t be on the seat of Peter during the Garabandal prophecies so probably during a Pontificate with 2 Popes, this Prophecy is de facto related to the so called “Bishop in white” and the Holy Father of the Fatima 3rd Secret Vision
  11. To be Continued……..stay tuned.




6 thoughts on “Garabandal, are we close ?

  1. Message of the Blessed Mother of God to the World. December12th 2017. Beloved children:
    My Son’s WARNING is within three days. I bless you in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

    Mensaje de la Santísima Madre de Dios al Mundo. 12, Diciembre, 2017.Amados hijos:
    El AVISO de Mi Hijo es dentro de tres días.
    Os bendigo en el nombre del Padre, del Hijo y del Espíritu Santo.
    La Madre de Dios informa que Conchita vidente de las apariciones de Garabandal no ha podido por problemas anunciar días antes la fecha del AVISO y manda hacer llegar este mensaje a sus hijos.

    Mensagem da Santíssima Mãe de Deus para o Mundo.
    12, dezembro de 2017.
    Filhos amados:
    O AVISO do meu Filho está dentro de três dias.
    Eu abençoo você em nome do Pai, do Filho e do Espírito Santo.

    Message de la Sainte Mère de Dieu au Monde.
    12 décembre 2017.
    Enfants bien-aimés:
    L’AVIS de mon fils est dans les trois jours.
    Je vous bénis au nom du Père, du Fils et du Saint-Esprit.

    Botschaft der Gottesmutter an die Welt.
    12. Dezember 2017.
    Geliebte Kinder:
    Der HINWEIS meines Sohnes ist innerhalb von drei Tagen.
    Ich segne dich im Namen des Vaters, des Sohnes und des Heiligen Geistes.

    Messaggio della Beata Madre di Dio al mondo.
    12, dicembre 2017.
    Amati figli:
    L’AVVISO di mio figlio è entro tre giorni.
    Ti benedico nel nome del Padre, del Figlio e dello Spirito Santo.

  2. I’ve followed your forum for a while and i think it is time for a contribution. I visited San Sebastion de Garabandal in August 2016 & found it a moving experience. I believe Aviso is correct in that 2018 is the year of Garabandal , but i dont think it will progress as fast as expected. I believe the world war will commence & the secrets begin to unfold culminating in the warning at the end of 2018 (probably late december) and the miracle on the feast day of St Stanislaus thursday April 11th 2019. A more detailed timeline below is what i envisage :
    In the 1st half of 2018 the US will do a preemptive strike on North Korea who will be able to retaliate with a nuclear strike .I believe the US will be crippled , possibly a high altitude EMP strike that will take out their electricity grid. The prophecy of Revelation 17:5 regarding Mystery Babylon will be fulfilled, the mightiest nation at the time (USA) will meet its demise in an hour (i hope this isn’t the case)
    Russia and China will take advantage of a weakened America and ally with each other , Russia invades Europe in July/August 2018 and China invades India and other Asian countries
    An interesting prophecy summary of this particular war is provided at this site :
    The synod will take place in October 2018 but not long after Italy will be invaded & the popes will be forced to flee (excuse me for using the plural).
    Pope Francis or Benedict will be killed the other fleeing Italy.
    At this time there will be a sign in the sky (December)..the appearance of an extremely bright comet 46P/Wirtanen visible to all with the naked eye. Not long after (end of December 2018 comes the warning )
    The war will come to an end between then & the miracle on April 11th.
    There will be a time of peace . From the ashes the one world order out of Europe will arise with the antichrist at its head.
    The tribulation period commences. Be prepared, be the best person you can be & pray.

    • Dear Eyeman and All, Here in Poland we have a catholic priest Adam Skwarczyński who experienced Warning as a young boy not knowing Garabandal before. He said the experience of Warning to him took place in Autumn and he had a feeling it was November. He was sure everybody had it at the same time, he ran in the street but nobody seemed to care. Then he realised it was given only to him. Many years later he learnt about Garabandal. Probabely Warning will take place at the end of next year.

  3. Blessed. A small team of devout believers led by Mr. Guy Murphy, a long-time pilgrimage leader to Garabandal, has been trying to build a modern retreat house over the last 2 years in the hamlet of Garabandal in anticipation of the coming Warning and Miracle. Most in the Church either doubt or have forgotten Garabandal and thus almost no support has been given to this critical effort which has been personally directed by Our Lady to Mr. Murphy (see: Any support you can give to this effort on behalf of Our Lady will be a tremendous blessing especially since 2018 seems to be a crucial year.

    Based on the undeniable and unprecedented darkness in our world today (i.e. the extreme direction to implement one world government/religion, the destruction of the family and the full societal embrace of homosexuality, the abortion of millions upon millions of unborn children, the full and open plan to give rise to Artificial Intelligence (AI) and subject humanity to micro chip implantation, the threat of nuclear war, etc.), it is totally irresponsible to ignore Our Lady’s messages or to deceive ourselves into thinking that Our Lord will simply overlook the atrocities committed in this age against God. Rather, let us turn in complete and humble submission to Our Lord and Our Lady, utterly abandoning our selfish pride and arrogance in order to love God and one another in Christ. God bless you.

  4. Raised Stakes in Dubia Drama: Scandalous Letter Added to Acta Apostolicae Sedis

    The Amoris-Dubia Drama, of which I wrote early last week, is accelerating as Pope Francis “raises the stakes” in this showdown over allowing public adulterers to receive the sacraments. Steve Skojec of OnePeterFive reported the breaking news in question as follows: 

    “A letter from Pope Francis praising episcopal guidelines that would allow divorced and remarried Catholics to receive Holy Communion in some cases while living in a state of objective grave sin has now been added to the official acts of the Apostolic See, conferring official status on what was formerly considered by many to be merely private communication — and raising the stakes on the Amoris laetitia debate significantly.”
     In his scandalous letter, dated September 5, 2016 and available in Spanish on the Holy See’s website, Pope Francis wrote concerning the Argentinian bishops’ guidelines: 
    “El escrito es muy bueno y explícita cabalmente el sentido del capitulo VIII de Amoris laetitia. No hay otras interpretaciones.” 
    [Translation: “The document is very good and completely explains the meaning of chapter VIII of Amoris laetitia. There are no other interpretations.”] 

    Church Militant explains in their coverage that Pope Francis ordered the inclusion of his letter on the Vatican website, as well as in the official acts of the Holy See (Acta Apostolicae Sedis – AAS), over the summer. 
    Other Heterodox Guidelines Also Approved Although it is tragic, this news should not come as much of a shock to those who have been following this drama over the past few years (remember, it began long before the publication of AL). The evidence that Francis supports reception of Holy Communion by public adulterers (at least in “certain cases”) is neatly presented in the Correctio filias (“filial correction”) made public in late September of this year. In the introductory section of the Correctio, the signatories list several examples of “words, deeds, and omissions” of the Pope that, together with certain passages of AL, “are serving to propagate heresies within the Church,” including his above-quoted letter to the bishops of Argentina. Other examples listed include the heterodox guidelines issued by the Pope’s own diocese of Rome in the fall of 2016 and his praise of similar guidelines issued by the Maltese bishops (published in L’Osservatore Romano, the official newspaper of the Holy See, no less!) in January of this year. 

    Diabolic Detail Points to “Final Battle” 

    One striking detail in this story, which could easily escape notice, is the date on which Pope Francis’ letter appears in the Acta Apostolicae Sedis: October 7, 2016 (AAS Vol. 108, No. 10, pp. 1071-1074), the day on which the Church celebrates the Feast of Our Lady of the Rosary. The fact the Francis’ letter of approval for sacrilegious Communion was made official on October 7 should remind us of the testimony of Sister Lucia of Fatima, who told Fr. Agustín Fuentes in 1957: “Father, the devil is in the mood for engaging in a decisive battle against the Blessed Virgin.” Likewise, she wrote to the late Cardinal Carlo Caffarra: “the final battle between the Lord and the reign of satan will be about marriage and the family.” 
    Let us take heart, however, calling to mind Sister Lucia’s words of encouragement to Cardinal Caffarra that “Our Lady has already crushed his head,” as well as her affirmation to Fr. Fuentes that:

    “the Most Holy Virgin, in these last times in which we live, has given a new efficacy to the recitation of the Rosary. She has given this efficacy to such an extent that there is no problem, no matter how difficult it is, whether temporal or above all spiritual, in the personal life of each one of us, of our families, of the families of the world or of the religious communities, or even of the life of peoples and nations, that cannot be solved by the Rosary.” 

    Our Lady of the Rosary of Fatima, pray for us!

    My Comment : ” One striking detail in this story, which could easily escape notice, is the date on which Pope Francis’ letter appears in the Acta Apostolicae Sedis: October 7, 2016″ the day on which the Church celebrates the Feast of Our Lady of the Rosary, Nothing else to add.

  5. For your information, I should be back in Garabandal very soon, I call all the Garabandalists around the world to get ready, as I said last summer I was off probably forever at least it was my feeling that time but I had a call few weeks ago telling me get back to the front at least this was what I understood and to me this was probably from the Lady of the Carmel, Something probably huge is on the way (the Warning ?) especially during the Year 2018, this is my feeling currently, God knows if I was not right even for the Garabandal dates givien online via my blog, I admit to being overwhelmed sometimes as I can not explain everything, someone would have told me that I will live today in Portugal at 1 hour from Fatima, I would never have believed, I think back to what they had told me in garabandal a few years ago, it will be easier to access to garabandal for the great Miracle from Portugal than from elsewhere………and I am living currently myself in Portugal, incredible I cannot believe it yet, we keep in touch.

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